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Korra jolted upwards. Sweat rolled down her forehead as she sat up on her bed. By the look of the window, the sun had just started rising.

'It was just a nightmare. Only a nightmare,' she thought to herself. She swung her legs over the bed, her feet instantly touching the floor. As soon as she stood up, she felt an unearthly soreness overtake her body which nearly made her topple over.

'Geeze, maybe I need to take it easy on the training. It's not like I'm getting any close to airbending anyway'. A quick stretch of her body helped to alleviate some of the soreness. Perhaps a hot bath would take care of the rest and also help to shake the horrible feeling overwhelming her from that nightmare. She tried to push it to the back of her mind, like every event that's happened since the...incident.

"Alright Korra, I want to try something new."


"Yes, if that's alright with you."

Korra shrugged her shoulders. "I guess."

Tenzin gave a slight nod. "I figure perhaps the best way for you to learn airbending is to understand the element more. Maybe then you'll be able to become one with air and finally bend. I will require you to bend some of the other elements though."

Korra only looked at him with a neutral face.

"Right. Well. I'll need you to earthbend walls and a roof around us. Sealed. Do a door if you can too."

Korra looked around the field they were in. Filled with grass, hardly any flowers around. Surrounded by water and not too far from Republic City. There was a large fountain of water, though Korra wasn't sure what purpose it served. Taking a deep breath, she thrusted her hands upwards. Out rose three slanted pieces of earth. Another wave of her hands made them slam together, enclosing her and Tenzin in completely darkness.

"Good, good. Now, I want you to cover these walls with ice using the water from the fountain. Make it as cold as possible."

Normally Korra would question the point of it, but lately she hasn't found the strength to really argue or question anything or anyone. Instead, she settled for doing what she was told. Spinning her hands near her body, the water from the fountain began to float outwards, then a push with her hands sent the water around the make-shift building. The water froze as soon as it hit the walls and ceiling. She couldn't see it, but she could tell the place was glistening with thick layers of water. It didn't take long for the inside of her earthly building to begin to chill. With the flick of her wrist, she had a fire going in her palm. She could see her breath as she exhaled.

"Now, I want you to open the door and tell me what you feel as you stand between the cold from the inside and the heat from the outside."

Nodding, Korra walked over to the door and opened it. As soon as it opened, she felt a gust of air rushing inside.

"Air is an element of stability. Many people believe it to be erratic and ever-changing. While this may be true, its main purpose is to bring stability. Why did you feel air move when you opened the door?"

"Because...the hot air wants to get in?" Korra turned to Tenzin, who was walking towards her.

"Precisely. The hot and cold air collided. Think of it as two people. They sense a change and they move to bring balance. When the hot and cold air collide during the seasons, they bring storms. These storms are the change that will bring stability. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I think..."

"Come now, let's get some practice in."

"Assume the stance. Remember, be the storm that will be bring stability and balance. The storm is as gentle or harsh as you make it."

Korra let out a deep breath. She closed her eyes, bending her legs slightly with one in front of the other to lean forward slightly. She launched herself forward to spin in the air.

'Maybe this is it. The day I start airbending.' Her hands flew out forward with her fingers bend down just as she landed in a lunge position. Nothing. Still nothing. Not even a little breeze. 'Great...'

"I think you almost had it."

"No, I didn't."

"...I know."

"Lin Bei Fong. I assume you have some kind of news that brings you to my office. Hopefully something about Amon?"

"As a matter of fact, we have a lead on where we believe Amon might be. At the very least, hopefully we'll find some of his little Equalists. As stated by the president, we must hold a meeting and put to a vote what the police force shall do."

"Ah, excellent. I'll alert the Avatar right away." Tarrlok, who had previously been leaning in his chair, leaned forward towards his desk to reach for his phone. Lin, however, touched the phone and pulled it out of his grasp.

"Let's not bother Korra about it. The police force is more than capable of doing this."

"If I didn't know any better, I'd think you actually cared about her."

"It's my job to make sure each and every citizen of Republic City is safe and I don't believe Korra will be safe being involved in this. At least not now."

"She's the Avatar. She could take on your entire team by herself." Tarrlok leaned back in his chair again as he smiled at Lin.

"Something's different though. I don't know what it is. Ever since that invasion into the Equalist rally she seems...off."

"Are you afraid she'll outshine your Task Force?" The smile on Tarrlok's face grew into a grin.

"What is wrong with you?"

"Listen, Lin." Tarrlok stood up and leaned on the desk. "The Avatar has agreed to help squash this little rebellion. Now we need every help we can get. I'm not going to let some rebellious idiots get away because you're afraid of the Avatar outshining you."

Lin's eyes narrowed. She didn't say a word, just simply left.

"Absolutely not. I forbid it. Korra is not going near any Equalist and certainly not near Amon."

"The decision is not yours to make, Tenzin, it's Korra's."

"She is under my care and what I say goes. She is not getting involved and that's the end of it."

"It's her job as the Avatar to protect these people. She must go."

"Not until she's ready. I won't send her out there when she's not prepared."

The Avatar gang watched Tenzin and Tarrlok argue back and forth. Everyone except Korra, who was staring out at the waters that surrounded Air Temple Island. That is, until she felt a tug on her sleeve. Looking over, she saw Asami.

"Are you alright Korra?"

"Yea, just thinking."

"Have you decided if you wanted to go?"

"Go where?" Asami was about to open her mouth when Bolin opened his.

"Of course Korra wants to go. Ever since she heard about Amon and his stupid little Equalists she's been wanting to kick some butt. I mean come on, he's AMONster. Am I right?" Only Bolin would make a poor pun. Asami face-palmed. Mako stared at Bolin.


"No." Mako said in a serious tone.

"Everyone's trying to speak for Korra except Korra. Why don't you ask her what she wants instead?"

"You're right Asami." Tarrlok walked over to Korra, who had gotten distracted again by the waters. He held his hands behind his back with a small smile on his face. "I'm sure Korra will do the right thing and protect the citizens. After all, it is the Avatar's duty."

Only when Tarrlok was an inch away from her did her attention turn to him. "What?"

"How about it, Korra?"

Korra's eyes met his. Those damn eyes. Her mouth gaped open. She saw Amon's masked face flash before her. Those horrible eyes. That stupid smirk. Suddenly her mouth went dry. Everything felt like they were closing in on her despite her being outside. Heart pounding, she started to back up. A look of panic forming on her face. Her breathing began erratic like she had just run a marathon.

"Korra? Korra! What's wrong? Korra!" Mako immediately ran to her and grabbed her shoulders. "Korra? Please talk to me, what's wrong?"

"No, no get away from me!"

"What's wrong? Please tell me!"

Korra shoved Mako on the ground and started running.

"Korra, no! Come back!"

The group watched as Korra jumped into the water, using her waterbending to glide across the water like a water-jet. Far, far away.

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