Teaching Finn

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Teaching Finn- chapter one.

"Hi PB, what's up?" asked a weary Finn, wandering into his pink friend's lab.

"Hey Finn! Today, I'm gonna teach you some stuff," she replied, nonchalantly.

"Like what?" Finn asked, curious as to what she was planning.

"You're fifteen now Finn, you need to know certain things. Certain things about sex," she replied.

Finn went red; 'oh', he thought, 'that sort of thing...' "But Peebles... Jake teaches me everything I need to know. He already told me about the tiers," he protested.

The princess shook her head, "Ugh, at this rate, I might as well just go with the 'stork' explanation..." she sighed. Finn was even more curious now.

"So... Sex..." Finn began, "Is that like... Tier fifteen?" he asked. Finn had no idea what sex was, he just knew that tier fifteen was something that he wasn't supposed to talk about.

The princess giggled, "uh, yes Finn, some people call it that". Finn sat down on the chair in her lab, obviously interested in what she was saying. After all, innocent or not, he was still a fifteen year old boy. The princess walked over to the side of the room, and pulled a slide down from the wall. She wandered back to a little projector, hooked up to a little computer of sorts-she had prepared for this for a while.

"PB, what exactly are you going to show me?" asked Finn, quickly realizing the seriousness of the situation.

She turned on the projector, and a photo of Finn came up on the screen. "Finn, you need to know stuff about yourself, and what you're capable of doing. You don't want to be getting any of the girls around Ooo pregnant... Well, not before you're ready." she replied.

Finn simply thought for a moment. "Um... Princess, how would I get a girl pregnant?" he asked.

She answered with a question. "Finn, y'know you're um... You're crotch? Well, have you ever felt it getting hard?" she asked awkwardly.

He thought for a moment. "Yeah, sometimes when I'm alone at home," he answered, neglecting to mention when this had happened. He had accidentally aloud his mind to wander to places he hadn't known was in his mind-like memories of a certain accidental peek he had taken at Marceline's house.

"Well, that happens when you're thinking about a girl. It can also happen at random, but it mostly happens when you think about a girl," she explains.

"Well, um... What does it mean?" he asked, confused at the whole subject.

"Well, Finn, it usually means that you want to have sex with her," she answered. Finn was blushing, but he didn't really know why, after all, he didn't even know what sex was!

"Um... so what is sex? I mean, like... what do you mean when you say that?" he asked, now very confused and curious.

"Finn, you're actually rather lucky in that you don't have parents around to 'explain' this to you. They would say that sex is only for two people who love each other, and that you should be married before you do it. But that's not the case. Sex is simply when you take your crotch, more commonly referred to as a dick, or penis, whichever you prefer, and... 'Insert' it into a girl's vagina. Of course, there are other ways, like oral, when you would put your dick into her mouth, or... Other stuff that we won't mention. But simply, you put your dick into her vagina, then take it out slightly, and put it back in. It's hard to explain, but you generally just repeat doing this, until you cum. Any questions?"

Finn was, of course, riddled with questions. "um, what's a vagina? And you better explain what 'cum' is too, I'm really just-I have no idea what you're talking about," Finn was an even deeper shade of red now, but he still didn't know why.

Bubblegum laughed a little, much too Finn's embarrassment, simply covering her face as to hide her own growing blush. "Finn, a vagina is a girl's equivalent of you're crotch. But it's different 'cause yours has to go into ours," she said, "and as for 'cum,' at the risk of sounding overly-scientific, that's when you ejaculate. Girls can do it too, but it's a little different for us. White-ish liquid comes out of your crotch, specifically the tip of your dick, and that, if you're not careful, is how you can get a girl pregnant. If you do it inside her, I mean."

At that moment, a sly vampire floated into the room. "Sup Bonnibel, what'cha doing?" asked the vampire queen, glancing over at her computer, "Oh, giving Finn the old 'sex' talk huh? You explain a blowjob yet? Well, I always thought the best teacher was experience!" she said, semi-seriously, floating towards Finn.

"Get back here you whoremonger!" commanded the princess, pulling back marceline by the nape of the neck. Finn had been sitting in his little seat the whole time, awkwardly blushing and twiddling his thumbs.

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