Helen Parr : Undercover Maid

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Helen Parr : Undercover Maid

An Incredibles Erotic Fan-Fiction

One Shot

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Author's Notes : This one shot was inspired by an amazing pic from the wonderful artist StickyMon from Hentai-Foundry who was magnanimous in giving the okay to go ahead with a story inspired by it. Special thanks to StickyMon.

If she had known all the variables up front Helen Parr might not have accepted the undercover job that she had been approached about. Ever since the Syndrome incident, as it had become known, the government had done an about face on it's position regarding those with powers. The undercover work they had approached her for was considered of vital urgency and so despite misgivings she had acquiesced in the end.

She had balked when she found out about the uniform but again was soothed by promises that the fate of many lives were at stake if they couldn't get the necessary intelligence she was to gather. And thus it was that Helen Parr, also known as Elasti-girl, found herself in the empty hotel room staring at herself in a large oval shaped mirror.

She fidgeted with her brown shoulder length hair as she tried hard to stare back into her wide brown eyes. A defining feature of her face was her cute upturned nose and her lips were accentuated by more bright red lipstick than she normally would have ever worn. As she continued to look at herself in the mirror her eyes couldn't help but slip down to check out the outfit she now wore. It was a black French maids uniform far more fetishistic than practical when it came to cleaning. Below the collar it became very tight in her chest as the fabric struggled to conceal her pair of gloriously huge breasts. Her tits rose and fell as she stood there breathing. Beneath the top she had on a white button down shirt and below that a sturdy black bra to support her titanic mammaries. Despite these layers her nipples still somehow managed to poke through revealing their locations.

Around her waist she wore a simple white apron. The lower portion of the uniform was even more sexualized than the tight top. The front was short enough, though it at least covered the black satin panties with lacy frills she wore. The backside however seemed engineered specifically to make it impossible to cover herself. The black material of the panties was stretched incredibly taut over her massive expanse of ass. If Helen had the tits of a porn queen then she had the ass of the goddess of all milfs. Her wide childbearing hips and pair of huge protruding ass-cheeks swayed and jiggled with any movement she took. Thick sexy thighs were half covered by sheer black thigh-high stockings with garter belts that ran up the outside of each leg. Her dainty feet were clad in a pair of black high heels which completed the extremely sexy picture.

The fact that Helen didn't often consider herself particularly sexy was a quirk of human nature that many people seem to possess wherein they seem blind to their own qualities relative to those of others. To any other onlooker she was a knockout. A curvaceous and voluptuous creature to be highly lusted after. Still, looking in the mirror at herself in the sexy maids uniform Helen Parr found she couldn't deny how sexy she looked and felt. She half turned checking herself out in profile seeing her ass and chest jutting out in either direction. She shook her butt a little watching the way it jiggled as she did so.

“I guess I've got what the kids call junk in the trunk.” She chuckled to herself as she shook her ass.

Then she turned fully around and looked back over her shoulder. It was actually kind of turning her on checking herself out all decked out as a sexy maid. She took a few more moments to look herself over before mentally she recalled where she was and what she was really doing here. She turned back towards the mirror and down at the feather duster sitting atop a short dresser. When she had first accepted the undercover mission she had thought she would be undercover as an actual maid staff like at a legit hotel. That wasn't to be however.

The establishment she found herself working in was sort of a boarding house that catered to underworld types. The agency had just recently learned of it's existence and had held off on raiding it because it gave them a particular opportunity. Intelligence had revealed that a plot was afoot among the criminal sect that looked like it was going to be big time. They had intercepted word that one of the key players would be passing through the underground hotel so if they could get an agent planted on the inside they could make a move when the mole passed on word of the visitor arriving.

It had seemed a reasonable enough plan but after establishing a cover ID and getting hired on as help Helen had discovered the job wasn't the one she had planned on hiring in for. The maids in this establishment all came in the sexy female variety and though they did clean that wasn't all they were expected to do. If a visitor wanted to take a tumble with one of the maids they were to oblige. Helen had managed to sneakily avoid bumping into any of the guests thus far by avoiding the public areas. She had taken to finding rooms that were occupant free and working them while she tried to figure out a course of action to take. People's lives were at stake so she found she couldn't renege on the job now even with the risks it posed.

Her thoughts were elsewhere when she first heard the footsteps outside the door to the room. Suddenly in the moment she turned her heard and realized that someone was definitely outside the door. From the sound of heavy footfall it must have been someone big. Using her superhuman power of elasticity she began to stretch her arm out towards the door trying to lock it so it would seem the room was occupied. She could fake some sounds of orgasmic bliss if it made whoever was out there move on to another room.

The doorknob twisted before she could reach and Helen silently cursed her luck. Her elongated arm was halfway across the room. She snapped it back reflexively. Thinking quickly she turned around and leaned slightly forward as she began to fake dust the dresser that she had already cleaned. She could hear the door creak open and the mystery person step inside. Then it snapped shut with a forceful sound and she heard the click of the lock.

“What have we here?” The voice was the deep and gravelly one that belied a certain thuggish quality. The words were spoken with a sense of amazement more than confusion.

“I know I haven't seen you 'round here before.”

Helen found herself standing still, not even pretending to dust any longer as she heard him cross the room towards her. When he was behind her she could see the mountain of a man in the mirror. He was humongous, with an oversized torso that gave him a gorilla like appearance. This wasn't helped by his huge arms that bulged in the sleeves of his too-tight pinstripe suit. He had a sizable under-bite and a square jaw that looked like it was chiseled from granite. His dark hair was combed over to one side and he had overall a stereotypical old school gangster look about him.

“Oh, excuse me. I didn't realize this room was occupied. I'll just be going then.” Helen blurted it out slightly nervously and tried to turn around so she might slip away.

“No, that's alright. I think you should stay and keep me company. You must be new, the hiring manager always had good taste.” He put one of his huge mitts on her shoulder keeping her from turning away from the mirror. Helen swallowed and realized she was trapped. She could probably fight her way out with her powers but her cover would be blown and so would the entire operation. She couldn't live with herself if she let people get hurt when they failed to stop whatever nefarious plot was afoot.

“Thank you.” She accepted his roundabout compliment on her looks. She was nervous but there was an edge of excitement she felt as well as she was cornered in her role as a spy.

His hand slid down from her shoulder along her arm. Reaching her hand he guided her to set the duster atop the dresser. Clearly he was indicating that the time for cleaning was over. His hand then reached up and took hold of one of her magnificent orbs. Helen gasped as the strangers hand squeezed her titflesh. His thick fingers sank into her skin through the soft black fabric as he groped and kneaded her breast.

“Oh yeah. That's real nice. So what's your name lady?” He continued to fondle her chest as he waited for her response.

“S...Sasha.” That had been the codename she had settled on with the agency before going undercover. His strong hands felt surprisingly good as he teased her mercilessly. His thick fingers were more nimble than she would have given him credit for.

“Well Sasha. You're a real looker. These knockers are out of sight. But dat ass. That's something real special.”

She could feel his other hand now. He laid it flat on her backside beneath her skirt. Helen stiffened as she felt his meaty fingers slip between the soft satin of her panties and her ass. She realized she'd have to play along if she wanted to make it through this. She willed herself to relax, placing her hands atop the dresser. Arching her back slightly her ass pressed back against his hand.

“Thanks mister. I'm glad you like it.” She didn't have to offer it up when he already had a handful.

His fingers caressed the copious flesh of her great big mound of buttocks. His other hand never left her breast as he squeezed it in his grip. All the while he loomed over her in the mirror where they could both see each others faces. With his index finger he began to tease along the curve of her asscrack feeling the generous butt-cleavage she had to offer. After roaming up and down her curves he spread her cheeks and dug in between them with a finger. Finding his target one of his thick digits pressed against her puckered asshole. Helen bit her lip as she felt her body stretch to allow him inside her. His finger was thicker than most mens cock and it was prying her brown eye wide open.

“Yeah, you like that don't you girl.”

Helen didn't reply as she felt him push deeper. It didn't hurt, but it did feel amazingly full as he stretched her taut rectal cavity with his finger. It didn't last long as he slipped his hand back out leaving her feeling oddly unfulfilled. Now his hand inside her panties pushed down causing the naughty black underwear to slide down around her curvaceous hips. Slowly they worked their way down digging into her flesh wherever they hugged tightly to her. When they hung down around the top of her stockings his hand ceased it's activity. That was when she heard the quiet sound of a zipper. Helen had little time to think as he gripped her hip with that hand and pressed himself against her uncovered pussy lips.

She found out suddenly that everything about him must be huge as he none too gently thrust inside her. Helen moaned as her folds spread around the thick tool. Nothing could have prepared her for this brute's dick as he impaled her upon it. He grinned into the mirror enjoying the honest look of surprise and pleasure written all over her face as he entered her. Clearly he was enjoying the feeling of her wet inner walls gripping his member as he began to drive himself deeper inside as well.

Following up his initial thrust the goon began to thrust with his powerful body fucking her harder and deeper. Instinctively Helen began to push back onto him, her glorious ass bouncing up and down as he thumped inside her. She tried to tell herself that she was just trying to get this over with quick but that was a lie. It just felt so fucking good and she wanted more, more more! His thick powerful cock was teasing it's way up and down her love channel making her feel things she had never felt before. Looking in the mirror she realized she had a big goofy grin all over her face as he fucked her against the dresser.

It didn't take long for Helen to orgasm like this. His powerful hands were all over her controlling her as his cock teased her cunt like no toy or lover had ever been able to. She let out a raspy tortured moan as she went over the edge. White hot pleasure poured through her body as her inner walls clamped down even tighter on his cock seeking to milk the cock from his balls so he would flood her insides with it. As she came her eyes rolled back and her tongue hung limply from one side of her mouth. Her thug lover grabbed her by the back of her head, his fingers wrapping in her brown hair, and pressed her face to the mirror. Her lolling tongue rubbed against the glass leaving a trail of saliva. With her face and tits propped firmly against the dresser/mirror like this he could drive even deeper and harder.

She was still cumming when he joined her. With a hearty masculine grunt he came while his cock was buried inside her cunt. Helen didn't pay any mind to the fact that a complete stranger was shooting off his seed inside her. She just wanted to soak up the orgasm he had given her and the feeling of hot spunk coating her pussy only made it all the hotter. Thick burning seed painted her vaginal walls splashing out everywhere in the tight confines. He kept pumping as his jizm spilled out from his tip. Viscous and certainly virile goo flooded her pussy till it could hold no more. While still buried inside her cum began to overflow out around his cock. Even the massive tool couldn't logjam it all inside her. First little drops began to run out forming rivulets of white seed that fell to the floor between her stocking clad legs. Even more began to seep out until gouts of cum the size of lesser mens entire loads began to pour out with alarming regularity.

The smell of semen drifted up from the sopping mess of cum all over the floor. The insides of her thighs had a new white coat of paint that messed the tops of her stockings. Her halfway removed panties had also caught some of the dripping semen so that they were positively soiled with spunk. Helen wasn't sure if she would be able to walk straight after that fucking. Finally he seemed to have finished giving her his king sized creampie. His cock had stopped stirring though it was still inside her. When he pulled out from inside her what had slowed to a trickle of jizz draining out of her became a single loud splash as his cock ceased to stopper up her cunt and what must have been gallons of semen suddenly hit the ground.

“Damn. Those were new shoes too. Oh well. I shoulda known that it would happen again.” He chuckled in a deep rumbling manner.

Helen was still recovering, wondering what would happen next. If not for her powers of elasticity she was pretty sure her cunt would have been wrecked for good after taking his cock for a ride. His rock solid arms wrapped around her arms and waist. She could feel his cock, slick with cum and pussy juices and still rock hard, grind against her buttocks.

“Let's wreck the bed babe. I want a little change of scenery.”

Still in a daze Helen wasn't sure she had heard him right. How could he be ready to go again after a pounding like that? He had unloaded more cum in one fuck than most men spent in a year. Easily able to lift her with minimal effort he gripped her tight in his arms and carried her to the bed. It was a typically cheap hotel flophouse bed. Twin sized with basic white sheets and a tacky yellow blanket. He pushed her forward onto the mattress and began to climb atop it after her. Helen lay on her stomach resting her head on the pillow as she felt the bed shift and shake beneath the giant of a man.

“Get that hot ass of yours up here.”

He gripped each of her calves with one of his huge mitts, his fingers rubbing over the sheer black stockings as he pushed her legs so that her back half was sticking up in the air. Her twin mounds looked like hills as they jutted up into the air. No longer constrained by the cum filled panties that were now down around her knees her cheeks jiggled delightfully as she lay there offering her rump up to him.

“Now that's an ass.”

Helen felt his hands grip her rump as he got closer to her from behind. He spread her cheeks apart and she could feel his still erect cock as he sandwiched it in between her fleshy buttocks. Using her ass like a bun around his sausage he began to dry hump her thrusting with his hips while using his grip on her backside to help massage his shaft. His balls would grind up against her cunt as he pushed her all the way down his length. With her ass being as large as it was almost the entirety of his monster dick could fit between her cheeks. The soft tender fatty tissues that made up her glorious behind were the perfect place to wedge his cock-flesh and the activity predicted where his intentions next lay. Helen whimpered as she felt the thick veins running across the underside of his fat cock teasing against her asshole. She remembered the sensations his finger had stirred up when he had teased her before. The promise was unspoken that he was going to violate her anal cavity just as he had taken her cunt.

“I just know a big booty bitch like you has got to be a total anal slut!”

Slap! He had let go with one of his hands, reached back, and struck her hard across the ass. Helen let out a surprised yelp as her ass jiggled even more around his hard cock. She had never tried anal before but the thought of being drilled by this man with the monstrous endowment excited her in a most depraved way. He slapped her across the ass again and this time and instead of yelping in shock she moaned at the demeaning act.

“That's what I thought. You need this big ol cock to wreck that big ass of yours. Spread those cheeks.”

“Yes. Please.”

Helen put her hands on her ass and obediently stretched her cheeks apart. Her tight puckered little asshole was winking up at him as he pulled his cock out of her ass-cleavage.

“Beg me for it like a good little whore.”

“Please! Please shove your big fat cock into my fat slutty ass! I need you to fuck me until you stuff my ass full of hot cum!”

She wasn't lying at this point. She wanted to find out what it felt like to have her ass stretched by a great big cock. After the way he had conquered her before she was putty in his hands. Turning her head slightly she looked up at him behind her from the pillow she was resting upon. She was prepared to demean herself more if he requested it but then she sighed in relief as she felt the tip of his cock begin to poke at her rosebud. Bit by bit his cockhead began to slip inside her, stretching her out around it's girth. Her sigh turned into a cooing sound as she felt the sensation of being pried open by the titanic member. She even pushed back with her hips helping to guide more of his length inside.

“Fuck yeah. We both needed that.”

He teased his way in and out each new trip inwards he shoved another inch of plump hard manhood inside her. Her anal cavity gripped his shaft tightly massaging it from the mushroom shaped tip all the way down. Helen couldn't believe how good it felt. It was a different sensation from being fucked in the traditional manner and there was a sensation of complete fullness that accompanied it but she was definitely feeling an amazing amount of pleasure as he stuff her ass full of cock.

“Oh yeah. I'm in there good now. Let's turn it up a notch!”

Helen felt his hands grip both of her arms around her wrists as he spoke. With a good secure grip he pulled her back hard and fast onto his member. She moaned as he bottomed out, his heavy pair of balls slapping noisily against her snatch as he filled her. The reaming took on a new ferocity, harder and faster as he pulled her torso up off the bed with his grip on her arms. Helen's heaving tits began to swing back and forth in her maids uniform as she was pistoned back and forth atop the bed. Her ass would press back against him when he tugged her back onto his cock then pull away as he slid back out in high speed. The sounds of their flesh slapping together as he rammed her asshole hard and heavy was loud and quickly was joined by the additional sounds of the bed creaking and slamming into the wall.

The pleasure she felt from having her anus violated was unbelievable. Helen was on the verge of orgasming within moments of him taking hold of her arms and jackhammering away. She wasn't in character as an undercover agent when she spoke anymore. She was speaking from pure primal need as she felt her mind giving way to overwhelming pleasure. Her pussy poured out it's juices onto the sheets below as she came from being spitted up her ass by a huge chunky cock.

“Oh! Oh shit! Fuck my ass with that beautiful giant cock! Please, please just wreck it!”

He had every intention of doing just that. He continued to drive his long hard spike into her tight hole feeling her sphincter tighten around the base of his cock as his balls felt the wetness of her twat as it leaked her juices all over the bed. Her voluptuous tits and ass bounced and jiggled like she was in a paint shaker from the ferocity with which he fucked her. His earlier words turned out to be prophetic as the shaking of the poor cheaply made bed brought about it's demise. The legs literally shook till they splintered and broke and with a loud thump the rest of the bed fell to the floor. This didn't interrupt the marathon banging in the slightest. The brute didn't miss a beat.

Atop the felled bed he rode her hard until she lost track of time completely. Her orgasms blended together into one long stream of mind blasting pleasure. She was vaguely aware of the slowing of the pace as he prepared to cum. Pulling her back onto his cock he buried himself fully in her ass once more and this time he pulled her torso up so she could feel his thick muscled chest pressing against her back. He turned her head to one side and saw her eyes rolled far back in her head. Her tongue hung from her mouth in a total breakdown of self control. He hungrily kissed her pressing his lips to hers as he began to release a second round of cum as copious as the one he had delivered into her unprotected cunt earlier.

Her bowels were pumped full of semen as the hot viscous fluid shot out of the tip of his member. There was even less room inside her backdoor to hold the huge volume of jizz he released. This meant even more quickly the cum began to pour from around the base of his cock and spilled out onto the sheets and yet more of his seed collected in the pair of panties still around her knees. The sheets were beyond soiled and the entire room was now filled with the earthy male scent of semen tinged with sweat. As he pulled out from inside her his cock once again ceased to block the majority of his seed inside her. Jizm began to seep out of her stretched gaping wrecked asshole. It was so thick and goopy it had the consistency almost like that of tapioca pudding as it began to drip out in huge dollops.

When he broke off the long sloppy kiss he let go of her arms and Helen fell forward onto the bed once more. Exhausted by the ordeal she lay there breathing heavily and sighing with ultimate contentment. She doubted she'd ever be the same after this. Her mind was still cloudy with the after haze of multiple super-intense orgasms. She lay there not moving save for the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. She needed rest then she'd begin to think about figuring things out from there.

What she didn't know was this was far from over. If she had the capacity for such thoughts she might have wondered if the man who had mastered her was human at all when he took hold of her legs and flipped her over so she lay upon her back. She could feel the wet pool of cum coat her ass as she looked up at him blankly. He was somehow still sporting an erection after fucking both of her tight little holes to the point of orgasm. The man pushed her legs up till her knees were to either side of her head and her pussy was angled up towards him. Then he closed in and began to plow her cunt once more.

It went on for a day and change. He'd take a short break for some room service. Cheap food and rotgut whiskey seemed to be all he needed to get ready for another round with his sexy maid. The two of them had fucked in every inch of the hotel room in almost every conceivable position by this point. Helen hadn't thought she'd needed any birth control for the undercover mission. She realized she could very well already be pregnant after taking countless unprotected creampies. More to the point her mission was forgotten. When she had a moment to think about anything besides getting plowed she wondered if perhaps he'd take her with him as his moll when he left.

Finally he reached a point where even he opted to take a break from breaking her in. Laying in the cum soaked bed together he was propped up against the cracked headboard with his hands behind his head while Helen lay with her head in his lap. Her tongue darted out as she licked the cum off his cock the way a kitten licked up cream. Every inch of his incredible length got the royal treatment as she obediently cleaned him. She was rubbing her nose and face into his testicles just enjoying the feeling of warmth and the scent of his musk when he took a call on the old fashioned telephone next to the bed. He teased her flexing his cock making it slap across her face as she nibbled on his balls.

“That's right. I'm at the drop point. Operation Mayhem is ready to go ahead at this time. I have the documents with me in my room.”

Something about the name Operation Mayhem triggered Helen's memories. She had to concentrate to call it forth but as she did she recalled why she was really here in the first place. He was apparently the person she had been sent in to find. Duty struggled with but finally overcame her personal desire for carnal delights. Still teasing his cock with her lips and tongue she silently elongated one arm behind the enemy agents back and then applied a sleeper hold. Within moments she had him sprawled out unconscious.

Helen tugged her cummy panties back on feeling the collected seed rubbing up against her crotch and sighing at the sensation of having it pressed into her skin. She'd find a way to get him and his belongings out of here and rendezvous with the agency handlers assigned to her for this mission. Glancing down at her big hunk of a lover she sighed again. She'd have to turn him in and he'd be put away. She didn't want to but she knew it was going to happen when she had opted to go ahead and complete her mission.

She'd fix it though. Helen was going to call in a solid. She'd make sure he was approved for conjugal visits. Then she'd make it up to him. With interest.


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