The Touch of Winter.

BY : Kakashifan727
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You can't sleep, tossing and turning in your bedsheets. Looking at the clock on your night stand table, it reads close to midnight. You sigh, exasperated at the fact that you know you won't get any sleep tonight. You take off the covers, even though its cold in your short sleeve shirt and pajama pants. You don't mind it that much, as the coldness is sort of refreshing. You walk over to the window, just watching the full moon in its arc in the night sky. You feel anxious as you watch snow fall onto the ground below. You just want to go back to sleep, but that isn't possible. You open the window, wanting to feel the cool night breeze on your face. Sticking your head out the window, you see something out of the corner of your eye and turn towards it. What the hell? You think, unsure of what to make of the boy floating in air next to you. He's only a half-head taller than you, with spiky silver hair and pale skin. He's kind of cute, you think to yourself. What kind of hair color is that? It's not natural, you know that much. He's wearing what looks like a normal blue sweatshirt with cream or tan colored pants. He pays no attention to you, busy tracing his hand over one of the adjacent windows. Ice paints the window as his fingers move across it. Is he controlling the ice? That's neat, you think to yourself. Something looks off about him in general, and the cane he is holding feels like it is special somehow. What freaks you out more is how he's able to fly, as there is nothing supporting his bare feet from plummeting to the concrete below.

“Hey kid,” you whisper in his direction. You don't want to wake anyone up by shouting, nor do you want to scare him away. He stops what he is doing, a startled expression on his face as he turns to look at you. His ice blue eyes are wide as he examines you, his pupils roaming up and down. You open your mouth to say something, then close it. Maybe this was a bad idea. You think, motioning him over with your hand. The pale skinned boy follows, floating on the air in front of your window. He is directly in front of you, wearing a puzzled expression.

“You can see me?” He asks you, and you nod in response, though you feel funny because of his question. Why would he ask that? Not wanting to leave him out there in the cold, even though he seems fine with it, you gesture for him to come inside. The teen nods, landing on the floor with his bare feet. He just looks around the room as you close the window. You just stay there, thinking of what to say. What is he talking about? You think, just watching the slightly confused teenager in front of you. You're just as confused as he is. Where the hell did he come from anyway?

“What are you talking about? Why wouldn't I be able to see you?” You ask, to which the boy turns around to look at you. He was examining the posters above your bed, but now he is focused on you.

“Most people can't. I don't know why. No one has been able to see or hear me before this. I just can't believe you can see me!” He nearly shouts that last sentence, a huge grin spreading across his face. You just frown. This guy is either a complete mental case or you're having a really strange dream. You guess its the latter, since you just saw him float on air and paint ice pictures on a window. He notices you haven't responded. He moves closer to you, and you can feel the coldness of his breath. It reminds you of spearmint gum. You jump as he puts his hands on your shoulders, his blue eyes staring straight into yours. His hands are cold, even through your shirt. They feel like when you just get out of the cold after playing in the snow all day.

“I'm Jack Frost. And you must believe in me, that's the only reason you can see me.” He says, his grin turning into a full smile. Your eyes widen as he says his name. You didn't expect this at all. Well, that explains how he can fly and make ice out of nothing. You have no idea how to react, and just stare into his eyes. They are so big and beautiful. You feel like you are drowning in them. You can feel the heat rise up your face, embarrassed about the thoughts you are having.

“You're joking...He's not...This has got to be a dream,” You remark, causing him to frown. You gently lift his hands off of you, walking to go sit on your bed. He stares down at you, his eyebrows narrowed slightly.

“Why do you think that?” Jack asks, causing you to sigh. It's not that you don't believe him, it's just that you're getting too old to believe in fairy tales. Being nineteen, your parents expect you to grow up and act your age. It's hard for you though, since being a kid every now and again is fun. Skipping class to go to the movies and playing pranks on some of the more gullible teachers in high school is much more interesting than studying for test and taking exams. It's not like you're irresponsible, but having fun without really hurting people is great. Your parents have been pressuring you lately though, seeing as your mid-term grades came back somewhat low. You don't want to disappoint them, yet at the same time don't feel like giving up the freedoms you have.

“I...I don't know. People keep telling me to act my age and stop being a kid, but I enjoy having childish moments. Doing the same thing every day, in and out gets boring to me. I like to be spontaneous sometimes, mix things up. I...can't keep believing in fairy tales anymore; I need to grow up and be responsible,” You answer, running your fingers through your tangled hair. Jack just stares at you, his annoyed look gone as he sits onto the bed next to you. He grabs your hands, taking some liberty to run his own fingers through your hair. You shake a bit at his touch, since his hands are pretty cold. The blue shirted teen clasps your hands together with his own, putting them on his knee. You turn to stare at him, surprise etched on your face.

“It doesn't matter that you're not a kid anymore. All that matters is that you believe. You don't have to be a kid to believe in things,” Jack says, giving you a big smile. You lean in and give him a small kiss on the cheek, daring to see how he would respond. He is startled for a couple seconds, then a smirk breaks out on his thin, pale face. You slip your hands out from under his, wrapping them around the back of his neck and pulling him closer to you. His lips are cold, and you pause as his chilly breath enters your mouth. The taste of mint is nice, and kind of refreshing. You gently push Jack onto the bed, hearing his staff clatter to the floor as you feel his ice cold hands wrap around the small of your back. Taking a break, you stare in Jack's eyes, watching them dart around while he starts to blush.

“What's wrong? You want me to stop?” You ask, concerned. You didn't mean to do that much, but things went a little overboard. Jack doesn't respond, moving his hands up and down the small of your back.

“I...I'm not sure. You're one of the first people that's been able to see me in a long while. I've been alone for so long...” Jack says, using his hands to lift you up by the shoulders, “Your body is so warm...I'm always freezing cold, like I'm dead or something.”

You gently lift yourself off of him, not wanting to pressure him. He lays there on the right side of the bed, his arms limp at his sides, wearing a blank expression. The barefoot boy slowly turns his head to look at you. You don't know what to do. You just grab his hand and feel the cold coursing through your fingers. The feeling is more intense now that you are closer to him. You wonder how he got that power. Is he always this freezing cold?

“Did I...die?” He asks himself, still staring at the ceiling. You don't respond. Jack lifts his one free hand and moves it closer to his face, and you watch as he makes small snowflakes appear on the tips of his fingers. You both watch them fall onto his sweatshirt, matching with the white pattern on his shoulders.

“I don't remember anything...I could do these kinds of things for a long time though. I've never questioned why,” he mutters, turning his whole body to face you. He moves his hand towards your hair, and you let him thread his fingers through it. It hurts as he gets his fingers tangled in the knots. Oddly enough, his body doesn't feel as cold as it did before. Is he getting warmer? Or are you getting colder? You bury your face in his sweatshirt, wrapping one of your arms around his back. It smells like pine needles, and the feeling invigorates you. You feel completely awake. You stiffen as you feel one of his legs wrap around your own, his bare foot just as cold as his hand. Jack lets out a small laugh, his chest moving up and down as he does it. He stops moving his hand through your hair and gently pulls it out of your tangled mop. Jack avoids looking at you, surprise etched in his blue eyes as he emits a nervous cough. This must be awkward for him too...You think, not sure what to do.

“If you could just move your head for a second please,” he orders. You do so, watching as he pulls off his blue sweatshirt. The teen is only wearing a thin, white t-shirt and his forearms are clearly visible. If he was a normal human, he'd be freezing cold wearing just that and the sweatshirt. You look at his muscled torso, watching his abdomen sway as he turns to throw his sweatshirt on the ground. You feel something stir inside you, an odd warm feeling. He smirks at you, moving his head in closer to kiss you on the lips. You press up against his body, feeling his hands on the small of your back. He breaks it off, nuzzling his face in your neck. You use the opportunity to gently bite the side of his ear, running over his inner ear with your tongue. He stiffens as you move across his ear, going down until you get to the lobe. Jack moans as you bite his lobe, being careful not to penetrate it too much with your teeth. His breath is cold on your neck, Jack's open mouth pressing into it. You've never done something like this before, but you know you want to. Jack isn't responding, probably much too embarrassed to do anything about it. You dislodge yourself from his ear, causing him to look up as he moves his head.

His face is slightly red, making him look more human than before. You grin as you slide your hands down his back, stopping as you reach the hem of his pants and start to pull them off. Jack helps by trying to use his one free foot to get them off, kicking them to the end of your bed. You feel something stir around his leg, your face burning as you realize his dick is starting to become erect. He reaches for the bottom of your shirt, lifting it until it gets to halfway across your chest. Jack looks at you, waiting for you to respond.

It's alright. I want to do this,” You say, helping him get the shirt off and flinging it across the room. The half-naked boy just stares at your breasts, causing you to blush furiously. You're both pretty embarrassed now, but you ignore it and pull the covers closer to the two of you. Just in case you want them later, since you'll probably be too tired to get them. You jump a bit as you feel his hands touching your breasts, his fingers softly squeezing them. His thumb is on your nipple, which is still soft, and you feel something stir in you as he rubs circles into it. You let out a soft gasp, excitement trembling through your entire body. You take you hand and place it on Jack's chest, feeling the ridges and bumps of his muscles. His skin is lukewarm, probably because he is taking your body heat. You don't mind, though it is slightly uncomfortable. Jack lets out a noise, causing you to look at him.

“You okay with this?” You ask, causing Jack to slowly nod. He runs a hand through his silver hair, his spiky mess covering his forehead. You grab his head in both hands, turning him so he looks you directly in the eyes. You can see the apprehension in them, his pupils large and worried as he looks at your body.

“I've never done this before...” he says, taking a deep breath before continuing, “I don't know if it's lust or excitement at finally having someone notice me, but...I...I want to do this right.” His breath wafts over you as he sighs, and you inhale deeply. The smell is so good and sharp, causing you to close your eyes in bliss. Jack chuckles as he moves your hands off his cheeks, grabbing your pants, and pulling them off along with your underwear. You notice he is trying not to look at you, though you do catch him glancing at your naked body now and again. Your hand moves down his torso, grabbing the waistband of his underwear. You stiffen as you feel the warmth of his erect dick, poking out of his underpants as you drag them off his body. You glance at his member, your face heating up as your eyes follow his cock all the way to his balls. You have no idea if it's considered big, since you really don't watch too much porn or dirty videos. You tremble at the thought of it going inside you, feelings of excitement and apprehension flowing through you. You lift one of your boobs with your hand, Jack staring at it in wonder. He is blushing, even though he was fine fondling it before. You laugh, moving your hand so that your breast gyrates slightly. He blinks at it for a couple seconds, before his eyes widen in understanding. The naked boy moves his head towards it, opening his mouth a bit before his tongue slides out to touch the bare skin. You silently gasp as you feel his wet tongue glide over the goosebumps on your tit. It feels kind of weird, but he is gentle and uses the tip of his tongue to go over your nipple. The feeling of his wet tongue on your soft skin causes your boob to tingle, the feeling accompanied by a rush of excitement.

The taller boy takes his mouth out of your tit, panting slightly from lack of oxygen. His gasps are heavy, and the sound of his voice becoming so exerted turns you on. His erection is still rubbing up against your left thigh, the appendage reminding you that he has needs too. You gently cup one of your hands around his cock, not wanting to grab too tightly and accidentally hurt him. You carefully run your hand up and down his length, Jack responding by moaning softly. The sounds cause you to giggle, giving Jack a quick peck on the cheek. He shouts as you accidentally graze your fingernails across his foreskin. Your hand quickly lets go as you back away from him, your face heating up as you look at the pained expression on his face.

“Oh God...I'm so sorry,” you apologize, staring at your hands. Your nails aren't that long, the tips barely showing any white, but you can tell that you hurt him. Jack nods, his pained expression quickly fading to one of concern. He knows you didn't do it on purpose and pulls your body closer to him. You feel one of his hands move around to your butt, squeezing it gently. The odd feeling in your chest is back, and more intense than ever. You wonder if he feels the same way.

“I was more surprised than anything. You're not the only one who's new at this,” he comments, rubbing your ass with his hand. He squeezes here and there, almost like he is massaging you, though you do wince as he sometimes does it too hard. You want to please him, but after what just happened, you're worried you might mess up again. You put your thumb on the tip of his cock, rubbing in a circular pattern. Every now and again, you feel a wet sensation as his pre-cum starts to drip out of the entrance. It is white and looks like water, but is a little sticky and covers the bottom of your thumb. Jack keeps moaning, sometimes grunting in pain as you rub a little too hard in places. Overall, he seems satisfied with what you are doing. You feel a sense of joy looking at his pleasured face, his eyes half closed as he softly moans to the feeling of your thumb on his dick. He grabs your hand, taking it off of his member while pushing you down onto the bed. He takes his hand off of your butt, using it to open your vagina. You stare at him, your face puzzled as he takes his other hand and uses his fingers to open the inner folds of your pussy.

“Wait a minute. We need lube for this,” you say, causing him to take his hands off of your vagina. Jack looks at you with a questioning expression, to which you sigh. You direct him to the stand beside your bed, and he looks through one of the drawers. Pulling out a small tube, you nod and explain to him how it works. He fumbles with the cap, putting a bit of the stuff on his hands and rubbing it on his dick. Jack's hands are now coated in the slimy looking stuff, as well as his hard penis. You spread your legs apart, watching as Jack's fingers move closer to your pussy and begin to slowly go near the inner labia. He uses one finger, gently trying to enter inside you. You gasp in pain; even with the lube, his finger still hurts as it digs in the back of your vagina. He notices this, taking his finger out and carefully putting it back in. He leans closer to your body, coating soft kisses on your navel. The tingling sensation going through you feels nice, but it doesn't distract from the pain. You can feel it moving and wiggling inside your pussy, poking your walls and trying to stretch them a little. He keeps planting kisses along your stomach, his soft lips stopping as they reach your tits. You groan in pain as you feel his finger dig; you've never gone that deep inside. It is uncomfortable and you grab onto Jack's shoulder, digging into him with your fingers. He stops kissing you, looking up at your pained expression.

“Shit...Jesus!” You say, panting heavily as he probes deeper into you. This is only a finger, you remind yourself, staring at his wet dick. That thing is at least twice as big as his finger, and probably much longer. Jack responds by taking his finger out of your wet entrance again. He looks at you with a worried expression, but you just nod and grab his wrist. He takes two fingers and carefully inserts them into your damp pussy. You grunt as you feel them enter your tight walls, though it is less painful now that they have been opened up a bit. Jack looks uncomfortable, his ice blue eyes narrowing as he shoves his fingers in deeper. You let out a tiny squeal, a sharp pain going through your lower back as your body arches upwards. It's not pleasurable and feels like someone is trying to tear out your spine. It lessens as the sliver haired teen pulls his wet fingers out of your pussy, rubbing them up and down on his hard dick. You gasp for a couple seconds, trying to ignore the slight pain that his fingers caused you.

“Okay, I think I can do it,” you say, pulling Jack's pale body closer to you. He is nearly on top of you, your noses touching, and you can feel his hard penis rubbing up against your inner thigh. You feel his finger pry open your entrance, and the tip of his dick begins to enter you. You bite your lip in pain, even though he's barely inside you. This causes him to frown, his soft, childlike face contorting as his dick moves further inside. He grunts, and you can feel the tightness of your walls closing around his dick. He groans again, his eyes squeezing closed as you feel your walls getting tighter and tighter. His face is buried in your neck, and you can feel his teeth bite the nape of your neck, hard. You squeal, Jack lifting his face towards you. His face is slightly red.

“Sorry. Bit a little hard,” he apologizes, kissing the place where he just bit. You can feel his tongue running over the mark, the wet feeling causing you to moan. Jack begins to thrust his hips back and forth, his wet dick sliding across your slowly loosening walls. You feel a slightly painful sensation as he thrusts into your walls by mistake, Jack moving harder and faster. It hurts a bit as he rams it against them, but you are focused on cradling his moving body in your arms. He is panting heavily, matching your own fevered expression as you wrap your arms around his back. An explosion of pleasure finally hits you as you feel his seed fill your pussy, finally hitting orgasm as your vagina lets out a stream of liquid. He lets out a content moan, his wet dick still throbbing inside you, and you run your fingers through his locks of silver hair. You sigh as you move your hands up and down his cool back, rubbing circles with your thumbs. Sweat is beading down your stomach, your body both hot and cold from the exertion. Jack's body also feels warm, a little bit hotter than yours. He pulls his dick out of you, both of your fluids staining the bed. His dick is sliding up against your thigh as he climbs on top of you, his semen and your cum both flowing across your leg.

“That...was...I don't...” Jack says, cupping your face in his hands. They feel hot on your cheeks, his thumbs running down your jawline. You press your lips against him, your body finally exhausted from the afterglow. He moans as his body presses closer against you, ans you can feel his body start to cool down. You laugh, causing him to look you in the eyes.

“I know...Thanks.” You say, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Jack blushes, wrapping one hand around your body. He snuggles contentedly into the nook in your shoulder, his head leaning against your cheek. You grab the covers, seeing that they were moved around a bit because of the sex. Pulling them over your naked bodies, you finally succumb to exhaustion as you hold his body close.

AN: Ask if you want more, kinks as well. First time, so critique and comments are great, thanks. Thinking of making it a full fledged thing too, maybe.

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