Fuck-Toy of the Night Fury

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Fuck-Toy of the Night Fury


The Making of the Fuck-Toy


To say it had been an interesting day for Astrid Hofferson would have been an understatement.  The young Viking maiden had awoken that morning, ready to claim the privilege to slay a Monstrous Nightmare in front of the entire village of Berk from that useless upstart Hiccup. 

Hiccup.  It was strange that he of all Vikings was even passing Dragon Training.  While Astrid would acknowledge him as a member of the village of Berk, he was the most un-Vikingly person she knew.  He couldn’t swing a sword, couldn’t lift a hammer, and shields were almost impossible for him to lift. 

And yet, somehow, the self-proclaimed talking fishbone was flying through Dragon Training, all without killing the monsters!  And today, he stole what was Astrid’s privilege from her!  In front of the whole village! 

So afterwards, already suspicious of Hiccup, she had followed him; from his house, where he began carrying some sort of saddle to the middle of Raven’s Point, where they came to a small cove that not even Astrid knew was there. 

She had been so ready to beat him to a pulp that she had almost missed seeing the dragon in the cove with them, a sleek, black dragon that was about to attack her when Hiccup intervened. 

So, like any sensible Viking, Astrid ran off to tell the village about the traitor when she was… carried off by said dragon, whom she soon found out was named Toothless, and as if the gods were laughing at her misfortune, Toothless was a Night Fury.  The flight soon after was something of a nightmare (actually, it was worse than any of her nightmares), and she was reduced to a mess. 

Toothless had apparently had enough of tormenting her, and Hiccup… well, Astrid had never known that the world looked so much different from the air, and that night, when they were riding Toothless, the gods were travelling across the Bifrost, and it took her breath away. 

And then came the other dragons. 

They had gone with them to their nest, where she and Hiccup discovered the truth about the war they were stuck in.  The big dragon had effectively enslaved the dragons that terrorized Berk for food, or else the dragons became food.  In fact, they had just escaped there with barely their lives. 

Hiccup had left a few minutes ago, contemplating about the match tomorrow while Astrid remained in the cove, Toothless close by and watching her intently, eyes narrowed.  “What?” Astrid asked the Night Fury.  “I apologized!” she added, moving to leave the cove. 

Toothless growled, quickly cutting her off.  For the first time since she had declared how scared she actually was to Hiccup earlier today on Toothless’ back, Astrid felt fear slowly crawling up her back, sending cold shivers throughout her.  The shield-maiden reflexively went for her axe, only to realize that she had been disarmed earlier by the dragon in front of her and his rider. 

Toothless smirked to himself as he stalked around the helpless human female.  She may have fooled Hiccup into trusting her, but the Night Fury was not so easily swayed.  After all, she did insult Hiccup time and time again, that much he knew from Hiccup’s ramblings of his days spent in the arena.  And the dragon knew enough of Viking lore, and of the Old Code, to know that what this female had done could not, would not go unpunished.  And seeing as Toothless owed Hiccup a life-debt, it was in Toothless’ best interests to see Hiccup’s foes punished for their transgressions. 

Starting with her. 

Astrid was slowly beginning to panic as Toothless advanced on her.  The teen backed away, her hand behind her to guide her to the cove’s exit.  A few steps later on her part, Astrid felt the smooth cold stone brush her hand.  Taking a deep breath, Astrid looked out the corner of her eye, hoping that she was right next to the exit. 

She wasn’t.  If anything, she wasn’t even remotely close to the exit. 

Toothless growled lowly as he crouched down, his green eyes focused solely on Astrid.  The dragon reveled in the scent of the girl’s fear, and that caused a stirring that the Night Fury hadn’t had felt in, well, a long time.  Tensing his muscles, Toothless gauged the distance between him and the human, and pounced. 

Astrid’s breath was coming out in short gasps as the reality of the situation sank into her.  She was trapped between a rock, and a dragon that she knew hated her guts.  So truly, it shouldn’t have surprised her that Toothless would have pounced on her.  However, the sheer ferocity and speed of her attacker made Astrid fall flat on her ass… if Toothless hadn’t pinned her to the stone behind her.  And the Viking would have screamed her lungs out if the dragon hadn’t shoved himself into her face and growled, giving her a very close view of his teeth, silencing her. 

Toothless was thrilled to have the teen so desperate under his claws.  The smell of her sweat from hours earlier, the sweet reek of fear… and her own natural musky scent all went to drive the Night Fury wild.  Toothless felt his own natural magic well up within, and inside, the dragon grinned.  Hiccup had earned his respect; so under no circumstances would he ever use his magic against Hiccup.  This ‘Astrid’ though, well, she was a different story. 

Astrid had closed her eyes, awaiting the end of her life.  But Odin above, she didn’t feel the scorching heat of dragon’s breath on her flesh.  She still felt the dragon’s claws on her shoulder, and the warm huff of his breath on her neck.  Trembling in fear, Astrid cracked an eye open to see why Toothless hadn’t sent her to Hel yet, only to stare right into his own eyes. 

Toothless made eye contact with the smaller creature in his claws, and let the magic inside of him loose as he began.  [You have insulted my master many times, Astrid, daughter of Hofferson,] Toothless rumbled, his magic projecting his ‘voice’ into Astrid.  [In the name of my master, you will pay for your transgressions in all ways I see fit.]  

Astrid froze as she heard the low, dark tone’s of Toothless’ voice ring in her head.  She looked at Toothless wide-eyed, her heart beating far faster than it ever had before.  Master?  What master?  The only other person that could have possibly been able to know about the Night Fury pinning her to the wall was… oh Gods, Hiccup! 

“Wh-what do you want?” she asked, terrified.  Ah, those were the magic words Toothless needed to hear as his loins grew even warmer.  Gripping her shoulders even tighter, the dragon leaned back slightly and threw her to the ground, snarling as he licked his lips.  Astrid felt dread, and her body simply went cold as she hit the ground, her armor and clothes partially ripped right off her as Toothless loomed over her. 

[I want YOU!] Toothless roared loudly in Astrid’s face, making the teen try and press herself even deeper into the ground to get away from Toothless, though in vain.  [Now take them off!] Toothless ordered, biting into her combat skirt and tugging it none too gently.  [Or I do!

Astrid began sobbing uncontrollably as she, with trembling hands, began stripping herself of her garments as Toothless watched her hungrily.  “P-please, no….,” she whispered, pleading with Toothless.  “I- I’ll do anything, I swear by the Gods!  Just not this, please!” she added, screaming. 

Toothless snarled in anger.  [YOU DO NOT MAKE DEMANDS !] he growled at the human below him, gripping what was left of her shirt and tearing it straight off of her, exposing her bound breasts to the dragon.  Enraged, he lifted a clawed paw and slammed it on top of her chest, driving the breath out of Astrid, temporarily stopping the Viking from screaming.  [YOU ARE MINE!] Toothless growled, hooking his claws on the fabric of Astrid’s breast bindings.  [AND YOU WILL BE HICCUP’S TO DO AS HE WISHES AFTER THE TYRANT IS KILLED!] he added as he pulled his paw away, ripping the bindings off. 

Astrid started crying as her breasts spilled out of their confinement, their milky white flesh exposed to her rapist.  As befitting a shield-maiden, Astrid had bound her breasts to keep them out of the way of her training, both for fighting dragons and for the enemies of her village.  After all, trying to swing an axe with a pair of large (for her age), swinging boobs was a bit of a problem.  And if Astrid ever found a husband to meet her standards, then they would have become unbound for him.  But this… this was a nightmare, and Astrid wasn’t sure if she was ever going to wake up from it. 

Toothless had stopped his growled the moment he caught sight of Astrid’s assets.  The Night Fury hadn’t expected those to fit on a human of her size, but that did nothing to diminish his growing hunger as he firmly pressed a paw down on a breast, leaving the other exposed for him to examine.  [You are ashamed of these udders of yours?] the dragon asked, his tone angry, but not yet furious.  Astrid was still trying to catch her breath as Toothless shook his head.  [No matter.  After tonight, these will belong to Hiccup, and all hatchlings he decides to have you birth for him,] he added, snorting.  [You will be nothing but an obedient cow for him.  But now, for your just punishment.

Astrid’s eyes went wide in horror as her mind finally registered the slick object creeping up the inside of her leg, even as Toothless hunched over her, grinning evilly.  “N-n-n-noooo…..,” Astrid whimpered as Toothless wrenched her arms apart effortlessly, the bulk of his body as he lowered himself onto her naturally separating her legs, forcing her to be splayed out on the dirt.  The Viking felt pure revulsion as she felt the tip of what she knew was Toothless’ penis touch her virgin mound.  “ODIN NO!!” Astrid screamed out as the Night Fury on top of her thrust himself into her, his girth stopping him from flat out hilting. 

Agony.  Agony was all she felt as the dragon withdrew, leaving a vacant spot that felt strangely cold and empty to Astrid as Toothless sent himself forward again, driving himself even deeper into his captive.  Astrid cried out in pain again as Toothless pulled back, wishing for it to end even as Toothless paused. 

[You brought this to yourself,] he told her simply as he plowed right on through her maidenhead, tearing it apart.  Astrid’s back arched, her voice and breath gone as she shivered.  She was defiled, forever ruined by this dragon, this fabled offspring of lightning and death itself as it pulled out of her again.  She only noted the tensing of Toothless’ muscles as she was suddenly sent rocking upward, restrained by the dragon’s claws as he brutally had his way with her, his meat spreading her wide and painfully. 

Toothless was fighting against deeply ingrained instinct as he quite happily defiled Astrid.  The dragon wanted so badly to bite into her, to claim her as his, but his master would most certainly not be pleased to find his slave claimed by one who owed him a debt, not when Hiccup was (quite obviously, and stupidly) madly in love with her.  But even then, Toothless took joy in how the human’s tight, formally virgin walls squeezed on his rod, trying to coax his seed from him. 

Astrid was simply accepting the fact that Toothless was going to use her to whatever whims the dragon had.  What she refused to accept was that her body, her own body, was slowly getting used to the rutting dragon and actually enjoying it.  The way that Toothless filled up her snatch, the timing of his thrusts into her – it all disgusted the Viking how much her body was rebelling against her.  And even now, she was squirming under the rough treatment of the Night Fury, especially with the tip of his penis hitting something deep inside her. 

Toothless was breathing heavily as he felt himself hit the human’s entrance to her womb.  If she were a dragon, Toothless would have happily rutted her until he was certain that she had the possibility of having his clutch, but sadly, Astrid was not a dragon.  So for now, Toothless would have to settle with just fucking her raw.  However, due to the long amount of time since the dragon had last let off a load, he was close to release, and it was coming quick.  Toothless rumbled in the back of his throat as he picked up the pace, digging his claws into the ground to secure his captive as he started pounding her into the ground, hoping to finish soon. 

Astrid gasped as Toothless picked up the pace, his penis sliding in and out of her in a blur.  The nearly fucked stupid teen had felt some kind of sticky liquid come from him during her rape, and it had only let the dragon abuse her that much more as he now began bottoming out in her, stretching her painfully wide as his tip reached deep inside of her.  “Please… just finish,” Astrid whimpered out lifelessly as she laid there, letting her body rock back and forth on the ground. 

[Mind…your…PLACE!] Toothless growled as he felt his balls tighten.  [You… Are… MINE!] he roared as he finally erupted inside of her, jamming his tip directly into Astrid’s cervix, flooding her womb with his seed. 

Astrid couldn’t help but howl in shock as jet after jet of roiling hot dragon cum rushed inside of her, filling up what she realized was her own womb in seconds.  She looked down at where she and the Night Fury were joined together and her mind simply went blank as she saw her lower abdomen, once flawlessly smooth, swell up like a pregnant woman’s, the almost unbearable heat of Toothless’ essence warming up her insides.  Soon, her belly stopped swelling, and a pressure low in her gut made Astrid squirm in pain as the Night Fury grunted, pulling back slightly, relieving the pressure. 

Toothless huffed in satisfaction as Astrid lay there, her pale skin even paler as she gazed up at him with glassy, tear covered eyes.  [This is but the beginning,] he purred to her, clenching his claws slightly, the tips cutting through the dirt to dig into her skin.  [Hiccup will decide what happens to you after the Tyrant is killed.]

Astrid shook as she looked up at the Night Fury.  “….kill me…,” she whispered, defeated.  Seeing the look of shock on the dragon’s face, Astrid sighed.  “No one… no one wants a woman defiled like me….”


Toothless hadn’t thought about that.  He rumbled in thought as he checked his inner supply of magic.  Ah, good, he still had enough for a few spells.  Toothless huffed.  Astrid had probably learned her lesson… but, Toothless thought as he adjusted his length inside her, giving up this pussy was just plain stupid.  Toothless pulled out of her completely, watching in admiration as his thick seed, with traces of red in it, oozed out of Astrid’s now gaping cunt, the teen moaning as the liquid moved. 

Tapping into his magic, Toothless put Astrid into a deep sleep so that he could continue with the rest of his plan.  Once satisfied that she was indeed asleep, Toothless waddled up to her and gently pressed down on her bloated stomach, sending most of his seed spewing right out of her.  After her stomach was flat enough to pass for normal, Toothless opened his jaw, a cool fire forming in his throat. 

Coughing it up, Toothless watched as it floated over the Viking girl’s hips, and then descended, the flames melting into her flesh.  Almost instantly, the stretch marks from her sudden inflation disappeared, and inside of her, Toothless knew that the tears in her walls where she bleed were healing themselves up, wiping out any trace that it was he who abused her.  However, the Night Fury had to smirk in appreciation as the spell also modified those same vaginal walls, making them far more elastic than what most human women could ever hope to have. 

Done, the dragon slunk over Astrid, his head over hers as he performed his final bit of magic.  [Astrid Hofferson, you shall forget the events you just experienced,] his ‘voice’ said to her, magic pouring from him to her head.  [You have fallen in love with Hiccup, and when you wake up, everything will be normal.  But, when I call for you, my slave, you shall obey me and come to me as soon as you are able.  There, you shall service me.  That is your curse, let it be known!]  Toothless leaned away as the magic faded, certain that the spell worked. 

Lifting the teen onto his back, Toothless gathered what was left of her clothes and armor and made his way into the village of Berk.  After his little session with Astrid, Toothless knew where to follow the scent of his new fuck toy.  Minutes later, he found the house, and making sure that no one was around, climbed up the side of the building.  It took a couple of trips, but the dragon managed to get her into her room, lined wall to wall with axes, swords, and other implements, and onto her bed.  Snorting, the Night Fury was about to leave when he saw that she was still nude, and on top of her bed.  Jumping out, he rolled his eyes and cast his final spell on her for the night. 

Astrid opened her eyes groggily.  She remembered Hiccup taking her for a ride on Toothless, the nest, the giant monster of a dragon, and then landing back at the cove… but after that, nothing.  Looking down, she saw with reddening embarrassment that she was completely nude.  Looking around, the Viking sighed in relief as she saw her armor laying close by on the floor.  Getting up, she grabbed a shift from the chest at the foot of her bed and slipped it on.  Yawning, the teen crawled back into bed, waiting for what Hiccup was going to do the next day in the Ring. 


Back at the cove, Toothless stretched his limbs out, suddenly tired.  Smirking to himself in pride, the Night Fury curled up into a ball and went to sleep, dreaming of a former maiden fair. 



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