[Kim Possible ] Wash Day

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Disclaimer: I don't own Kim Possible, or it's characters. This parody fantasy fanfiction. Not fot profit, just for fun.

Hi gang, here is a new story NOT CONNECTED to my current one ( [ Kim Possible ] Afternoon Affair.) Which one day I'll get around to finish when in the mood.

The day was to get everything clean, but some things can still get dirty.

I don't own Kim possible, or it's characters. This is parody fantasy fanfiction. Not for profit, just for fun.

Story will contain: Kim, Ann, Ron, masturbation, sex.

A bright spring sun shone down on Ron as he rode up the Possible home. He could see the Possible women with their cars out on the driveway in front of the open garage washing them. Ann had just finished rinsing the rear of her convertible with a water hose. After Kim scrubbed it with a soapy sponge. From a phone call earlier. The Possible men were out in town at some sci-fi convention, or something the other.

“Hey Ron! Glad you could come over this fine Saturday morning,” said Kim his girlfriend with a smile. Not much of the eighteen year old Teen hero’s body was left to the imagination. She was wearing a florescent green bikini top that barely contained her growing breasts, and a pair of tan khaki shorts that tightly hugged her ass, but was loose around the waist. A thin green waist band of bikini bottoms peeked out above the shorts over her hips. Red hair was pulled up into a pony tail showing her long graceful neck. Feline muscles rippled under her pale reddening skin from the spring sun.

“Hello Ron. How are you today?,“ asked Ann Possible with a warm smile.

“Doing great Doctor P!” said Ron smiling back. His eyes un-intentionally scanned up, and down her gorgeous M.I.L.F.y body too. Ann was wearing a long sleeve blue, and white checkered blouse. The sleeves were rolled up. While the shirttail ends had been tied up high exposing her firm belly. The blouse was unbutton over her breasts showing a glimpse of a blue bikini top underneath. She also wore a very short pair of spandex infused denim daisy dukes that had it’s uncut pockets hanging out from it‘s frayed leg holes. Slim athletic legs ended in low ankle navy blue canvas shoes with white rubber soles. A blue bandana was wrapped over her short red hair. Ann could have been any mid-western farmer’s daughter. The only thing missing was a piece of straw hanging from her lips.

“Oops!“, said Ann pulling on the water hose to give her some slack. She was filling up a plastic bucket with the water. So that they could wash Kim’s purple car known as the Sloth next. A mound of white soapy foam was rising up above the edge. Then was blasted out of the pail by the misdirected water stream from the hose spray head. Accidentally landing on Kim’s bare feet.

“Hey! Watch out Mom!,” said Kim with a mock look of disapproval.

“Hmmmm, Well, I’m sure your not going to like this either,” said Ann with a sly smile. Spraying Kim down with the water.

“EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!,” squealed out Kim dancing around, and trying to use her hands to keep the cold water from hitting her. She eventually ran at her mother to trying to wrestle the water hose from her. They both became drench from the playful struggle. Ron watched taking in their feminine beauty.

The scene was broken up by a ring from Ann’s mobile phone sitting on a patio chair close by. She abandoned control of the water hose to answer it. Ron couldn’t help to watch her walk away. The shorts had rode up at some point showing some of her bare derrière. Kim couldn’t help not to hit a perfect target. Spraying her mother’s butt with water. Oblivious to the bewitching spell her mom had put on the teenage boy.

“Hey watch it girl! Your not to big for me to still put over my knee,” said Ann turning with a wink.

You gotta catch me first!,” said Kim sticking her tongue out in playful sass to her mother. The idea ran swiftly through Ron’s mind.

The teenagers began to talk about school life while Ann was on the phone.

“Hey Kim, I’ve got to go to my home office for a little bit. Then I’ll come out to help you wash your car too, Okay?” said Ann. Walking inside the front door of the home.

“Okay Mom!,” said Kim. She turned toward Ron. “Say, I’ve got an idea. If you want to help me wash my car. There is an extra sponge in the laundry room,” said Kim with a bright hopeful smile .

“Well you know K.P., I’m more of an observer,’ began Ron.

“ Please for me,” said Kim with a puppy dog pout.

‘Oh’ No! Not the puppy dog pout,’ thought Ron unable to resist. “Eh’ Sure thing K.P., I’ll be back in a jiffy,” said Ron to his girlfriend. Kim began to squeeze some of the water out of her hair. Her wet body made him stay a little longer to admire her. It still felt like a dream that they were finally together as a couple. Rufus broke the mood by whistling from Ron’s cargo pocket. That got Ron a wet sponge thrown at his head. Breaking the spell he was under again.

“ It wasn’t me! It was him. I swear! ,“ said Ron with hands up defensively.

“Sure Ron, blame it all on the naked mole rat,” scoffed Kim. She reached to pick up Rufus. Holding him up gently to rub his little pink face against her cheek. “Little Rufus would never do anything pervy would he?,” asked Kim in baby talk. “HUH! HUH!” squeaked out Rufus agreeing.

As Kim brought her face away to look up. Rufus opened his arms wide in a show of wanting to hug her. He jumped out of Kim’s hands landing on top of her left breast squeezing. His butt rested on her semi-hard nipple pushing through the bikini top.

“Man, Rufus get’s more action with the ladies than I do,” muttered Ron under his breath.

“ What was that?,” asked Kim pointing the water hose at him. She left Rufus clinging to her. Ron could read her face that he was about to get sprayed with water.

“Er, I’m going to get the other sponge now,” said Ron walking away fast into the open garage. Headed to the laundry room which was located between the garage, and main house.

************************************************** ************************************

‘ Looks like they’re also washing clothes today too,’ thought Ron entering the hot humid laundry room. He could hear it’s clothes washer swooshing, and the matching front load dryer spinning. Ron walked closer to the clothes washer seeing a rack of cleaning supplies close by. The Possibles seemed to have everything handy for any environmental clean up duty. Considering how much the twin brothers Tim, and Jim Possible could mess up during their science experiments.

Moving a clothes basket atop the washer to the side. Ron reached to grab the large yellow sponge. His eyes just happen to glance down inside the basket. There were various women’s undergarments of different colors, and prints haphazardly tossed in. One pair of white panties with a cute smiling teddy bear face caught his attention. Some writing below the bear was unreadable due to the panties being crumpled.

Thinking of Kim wearing them. Ron felt a little ashamed for looking. Sure he had seen her before in her underwear on past missions, but he always tried to look away. Accidents did happen though.

Forgetting about the sponge he came for. Ron’s curiosity got the better of him. He looked around the small laundry room to make sure no one was around. Then reached inside the basket pulling the panties out to read them. “ Grin, and Bear it!” they read. Ron couldn’t help to laugh a little.

Intrigued, Ron noticed how much smaller, thinner, and softer Kim’s panties were compared to his briefs. He stretched on the elastic out a few times. A subtle feminine odor came from the panties the longer he held them. Noticing they seemed a little dingy from being worn. Ron realized the clothes hamper was full of dirty unmentionables.

“EWWWWW,” would have escaped from Ron‘s lips before in the past, but now that he had a girlfriend. “Oooow!” came out of his lips with his eyes wide. An obsession suddenly come over him. This was his chance to see what Kim wore under her clothes. He had to look at them all!!!

With more quick glances over his shoulders at the laundry room exits. Ron told himself he’ll just look through the contents of the hamper quickly before Kim came back to wash them. A little thought in the back of his head told him he was doing something wrong, but at the same time he was feeling it was so very right. Rooting through the panties. His heart started to race. His brain was overloading trying to remember everything that he uncovered. His body tingled at touching something intimate of his girlfriend‘s.

Brushing his hand against a pair of pink lace thongs. Ron grabbed them like a snake lunging for a mouse. The only other time he had ever seen thongs were on the girls from the internet, magazines, or videos. They sometimes didn’t wear anything else either.

The thongs felt a little damp, and smelled sweaty even at an arm‘s length. Like they had been worn recently. Ron wasn’t really sure if he was holding them by the waist band, or by the string that went between Kim’s ass. The lack of material made it hard to tell.

The soiled aroma reminded Ron of another time he had visited Kim early one Saturday. She and Ann were getting very sweaty in spandex working out to a workout video in the living room. They even tried to get him to do it too, but he passed. Secretly, he was enjoying seeing both mother, and daughter’s asses bounce together as they did leg squats.

Something compelled Ron to bring the thongs closer to his nose for a big deep sniff. The thought of Kim wearing them made his penis harden.

Sexy images flashed through Ron’s brain, and his inner core felt like it was on fire. Unable to take it anymore, Ron’s smaller head asserted control. It wanted to feel the panties next to it.

Looking around for a third time over his shoulders. Ron hastily thought of where Kim, and Ann were. What they were doing. His lustful mind thought he might have a chance to risk it. Ron undone his pants to allow his true master out. Then brought both pairs of panties down over his throbbing shaft. Squeezing them into a right handed grip. Ron almost pre ejaculated. The soft silkiness countered the hardness.

Ron stroked the panties back, n, fourth over his penis. Imaging Kim appearing before him. She was naked, and down on her knees in front of him. Bobbing her head with rhythm. Just like in the porn videos he seen on the internet. Ron never had sex before, much less a B.J., but he could imagine the panties were feeling just as good as Kim’s mouth. His over pressured member couldn’t agree more.

Allowing his unbutton pants to drop loosely down to his thighs. Ron spread his legs out more, and bending them slightly. He placed his left hand down atop of the washer for balance. Imaginary Kim was now in doggy style in front of him. Ron’s hips thrusted back, and fourth dry humping the air. He stroked his penis faster feeling the pleasurable malegasmic feeling build up. The image of Kim’s supple body was rippled from his hard thrusts.

“OH YES! HARDER! “ Replayed over, and over in Ron’s mind of Kim screaming out. As he remembered the other porn actresses yelled when fucked. Ron gripped the washer edge tighter. Imaging wrapping his fingers into Kim’s long red hair to pull her head back to him. So they could kiss. She was gasping with pleasure with glazed eyes staring toward the ceiling. This thought added more fuel to the fire of Ron’s over pressured penis. Pre-cum was leaking out unto Kim’s semi dried soiled panties.

Feeling himself close to finish. Ron had the overwhelming urge to just cum on the pink thongs. He pulled the white panties away tossing them back into the hamper. Then scrunched the thongs fully over his cock head. It felt like his penis was in a soft velvet tunnel as he started to stroke again. Twisting just a little bit reaching the underside of his half mushroom cock head where it was the most sensitive.

Just as Ron was about to let go. His last vision shown Kim laying on her back in front of him. He was between her legs on his knees thrusting into her. Their fingers were intertwined. “YES! Yes! Yes!,” moaned out Kim ready for her blissful release. Breasts bouncing.

“UHHH!,” grunted out Ron. As his malegasm came over him. Hot sticky seed pumped out strong. His body locked up not moving. Eyes shut tight.

Standing for a time. Ron slowly returned to his senses. He noticed now that he had been breathing hard, and heart was racing. He stood up slowly sliding the panties off his redden penis. He pulled thongs apart to see his cum on them. The white pearl essence showed brightly against the pink silk.

Now that Ron had the baby batter off his brains. He realized that he had been gone to long. ‘ Oh’ Shit Kim might be looking for me!’ thought Ron. In a panic, he squeezed the panties together, and threw them back into the hamper burying them just in case. Hoping Kim would not be the wiser. Now realizing it would be embarrassing if he was caught jerking in her panties. Ron left the small laundry room while thinking of an excuse. He also felt very relieved no one saw him.

Or did they?


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