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Episode 1 - after her first day in a new school, and being placed in a class designed to make people with low self esteem feel better about themselves, Daria walks home with her new friend Jane whom she met in the special class.


 "I don't get it Jane, you've got the entire course memorised, how come you can't pass the test to get out?" Daria asked in her usual monotone voice as she and Jane walked down the street.

"I can pass the test, but I like having low self esteem, it makes me feel special." Jane replied as they continued walking down the street "want me to show you a few ways you can feel special too?"

"Uh what?" Daria asked as she looked at Jane, who only smiled coyly


Kicking in her bedroom room Jane pulled Daria in after her, kicking her door shut again. Saying nothing Jane pulled Daria into an intense kiss as she dropped her school bag and pushed Daria's off her shoulders.

"Nervous?" Jane asked as she broke the kiss, panting slightly from the excitement and lack of breath

"I er, I haven't" Daria began but was cut off as Jane placed a finger over her lips

"No worries Daria, I'll take it slow" pulling her into a hug Jane felt her body press against Daria's as she kissed her new friend, she could feel Daria tense slightly as she pressed up against her, her arms forcing her to stay close as her hands slowly moved down and squeezed Daria's ass making her squeak into the kiss.

Feeling her break the kiss Jane smiled as Daria grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the bed "there you go, I knew those hormones would kick in" Jane said as she took off her red shirt

"Shut up" Daria lay herself on the bed and pulled Jane down with her, kissing again as she felt Jane's weight on top of her, pinning to the bed.

Sitting on top of Daria, Jane watched as she blushed as she slowly pulled her t-shirt over her head and threw it aside.

"Here I was expecting giant hidden breasts" Daria weakly joked as she looked at Jane's barely budded breasts

"Hey you're no miss buxom yourself" grabbing Daria's jacket zippier Jane slowly pulled it down, watching as Daria blushed harder. Opening the jacket Jane slid downwards until she was kneeling between Daria's legs, using both her hands Jane pushed Daria's shirt upwards and kissed and licked Daria's stomach as she moved upwards. As she moved to Daria's nipple Jane played with them, moving from one to another gently nibbling them and flicking them with her tongue making Daria gasp out on pleasure.

Surprising her with a kiss Daria felt Jane's tongue move around her own as her hand moved down across her stomach and slip into her skirt and panties. As she felt Jane's fingers move around sending wave after shuddering wave of pleasure through her Daria couldn't stop herself from moaning into the kiss, feeling the fingers expertly tease her clit as one finger slowly entered her wet pussy.

"You're mine now Morgendorfer" Jane smiled as she made Daria moan loudly as she pushed another finger into her "I'm going to make you say my name"

Pulling her fingers out Jane left Daria panting heavily as she slipped between Daria's legs again, pulling her skirt and panties down as she moved. Without warning Jane clamped her mouth over Daria's wet pussy her tongue instantly going to work and making Daria nearly scream out in pleasure as she felt Jane's tongue dance around her clit and pushed itself inside her, stretching her and making her feel pleasure she hadn't cared about before.

"Oh god" Daria panted as she could feel something building more and more as Jane's tongue danced around her soaking wet pussy, licking along her lips and playing with her clit before plunging back into her, twisting and flicking against her walls driving her crazier. "I... I think I'm" Daria panted feeling Jane redouble her efforts suddenly, making her cry out "OH GOD JANE" as she felt her orgasm explode, her whole body shaking her Jane's tongue continued to play with her sensitive insides drawing out her orgasm as long as she could.

"Man you are a gusher" Jane smiled as she wiped Daria's juices off her chin, standing up Jane unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down with her leggings, pulling them both off with her boots and standing before the still panting Daria completely naked "now how about you return the favour?"

"Um, I've never, I'm not" Daria stuttered as Jane climbed on top of her again

"No worries sexy, I'll teach you what to do" taking one of Daria's hands Jane led it down to her own wet pussy, moaning as she felt Daria's soft, unsure touch tease her slightly. Gasping as she felt a finger slide into her Jane giggled as she started to straddle Daria's hand "there you go, now add another finger, and use you thumb toooh your getting it" Jane moaned as she began to pant, feeling Daria's finger move inside her and her thumb to tease her clit.

Panting heavily Jane leant over Daria as her hips moved on Daria's fingers, slowly getting faster as she panted harder, her orgasm coming quickly as she gridded against Daria's hand and stomach, feeling a third finger slide into her and stretch her more Jane arched her back and moaned loudly at the sensation, feeling the pleasure run through her before before her body exploded into an orgasm, her hips thrusting onto the fingers and tensing holding them in place as Daria's thumb continued to tease her clit.

Collapsing onto the bed next to Daria Jane panted as she looked at her, noticing her hand gently playing with her own pussy. "Ready to go again?" Jane asked with a coy smile and a raised eye brow.

Realising what she was doing Daria stopped and got up, pulling up her skirt and panties and pulling down her shirt

"I've... I've got to go" before Daria could get too far away from her Jane grabbed Daria, making her squeak as she pulled her on top of her body, holding her in place as her hands snaked under Daria's skirt again and grabbing her ass as she said

"How bout next time I introduce you to a few of my toys?"

Feeling Jane's hands slowly massage her cheeks Daria went wide eyed as she felt her hands pull apart her cheeks and pressed a finger against her back hole, surprising her more as she kissed her again leaving her breathless.

Breaking the kiss Daria simply nodded as she panted, standing up Daria grabbed her bag as she made to leave the room, looking back at the naked Jane on the bed before leaving.

"Oh yeah, she's mine now" Jane smiled as she rested her head on her arms, remembering Daria's cute face as she came and wanting to paint it.

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