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BY : Dr.Jackal
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Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from Avatar:The Last Airbender, nor am I looking or hoping to profit from this. On the other hand, the character Michal is an original creation.

She awoke late in the morning, sat up, stretched, unashamedly scratched the back of her head, and yawned. She heard Katara scurrying about, seemingly more frantic than usual. She was about to call out when she felt something sticky between her legs. Her lower bindings were thoroughly soaked and she yelped in surprise.The frantic footsteps stopped, then ran in her direction. The door burst open and Katara rushed in wrapped in a towel and shook Toph vigorously. “Come on, Toph! King Bumi’s guards are going to escort us to the castle at noon. They could be here any minute. You have to shower quickly and get dressed!” With one hand holding her towel closed around her firm, toned, shapely body, she used the other to pull Toph off the bed. “Come on! I’ve already got the buckets ready.” Toph desperately grabbed for the bed sheets so she could cover herself up but only succeeded in dragging them off the bed.

“What’s the matter with you?!” Katara asked “first, you’re more impossible to wake up than usual, and now” her eyes ran from Toph’s rustled hair down to her perky, exposed bosom, then to her… “Oh.” She flushed briefly but continued. Normally you wear your immodesty like a second skin.”

Toph quickly regained her composure, thrust out her chest, and marched to the bathroom.

“Just some good dreams. That’s all.”

“I’ll be in to help you ‘cause we’re pressed for time.” Katara yelled after her.

She wriggled out of her bindings and set them in a laundry bucket to soak before entering what passed as a shower minus the indoor plumbing. It was essentially an earthen alcove with an incline that eventually funneled excess water to an external gutter system. It was also furnished with buckets and benches that skirted the highest part of the floor. She found another bucket Katara had left and started bathing herself when she suddenly felt soft hands working water over her neck and back in small, quick circles. Before Toph had finished her arms Katara was working her way down to her legs.

“Wow, Sugar Queen! You’re really workin’ fast today.”

“Not now, Toph” she said, slightly annoyed, then added in her most innocent voice. “How good was that dream you had?”

Toph blushed and was glad her back was to Katara. “Pretty good but confusing.” She confessed softly.

Katara smiled to herself. “It must’ve been pretty good. I’ve never seen you that soaked before.”

Toph frowned and spun around. “What do you mean, before?” and now it was Katara’s turn to flush.

“I’ve tried to wake you up before, and you tend to kick off the blankets and sprawl all over the bed…”

They both laughed heartily at that and then Katara actually noticed Toph’s breasts. “Oh my gosh!” she gasped, “You’ve grown a lot!”

“Really?” Toph asked, genuinely puzzled. A moment passed and the both giggled nervously. “Seriously, though?” Toph asked. Katara took her hands, placed them on her chest, and after a moment, Toph placed them on her own.

Happiness shot through her. “You’re right! I’m almost as big as you!” and immediately she felt bad and truthfully added “I, ever since I met you, always hoped I could be as beautiful as you, one day…” her voice trailed off.

Katara stroked her cheek and gave her a quick yet intense hug. “Toph, you’re more beautiful now than you were in Ba Sing Se, and it’s not just because you’ve physically grown, but more so because of how you’ve grown as a person.”

Toph blinked back embarrassment and smiled. “Thanks, mom!” she said sarcastically and she nudged Katara with her elbow and gave her a wink. They shared another laugh.

Katara began braiding her hair. “So, about that dream.” She paused and smiled mischievously. “Who got you all worked up? I’ve been having dreams all week like that all week thanks to Aang.”

“But you guys hang out all day, don’t ya?”

“Most of the time, yes, but every night this week he’s gone off to meditate, resolve conflicts,  or do something else Avatar related. He's basically a walking advertisment for peace now.” She sighed and continued. “When you share a bed with someone who really knows, understands, respects, and loves you; it makes it unbearable to be away from them, especially,” she angrily bit out, “when you have urges. I’ve not had release in so long…” she squirmed as warmth flooded her hips. Thoughts of Aang smiling that goofy smile of his followed by him kissing her, running his hands over her flat, warm stomach, moving ever lower... She moaned at those thoughts and almost as if responding in kind her half-done braid settled sensually against her shoulder.

Although she couldn’t see what was happening, Toph heard Katara’s low moans and her increasingly rapid breathing. She swallowed hard and felt her lower lips moisten. I’ve never seen Sugar Queen like this before. What is Aang doing to her? Then her mind wandered to Michal and she knew. She tried closing her legs to lessen the longing but that only made things worse so she opened them again. Suddenly she felt them forced apart and a warm hand started rubbing small circles on her mound.

“Katara! We…” a finger on her lips cut her off.

“Who was it?” Katara asked, letting the tips of her fingers move closer to Toph’s aching opening. She could hear the younger girl panting, feel her breath against her face. She gently rubbed the outer lips and found them hot, wet, and sticky. She quivered and some of her juices plopped onto the ground. Slowly, teasingly, Katara ran one finger, then two, up and down Toph’s entrance and she felt her move forward in anticipation. Panting harder but otherwise silent, Toph resisted.

“You’re tough,” Katara conceded “but you have needs too. Who stokes your fire?” and with that she simultaneously kissed Toph on the neck and slipped an eager finger into her inviting opening. She let out a breathy moan, licked her lips, and even arched her back a little but still would not fully give in. Undeterred, Katara slowly and steadily worked her finger into Toph whose muscles clamped down on it hungrily.

“You’re such a bad girl!” Katara teased, gradually increasing her speed and even slipping in a second. “Look at how much you want it. Tell me who it is or this stops.”

Toph quickly shook her head and gasped, “No, please! I need it so bad!” Katara managed to slip in yet a third finger, reached in as deeply as she could, and slowly began to withdraw, rubbing her fingertips along her upper walls as she did.  The series of spasms that had began to rock Toph’s lower body gradually ceased and she growled in utter frustration.

“I was sooo close!” she bit out, each word dripping with venom, and she gave Katara a fierce glare.

The teasing girl turned her head and dismissively shrugged. “You wouldn’t tell me.” She replied nonchalantly. 

Toph took some deep breaths and calmly stated, “I can’t tell you. Not yet at least.”

A little guilt finally wormed its way into her heart and Katara placed a supportive hand on her shoulder. “I shouldn’t have teased you. I just become a major bitch when I haven’t had it in a while.” Toph’s expression didn’t change so Katara pulled her hand away butcontinued, “I know what it’s like to be extremely frustrated. Hey, I  had to take the edge off three times yesterday, and that was before noon!” She laughed nervously at her own confession and continued. “Sometimes talking about it helps, especially when a friend gives you a hand.”

The younger girl’s face slowly became a smile, much to Katara’s relief. She was the only girl she fully trusted, and she couldn’t have her angry for too long.

“Maybe we can help each other out tonight?” Toph suggested, “That is, if you and Aang don’t get the chance, of course.”

“I’d like to either way.” Katara responded in her sexy voice “That is, if you and your guy aren’t busy.”

Toph shrugged indifferently but something in Katara’s voice threatened to get her worked up again so she quickly finished her bath.

“I don’t know if I’m meeting him tonight.” She quietly confided.


“Well, good luck in case…oh crap! The meeting!” Katara yelled. “We’ve gotta get ready now! It’s practically noon. The guards are sure to be here any minute!” Together, they manage to finish getting ready just as the guards arrived to escort them to the palace gate where they’d meet up with Sokka and Aang.

On their way out the door Toph gruffly elbowed Katara and said in a barely audible whisper, “Next time, don’t get so carried away.” And they both burst into laughter at their private joke, much to the confusion of their escorts.


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