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BY : Flashlight237 & Zetastrophe-Now
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Disclaimer: This is a non-profit fan-based parody. Total Drama and it's characters are copyrighted property of Teletoon, Fresh TV, Tom McGillis, and Jennifer Pertsch. Please support the official release.

Universal Restraints Inn is a hotel that holds many secrets. If one were to pass by the hotel while taking a stroll, one could see a gothic palace with snow white walls and ebony black roofs. The palace's elegant design makes it a beautiful sight that welcomes the wandering eyes of tourists. It's courtyard, laced with green grass, colorful flowers, and lovely bushes, only enhances the palace's beauty. Once you grab the brazen handle of the palace, your view of the palace will change.

If one were to open the front door of the palace, one would see a chandelier with a red rug underneath it, which separates the palace into two wings. If one were to look at the chandelier from the entrance, the Angel Wing will be found on the left side while the Daemon Wing will be found on the right. Each wing has it's own unique features, but they both serve to give the hotel's guests a nice stay.

The Angel Wing is a white, asylum-like area whose padded features make it soft to the touch. The wing is run by workers dressed as nurses and assistants, who serve to keep you comfortable. Although one may look like a prisoner, one may also feel like royalty in this wing, although the whereabouts of the bathroom is uncertain.

The Daemon Wing, with Demon spelled "Daemon" for a fancier statement, is the opposite of the Angel Wing. The workers in this wing are dominatrices and men dressed like executioners. These workers are selected to give guests a wild time if they dared to sign up for the wing. In other words, any amount of time spent in the wing will be one heck of a ride between pain and pleasure.

Both wings, however, are watched over by one man. This man is dark-skinned, and the top of his head is like a clean dish: bare, yet gives off a nice shine. He works by honesty, although his lawyers are on the wrong side of the coin. His name is Ira Spooner, founder and proprietor of Universal Restraints Inn. Ira was one who has expertise in the field of technology. His wife, Alice Spooner, was once a fetish model. Ira's technological experience and interest in the fetish world was combined into the idea that created the Universal Restraints Inn.

While in his office, Ira hears the knob of his door turned. Once it opens, two men had appeared before his eyes. One of them was a white man with a devious attitude while the other was a tall, muscular, dark-skinned man who looks rather down in the dumps. Both men approached Ira with a special request.

"Hello there, Ira," said the white man. The dark-skinned man next to him placed a file on Ira's desk, letting out a light groan.

"Greetings, sir," said Ira, who let out a light grin. "Welcome to Universal Restraints Inn. Might I ask who you are?"

"I'm Chris Mclean," said the white man, who points his thumb at the dark-skinned man. "And this is my buddy: Chef Hatchet. We work on a show called Total Drama."

"The Survivor-related show with rather dangerous challenges?" asked Ira.

"You betcha!" replied Chris, who points at the file. "You might want to look inside this folder. It's got whatever I'd like you to do for me."

Ira opened the folder and finds two group photos with many people varying in gender, shape, size, and color. After looking at both of the photos carefully, Ira then turns his head toward Chris. "Who are these people?"

"Oh, those are the people who participated in my show." replied Chris. "There are three other contestants as well."

Ira then picked up a set of information sheets that contained some details and a picture of each contestant. He carefully read through each profile, starting with that of a muscular, Hispanic man with a soul patch on his chin; and separating each one by gender as he goes. "You want all of these people booked in here?" Ira asked, with a raised eyebrow.

"Nah," Chris replied. "Just all of the girls."

There were thirty-eight contestants in all, nineteen for each gender. Once Ira was finished, he put the information about the male contestants back into the folder and handed the papers containing information about the female contestants to a secretary to get copies of them. He then turned back to Chris with a smile on his face. "How long are you planning on having the girls stay in the Universal Restraints Inn for?"

"Two weeks," replied Chris. "Their vacations are on me."

Chef Hatchet glared at Chris because of Chris's request. "How the hell do you expect them to do anything about it?!" Chef asked with a firm voice. "We're in a hotel! These guys do not know jack squat about those maggots, and besides, it'll take a long time for them to visit this place!"

"Don't be too sure about it, Chef," Ira said. Ira stood up and walked around for a bit, while keeping an eye on the two men. "Universal Restraints Inn isn't like any ordinary hotel. Guests don't come to us, we go to them."

Chris raises an eyebrow at Ira's comment. "How so?"

"Well, Chris," Ira replied, "Our transport group arrives at the locations of our guests sooner than you'd expect your pizza to arrive at your doorstep. Sometimes, we may even set up locations for our guests to arrive at for transport. We place Angel Wing guests in padded limousines to take them to the inn. The Daemon Wing uses, oh, several other methods of transportation. The rest of it is a trade secret."

An intrigued Chris let out a smirk. "You mind if we gave it a spin, Ira?"

Ira gave this question some thought, yet he lets out a smile. "Not at all, Chris. I think a certain red-haired beauty could be our first subject, but I'll need some numbers; mainly that of this Mike guy she's interested in. Maybe a few more guys could be of assistance."

Chris hands the requested numbers over to Ira, who then looks at the numbers. Chris then turns to a nonexistent audience and starts his end of introduction speech. "Nineteen females, one fetish-y hotel, and a wild ride. That is the key to a pervert's mind. Each of the girls will endure two weeks restrained in a two-sided hotel, and look sexy while doing so." Chris then leans forward and moves his right hand to his ear, as if he's listening to the "audience." "Will the girls remain sane during their vacation? Will they be allured by the fetish-y atmosphere of the inn, or will they run home crying to their mommas?" Chris then stands upright and spreads his arms out, raising them as he states the last words of his speech. "Let's find out on Total... Drama... Universal Restraints Inn!"

Author's Notes: While the story was written by myself, the planning was done by me and Zetastrophenow (who created Universal Restraints Inn and came up with the idea in the first place.).

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