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LeavesofMyself: Well, after reading a vast amount of Transformers fics. I've had a few plot bunnies running around in my head. This story really only consist of just that... Tiny little plot bunnies which mostly center around Starscream. lol I love him... XD Anyway, I hope you enjoy. OH! The chapters very in length... it can be as long as a few pages worth of writing to the mere size of a drabble. Now... enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own, nor will I ever own, the Transformers franchise; all rights are reserved by Hasbro. Any and all poetry, lyrics, quotes, etc. are not my own and are properly cited within each individual chapter when appropriate. Borrowed ideas are mentioned in the beginning of each individual chapter (when appropriate) and are credited to the respective individual in which the idea was borrowed from. I do not profit from this story. Any and all events depicted in this story are strictly fictional and do not, in any way, relate to any of the Transformers series. Finally, any/all OC that might appear in future chapters are of my own creation and are prohibited from copying, unless permission is given and they are properly credited back to me.

Chapter Warning: Angst, Mild Swearing

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~*~ We need others.

We need others to love and we need to be loved by them.

There is no doubt that without it, we too, like the infant left alone,

would cease to grow,

cease to develop,

chose madness and even death. -Leo F. Buscaglia ~*~

Starscream glared indifferently at his surroundings as he took a seat to himself in the corner of the surprisingly spacious rec. room. He busied himself by tinkering with his Energon cube, too deep in his own thoughts to even begin to fathom drinking it despite his systems warning him on his need to refuel. Carefully, without bringing notice to himself, which seemed impossible in the surrounding chaos, bleeding optics glanced away from the brightness of his Energon to survey his surroundings.

It was another 'celebration', or that is the excuse Jazz had made when he pushed for this little gathering, for the 'declaration of truce' amongst factions. The very concept made Starscream sneer in distaste. It seemed that with the All Spark lost for good, there was no point to carry on in a 'pointless' war. Starscream snorted in bitter amusement at the very thought. Although the truce was mutual, Starscream could still note the tenseness between the two factions. There had  just too much bloodshed between the two opposing forces for a proper alliance to form. In fact, all that really changed was the fact that the Decepticons and the Autobots lived under the same roof. There were still vast amounts of disapproval from both factions, arguments about who did what during the war and the occasional skirmishes when things got too heated. Therefore, when Jazz so strongly pushed for permission to have a 'celebration' for the end of the war, Optimus Prime, and surprisingly Megatron, albeit reluctantly, had been all too eager to give, seeing this as an opportune moment to 'unite' the two factions, or at the very least, ease the tension that had settled like a thick cloud of smoke in the base.

So here he was, sitting with an untouched, unopened Energon cube in the very far corner of the room…. Alone. Starscream frowned, that too had been one of the endless things that had not changed. He always found himself alone, never in the company of any other mech on base, not even his trine spent much time with him. Not that he cared. He was a mech that preferred his solitude to…. Starscream glanced up at his surroundings and sneered….. It was most preferable to this. Despite the overwhelming urge to just up and leave, he couldn't. All mechs were given time off to attend this pathetic and pointless function. The Prime had highly encouraged his troops to attend for at least an Earth hour. Megatron, on the other hand, decided to threaten his own faction to time in the brig and a personal "pep-talk," as he so called, it with himself if they did not attend.

Starscream paused in thought to growl in frustration. Just because that incompetent oaf was forced to be here did not mean he had the right to force this annoying escapade on others who had better things to do. He did not was to be here, slag it!

The sudden deafening of music over the system Blaster had set for this particular occasion rocketed Starscream out of his thoughts once more. Crimson optics glanced over to the source of his newest annoyance to find Jazz at the station, seeming to sort through vast amounts of music. Starscream had to suppress the groan that threatened to arise in his vocal processor. Primus forbid! If Jazz was in charge of the musical entertainment….. Starscream had the sudden urge to rip out his audio sensors but with amazing ability, managed to suppress himself.

With the momentary distraction, Starscream took in his surroundings. Apparently many of the mechs had already arrived and the room, with a few exceptions, was still mostly divided. The Decepticons had apparently claimed the left side of the room and Autobots the right. The few exceptions only seemed to be Barricade, who had mingled in with that fleshling and his annoying yellow guardian, Frenzy and Rumble, whom had also seemed taken to the Camaro's charge, and surprisingly Soundwave, whom had busied himself with helping Jazz manage the DJ station.

Glancing around him, Starscream noticed that nearly every chair within in his vicinity was vacant. His frown deepened. It seemed that both factions had taken to avoiding him like the some fleshy plaque. Not that it bothered him. He didn't feel like being pestered, it was bad enough that he had to even attend this pathetic function.

Oh, he knew he was not well liked among…. Anybody. Slag, he was probably…. He was the most notoriously hated mech in both factions. It seemed to be one of the extremely limited things they had in common. The utter loathing of Starscream. Primus, even Megatron, the Slag Maker himself was more welcomed and accepted by the Autobots than he was. Starscream snorted in bleak amusement. Megatron, the very mech responsible for the war in the first place, stood in good graces with more mechs than Starscream could ever dream of doing. Even if he wasn't liked by a certain mech, they were at least respectful to him.

Starscream wasn't so lucky. He was constantly faced with heated optics, glares, sneers, you name it. He had already spent a fare share of his time in the brig for trying to defend himself. That's what pissed him off the most. He never started any of those confrontations. He was the victim slag it! He knew that the other mechs knew about his seemingly nonexistent fuse and used that to their fullest advantage. It never took much. Starscream could recall a certain encounter were the Terrible Twins had cornered him in one of the corridors of the base. They had mocked him by calling him "Screamer", a nickname he utterly despised, and shoving him back into the wall. Needless to say that it took Megatron, Prime, Ironhide, and Inferno to break up that fight. Starscream spent a week in that cell while the two who enticed the whole thing were let off with a month worth of second shifts.

Starscream clench his fist in building rage. Those two aft heads took every opportunity they could find to openly mock and ridicule him. He spent more time in the brig because of those two then he did for anything else…

The sound of metal against metal jerked Starscream from his displeasing thoughts as he glanced up for the source of the sound. One of the mechs, who his designation escaped him for the moment, had grabbed one of the chairs near him and had proceeded to drag it over to where others had seated themselves.

Glancing around once more, Starscream could see that all of the mechs were here, or from what he could tell. It also appeared that this pathetic waste of his time was actually working. The two factions had slowly, but surely, come together, all apparently enthralled in a dance off started by Jazz… some even going as far as to bet on the winner. It seemed to be between Bumblebee and Jazz as favors to win.

Looking away from the large group of mechs, Starscream looked around himself once more and any amusement had gotten from watching the dance off morphed into another frown. He was still utterly alone. Many of the chairs that had been lined against this particular wall had been pulled off Primus knows where and…..

Starscream sneered, what did he care? He is… was the Second in Command and Air Commander of the Decepticon army, he did not simply care that he was sitting alone in the very far, poorly lit corner of the rec. room with a simple Energon cube and darkening thoughts as the only companion. It was illogical. Starscream spent the majority of his time alone. The only time he was in the presence of another mech was when he was on patrol or came to the rec. room to grab a cube of Energon but even then he always, always ate alone in his quarters.

This unending isolation never bothered him before, not even when he was a sparkling and his creator locked him in his chamber for orns without any contact, not even a reassuring pulse through their bond. It never bother him that he spent the majority of his Academy days holed up in his dorm until Skyfire forced him out or they went on an expedition together. It most certainly never bothered him when he lost Skyfire in the storm and never bothered him in the long vorns that passed after he disappeared. Never once did it bother him when he was climbing to the top of the Decepticon ranks nor when his own trine turned the other cheek as he took beating after beating from Megatron. It never occurred to him when Skyfire betrayed him and left to join the aft-headed Autobits. Therefore, it would simply illogical for this isolation to suddenly burden itself on him. He did not, and he repeated it for good measure, did not adhere to being alone. He was a mech who preferred it.

Abrupt laughter interrupted his train of thoughts. Starscream glared at the gather group of mechs before looking away as his spark clenched painfully in its casing. Oh, he had noticed that even though the rec. room was nearly packed full of mechs with hardly any room to spare, a fifty-foot radius remained around him at all times. He was all too clear on that factor. A factor that made his spark constrict painfully once more.

Just before he could delve deeper into the strange phenomenon that plagued his thoughts, he caught sight of Thundercracker and Skywarp making their way in his general direction. Just as they were about to reach him, they veered off course and set themselves down at a table with the… Lambo Twins.

Starscream couldn't contain a hiss of utter distaste and betrayal. He found it sickening how his wing-mates could befriend the very mechs who were responsible for the majority of their tribes to Hook after a battle. He continued to glare at them, watching their every move like a hawk, rage and betrayal deepening with each careless laugh. Apparently they had found common ground among the fact that the twins and his trine mate enjoyed pranking all too much. Still, Starscream could not fathom how his trine mates could simply ignore the very important detail involving the words Jet and Judo. His scowl deepened as the red aft-head had noticed him glaring their way and waving his way, a smirk of satisfaction and mock victory glued to his facial plating. It took all the will power Starscream had to not jump from his seat and show the ground-kisser just who he was mocking.

Turning away from the scene, Starscream stared at his still untouched Energon cube. His spark remained constricted in its casing. He was not, and never in a million vorns…

The clenching of his spark worsened. Starscream quickly glanced up, noting that his trine mates hadn't even bothered to notice him, noting that the red twin still wore that disgusting smirk on his face, noting how he was still alone in the far corner of the rec. room, noting the various glares sent his way from random mechs of both factions, noting that to most present he simply didn't exist, noting that Skyfire had yet to even glance in his general direction much less acknowledge that he was even functioning, noting that the tension between the factions, though not completely depleted, was more relaxed, noting that….

Starscream fixed an icy glare to nothing in particular, finally noting that he was indeed alone, completely and utterly alone….

For the remainder of the celebration, Starscream remained in the far, poorly lit corner of the rec. room with a still unopened, untouched Energon cube and dark thoughts as his only companion, his entire frame slumped in defeat, bleeding optics broadcasting his abrupt epiphany….

Not that any human or mech alike took notice….

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