Fistbump 2: Unspeakable (a Pinecest story)

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Author’s note #1: As the title indicates, this story is a sequel to “Fistbump”, my first fanfic which I published here in March. Although I have included enough exposition in this sequel that reading the first story is not strictly necessary, I heavily recommend it. It will give context to how Mabel and Dipper got to where they are at the beginning of this story. Plus, I think it was a pretty good story in its own right. You can find the link to “Fistbump” at (copy and paste into a browser window).

Author’s note #2: I very much want your feedback, so please post a review. However, as much as I welcome compliments and suggestions alike, please do not put any spoilers about specific plot details in the reviews: I’d like the reader to experience the story without any context of where it is going. For an “anything goes” discussion, please see my thread in the AFF forums, at (copy and paste, again).

Author’s note #3: I hate to have to write this, as it contradicts note #2, but etiquette to the appropriate story tags on this site demands I address it. This story will get very emotionally intense. Events will occur which will result in characters experiencing powerful feelings of loss, anger, betrayal and (significantly) violation. To clarify: there are NO depictions or suggestion of sexually violent acts anywhere in this story, but the emotional consequences experienced by the characters may be similar to if there were. Govern yourself accordingly.

“Time to wake up, sleepyhead!”

Dipper groaned slightly, and cracked open his eyes. He had always had the ability to wake up quickly, but his head was feeling very heavy this morning. And Mom was being extra bright and bubbly.

Wait … Mom? What’s she doing he- … Oh, right, Dipper remembered. He was home. It was Sunday on Labor Day weekend. He was back in Piedmont, back from Gravity Falls. Back from summer’s work, to the start of school in two days. Back from rural outback life to familiar suburbia. Back …

Back to where things would have to return to the way they were, before last week.

The hint of a smile that had started to form on his face instantly disappeared. He knew why he was so tired. It wasn’t just that it was after midnight when the family had arrived home from the bus station last night, so he’d had a short night’s sleep. His mother didn’t know that he also went without much sleep at all the previous night, as well.

His mother was making small talk with her son. Dipper slowly sat up, feeling like he was immersed in molasses. Not just his body and brain, his whole insides felt leaden. It wasn’t just lack of sleep: it was much more than that. He didn’t really hear much of what his mother was saying, something about how he felt to now be fourteen years old. He knew that she was genuinely happy to have her kids back home. When she appeared satisfied that Dipper was among the living, she winked at him and told him to wish her luck, because she was going across the hall. As she breezed out the door from his bedroom, she called out for Mabel to wake up.

Mabel …

Dipper’s head sagged down, and he closed his eyes briefly. He felt his insides twist.

Then, with great effort, he drew a deep breath, forced himself to stand, and headed for the door.

Mabel’s extraction from the land of sleep seemed to go shockingly easily, for her.  She was up and into the kitchen barely three minutes behind Dipper, who was sitting at the table with a bowl of cereal. He looked up at his twin sister in mild surprise.

“Good morning, Bro Bro!” she sang out to Dipper, practically skipping into the room, heading for the cupboard for her own bowl. “Ah, real breakfast food! Thanks, Mama!” she called out to their mother in the next room, pouring herself a bowl of Froot Loops and spooning on extra sugar. She grabbed the bowl and milk pitcher and carried them over to the table.  “I missed having a proper breakfast when we were at the Shack,” she said cheerfully as she sat across the corner of the table beside Dipper.

Dipper looked at Mabel in silent confusion. How is it she’s so happy? Had she gotten over everything that had happened? Was she able to just forget about it and move on? Just like that? Our lives were turned upside down TWICE over the course of the last week, and she’s just okay with this?

Mabel wasn’t looking Dipper’s way at that moment, so he dropped his stare back to bowl on the table, his stomach churning around his breakfast cereal. He wasn’t sure how he was going to get through this.

Mabel, for her part, had thought a lot about how she was going to get through this.

When their mother had gone into her room to wake her, Mabel was just as exhausted and despondent as Dipper, but she wasn’t showing it.  After they arrived home from the bus station mere hours earlier, then said goodnight in the hallway to Dipper, she had gone to her bedroom on the edge of tears. Everything hurt. She and Dipper had talked the whole bus ride about how things had to go, or there would be trouble. Mabel had truly believed that she would be able to just go back to the way it was before last week. But then, alone in her room, less than an hour after getting off the bus at the station, she already knew it was going to be too difficult.

So she came up with another plan. She wouldn’t push herself to change back at all. She would just be the best actress in the world. She determined that it would be easier to fake being her old self than to actually commit to being her old self. She was the extrovert in the family. She was the one who saw the positive side to everything. She always had. As she finally went to sleep in the early hours, Mabel vowed to make sure that at least she still looked the part. This secret was too important.

The twins were keeping a dangerous secret from their parents. Not just from their parents: this was a secret that no one could learn about.

The previous weekend had been the twins’ fourteenth birthday, and to mark the occasion they had arranged to spend the entire day alone in Portland for the best sibling-celebration ever. They celebrated far more than they expected to. The events of the day caused Mabel and Dipper to realize that their feelings for one another were far more intense than familial love: that they both had, in fact, been suppressing the fact that they were in love with each other since the end of the previous summer. Before they had gone to sleep late that night, they were fully committed to one another romantically, and had passionately given their virginities to each other.

On their return to Gravity Falls from Portland for the final week of the summer, they continued to quietly experience the wonders of young love. But unfortunately for them, it had not gone unnoticed. Their great uncle Stan, in whose home (the “Mystery Shack”) they had been staying the past two summers, easily noticed the signs of the change in their relationship, and on Friday night he confronted them about it. He had thought it was just inappropriate sexual experimentation, but he quickly learned that the kids had hopelessly fallen for each other.

There was no way that the two of them were equipped to keep an ongoing boyfriend/girlfriend relationship a secret, it was just too obvious to anyone. And their lives were far more public in California than they were in rural Oregon. When (not if) anyone from school or the neighborhood were to notice them, word of their taboo relationship would spread like wildfire, and they couldn’t calculate how difficult their lives would become.

Their father and mother, in particular though, were the ones whose reactions they feared most to discovering their love.  They weren’t terrible parents by any stretch, in fact they loved and cared for their children just as much as in any good family, and the kids loved them in return.  But Dipper and Mabel knew just how outraged and scandalized they would be by what the twins now felt for each other, and had done with each other.  They were both well-regarded members at a large local fundamentalist church, and their father in particular believed strongly in traditional family values. Incest in the home, ongoing or not, would be completely unacceptable. There was no doubt at all in the minds of their children that there would be very unpleasant consequences if they were found out, including the prospect of being forcibly separated to boarding schools.

And the likelihood of being caught was very high. Unlike at the Shack, where Dipper and Mabel shared a large room in the attic, back at home each had their own room, and they were both directly next door to their parents’ master bedroom. Any attempts to spend time together privately, platonic or not, would be quickly noticed by their parents. Their bedroom doors had no locks on them. The risk of being discovered was too great.

Stan felt terribly for them, but his advice remained the same: this new part of their lives that Dipper and Mabel now shared had to stop.  Unhappily, the twins agreed.  Their one-week romance was finished. They had to try to put their lives back together as they had been, as merely brother and sister.

They tried to convince each other, and themselves, that they could wait for each other. That when they were eighteen, they could run off together. They couldn’t admit to each other how unlikely they thought that was to come to pass.

Grunkle Stan did not prohibit them one last time of intimacy on Friday night. They had made love slowly and gently, tearfully treasuring their time together, knowing that what they were sharing was precious and rare, even if it was forbidden.

Dipper was thinking back to that moment barely more than twenty-four hours before, the most wonderful yet tragic event in his young life, as he ate his cereal. This was so hard, Mabel was sitting right there, not three feet away! He wanted to look at her, take her in his arms, kiss her lips, tear her clothes off ...

"Earth to Dipper?" his mother asked, jolting him from his thoughts.

“Huh?” Dipper responded dumbly.

Her mother walked over to the table. "I just asked you if you’re all right. I don't believe you've said a word all morning!"

"Yeah! … Yeah, Mom, I'm ... fine," Dipper replied quietly, not quite looking up. "Guess I'm just still tired."

His mother waited a couple of beats, looking to Mabel before jokingly admonishing her son. “Oh, poor sweepy widdle boy!” she teased. “Does Mommy need to tuck you back into his widdle bed?”

“Mo-om! You’re as bad as Mabel!” Dipper groaned. “Only not as creative,” he added.

“Actually I was waiting on you there, Pumpkin,” their mother said to Mabel, smiling. “I was sure you’d be the one to jab a needle at your po-wah widdle brudder.” Dipper sighed, closing his eyes in resignation. Their mother’s smile widened. “You not quite up to speed this morning either?”

“I’m fine!” Mabel exclaimed. “Just feeling sorry for the old lump! Bap!” Mabel leaned across the table and cuffed Dipper on the arm. He yelped and rubbed his bicep. He didn’t really feel like getting ganged up on by these two, and continued to mope.

Mabel waited for Dipper to look up, but she had to prompt him. “Hey, Dipper?” Mabel prodded.

Glumly, Dipper looked up to see the fist that Mabel had used to punch him was still there, held directly in front of him across the corner of the table. He glanced up to see Mabel’s face, fondly smiling at him.

A small smile of his own broke, and he brought his sore arm up and tapped his own fist to Mabel’s.

“Ah, there’s the fistbump!” their mother said. “I’ve missed that. It’s so cute! Now finish up and get ready, shower and get dressed. Service starts in forty-five minutes, we have to leave in thirty!” she said as she whisked down the hall to her bedroom.

After she left, Dipper and Mabel continued to smile at each other. They had been bumping fists for years as a way of communicating solidarity and teamwork between them. Everyone knew the hand signal, it was no secret. But as of the day before, the gesture now had a new secret meaning known only to them. On the bus from Oregon, they had agreed to adopt the fistbump as their silent “I love you” signal, so they could tell each other how they still felt about the other without raising suspicion.  

Dipper was happy to see how well it worked for him. One little tap, and he felt so much better! The smile touched his eyes. He loved Mabel so much!

Mabel smiled wider at the way Dipper had perked up.  She hated seeing his sad puppy-dog face, she couldn’t stand not letting him know how she was really feeling about him.

Both of them were thinking the same thing: maybe, just maybe, this won’t be so hard. Perhaps they could bear to tough this out. Together, they could handle these obstacles! Their love was strong enough, they just knew it! Nothing could stop them from …

“What’s up with you two?” came a voice from the entrance to the kitchen.

Dipper and Mabel looked up, startled. Their father stood there, gripping a tie in his hand, and finishing buttoning up his shirt. They hadn’t been aware that he had come out from the master bedroom, and was apparently watching them gaze at one another. “What?” the twins said in unison, eyes wide.

“Whaaat?!?” their father mocked back at them with an easy smile. “I walk in here to say ‘good morning,’ and I see the two of you just staring googly eyes at each other?” Dipper felt himself pale, but tried not to change his expression. “You’re probably plotting some new shenanigan or other, as usual, but you looked so pleased with yourselves I thought you might start kissing!” Mabel uttered a nervous laugh, and made a quick “Pfft!” noise, while Dipper belatedly added a meek “Eww!” Their father snorted and chuckled. “I know you two are best friends on top of being twins, but you looked ridiculous! Now, hurry up!” His demeanor turned more serious. “Your mother already told you. Both of you need to get cleaned up and we need to be out of here in a half hour. One of you, get going now!”

“I’ll go!” volunteered Dipper quickly. He leaped to his feet, eager to remove himself from Mabel’s presence. He mentally kicked himself. Their first day back, less than five minutes, and they'd already made a small mistake! He had to be more careful! He had to tone down his feelings! It’s over, Dipper! he berated himself. You can’t let yourself get caught up again! Yes, you're in love with your sister! No, you can’t do anything about it! Get over it!!

Mabel watched Dipper hurry down the hall, then finished off her cereal and collected their dishes from the table. She regretted almost getting caught. But she didn’t regret letting Dipper know that she was just acting the part of the "old" version of Mabel, that she was still very much in love with him. This is going to be super-duper hard! she thought. But what we have is worth it! I wish like heck we could find some private time, so I can drop this dumb act for awhile. She put her game face back on again, convincing herself to be prepared to be in this role for a long, long time.

The Pines family had been regular church-goers for the twins’ entire lives. It was part of their experience of growing up, so none of it was uncomfortable for them. Unlike for their parents, though, the church was not an integral part of either of the twins’ belief systems.

Dipper had no issue at all with the concept of belief in God. Indeed he firmly believed that there were good and evil forces in the world that were unexplainable by science. The problem with him was that he didn’t like blind faith: he needed to see evidence of the supernatural. And he’d seen plenty of that the previous summer.  Unfortunately for his church, none of what Dipper had seen could be corroborated anywhere in the Bible. The mysterious journals had been his bibles. Still, he had politely continued attendance at church, knowing that staying home would not be well received by his parents, but also truly unwilling to let go of all the lessons he had been taught since Sunday school.

Mabel really enjoyed the music and singing at church, and she had a lot of friends there. She agreed with pretty much all of Christianity’s tenets of right and wrong, with the basic message of love and peace, of mercy and compassion. But she just didn’t buy into the whole idea that a God that could be such a buttface in the Old Testament could be so darn forgiving in the New Testament. Maybe having a kid changed His outlook on life? Regardless of all that, she now was really uncomfortable with knowing what she had read about in the 18th chapter of the book of Leviticus, given what Dipper and Mabel were to each other now. She had an inane thought that she should tear that chapter out of every Bible in the building, just in case anyone around church found out about them.

Of course, neither of them were concentrating on the service that day. During the sermon, they stared straight ahead to the pastor, by outward appearances paying rapt attention to the message extoling the importance of evangelism in today’s society. Mabel’s subtle shift in her seat beside her brother, so that their shoulders were touching slightly, was sending Dipper’s thoughts elsewhere. And as those thoughts continued, his body also started sending his blood elsewhere. He had to spend the balance of the service with his hands clasped together firmly, low in his lap, pushing down.

Mabel glanced down at the state of his posture, then directed her eyes back toward the podium. She allowed a small smile to cross her face.

Dipper sat still in aroused frustration. Dammit Mabel, how do you do this to me?

After the service was over, their folks visited a number of tables with sign-up sheets, while the twins and other kids hung out in the gymnasium.  Soon their mother called for them to go, and they headed out to the car.

“So those tables were for signing up for autumn small group studies,” their father told them. “Your mother and I were looking at a group that will be reading through the Book of Ephesians, and we want to join them. Now that you’re starting high school, we figure you’ll be able to do your homework without one of us needing to be around every night.” They had arrived at the car and were getting in. “Starting this week, you two will be on your own on Wednesday evenings after dinner. Sound good?”

“Sounds great, Daddy!” Mabel enthused from her seat behind their father. Making sure their parents were looking to get their seatbelts on, she turned and looked at Dipper pointedly, grinning widely and waggling her eyebrows.

“Yeah, Dad, sounds great,” Dipper chimed in, looking back at Mabel with an expression that was a mix of excitement and trepidation.


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