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 [Author's Note about time: this story is set in late season 2.]

The parachutes both deployed perfectly, and performed admirably at protecting their wearers from impact. When they both hit the ocean, it was a simple task to reach the shore not forty feet away. Once they were on the sand, the both of them managed to crawl, injured, past where the tide could reach them. 

"I think my arm is broken." she announced, unhooking the parachute with her good arm and tossing it aside.

"Of course it's broken. The flying lair exploded." he replied, spitting a few bloody teeth onto the sand.

"I just hope that princess fire-crotch and her boyfriend are worse off than we are." Shego wished aloud, "Now get over here and fix my arm."

On the other side of the island....

Kim woke up to the distressed squeaking of a panicked little creature. "Fine, I'm up, Rufus. Tell me what's wrong." She groaned, rolling over to the sight of the little thing pointing at Ron. He was hanging from a tree, the cords of his parachute wrapped around his neck. Looking around, she pulled a large knife off one of the henchmen whose parachute hadn't deployed, and threw it at full force, carving through the ropes and dropping her friend to the ground. 

Sprinting to his side, she put a hand on his neck. When she found a pulse, she couldn't help but smile, until she realized he wasn't breathing. Kim brought a fist down on his chest, and he coughed up what appeared to be part of a leather glove. Now that he was breathing again, and otherwise appeared uninjured, she couldn't help but ask. "Where did the glove come from?"

"I think I hit someone on the way down." Ron answered. He was accustomed to being knocked unconscious, and recovered quickly. Sitting up, he looked at his dear friend. After a few seconds, he spat out the first thought that became fully formed in his head. "Your shirt is torn."

Looking down at herself, Kim saw the tear. A large swath of fabric was missing, probably ripped away by shrapnel, and it ran from her neck down to the lower hem of the item, leaving her cleavage completely exposed. "Aww... this was a brand new shirt." She sighed, ripping that lower hem and sliding it off her shoulders. She didn't realize her mistake until she saw Ron's face. "Stop staring at me!" Kim yelled at him, bringing an arm over her chest to cover those small breasts.

"Sorry." He answered, his eyes retreating to the dirt between the two of them. "It's just... you look so..." Trying his best to salvage things, he saw that several emergency supply packs had torn apart when they hit these trees, spreading supplies all over the ground. Ron picked up a roll of cloth bandages. They were probably meant for sprains, but he knew that some of the cheerleaders had other uses for them. "We could use these to help you cover up, if you want. Or you could take my shirt..." he trailed off, looking up and doing his best to look her in the eye.

"That's okay. Sometimes, I forget that you're--"

"Perverted? Stupid? Easily distracted?" Ron smiled at her, doing his best to lift her spirits.

"Straight." Kim answered, biting her lower lip. "Sometimes, I honestly forget that as a straight male, you're going to be affected by things like me taking my clothes off in front of you. You never freak when I take you shopping with me, though."

"You're wearing a bra when you're shopping." Ron explained, then raised an eyebrow. "Why aren't you wearing a bra right now?"

"I forgot." She answered.

"You forgot?" He asked, face filled with confusion.

"Yeah." Kim shrugged. "My boobs aren't big enough for it to really matter. "I'm not wearing one most of the time."

"Not... wearing..." Ron trailed off, his eyes glazing over.

"Ron!" Kim yelled again, knocking him out of that daydream. He looked like a puppy that had just been kicked. "We need to make camp."

Back with Drakken and Shego....

Shego's teeth would be gritted in pain, if she weren't presently biting down on a thick chunk of bark. That did nothing to deaden the screams. Looking at Drakken, she pulled the bark out with her good hand. "How much more do you need to do?"

"I need you to pin the bone." Drakken answered, glaring at the bleeding flesh where the fractured humerus had broken through.

"You need me to do what!?" Shego screamed, riding the line between terrified and furious.

Drakken explained slowly. "The stainless steel rods that I've salvaged for you will work, but only if they can enter the bone. I don't have a hammer, so this is on you." as he finished, he placed the first rod in her good hand.

"How am I supposed to do that? I'm not a doctor." Shego whined.

He just locked his eyes with hers. "I'm not a medical doctor. There is no doctor here. Just you and me. And I know you can do this."

Shego ignited her glow, as strong as she could. One arm was ignited in emerald fire, while the other refused to light at all. She drove the first rod into her arm, and screamed as she hit bone, those fiery fingers actually burning the wound closed. "I never want to do that again."

"Well we need you to do it again. Right now." Drakken ordered.

Back with Ron and Kim....

"Did you hear that?" Ron asked, tying off the last cord to one of the trees. "I heard some screech in the distance."

"I wouldn't worry. We're going to have to get used to all kinds of weird noises as long as we're stuck here." Kim assured him as she clipped the bandages in place on her chest. Since it was a small roll, it had taken almost the whole roll of cloth bandage to cover her chest as the shirt had, though it left more midriff exposed.

"Stuck here? What about sending Rufus to find the Kimmunicator?" Ron asked.

"He's just one little rat, and this is a big island. And that's assuming it even landed on the island." Kim reminded him, dragging over a few of the crates full of supplies. Nice big metal crates, only marked 'supplies'. Kim didn't know what to expect, but when she unlatched the lid, she saw soft black sheets. Looking up at the inside of the lid, she saw the words 'Deliver to Ms.Shego'. "I don't think we need to worry about crafting bedding." Kim announced, a smile growing on her face.

All of the parachute-canopy's floor was covered by the same uncomfortable nylon that composed the walls. When the sheets and blankets were all rolled out, there wasn't really enough room for both of them. "You'd think Shego would've sprung for a bigger bed..." Ron commented.

"Shot in the dark says that, unlike us, she wasn't going to share." Kim said, laying down on the sheets. "You did a great job at prepping the tent, the sun's almost down, and we've got plenty of supplies. Why don't we rest for the night?" She beckoned. 

Ron tried just laying down next to Kim, but despite considerable effort, he just kept ending up either partially off the sheets or uncomfortably close to her. "I'm not sure this is going to work."

"Sure it can." Kim smiled at him, rolling to the side, her back to him. "Try laying on your side." She insisted. He obliged, trying to keep a few inches from her. "Closer." She ordered further. When Ron could move no closer, Kim's eyes shot open wide. "What is poking my... you-know-where...?"

"The reason I don't think this will work." He answered. His member, without a shred of permission, was fully erect and pressing itself into the soft butt of a very close friend. Backing away, and standing up, Kim rolled over and looked up at him.

"Okay, I'll admit that could be an issue." She sighed. "But we can be grown up about this. You be little spoon. Problem solved." Kim tried to muster her usual confident smile, but it came out twisted into a nervous mess.

Ron laid down where he had before, this time with his back to Kim. "We can't just pretend that I'm not attracted to you."

Kim pulled him closer, until their bodies were flush together. "You're probably right, but we can talk about that in the morning." And while there was still plenty that they would have to deal with, it would wait until the sun finished setting, the stars all took their turn, and the sun rose again.

Back with Drakken and Shego....

With her broken bone pinned, Drakken was able to fashion a splint from scrap metal for her, and Shego thought she would probably be okay. Now it was just a matter of getting her stupid boss to find shelter before nightfall. And the sun was already at the horizon.

"There are plenty of leaves. Maybe we could make a lean-to from those." Drakken offered.

"No can do. It looks like there's a storm gathering, and we're in the tropics. With a storm in this region, staying on the ground might mean drowning. Even then, we don't know how cold it might get out here." Shego looked up at the orange sky, and that violet border fading into the grey thunderheads. "Find me a hilltop. Or a cave. Anything but this stupid ditch." She whispered aloud.

"I'll try to find a cave, but a hill will be easier." Drakken agreed. It took long enough just to find a cave that wasn't already occupied by predatory creatures, but then he had to slog through the slowly rising mud back to Shego, and then carry her all the way back to the cave, and up the internal slope to an alcove that was unlikely to flood. Pushing through that horrid slop had covered them in mud, but being battered by rain had rinsed them both almost clean.

Finally collapsing on the floor of the cave, Drakken fell asleep for a while until a sharp pain on his face woke him up. "What? I thought everything was pretty much taken care of until morning?"

"Not everyone can sleep on a stone floor!" Shego barked at him. "I need something to rest my head on."

"Like what?" Drakken demanded. "There's nothing here but you, me, and a whole butt-load of rocks."

Shego answered by glaring daggers at him. "Lay down." Drakken did as he was ordered, and Shego laid down, resting her head on his stomach.

"I can't help but feel like one of those guys whose closest female friend thinks of him like a chair." Drakken mused.

"Don't be stupid. You're not a chair, you're a pillow; so stop squirming." Shego corrected, and Drakken did his best to just get back to sleep.

The next morning, with Ron and Kim....

Ron's eyes opened groggily to the chipper squeaking of his tiny pink friend. "Rufus? What's up, buddy?" He asked, and the little thing pointed toward Kim's arm wrapped around Ron. As his eyes traced their way down Kim's arm, he saw that her hand was down his pants, and was absentmindedly groping some very sensitive bits.

"Kim. Wake up. You're fondling." Ron started patting on her shoulder. As Kim roused herself, she felt the waistband on her arm, and gave a few exploratory squeezes. They were tighter, since she wanted to know what that was. When she realized where her hand was, she recoiled and backpedaled away. 

"Ron! I am so sorry..." She said, actually panting.

"I think we should talk about this." Ron suggested.

"Can we get something to eat first?" Kim asked, an awkward smile showing just how embarrassed she was. A few squeaks from Rufus came before Ron could answer. The little mole rat gestured to a small pile of fruit just outside their little shelter.

"I think Rufus has a handle on breakfast." Ron answered, reaching over to grab a couple of the larger ones. He tossed one to Kim, and bit into the other himself.

"I feel like I should apologize." Kim said, taking a tentative bite.

"It's not a problem. You already apologized." He took another bite. "If we could get fruit this good back in Middleton, I'd be a vegetarian." Ron smiled big down at the fruit.

"There's no way you'd give up Bueno Nacho." Kim teased. "And this apology isn't about just now. It's about everything else." She stopped talking when she saw him swallow hard. "We've seen each other naked. We've been each other naked. And... I feel like I've taken you for granted."

"We've been over this before. I'm your friend, and nothing else matters." Ron spit into his hand and tossed the seeds onto the ground in front of Rufus. The little rat could eat almost anything, and that usually meant eating the seeds from whatever Ron ate.

"No, it definitely matters." She insisted, and saw the smile vanish from Ron's face. "I've spent so much of our lives ignoring the guy right in front of me. After everything you've stood by me through, you're long overdue for your chance." She explained, removing the clips holding her chest bandages in place. As they loosened, the beige straps fell away onto the ground. Setting aside her breakfast fruit, she did her best to display her nude upper-body. "So?"

The smile crept slowly to cover his face from ear-to-ear. "This is very rapidly becoming the best week of my entire life. Even with the crash." He moved toward her, the air already heavy with the weight of what they'd been discussing.

Kim's hand rose to meet Ron's, and they clasped together in the air. His free hand rising to caress her petite breast. As Kim reached down with her own free hand, she joked "Is that permission I feel?"

"You can touch me however you want." Ron promised, his mouth connecting with hers. The kiss was simple, almost innocent; but down below, Kim had already unbuttoned his pants and had her hand wrapped around the growing shaft of Ron's penis.

Ron's hand traveled smoothly, but hesitantly, down to wrap around Kim and pull her close. Their kissing was repeated, and their fondling didn't progress much further, though they did manage to tire themselves out. There was a point at which just laying down on that beach, it was so nice to be together.

The same morning, with Drakken and Shego...

"Doc," Shego hit Drakken with her good arm as she sat up. "You've got a hard-on."

"It's called 'morning wood', and most guys get it." Drakken explained, sitting up as well, his usual condescension coming through.

"What I was getting at is the fact that we're alone here. No hookers for you, no eager henchmen drawing straws for the pleasure of me." Shego managed to smile at him.

"That's sarcasm, right? Those henchmen weren't competing. They were deciding who should take one for the team." Drakken corrected, and Shego gave a distorted expression. "You might be hot, but you also have a vitriolic personality and violent habits in bed."

"You've been keeping tabs on my sex life?" She demanded, outraged.

"The men started complaining. And then I had to question it when their insurance claims included stitches for claw lacerations." He explained.

Shego just clutched her knees to her chest with that one good arm. "Fine. Then just leave me alone."

Drakken wasn't used to his sidekick acting like this. "You know I didn't mean--"

"If you think I'm so horrible, just leave me alone!" She yelled. Drakken couldn't think of anything else to say. He just stalked away, off into the shadows of the jungle.

Back with Kim and Ron...

"Well, that was fun." Kim exhaled with her glowing smile.

"Any plans for the rest of the day?" Ron asked her.

"Yeah. I was gonna rifle through the supply crates until we found some way to hunt." Kim answered. "We can double the duration of our food supply if we find some wild boar or something meaty to cook up."

Sitting up in their little bed, Ron slipped his cargo pants back on. "Feel free to look all you want. I think Rufus could use some help carrying stuff from other parts of the island."

"Alright. I'll let you know what I find when you boys get back from your scavenging." Kim smirked, walking toward the pile of crashed scrap.

Ron and Rufus were both doing their best to get through the dense foliage, and Ron was being repeatedly slapped by various leaves. "After how well this morning went, I feel like I should have seen these leaves coming." He thought aloud. When the naked rodent let out chirps of laughter, Ron just scowled at him. "Dude. Not everything has to be a pun." But Ron was corrected as the little pink thing pointed toward a vaguely humanoid shape, smeared with mud, sprinkled with leaves, and still showing splotches of blue.

Ron walked over, and poked this pile of what he could only think of as 'yard waste', getting a rather dramatic response. "Who dares to attack the great Dr. Drakken?"

"Dr. D, please don't go all Wizard of Oz. We came here in the same plane, and you don't have the voice for the Wizard." Ron pleaded. "Why are you covered in mud?"

Drakken let himself stretch out some. "I'm hiding from Shego. I said the wrong thing, and her tantrums are liable to kill someone."

"Is this the part where you ask me for help?" Ron asked, taking a step back.

"Kinda?" Drakken admitted. "One of Shego's arms was broken in the crash, and we didn't exactly land in a habitable part of the island."

"What are you asking?" Ron demanded.

"Help me carry Shego to wherever you and Kim Possible have been staying." Drakken explained. "And, if possible, flirt with her for me."

"I will help you carry her. Since she's injured." Ron answered sternly. "Lead the way."

An hour later...

Shego's self-pity had readily given way to her usual anger, and she was still trying to make her broken arm ignite. After all, if her idiot brother could use his powers to regenerate from injuries, then she should be able to do it twice as well!

Her anger was only reinforced when she saw Drakken approaching with her rival's sidekick in tow. "Finally found someone to 'take one for the team'?" Shego demanded, glaring at both of them.

"Okay, I don't know what the whole 'lover's quarrel' is between you two, but I'm here to carry you somewhere. Not get involved." Ron answered, walking behind Shego.

When Drakken approached in front of her, she made her eyes glow, startling him. "Why didn't you do that to him?" Drakken asked, lifting her legs.

"Because unlike you, he's actually being nice." Shego growled at Drakken. "He's got no obligation to help us, and he's still doing it."

"That reminds me," Ron started, "just for the sake of conversation, I see the broken arm, but what injuries are keeping Shego from walking?"

"I'm not sure..." Drakken answered, confused. He normally did as was demanded, so as to avoid severe injuries to himself.

"A sprained ankle, a dislocated knee, and a bruise on the bottom of my foot bad enough that it might hemorrhage if I walk on it." Shego listed.

"See, now that makes more sense." Ron agreed. "It's gonna be a while before we hit mine and Kim's camp. Anything you guys wanna talk about?"

"Sure. Ron, do you think I'm sexy?" Shego asked, and Ron barely managed to catch her after the stumble that the question had caused.

"That's an unfair question. Mostly because you're always trying to beat me up." Ron explained. "But if it makes you feel any better, I had a crush on you until about twelve hours ago."

"What happened twelve hours ago?" Drakken asked.

"I think Sidekick got lucky with Princess." Shego announced, sounding shocked.

Another hour later, on the beach...

"Hey, Kim, look what I found in the jungle!" Ron proclaimed, and Kim came running. Drakken actually dropped Shego's legs when he saw that Kim was running around topless. Kim, Shego, and Drakken, were all speechless when they saw each other. "Kim, you know the villains. They need a place to stay that isn't a dank cave."

"Okay, but we aren't giving up any of the stuff that we've found so far." Kim chided. Her concerns were laid to rest when Drakken ran up to one of the supply crates and tossed a briefcase-sized box onto the beach, which exploded into a full-sized tent suitable for eight people.

"You two can keep whatever you've got right now. We get that tent." Shego verbally prodded. She was about to head toward it, until she remembered her injuries. "Uh, Ron, could you help me out a little?" And Ron did manage to help Shego drag herself into this huge tent. It wasn't anything spectacular, but the sleeping bags in the tent really echoed the comforts of home.

Setting the green woman down in this tent, Ron finally thought to ask, "So, what's the plan with your injuries? The stuff you listed won't just vanish overnight."

"You know about Team Go?" Shego held up her glowing right hand. "Well, my brothers can regenerate. Not all at the same rate, but faster than normal people. It's a power that I've never really had a chance to test." She explained, letting the plasma on her right hand fizzle. When she looked up from her hand, she saw Ron already walking out of the tent.

When Ron walked up, it was right at the tail end of Kim and Drakken arguing. He was just in time to see Drakken get slapped. "You need to go and apologize to your sidekick. Jerk." As Drakken walked past Ron toward both Shego and his tent, Ron just approached Kim. She kept her frown as she explained. "Apparently, Drakken said something that actually managed to get Shego acting miserable all day. Can you believe that?"

"About Shego? Not really. Maybe the crash softened her up." Ron joked, pecking Kim on the forehead. "How did the hunting for supplies go?"

"Less than twenty weapons suitable for hunting, but plenty of MREs." Kim explained.

"Cool. One step above eating in the school Caf." Ron agreed. "Wanna take a walk and give our nemeses some privacy?" Before he had even finished asking, Kim had already taken his hand, and they were walking into the jungle once more.

Back in the tent...

"I guess everyone else thinks I'm supposed to apologize..." Drakken explained.

"Eat me." Shego glared at him.

"See, now that's the type of comment that made the henchmen avoid you."

"Why? I'm telling you that, if you're sorry, eat me." Shego instructed in a husky tone, unzipping her catsuit far enough that he could see her thong.

As the suit slipped off of Shego's lithe frame, Drakken's eyes widened at the view. Dropping first to his knees, then leaning in toward this beautiful emerald seductress that he had known for so long. His hands traveled up her thighs, settling at her buttocks, and his mouth descended to meet that slowly moistening slit.

Shego's one working hand grasped the back of Drakken's head, pulling him down until his tongue began caressing her insides, his lips kissing her clitoris. Even his hands were involuntarily squeezing her ass as he let out those muffled groans. Shego continued gasping in the rhythm of her pleasure, forcibly grinding her newest boy-toy's mouth into her nether-regions.

Finally, Shego let out an ear-splitting scream and her broken arm began twisting into a horrid position above her head. From her shoulder up to her fingertips, her flesh was shining a brilliant green. As that flash of light subsided, Shego tentatively made a fist; when there wasn't any pain, she reached toward Drakken with both hands, and pulled that lab coat off his shoulders.

The coat fell aside, and they pulled each other closer until their lips touched. For a moment, when they had parted, Drakken managed to think almost clearly. "I guess your arm is feeling better?"

"I feel amazing." Shego breathed, locking her lips with his again. Their tongues were sliding together and she couldn't help but notice that taste of what had to be her own juices on his mouth. "Now let's get these pants off." She ordered. They both had to actually pause for a moment since their clothes were crafted from tight leather that needed extra effort to both enter and remove.

When they were completely naked, Drakken saw this emerald empress with her legs splayed open before him; and for the first time in a long while, he genuinely felt lucky. Shego had never really seen her employer in this state before, but had heard all of the rumors about him being 'below average' or having 'erectile dysfunction', and here she was very happily disappointed.

Drakken climbed atop her, pressing the tip of his cock against the dripping wet crotch of his new-found lover. He kissed her again, and she slipped that tongue inside his mouth, which made him thrust inside her. She wrapped her green legs around his blue waist, only giving enough freedom for him to prepare for another thrust. When Drakken actually came inside her, they kept on kissing for a while longer, just letting themselves get a little lost in the moment.

Ten minutes later...

Kim and Shego were sitting at the campfire, chatting. Ron and Drakken were both keeping themselves silent, both actually worried that these girls would decide to revert to their status quo and tear each other apart.

"You guys need to learn how to be quiet." Kim reprimanded, still sitting next to the fire.

"Oh, please. You expect me to believe that you and Stoppable have never made some racket in the sack?" Shego teased.

"Considering that he and I became 'involved' a matter of hours ago..." Kim tried to explain.

"So? Drakken and I only started fucking a matter of minutes ago." Shego smirked at Kim, reveling in the chance to make her uncomfortable.

"Yeah, but we're a little young to risk me getting pregnant--" Kim began, stopping when a look of shock washed over her two nemeses. "What? Is it something I said?"

"Shego, I believe we have made a grave error in judgment."


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