Alien Blade Rebellion

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Disclaimer: I don't make any money on this. Nor do I own the names of Queen's Blade and Ben 10. The charters belong to Ben 10, Queen's Blade, and Fairy Tale and Roserio Vampire and Senran Kagura . More added as needed.

A.n. I made this story because every cross over had Ben just being sent to an alternate world. So I wanted to write about Ben and co being from a swords and sorcery world. And I have chosen the world of Queens blade. Also this will have everything that the Queens Blade that the queens blade is know for and future lemon.

On the world of Gainos the strongest and most beautiful rules the over the people. After the last Queens Blade the winner Leina refused the throne and named Claudette the new queen and now rules from the city of Gainos. Under her rule the continent has advanced thanks to research on wizard stones and she has also freed the people from the aristocrat system, however her laws has become strict and massacres have become common as well as horrible monsters now freely room the land. In Claudette's pride she has declared herself the eternal queen and disbanded the queens blade because she is the strongest from the depths of hell to the heights of heaven, but what she doesn't know is that there is a lot of things above even heaven.

In space a few 20 or 30 thousands miles form Gainos a battle rages between two ships. "Vilgax we are taking heavy damage. Should we fall back?" said a robot.

"No I have crossed the Galaxy in search of the Omnitrix. I have even come to this unstable sector of space and now that the Omnitrix is with in my grasp and no one will deny me it.

We now join the sixteen Ben Ten who just spilled floured on himself as he was making bread. "Oh how could things have gone this way? All I wanted to do was protect people but after I failed to make the army things have been on a downward trend," Ben said to him self. Ben than began to think back to when he was thrown out of training.

"I am sorry Ben but because you can't seem to master the iron body that protects your body from cuts and bleeding, but not from pain or your clothes being torn to shreds. It's a basic skill that's needed to join. Even though your skill in other areas has been fine I have to let you go," said the captain.

'Ever since than the only trade I have been able to master is being a baker. But maybe its not all bad considering all the all things the queens army has been doing lately,' Ben thought as he removed the bread from the oven.

'One of the first things that did was force all the magic users to move to one of the magic schools, but they really just call them prisons set up because people fear magic users. I still remember when they took my cousin Gwen away. The look of sadness on her face was heart breaking, I wonder how she's doing? I wish I could visit but its forbidden. The rest of my family was killed off by trolls attacking the village when most of the guard was away fighting against some rebel noble,' thought Ben.

'Even though all I have left of my life now is this old bakery and a bag of holding it still beats being force to massacre people for the queen,' Ben thought. He then gather up his bread with the help of his magic bag and went out to make his deliveries.

Living in a small trade town was nice many people passed though the town on the way to other cities, so even though it was a small town there are many shops. Ben decided to start his job off with a visit to his favorite weapon merchant Cattleya and her son Rana.

Cattleya was a famous adventure who settled down and became a mother. She did take up the sword again to fight in the last queens blade to find her missing husband but it seems that he died fighting against a demon of some sort and now doesn't leave the shop for anything.

When Ben walked though the door he called out 'hey squirt how are you doing?" Ben called out playfully to Rana. It seemed that over time Ben had become a big brother to Rana

"Big bro you're here." said Rana.

"Yeah just making some deliveries I also have your honey bread your mom ordered," Ben said patting the 9 year old on the head.

"Oh this will be so good when me and my mom go camping," said Rana.

"What you mean the two of you are going camping in the woods?" Ben asked surprised.

"Oh yes me and my mon are going to go camp out at the big pond out in the woods tonight. It will be fun we'll have a camp fire and maybe even go swimming.

Ben just imagined what Cattleya looked like in the water, her world-famous giant tits on full display. 'Man I have to stop thinking of her naked so much,' Ben thought. "I mean your mothers is actually leaving the shop? I mean she never goes out any more."

"Oh Rana is someone here?" came the beautiful voice of Cattleya. "Oh Ben you're here."

"Just here to give you your bread. I assume its for your camping trip."

"Oh how did you find out about that? Rana I though I told you not to tell anyone," she said scolding her son.

"Well I think its good that you're getting out of this old building. Oh can I come with I would love to come with. You have to say yes."

Cattleya looked deep in thought for a moment and it looked like she was fighting to say something. "Why yes Ben you may come with us since you feel so strongly about it.

"Oh right just let me finish making my rounds and I am good to go," Ben said very happy and left the store.

"Mom are you sure its alright that Ben comes along?" Rana aid.

"You heard him say I have to say yes."

"Oh right your curse that the swamp witch cast on you."

"Yes the curse of submission. I must do what any tells me do," she said bitterly.

"Everyone but me that is," Rana said.

"Yes and because of that if a man say something like strip naked and follow him to the slave market you couldn't help me. I just hope Ben doesn't find out, he might try to take advantage of it."

As Ben was walking though the streets he noticed that a strange caravan was coming into town and even more surprising it seemed that swampland goblins were riding it. When Ben looked in one of the caravans he saw a girl chained up with a look of despair on her face. Looking closer it seemed that this girl was the half elf that fought in the last Queens Blade Nowa. "Help me," she said.

"Hey get away from there," came the voice of the person that Ben hated the most.

"Kevin what's going on here. This looks like a slave market," Ben said to the corrupt captain of the guard of the town. Kevin was know for harassing the towns folk and doing nearly anything for some extra money.

"That's because it is one I had this thing set up for months. Many rich people will be coming from all over the contrary to bid on these newly trained slaves. Were even having a fighting tournament as one of the events," Kevin said smugly.

"Wait you do know that your doing is against the very laws that swo aaak," Ben was cut off as Kevin punched Ben in the gut and sent him flying back 10 feet.

"The only laws that are enforced are the ones that the strong feel like. Since this will greatly benefit the rich who need cheep labor and enhance my own standing with them I don't see why I shouldn't let them. Now should I have you arrested or will you just leave?" Kevin said mockingly as members of the queens army began to surround Ben.

Ben hated himself but he know there was nothing he could do he just didn't have any power. He just picked himself up and left all the while he cursed himself for being so weak. He soon joined Cattleya at the camp site but no matter what he did he could not cheer up.

Latter that night.

Cattleya, Rana, and Ben were all sitting around the camp fire. "What's wrong Ben you've been looking down all day, even when we were in the pond.

"Well it seems that this world just keeps on getting worse and I am powerless to help anyone. There are even swampland goblins selling slaves in my home town," Ben said.

"Ah yes I could see that the market Kevin set up would upset a person like you," Cattleya said.

"Wait you knew about that and you just went camping?" Ben asked shocked.

Both Rana and Cattleya stared to freak out some. "Well you see big" "We just thought that..." were some of the things that two of them were saying clearly caught.

"I don't believe this back in your youth you stopped these kind of thing left and right. I may not have enough power to help them but you're the strongest MILF alive," Ben said. Ben soon realized that he let the word MILF slip out. Ben had to admit that she still had that youthful look to her and he had a few erotic fantsayis about her. Much to his relief a giant boar emerged from the forest and started to charge the group.

Cattleya didn't even go for her sword as the monster charged even though it was twice her size. Instead she just caught the boar with her bare hands and with one blow to the head crushed its skull. "Well Ben it seems that we will have some roast boar could you go get some more firewood?" Cattleya asked.

"Yeah good idea."

"Wow mommy good work fighting that boar. Do you think Ben would forgive us for just running away from those goblins," Rana asked.

"I hope so he is a good guy and reminds me of your father. Maybe will should tell him about my curse and the fact that all the swamps witches minions know all about it. If they knew I was in town I would soon be sold right in front of you," Cattleya told her son who then hugged her tight as if he was about to lose her.

"Hey mom is Ben really weak? He keep talking about that."

"Well in teams of body I would say that he has a good athletic build with just the right amount of muscle on him. But he never learned how to channel his inner power into strikes or use it to defend himself with. I guess you could call him average."

"Then why doesn't the army let him join?"

"The problem in order to join the army average just isn't enough. Rana why don't you go help Ben find some fire wood." Rana soon went off looking for Ben.

Out in space.

"What do you mean the Omnitrix is not aboard the ship. This battle nearly cost me my life and we still don't have it," Vilgax said his mangled form in the medical tube.

"Records show that the ship sent down a capsule to the nearest planet. We believe she hid the Omnitrix in it as a last attempt to keep it from us," said a robot solder.

"Send the drones it will be annoying if a life form from the planet gets to it first."

Down on Gainos in the queens castle.

What a nice night don't you think so sis," Elina the leader of the assassins of the fang said to Claudette as she rubbed her body up against the queen like a cat. They were both on the large balcony in the palace

"Hey you little kitten get away from my wife," said Kaguya the self-proclaimed princess of the moon and now wife the to queen. She quickly flew in with her jet boots and tossed Elina to the side. "Dear wh don't we turn in early and have some fun in bed. I'll remove every last piece of magical closes from my body."

"You little bitch. I am going to rip off your closes and drag you around for all the peasants to see," Eline said drawing her spear. "Your not even her wife that's something your started saying after your failed attempted to steal the queens Thunderclap sword. And you don't share her bed."

Kaguya drew her light saber. "Only my wife can strip me of my magic closes. And if she didn't want me for a wife she should of let me win the fight."

Before a fight could break out a whip like sword snatched the spear from Elina and both her and Kaguya were then drench with water, they both screamed at being caught in the downpour.

From the entrance of balcony was Ivy captain of the guard with her whip sword and the queens general Erza the knight walker. "It looks like these two are still being total fools Erza. Don't you agree.

"What do you want to fight," both Kaguya and Eline said.

"Oh I would love to test my armor against your Kaguya so bring it," Erza said.

"Now you want to come between me and Claudette just for that I will burn the flesh from your bones," she said powering up her gauntlets. Before anything could happen the unusually stoic queen raised her sword sending powerful lighting at all four of them, but they all missed my inches.

"Serves you all right bothering the queen with your petty grudges. And Erza don't you mean the armor I made for you?" said the dwarf Ymir.

"Enough," said the queen. "I wish to enjoy the piece of the night and its stars. Look there is a green falling star, perhaps it is a good omen."

"If only it was my queen," said a man coming out of the shadows. The man was the wizard Hex, magical adviser to the queen and the only man in her court.

"What do you mean Hex."

"It seems that star will grant all the powers of the stars to whoever finds it once it lands. With such power it could lead to a mighty rebellion.

"Those who defy my will be brought down as swiftly as lighting."

Away from the palace on an island in the middle of a large lake sat Alfia one of the magic schools. In magic made hot spring we find Gwen enjoying a soak. "What a peaceful night," Gwen said as she looked up at the stars. When she saw a green falling star she stood up her naked body glowing in the darkness and her nice full breast in full view. 'When I look at that shooting star I think about my cousin Ben for some reason,' Gwen thought.

"Hey girl friend I hope you don't mind any company," said Nyx the Master of Flame come into the spring.

"Oh hi Nyx do you want to take a bath too, I see that you don't have Funicula with you"

"Yea he doesn't like hot water. But I did bring his special beauty cream I better rub it on you," Nxy said playfully.

"Wait you don't need to do that besides there aren't any boys on the island," Gwen said in vain for as Gwen turned around trying to get away Nxy pulled in close and started to rub the cream on to her breasts.

"Don't be like that Gwen. Sure there are no boys here now, but who knows what the future may hold. And speaking of boys did you have a special someone back home?" Nxy said as she fondled Gwen's breasts.

"The only oh only boy pant who never treaded me like a monster was my cousin pant Ben," Gwen said breathing hard as Nyx rubbed the cream into her skin.

"Really then I hope I can meet him someday," Nxy said as she turned Gwen around and started to rub it into her nice and full ass.

Back with Ben.

As he walked though the woods looking for firewood he saw a shooting star and decided to make a wish. "I wish I had the power to help people and become like mighty hero," Ben said looking up at the sky. To his surprise the star dove straight for him. After a big crash Ben went over to see what is was. The capsule opened up and to Ben's mind there was an armband. When he reach for the armband it jump on his wrist. Ben tried to get it off but he must have pressed the wrong button for he soon started to grow and his skin turned red. When it was over Ben was about eight feet tall muscle bound , red skin, four small yellow eyes, and four powerful monster dressed like a gladiator.

To make matters worse Rana had just arrived and thought that the four armed thing was a demon. "Mommy there's a demon here," Rana cried out.

"Wait Rana I am not a demon," Ben tried to clam him down, but Cattleya was on the scene in less then ten seconds with sword in hand.

"Get away from him monster," she said as she charged in ready to impale Ben on her massive blade.

Acting fast Ben was able to catch the blade with all four of his hands stopping her from killing him. Cattleya tried to move the blade forward but it seemed that Four Arms is just as strong as her. So she lifted her sword up with the demon with it and fling him into a tree. She then tried to do a jumping attack to finish him off.

Ben knew he had too do something so on instinct he clapped all four of his hands creating a shock wave not only knocking her back but shredding her outfit. The now naked Cattlyea stood up and declared "this is far from over."

"Wait I really don't want to fight the most powerful MILF in the world," Ben said as he realized he called her a MILF again.

"Wait Ben is that you?" She asked shocked.

"What Ben's a monster now, but how?" asked Rana.

"It's a long story, no its more like a weird story like just talk back at the camp." So back at the camp Ben told them how the armband turned him in to Four Arms. "It seems that the armband was cursed that is the only way to explain it Ben," Cattleya said.

"What am I going to do now? I can't run my business like this and if the Inquisitors ever see me they will try to kill me. I wish was human again."

"Acknowledged returning you to your normal form," camp a strange voice. In a green flash Ben returned to normal.

"What your all better now Ben," said Rana.

"It seems that it only transformed you for a short time. Your very lucky," she said.

"You now have 40 minuets of power left," said the armband.

Ben realized something about this new armband and made a plan. "You know Cattleya you should go mend your clothes even though you look stunning without them it just isn't right to be naked in front of your son," Ben said.

She realized that by wanted to hear Ben's story she forgot she was still nude and with Ben's command she ran into the tent to mean the rags of her outfit.

"So Ben what should we do now?" Rana asked.

"Well Rana I just remembered something I have to do so I am heading back into town."

"At this time at night?"

"Well its important," Ben said running into the woods. After he got far enough into the woods he started to fiddle with the magic armband. "Okay now how do I turn into those monster."

"Press the glowing button to bring up the menu," it said. When he did magic symbols appeared around the armband. "Press the one you want." Ben needed speed right now so when he saw a wolf of some sort he took it. Ben quickly morphed into a Wild Mutt. 'Cool now I am a Wild Mutt, I should be able to make it back to town in no time. Now that I have gotten my wish for power its time to paid that slave market a little visit,' Ben thought as he ran to town at high speed.

"Rana honey ware's Ben?" she asked.

"He said he had something to do."

She realized just what Ben was planning at doing. "Oh no he's going to attack the goblins with his new powers we've got to help him."

"But the curse won't they make you a slave if they see you," Rana asked worried.

"I've got something for emergency's like this," she said as she put something in to her ears.

Back at the village Ben had transformed back into a human as was looking over the slave market. It seemed that Kevin had sent most of the guard away form town. No doubt to keep what he's doing a secret. so there were only about 10 guards and 30 goblins. It also seemed that before the bidding started they made some of the slave fight each other in a make shift arena. It would have been very bloody but Nowa even her half dazed state defeated them all with quick movements and nonlethal blows.

Ben looked over the area. The slaves were kept in cage off to the side of the stage and the buyers were on the opposite side of the arena. Ben knew that the if something happened they would try to protect to buyers first so his plan was to turn into a monster by the stands and throw everything into a panic. Then he would make his way over to the slaves and free them. He knew he would have to do a lot of improvising and goblin kill but it was the best plan he could pull off by himself. "Hey arm band do you have any idea of what I should become."

"Try this one with its power to grow crystals it becomes a living weapon."

When Ben transformed into the monster he became living crystal and could swear he could see his reflection in his own arm. "It looks like I have a diamond for a head do I'll call it Diamondhead. Diamondhead then set his plan in motion. Sure enough when some of the goblins were surprised that an earth monster started to attack them. They tried to use their weapons but its diamond skin blocked all attacks.

'It seems that my plan is working all the goblins are forgetting to guard to slaves and better yet all the human guards have run off. Let's see what this body can really do," Ben though as he turned his right hand into a big spiked mace and his left arm into a blade. As the goblins attacked Ben used his club to bash them away like they were a dummies. And with his left he cut them in half or just impelled them.

In Vilgax's space ship. "Master we have picked up on the Omnitrix."

"Then send down the giant drone."

The nobles in the stands had already run off in fear leaving all the money they brought with them to buy slaves. Ben had made it over to the slave cage were he saw the last person he wanted to see, Captain Kevin.

"Hey how can the swamp witch send one of her earth monsters to wreak such havoc on the goblins slave market I though they worked for her as well," said Kevin.

"I don't work for the Swamp Witch and like you said today those with power make to the law and I've just come into some power," said Ben.

"Ben is that you?" Kevin said surprized.

"Call me Diamondhead now. And I think its time to set them free don't you." Ben then fired off a crystal shard that broke the lock on the cage and freed the slaves.

"Why you do you know what you've done to me," Kevin said charge in and punching Ben in the gut but all he did was hurt his hand.

"I could kill you right now, but I think its best to let you go because even you can't keep this quite. When the queen hears that you hosted a slave market boy will you be in trouble."

"No I am not goi ack," Kevin was cut off as Nowa attack his from behind with her staff.

"Your that boy who I asked for help earlier," she asked.

"Yes sorry I couldn't help then, but I only came upon this power tonight."

"That's all right your helping now hehe," she said and for some reason Ben though she sounded like a school girl talking to her crush.

"Hey who are you to come out of nowhere and do this to my caravan," came the voice as a small goblin named Dogura. "Branwen its time to show them what the ultimate gladiator can to. Show them the power of your dragon blood." From the other end of the end of the arena a powerful looking woman with a chain tattoo on her leg and holding a shield and sword entered the arena and started to approach them.

"We should run away that woman is very powerful," said Nowa hiding behind Ben.

"I doubt that we could get away, but I have a plan I keep the Branwen busy and you go and kill off her goblin master she should stop fighting after that," Ben said. He then got in the arena ready to face the gladiator.

"I have nothing against you, but you must fall," Branwen proclaimed.

"We'll just sssss, hey what's that in the sky?" Ben said as he saw a massive fire-ball coming down from the heavens.

What ever it was it crashed right in the middle of the arena. I looked sort of like a red giant but It had three insect like legs. 'I've never heard of a demon like that before' Ben thought as he looked at the giant robot pf course neither he or anyone else there knew what a robot was.

The robots first move was to fire its lasers at Branwen knocking her out of the arena. 'This thing has magic blasts too. Wait I am pretty much like a mirror right now maybe I can turn the blast against it, but first some hand to hand. Ben turned his hands into ax's and charged in. The giant simply leap into the air to avoid it. It then swatted Diamondhead away and powered up its lasers. Ben changed his arms into as much of a flat mirror as he could. The attack went back at the robot knocking it back, but not destroying it.

As Ben thought about his next move Branwen got up her clothes destroyed leaving her nude. "I've have had enough," she said as she leap high into the air a powerful aura shaped like a dragon shrouded her. It dove into the robot turning it into scarp.

'Man that was so hot,' Ben thought as he looked upon her nude form with her tone butt and full breasts.

At that time Cattleya with Rana on her back had appeared before Dogura. "What your in this town. Well perfect, go help kill whatever that is and then report back her with your son your both going to be sold as slave. If he trains well though the despair I just might sell you together hehehehe," the goblin said.

"Did you just say something I'm having a little trouble hearing right now," Cattleya said and Rana just stuck his tongue out at him. I'll just assume you said hurt me," she then kick him so hard he flew though the air and landed at Ben's feet.

"Well it looks like it' time to end you here and now," Ben said turning his arm into a sword.

"Wait ah ah I could pay you a lot of gold," he said clearly hurt.

"I can't let you do that," said Branwen.

"What why after enslaving you and all those other girls why should I? Another question is with all your power why didn't you free yourself?"

"I am a servant of the dragons. The Swamp Witch has taken my dragon master prisoner. The only way to save my master is win enough in the arena, but if Dogura doesn't send word once a day they will kill him," she said.

"Okay then I will spear him," ben said.

"Oh thank you thank you," Dogura kept on saying.

"But since she did beat that giant in the arena you have to count that." The goblin quickly said something and one of the chain links vanished. "And one more thing," Ben encased Dogura in crystal from the neck down.

Latter Branwen was dragging her master back to the swampland, she made sure he couldn't see her ass as she was still naked as the she was born. 'Not only did he help me and the other girls, but he helped my dragon as well. Who ever or what ever he is I would very much like to see him again,' she thought with a blush on her face.

Back with Ben, Nowa, and Cattleya. "Well now I guess its time for me to do hit the road and help people like I always wanted. With the money those people left behind and my magic bag I should be set," Ben said.

"Can I come too. I waned to see more of the world before I got caught," Nowa said.

"Good idea. With more people we could be even more powerful. Cattleya you and your son should come along too, we could use a trainer.

"Okay," she said wishing she hadn't taken that stuff out of her ears.

In the trees.

"Well that doesn't look good does it Shizuka. What are we going to tell the swamp witch?" said a copper skinned woman who wore fish net dress.

"Well I happen to like this turn of events Ansrista. The thing I don't like is working with an old corpse like you," the ninja.

"Oh so being a fresh corpse is better? Lets just go back to the swampland."


Well there is chapter one. I still need some more magic girls for the story so please suggest some. i need some more villains too. As for Juile some people want her o be a samurai so maybe she and Izumi could be sisters.


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