Ben the Alien Enforcer

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Ben the Alien Enforcer

Summary: 17-year-old Ben goes on a cross-country trip with Grandpa Max and his cousin Gwen for the summer. Ben discovers an alien device that transforms him into many different aliens, and turns any girl he desires into his loving sex slave. Ben/Harem

Chapter 01 – And then there was Ben

“Ah, this is going to be a great summer,” said a 17-year-old boy by the name of Benjamin “Ben” Kirby Tennyson. He had just been released from high school and was preparing for his trip around the states with his grandpa Max. He had just gotten home and was packing the last of his stuff before he would be picked up.

“Ben! Grandpa Max is here!” Ben’s mother declared.

“Awesome!” Ben exclaimed as he latched on his backpack and suitcase before running out of the house. Once he was outside, he saw his grandfather in the infamous RV known as the Rustbucket.

“Come on Ben, we’re burning daylight!” Max called out to his grandson. Ben grinned before hopping into the RV.

“This is going to be great Grandpa, I’ve really been looking forward to this trip,” Ben said as he got inside. His grin however disappeared when he noticed another person in the RV. She was a young female with red hair in a ponytail and similar green eyes. “Oh no. What are you doing here? What is SHE doing here?”

“Hey, this wasn’t my idea. Someone convinced my mom it would be a good idea for me to come,” the girl, Ben’s cousin Gwen Tennyson, stated sarcastically. She and Ben never really saw eye to eye.

“Grandpa you didn’t,” Ben asked in fear.

“I thought it would be a good idea for you and your cousin to spend some quality time together. Come on, it will be fun!” Max said before getting in the driver seat and driving off.

Ben groaned as he sat on the opposite side of the table. “Great, my awesome summer just got ruined.”

“Hey, I’m not happy about this either dweeb,” Gwen stated.



“This is going to be a long summer,” Max groaned.

It didn’t take long for the trio of Tennysons to arrive at the first campsite of their 3-month adventure. Gwen and Ben helped their grandfather in setting up the campsite. They were just about to have dinner, when their grandfather came out with a bowl of worms. Neither teen truly desired to eat the disgusting grubs.

“I think I’m going to take a walk around,” Ben said to his grandfather. He didn’t feel like playing any video games, or listening to any of his cousin’s insults.

“Alright Ben, but don’t go too far,” Max warned his grandson.

“Unless it’s to get eaten by bears!” Gwen cried out. Max glared at her and she shrugged. “A girl can dream can’t she?”

“Bitch,” Ben muttered under his breath.

As he walked through the forest, Ben couldn’t stop thinking about his cousin’s rude attitude. When they were younger, they were rather friendly with each other. That was until they reached puberty and her attitude did a 180. Ben hated to say it, but he always, even now, had a small crush on Gwen. He knew it was a taboo, but he didn’t care. When she was younger, she was the sweetest girl Ben knew. Now, she was a bitch, and sadly, a smocking hot bitch. Seriously, she had a 38D-cup, and she flaunted it around with scantily clad and tight clothing. She also had a sweet big ass, which jiggled whenever she walked. Ben, being a hormonal teenager, wanted nothing more than to ram himself inside her. However, he knew she’d never allow that, and would ridicule him if he told her his true feelings. Grandpa Max was right; it was going to be a long summer.

“Stupid bitch,” Ben grumbled as he kicked the dirt under his feet. He looked up at the starry night sky. “Well, at least it’s a nice night.” Suddenly, Ben spotted something sailing across the sky. “Whoa, a shooting star!” Ben’s grin however disappeared as the shooting star shot right towards him. “AAAH!!!”

Ben ran as fast as his feet could carry him, only to just miss the falling object as it crash-landed behind him, causing a small explosion. When the dust cleared, Ben got up and looked down at the crater created by the meteor. “What the hell was that?!” Ben said as he looked inside. Sadly, the ground beneath him gave way and he fell into the crater. “Ow,” he grunted, but was mesmerized by the metallic orb in front of him.

Suddenly, the orb opened, revealing the contents inside. What Ben saw was a white/green/ black watch with a green hourglass symbol in the middle.

“Huh? A watch? Why would a watch fall from space?” Ben said to himself. Out of pure curiosity, he reached for the watch, only for the device to literally jump from its place and firmly latch itself onto Ben’s left wrist.

“WHAT THE HELL!!!” Ben screamed as he shook his wrist, trying to get the clingy device off it. He tried using a twig to get it off, but it would not budge. “Great, I’ve barely gotten past my first day of vacation and something weird has already happened.” He then took another look at the odd device. “I got to admit though, it is a pretty cool watch.”

Ben then pressed the center, and suddenly a small hologram of a circle with several different strange faces on them. “Okay… this is weird,” he said to himself. The face at the top seemed to glow brighter than the others, and the symbol in the center beeped and glowed.  Ben curiously pressed the button.

A flash of green filled his eyes, and he could feel his body transform. His skin became hot and hard, it became even larger. His clothes disappeared, and the whites of his eyes became green. When the green flashed finally ended, there standing where Ben was a tall figure made of molten rock with a head of fire and the same symbol that was on the watch now on his chest.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” Ben screamed in shock. Yes, this creature was indeed Ben. “I’m on fire! I’m on fire! Help me, I’m on fire!” Ben screamed as he ran around, trying to literally put himself out. After a few seconds of this, he came to a realization. “Hey, wait a minute. I’m on fire…and, it doesn’t hurt.” Ben examined himself, admiring this new form. “It must had been that watch, it changed me into this fire guy. Heh, I guess even Gwen has to admit I’m totally hot! Haha!” Ben laughed at his own joke. He then noticed a lone tree branch on the side. “Hmm, I wonder.”

Ben quickly turned and shot a fireball from his finger right at the branch, burning it to oblivion.

“Awesome!” Ben exclaimed. “But I better hold back the fire, especially in such a burn-able place. I guess I should find Grandpa and show him what happened.” Ben decided to walk back to the RV. As he did, he was careful with where he stepped and did a couple of small fire tricks to see what he could do. It didn’t take long for him to reach to his campsite. There, he could see Gwen looking at her laptop, completely unaware of his arrival. An evil idea came over Ben, and he decided to have some fun. He snuck behind her, not uttering a sound until he was right behind her. “Hey, is it hot in here, or is it just me?” Gwen turned around and-


“HAHAHAHA!” Ben laughed as he fell to the ground in a fit of laughter. Gwen ran into the RV to get Max. When they came outside, they spotted Ben still on the ground laughing.

“Who are you?!” Max growled, ready to protect his granddaughter.

Ben finally managed to calm down enough to look at his relatives. “He-heh, sorry Grandpa, I just couldn’t resist.”

Max and Gwen both did a double take. Did that thing just call him Grandpa? Both came to a startling thought, but neither was sure what to say. Finally, Gwen managed to speak. “B-B-Ben?” she mumbled. “I-Is t-that you?”

Ben smirked. “Who do you think it is Gwen-y, Neil Armstrong?” Gwen gasped loudly again, shocked that Ben used the same nickname he did when they were younger.

“Ben?” Max said as he walked towards what he knew now was his grandson. “H-How…W-What happened to you?”

Ben then proceeded to explain to Max and Gwen about his transformation. He told them of the shooting star that nearly turned him into a Ben-cake, he told them of how the watch just latched onto him and how he couldn’t get it off, and he told them of how he transformed and what it felt like. Max, for some reason told them he was an alien, being somewhat logical since the thing fell from the sky. Ben showed them how he could create and manipulate fire. He would have done more, but made it clear he did not think it was a good idea, since it would be possible he could accidentally send the forest on fire. Max praised his grandson for his good thinking. Later, while they were talking and talking around a campfire, the symbol on Ben’s chest blared red, and in a flash of red, he was replaced by the normal Ben Tennyson once again.

“I guess it must be on a timer,” Ben said as he examined the watch. Instead of green, the symbol in the center was red and it wasn’t reacting to his touch. “It must be on a recharge cycle. I guess we’ll have to wait for it to turn back on.”

“Then that will give us some time to figure this whole mess out,” Max said, rising from his seat. “I’m going to check out that crash site, and I want you two to stay here and remain out of trouble. Ben, don’t mess with that thing until I get back.” Ben nodded in understanding. Max nodded back and walked off.

“So dweeb,” Gwen said once Max was out of earshot. “What was it like to be fire guy?”

“Weird,” Ben replied honestly. “It was like I was me, but at the same time I’m someone else. To be honest, I’m more curious on what else this thing can do.” Ben touched the watch again, which turned green. “Looks like I won’t have to wait long.”

“Grandpa said not to mess with that thing,” Gwen warned. “But then again, I don’t expect you to listen to him.”

“Hey, watch it Gwen,” Ben growled. “I’m just trying to see what else this thing can do. I’m not going to do anything that will burn the entire forest down.”

“You probably would have before if it weren’t for that one small moment of intelligence you had before,” Gwen shot back.

“That’s it!” Ben growled, finally having enough of Gwen’s bitchy attitude. He scanned through the watches’ images. He wanted a form that would terrify Gwen to no end to put her in her place. That was until he came upon a strange figure that wasn’t a face, but rather some sort of strange letter. Ben smirked and pressed on the letter.

Suddenly, a green flash shot from the device, and a digital voice spoke, “Initiating Master/Slave Program.

“Master/Slave program?” Ben asked in confusion. Suddenly, wave of green light dispersed from watch, consuming Ben and Gwen in the wave. The wave disappeared after it hit the two of them. Both fell to their hands and knees, gasping in shock. Ben didn’t see it, but Gwen’s green eyes became surrounded in a strange glow.

“Ugh, okay, never do that again,” Ben said as he got up. Once he did, he blinked as he saw Gwen was still facing down. “Gwen, are you okay?”

“I am fine Master,” Gwen replied as she rose up.

“Master?” Ben repeated. It was then that a realization hit him. The voice from the watch said it was initiating a Master/Slave program. That must have meant that the wave turned Gwen into his slave. At first, Ben was against this idea. That was until a particular thought crossed his mind.

If Gwen was now his slave, that meant she would do whatever he said without question. He could already imagine the possibilities from this. However, there was one thing he needed to find out first.

“Gwen, I want you to answer the following question as honestly as possible,” Ben stated. Gwen nodded in understanding. “Why do you always act like such a bitch towards me? We were such great friends when we were children. What happened to you?”

Gwen didn’t hesitate to answer. “I acted as harshly as I did because I was scared,” she said with honesty in her voice. “I was scared because for my feelings for you.”

“Feelings?” Ben asked in confusion.

“I love you Ben,” Gwen said honestly. “Not like how a cousin loves another, I love like how a woman loves a man. I’ve had these feelings for a long time. They started when we were kids and I had a crush on you. When we got older, that crush only intensified into true die-hard feelings, but I was afraid. I was afraid of how you and everyone else would react to the realization to my feelings. I knew it is wrong, so I tried acting mean so that I could maybe get away from you and stop my feelings. But that failed, and every time I hurt you, I hurt myself twice as much. I hated how much I hurt you and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last through the summer if I had to spend the entire time being mean to you. I beg for your forgiveness Ben, and I understand if you do not wish to speak to me again.”

Ben only smiled as he walked over and wrapped his arms around Gwen’s neck. He looked at her longingly before finally placing his lips upon hers. After many years, he finally got what he always wanted. Gwen only submitted herself to ben, yet deep inside she was happily screaming that Ben returned her long depraved feelings.

After a full minute of making out, Ben pulled away. He looked at Gwen with a masterful and pleasured smile. Gwen looked at him with a lustful wanting smile. “Let’s take this inside.” Gwen only nodded in agreement as Ben led her into the RV. He made sure to lock the door the main door, and then locked the door to the bedroom where he and Gwen were staying in. Ben turned to Gwen, who was waiting for him. “What are you waiting for Gwen?”

“I’m waiting for your command Master,” Gwen said in her lustful tone.

Ben remembered that now Gwen was now his loyal love slave. He smirked, already imagining all the fun he could have with this new watch function. He knew he’d have to be sure not to tell his grandpa about it, or he’d ruin what they had found.

“Alright then, I order you to take off your clothes, but slowly like a stripper while I watch,” Ben commanded as he sat on the bed. He watched as Gwen slowly moved her clothes around, slowly and sexily taking them off. First was her blue top, which would show off her impressive cleavage. When it came off, Ben stared at Gwen’s breasts firmly set in a lacy black bra. He could see her nipples perk against the black cloth. Gwen then proceeded to slowly remover her shoes and socks, and then came her white skirt, revealing her lacy black thong. Ben marveled at Gwen’s sweet ass, and he could practically see her pussy, which was already starting to moisten. His cock immediately woke up, starting to rise inside his pants. Once her skirt was tossed aside, Gwen slowly began to take off the black bra. It came off, and Gwen’s perky breasts jiggled slightly. Ben was practically drooling now. It became even heavier when Gwen removed her thong, exposing her naked womanhood before her master.

“Does this please you Master?” Gwen asked, displaying her impressive beauty before her cousin.

“Definitely,” Ben replied with a smirk. ‘Whoever made this watch, THANK YOU!!!’ Ben stood up and walked over to Gwen. He looked into her lust-glistening eyes and smirked once more. He leaned in and claimed those lips he had long wanted to. Their lips meshed together perfectly. Gwen was completely under the spell of love for her cousin, and was enjoying every second of it.

After a minute, Ben pulled away for a quick breath of relief. He stared at his cousin, her eyes glowing with lust for him. He could see her womanhood, moist and wet, desperate for attention. “Undress me, and then we can begin the fun,” he ordered, and Gwen smiled widely.

Gwen reached around him and unzipped his pants. She lifted his green shirt, exposing his lean muscles. She then brought down his pants, exposing his black boxers and the bulge showing beneath it. She pulled it down, letting his ten-inch cock spring up.

"Oh Master, you're so big." Gwen said with a seductive tone. She went to grab it, stroking the length of his cock.

"Gwen…" Ben moaned. He leaned back, falling onto the bed to allow Gwen to do what she wanted to pleasure him.

Gwen leaned down and wrapped her lips around his cock. Ben gasped and rocked his head back. Gwen bobbed her head up and down on Ben's cock, encouraged by Ben's groans. "Oh god Gwen…that feels so freaking awesome." Was this actually happening? The young man could hardly believe it. He looked back to the watch, thanking it once more for the gift it had given him. Gwen quickened her pace as Ben moaned louder from her treatment. "Gwen! I'm gonna cum!" Ben moaned. Gwen bobbed even faster, wanting her master’s cum desperately. "I'm cumming!" Ben cried out. Ben's warm juices filled Gwen's mouth. Gwen gulped down every last drop.

"Your seed tastes so good Master," Gwen said lustfully.

“Glad you liked it, because now it’s time for the main event,” Ben said with a big smirk as he pointed at his still hard cock. “You know what to do.”

Gwen nodded as she stood up and straddled her teen cousin. "I want you so bad Master." Gwen said, her voice filled with lust. Ben locked lips with Gwen and shared another passionate kiss.

After about half a minute, Ben broke the kiss and ordered Gwen to get on with it. She rose up slightly, grabbed Ben’s cock, and lined it up with her wet pussy, slowly letting his shaft enter her. Ben felt the head of his cock touch her barrier that protected her virginity. "Do it." Ben said quietly.

Gwen nodded and quickly dropped down on Ben's cock, breaking her hymen. Gwen cried out in pain, but it soon subsided as waves of pleasure overwhelmed her. "Oh Master…you feel so good inside me." Gwen moaned. Ben held Gwen's waist to give her some support as she very slowly bounced on his cock. Ben let Gwen adjust, not wanting to cause Gwen any more pain. Even so, he couldn't help but thrust up into her ever so slightly.

"Oh Gwen…you're so tight." Ben groaned in pleasure. Gwen quickened her pace, bouncing faster on his cock. Gwen mewed in pleasure from Ben's throbbing member inside of her snatch.

"Oh Master, fuck my pussy." Gwen pleaded. Ben began thrusting harder, inducing sudden, loud grunts from Gwen.

"Gwen…I'm going to cum…" Ben moaned. He went to pull out of her, but she stopped him.

"Please don’t pull out Master!" Gwen cried out. “I want your cum inside me! Don’t worry, I’m on birth control!”

Ben was lost in the lust to question her words, not that he’d really care. He was determined to finish it and claim her as his. He began thrusting up into Gwen even harder than before. Gwen moaned loudly. Both cousins cried out in unison. "I'm cumming!" Gwen's juices squirted all over Ben's cock as he let out his warm seed in her pussy.

Gwen collapsed onto Ben and both Tennyson teens lay with each other, recovering from their lust and lack of energy.

“That was…amazing,” Ben panted heavily. He looked over and saw Gwen with a completely satisfied expression on her face. Ben looked over, saw her snatch slightly dripping with his semen, and smirked. “Did you enjoy yourself Gwen?” he asked mockingly.

“Yes Master,” Gwen replied with a goofy grin. She could barely feel her legs after the intense fucking she had just gone through.

Ben smirked again. “Well get used to it, because we’re going to be doing that a lot more all over the summer.” Gwen gleamed brightly, excited for her future. “But let’s set some ground rules though. Only when we’re in private can you call me Master. When in public with anyone other than ourselves, you refer to me as Ben. Oh, and you’ll act normal when around others, but when it’s just you and me you can be you’re true slutty self, is that clear?”

“Yes Master,” Gwen replied. “However, I don’t want to act as I did before.”

“Neither did I, so that why you shall act as you normally do, but from now on you will no longer insult me, understood?” Ben asked, and Gwen smiled widely and nodded. Ben smirked back and got up from the bed. “Well, let’s take a shower so we can check up on grandpa. Come slave.”

“Yes Master!” Gwen replied with a big grin as she bounced up, following her master into the shower.


“Ah, that feels better,” Ben said as he stepped out of the Rustbucket, fully cleaned from his recent experience.

It was less than an hour ago that he finally lost his virginity to his cousin, and now, thanks to this awesome watch, she was now his loyal sex slave.

“Ben!” Max’s voice called from outside. Ben looked over and saw his grandpa running over from the forest.

“Grandpa, what’s wrong?” Ben asked worriedly.

“I checked the crash site, and found something disturbing,” Max replied. He then noticed one of his grandchildren was missing. “Where’s Gwen?”

“Oh, she’s taking a shower,” Ben replied nonchalantly. Little did Max know that his granddaughter was currently sitting on the floor of the shower with a big goofy grin and a cunt refilled with her cousin’s seed.

“Alright. Anyways, I think someone might be looking for that watch of yours,” Max told Ben. Ben cocked an eyebrow in confusion. Max was about to explain, when the radio on the table just happened to announce something.

“Attention! Attention! All campers must retreat from the forest. We are currently under…I can’t believe I’m saying this…we’re under attack from a giant robot. This is the camp rangers telling all campers to leave the grounds as quickly as possible, but be careful.” A male voice declared from the radio.

Ben blinked in surprise. A Giant robot? Could this day possibly get any better? “Grandpa,” he began, but his grandfather held out his hand.

“I know,” he replied, surprising Ben. “I figured something like this could happen, so I think you should learn how to use that watch, so you can help people in need.” Ben blinked in surprise, then smiled at his grandpa Max. max smiled back and nodded. “Go get’em son.”

Ben nodded and activated the watch. He selected an odd image and hit the dial. Instantly, his body was transformed, becoming harder and rougher. Green crystal consumed his body, shaping him into a large warrior of emerald diamonds.

“Whoa, this is cool,” Ben declared in a slightly modified voice. “I think I’ll call him Diamondhead.”

“Not bad, now go! I’ll get Gwen,” Max said, and Ben nodded.

Ben rushed through the forest, searching for any sign of the giant robot. The sounds of explosions caught his ears from the left, and he followed them. He ran as fast as his stone feet would allow, and eventually found the source of the explosions.

“Whoa!” Ben exclaimed. Standing several feet from him was a large three-legged robot. The giant metal menace was blasting everything in sight, scaring off the people as they tried to run away from it. “Well, I guess it’s Hero Time!” Ben rushed forward, charging the giant robot, then jumped into the air. “HEY UGLY!”

The robot obviously heard Ben as it turned its head, only to have Diamondhead bash its head into the dirt. The massive machinery crashed into the ground below.

Ben jumped from the Robot’s head back onto the ground. “Well, that was easier than I thought I’d be,” he said to himself. However, the sound of beeping and shifting caught his ear. He turned around and saw the robot starting he get back up once more. “Spoke too soon I guess.”

The robot beeped and blurred angrily. It raised a clawed hand at Diamondhead and shot a laser at him.

“Yipes!” Ben exclaimed in shock. He raised his arms, and instead of feeling the pain of getting blasted by a laser, he felt nothing. He cracked an eye open and looked to see the beam of energy being reflected off of him. “Whoa!”

The robot beeped angrily as shot another laser from its second arm, trying everything in its power to destroy Ben. Like the first beam however, it simply bounced off Diamondhead’s arm.

“Awesome!” ben exclaimed excitedly. He then smirked. “Well, what goes around comes around!” Carefully, Ben adjusted his arms so that the reflected beam would hit the robot. The beams connected, shooting through the robot’s chest. The robot’s chassis exploded as the beams shot through. With its power source vaporized, the giant robot fell to the ground with a massive thud.

Ben smirked at his handiwork. He handled that expertly, and he could see that those that stayed and watched were cheering him on for so saving them. “Well, I guess that’ enough heroing for today,” Ben said before rushing off before the timer could go off.


The following day, things seemed to calm down from the craziness of the last day.

Max and Gwen had arrived on time to see Ben finish up that robot and helped him escape. After that, they went to bed, however in the morning, Ben was missing.

“Gwen, you wouldn’t happen to know when Ben said he’d be back?” Max asked his granddaughter. After the events with the robot, Max expected things to go back to normal with his grandchildren being animalistic to each other. However, he was surprised when they acted calm and even friendly to one another. Ben had explained that after he had left to explore the crash site, Ben and Gwen had a heart to heart, and managed to fix their problems. He couldn’t exactly explain it, but he felt as though Ben wasn’t telling him the whole truth. However, Max didn’t mind, especially since his grandchildren were now getting along.

As for Gwen, she was following Ben’s orders perfectly. She acted as she would before she became Ben’s loving slave, with the exception of acting like a harpy towards him. Instead, the two treated each other like good friends, with the hidden truths to only their knowledge. “No Grandpa, I haven’t seen him since last night,” Gwen replied honestly. She had not seen Ben since the night after the robot battle, considering once they were in bed and the door was locked, Ben plowed her into the bed. Her ass was still sore.

“Huh,” Max replied. Suddenly, a blue blur passed by them. The figure stopped, revealing a large blue and black raptor-like with wheels on its feet. It’s visor snapped back, revealing a face with bright green eyes. “Ben?”

“Yeah. Hey, watch this,” Ben, or XLR8, replied. In a flash of blue and black, Ben raced around his grandfather and cousin, cleaning up the rest of the camping supplies in record time. The campsite was just as when they arrived, and Ben stopped in front of his relatives and smirked. “Fast huh?” he was answered instead by a red flash, and he was back to his normal self.

“This is going to be one interesting summer,” Max said with a light smile. “Where’d you go anyways?”

“Oh, just thought I’d take care of a few things before the summer really starts,” Ben said nonchalantly. Max knew better than to question what Ben did, and simply nodded in acceptance. What Max didn’t know was that Ben had left to check on what happened to the robot after he destroyed it. Turns out some government agents were there to clean up the mess. He also went and got a decent meal since he hadn’t really eaten anything in the last two days.

“So, you ready for a great summer?” Max asked his grandchildren.

Ben smirked as he walked behind Gwen, giving her ass a firm squeeze. “Definitely,” Ben said with a satisfied grin as he watched Gwen try desperately to hold back the groan of pleasure that built up inside her. The duo walked into the RV hand in hand.

As he walked, Ben couldn’t help think. Thanks to this amazing watch from the stars his life and summer had gotten ten times better. He always wanted to be able to help those in need, and this watch gave him the power. Not only that, this watch helped fix the problems between him and his cousin, and made it so that she was his loyal sex slave. With all these amazing things happening, Ben could help but yell out, “This is going to be the greatest summer ever!”

Next Time – Beauty and the Beasts

Ben and his family go to Washington D.C. where he encounters a lovely tennis player by the name of Julie Yamamoto. Things get dicey however when a mad scientist by the name of Dr. Animo appears and starts turning the clock backwards with his legion of mutated animals. Ben must use his newfound abilities to fight these monstrous animals in order to save the day and get this new girl.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you guys will enjoy the ride! Oh, and please review!

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