Band of Sisters

BY : The Evil Fairy
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Band of Sisters

By The Evil Fairy

Chapter One: Mother-Daughter Bonding

One bright day in Endsville Billy's house once more resounded to the sounds of his rampant idiocy. While the Grim Reaper sat on the couch, massaging his skull with bony fingers, Billy was running back and forth, his latest toy in his hands.

"Claws to the walls men!" he shouted, brandishing the action figure. It was an old British Navy Captain, one of his feet replaced by a massive mechanical claw. As he yelled, the claw popped off, attached by a small chain. It dug into a picture of Billy's Mom and Aunt Sis with the snap of cracking glass just before the chain retracted, sending the picture and a fairly large chunk of drywall to shatter on the ground. All the walls in the living room were dotted with similar scars. "Wha-hooo!" Billy spun around and dashed across the living room again.

Suddenly the front door burst open violently and Mandy stepped in, sipping on a soda. "What are you idiots doing?" She asked in her more conversational tone.

"Hey Mandy!" Billy exclaimed as he screeched to a halt. "Wanna see my new toy?"


"He's Cap'n Clawfoot!" He pointed the toy at Mandy. "Claws to the walls!" The wicked metal talon sped out towards Mandy's face, but she deflected it with a quick swing of the large paper cup in her hands. The claw bounced up into the air and came down in a lazy arc that landed it right on Mandy's black headband.

"Hey!" Mandy had no time for anything but a surprised look as the claw retracted, taking the headband with it. As two pairs of eyes and two empty sockets followed it, the strip of plastic sailed across the room, striking the wall and snapping into two pieces that fell to the ground with a clatter that echoed in the ominous silence that suddenly filled the room.

Grim and Billy both walked over and looked down at the shattered object. As one, they looked back at Mandy. The corner of her lip was up in a snarl as she growled deep in her throat. She clenched her fist, crushing the cup, and her hair suddenly sprang up into a huge, tangled mane like a blonde gorgon.

Grim raised his fingers to his teeth nervously. "Uh...hang on a second...I can fix it!" He lifted his scythe and pointed it at the broken accessory. Surrounded by greenish light, the pieces lifted into the air, hanging just in front of Mandy's glaring face. They pulled back slightly and then slammed into each other, creating a miniature mushroom cloud that left Mandy's face coated with soot.

Her growl ratcheting up in pitch and volume, Mandy lurched forward and grabbed her peons by the neck. She slammed their heads together with a loud, hollow thunk. "You space-wasters have exactly one minute to get me another hairband, or I'm gonna use every bone in your body..." she shook Grim, "to beat every inch of yours into a bloody pulp." She shook Billy and dropped them both to the ground.

"Gee Mandy, I think you look pretty good without it," Billy suggested. Mandy clenched the talons of his toy deeply into his nose and wrapped the chain tightly around his neck.

"Get moving!" Both dashed out of the room and up the stairs. They ran into Billy's parents' bedroom and began ripping it apart.

"Come on boy, your momma's gotta have a headband in here somewhere!" Grim said in a panicked voice as he tore into the closet.

"But Mom doesn't wear that kinda hair-thingy!" Billy protested as he upended his mother's panty drawer on the bed. His voice was a bit nasal due to the metal claw that was still digging into his swollen and throbbing nose.

"You're right! Come on, we'll check me trunk!" They ran out, and a moment later Billy's mom came in from the master bathroom. She clapped her hands to her cheeks in shock as she saw her undergarments strewn about the room.

"Not again!" She dashed to the window. "Five panty raids a week! That was the deal!" she shrieked, shaking her fist.

Down in the basement Grim and Billy were yanking out various profane and evil objects out of his trunk. "Here we go!" Grim held up a shiny black headband covered in gold ornamentation and jewels that looked like it came from Ancient Greece.

"What is it?" Billy asked, staring at it with his mouth hanging open.

"I dunno." Grim turned it over in his hands. "I got it at a minotaur's yard sale about nine hundred years ago." A thought suddenly struck him and he held it out to Billy. "Here, put it on."


"Because if it gives da wearer some kind of fantastic, godlike powers it'll be easier to get it away from you. Plus, it might melt your eyeballs or make your lungs climb out your throat, and dat'd be funny no matter which one of you it happens to."

"Okiee-dokiee!" With a moronic grin Billy grabbed the headband and clipped it over his butt. Nothing happened.

" do you feel?" Grim asked, tapping his chin.

"Uhh..." Billy considered the question, wiggling back and forth. "Light and flaky, with a pinch of cinnamon!"

"Good enough." Grim took the headband back. "C'mon!"

Upstairs, Mandy looked over the accoutrement with a critical eye. She tapped it with a fingernail. "What is this, glass?"

"Obsidian," Grim corrected in a timid tone, wringing his hands together nervously. "Dat's a piece right out of de days of Mount Olympus. Not another like it in da world!"

"Hm." Mandy fell silent. Between the polished stone, gold filigree and exquisite jewels it was obviously worth a fortune. She shrugged. "Eh, it'll do." She slid it onto her head, the tangled mass of hair immediately falling back into line. "For now." Silence reigned for a long moment. A loose piece of the wall came free with a crash. From upstairs they could faintly hear Billy's mother screaming at her stalkers. "I'm outta here." Mandy slid off the couch and left without another word.

After a few minutes, Billy spoke. "I wanna house made of soup skin."

"Alright...I know a guy," Grim sighed. He sliced open a portal and the two of them were gone.


Meanwhile, Mandy walked back to her home. When she stepped through the front door, she could hear her mother in the kitchen. "Mother," she called out, "I'm hungry."

There was a sudden clatter, followed by silence, followed by her mom's tight voice filled with forced cheeriness. "Oh, sweetheart! You're home already! How...wonderful!"

"Uh-huh. Sandwich. Pastrami. Smoked fontina, pickles, light on the mustard. And gimme a glass of milk to go with it."

"O-of course, darling..." Rolling her eyes, Mandy proceeded into the kitchen and took her seat at the table. Claire was frantically working at the counter to get the sandwich assembled. Finally, she went to the fridge to get the glass of milk. As she turned back with the glass, she glanced furtively at her daughter.

Suddenly, Mandy felt like her new hair band got warmer for a second. Her mother's eyes widened, and a very strange expression came over her face, completely erasing the usual fear. The glass of milk slipped out of her hand and shattered on the floor, spilling milk everywhere. Seemingly unable to tear her eyes from Mandy's face, Claire moved mechanically to clean up the mess and get a fresh glass. When she set plate and glass down in front of her child, she inhaled deeply, letting out the breath in a low sigh. Mandy blinked and lifted an eyebrow as she suddenly got the impression her mother was smelling her.

Mandy began eating, trying hard to ignore Claire as she slid into another chair and sat there, her chin resting in her hands and a dreamy smile on her face. But eventually the terrible little blonde's patience wore thin. "What is it?" she demanded, setting her sandwich down to glare back at her mom.

For just a moment the shadow of Claire's usual paranoid dread of her offspring passed over her features. She laughed nervously, tucking back a stray lock of russet blonde hair that had come free of her ponytail as she cleaned up the spilt milk. "Nothing Mandy. I...I was just noticing what a beautiful young lady you've grown into."

"Whatever," Mandy said dismissively, draining her milk and belching loudly. She was about to leave her chair when, to her utter shock, her mother actually grabbed her wrist. Mandy was taken so completely off guard that she didn't pull away immediately, her eyes traveling from her mom's hand, up her arm and to her face.

"No, Mandy," Claire said earnestly, that strange expression on her face again. "I'm being completely serious. You really are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen."

"Have you been drinking again?" Mandy asked suspiciously.

Her mom shook her head firmly. "Not a drop, I swear!" She suddenly perked up a bit with a smile. "But would you like a little something? Some wine? I could mix you something."

Mandy finally remembered to shake her hand free from her mother's loose grasp, still looking at Claire with a puzzled expression. "Seriously Mom, what's the matter with you?"

"Nothing sweetie," the older woman cooed, smiling sweetly at her daughter. "I just want to make sure you're happy. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Sure," Mandy said sarcastically, pushing her chair out a bit and turning to the side. "Why don't you kneel down right here and lick my feet for a little while?"

Without hesitation Claire slid out of her chair and sank to her knees. She took Mandy's foot in her hand and looked up at her. "Do you want me to take your shoe off first, dear?"

Mandy stared impassively down at her mother for a long moment. She was beginning to recognize the look in her mother's eyes, and its presence was more than a little surprising. "Stand up," she said, and Claire immediately obeyed, but looked just a little disappointed. "Okay," Mandy continued, sliding out of her chair and pacing back and forth in front of her mom, who simply looked down at her adoringly, "let me think about this. It's obvious this head band has some kind of power." She paused and looked at Claire, her eyebrow lifted. "Or have you always wanted in my pants and I just never noticed?"

Claire blushed and clapped her hands to her cheeks, looking to the side girlishly. "Oh Mandy! I wish you wouldn't say it like that!"

"Riiiiiiiight. But seriously, is this the first time you've felt this way?"

Her mother nodded a little, her eyes closed in a rapturous expression. "I don't know how to explain it...but when I turned around and saw you sitting there, it was like opening my eyes for the first time." She dropped to her knees and almost reverently took Mandy's hands in hers. "I suddenly realized how wonderful and perfect my little girl actually is. I don't know how I could have missed it before, but I promise I'll spend the rest of my life making up for it!"

"Great." Mandy took her hands back and crossed her arms, tapping her foot thoughtfully. "I'm going to perform a little experiment," she finally said.

"You're so smart," her mother began to gush, but Mandy held up her hand to cut her off.

"Here's the deal. I'm going to go take a nap out in the back yard. I want you to kneel here for the next five minutes. After that, I want you to go to your room, take off all your clothes and lie on your bed to wait for me."

"Oh, Mandy...!" Tears sprang into Claire's eyes and she folded her hands over her heart. "Thank you so much my little darling! You've made me so happy!"

"Yeah..." Mandy looked from side to side shiftily. "Well, let's just get to that point before we worry about anything else." So saying, she went out the back door, leaving her mother still on her knees in the middle of the kitchen.


Mandy napped in the hammock out back for about forty minutes. Her mother wasn't in the kitchen when she came back in, and the house was completely silent. She headed upstairs. Still not a sound, and her parent's bedroom door was closed. As she approached, she saw that there was a small pile of clothes next to the door, her mother's usual sweater and jeans, with a bra and panties on top.

Though her demeanor remained unchanged, Mandy felt her heart start to beat a little faster. This didn't actually work, she thought, licking her lips. Taking a deep breath and holding it, she put her hand on the knob and opened the door.

The room was very dim, the only illumination provided by the sunlight filtering in through the thick, drawn curtains. And there on the bed was her mother, lying on her side with a dusky smile on her face. Her head was propped in one hand, and the other was slowly stroking over her side. And she was, of course, completely naked. "I heard you coming up the stairs," she crooned in a sultry tone. "Mommy's waiting for you."

Mandy had one of her rare speechless moments, simply standing in the doorway with her eyes wide and her mouth open. This had been a possible outcome. She had expected the band's powers to weaken once she and it were out of sight, but it was an undeniable possibility that it wouldn't. Mandy thought she was ready for it, but seeing Claire like this...

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A thin trail of white smoke drifted out of one of Mandy's ears, followed by a brief flurry of sparks. She shook her head, and when she stopped she looked at her mother with a neutral expression. "I don't know what to do," she finally said.

Claire shifted slightly so that she was laying on her stomach, her head at the foot of the bed as she stretched a hand towards Mandy. "Oh," she cooed, "my precious little baby doesn't know about sex yet?"

"I know what sex is," Mandy snapped impatiently. "I just don't know how it works with another girl."

Her mother beckoned, "Well then come here, Mandy. Mommy has so many things to teach her little girl!"

Mandy approached the bed, standing with her hands on her hips as she looked at the sickly-sweet smile on her mom's face and the hand she had outstretched to her. "If we're gonna do this, you need to cut that out."

"Mandy, sweetie, you need to loosen up," Claire said with a sly smile, surprising Mandy once again. "Trust me, you're really going to enjoy this more if you do."

Crossing her arms, Mandy sighed and looked at her mother with a dissatisfied expression. "So," she asked, "you're just not scared at all anymore, are you?"

Looking thoughtful, Claire considered the question for a moment.  "I guess not," she finally said, a small tone of wonder in her voice. "I mean, I still know you...I know what you're capable of and what you'll probably end up doing someday." She gave her daughter a loving smile as she continued, "But really, I love you so much that I know that whatever you decide to do, it'll all be okay."

"Hmm," Mandy grunted. "So you aren't scared of me." Claire shook her head. "But you love me so much that you'll trust whatever I say or do?" Claire smiled brightly and nodded. "And you'll do everything I tell you to?" Claire nodded again, and Mandy hummed again and lapsed into silent thought. "I think I'd still prefer ruling by fear."

Claire laughed musically and wriggled forward a bit, enough to allow her to reach out and cup her child's cheeks in her palms. "Oh sweetie...that's only because you don't understand just what I mean by 'everything.'"

Mandy licked her lips again, the only outward sign of the strange, nervous feeling she was experiencing. "Show me," she ordered softly.

Claire nodded and smiled slowly and sensually. "Of course, my precious little angel. Anything you want." She sat up, and Mandy felt her breath catch a little as her mom's full, pert breasts bobbed right in front of her. Claire sidled over a bit and stroked the sheets beside her. "Come over here and lay on your stomach, honey," she murmured invitingly.

Mandy gave a little shrug and did as requested, kicking off her shoes before climbing up. She laid on her belly, her head on a pillow and turned to the side. "Spread your legs please, baby," came the soft voice of her mother, and Mandy complied. She could feel Claire settling down between them, and she felt herself quivering slightly as she began working Mandy's pink dress up and over her head, leaving her only in a white camisole and panties with a whimsical little daisy print. Once the dress was off, she rested her head on her folded arms, closing her eyes and trying to look far more relaxed than she actually felt.

The blonde sucked in a sharp breath as she felt the warmth of her mother's body drawing closer. She let it out in a ragged sigh when Claire's lips pressed softly onto the back of her neck. Her mom began gently kneading the muscles of her daughter's back, continuing to lay wet, lingering kisses along her pale neck and shoulders.

Mandy could feel a moan building in her throat and she turned her head into the pillow to muffle the sound. Claire chuckled gently and traced the tip of her tongue along the sensitive hollow between Mandy's neck and shoulder. "I know my baby never smiles," she whispered, "but that doesn't mean she can't feel good. It's okay."

"It does feel good," Mandy muttered listlessly, turning her head back to the side. "Keep doing it."

"Of course Mandy...but maybe you'd like to turn over?  I think your front needs a little attention now." Mandy rolled over onto her back, finding her mother's face just scant inches from hers. Claire opened her mouth to say something else, but she seemed unable to form a word. Her eyes were slightly dazed as she drank in the sight of her child's somber face gazing up at her, and even though Mandy knew it was largely the result of unknown magic she couldn't help but enjoy the effect she was obviously having on her mother.

After a few moments Claire gave up trying to speak, and with a soft sigh moved in, her lips slightly parted as they pressed to Mandy's mouth. Mandy could feel her mother's tongue probing for entry, and she opened her mouth, surprised by how hot Claire's mouth felt as she slid her own tongue inside. The older woman's fingers slid through her daughter's silken gold hair, and when they brushed against the obsidian and gold of her new headband, Mandy felt as if an electric current was traveling through the object into her mom. Claire groaned deeply into Mandy's mouth and intensified the kiss, opening her mouth wide as if she were trying to swallow her little girl whole. Mandy's eyes opened in surprise for a moment before fluttering half-closed again in pure pleasure.

As the kiss continued, Claire began sliding the sheer camisole up Mandy's body. Mandy lifted her arms again, allowing the kiss to break off momentarily as her mother removed the delicate undergarment. She let her arms hang loosely above her head, looking back unblushingly as her mother sat back let her eyes roam over her nearly nude body.

"So beautiful," Claire cooed in a dreamy, intoxicated lilt. "Such a pretty, wonderful, sexy little girl." She laid her hands gently on Mandy's sides, sliding them over her child's slightly pudgy belly, reveling in the almost indescribable sensation of Mandy's pale, soft and velvet-smooth flesh. The blonde girl shivered slightly and let out her breath in a shuddering sigh.

Claire's hands crept upwards to the tiny, gently rounded mounds of Mandy's baby fat breasts, topped with puffy little rose pink nipples. The massage began again, with Claire's warm hands gently pressing and squeezing the sensitive skin, her thumbs reaching out to stroke teasingly over Mandy's adorable little nipples. Mandy arched her back, pressing her chest into her mother's hand with a slow, languid sound that was half sigh and half groan.

"That's my girl," Claire urged gently, "Just let it me how much you love it."

"," Mandy said in a husky whisper. Her head turned slightly, as if for the first time she wasn't comfortable meeting her mother's eyes. "I told you, it feels good. I don't know what else you want from me, but you're probably not getting it."

Claire just smiled and lifted her hand to give a feathery caress to Mandy's cheek. "I love you sweetie. Even when I was afraid of you I still loved you with all my heart. All I want from you is to know that I'm giving you all the pleasure you deserve, without you worrying about hiding it from me. whatever feels natural."

Mandy let her eyes slide back to meet her mother's tender, loving gaze and gave a tiny, almost imperceptible nod. Claire leaned in and pressed her mouth to Mandy's and then down to her neck. As she opened her mouth, sliding her tongue over the smooth skin, she lay on her side right against Mandy, her breasts pressing against her daughter's waist. One arm slid beneath Mandy's neck, cushioning her head in the crook of her elbow. Her other hand, still resting on Mandy's proto-breast, slid over the girl's belly and down to the waistband of her panties, slipping just the very tip of her fingers beneath the elastic.

"I know it's your first time with a girl, sweetie," her mother whispered. "But have you ever done it at all?"

"Just with myself," was the muttered reply, without a hint of embarrassment. "I've gotten pretty good at it too, so you'd better have some skills if you want to do better." Mandy's voice was almost perfectly deadpan, but there seemed to be a small undercurrent of wry humor that made Claire smile.

"Have you ever wanted to?"

"Once, for a little while. I crushed his heart for making me feel that way."

Claire chuckled gently. "Good girl." She slid her fingers back and forth along the waistband of her daughter's panties, loving the sensation of the baby-soft, perfectly smooth skin. "Well let me tell you something Mandy," she continued, punctuating every couple of words with a wet little kiss on the girl's mouth, cheek or neck. "It's always better with another person, and there's nothing decent a guy can do to you that a girl can't do better."

As Claire began kissing her way down Mandy's neck to her chest, a tiny little growl of pleasure emanated from the blonde girl's throat. "Why'd you and Dad get together then?" Mandy murmured absently, squirming slightly.

Claire just giggled again. "I'm having a really hard time remembering," was her reply as she lavished her tongue all over Mandy's chest and belly, leaving the bare skin wet and glistening in the dim light. Kissing and licking the whole way, the young mother slowly worked her way down. Once she had gone low enough, she hooked her index fingers into Mandy's panties and pulled them down until the first swell of the small girl's pubic mound was exposed.

As Mandy's ragged breath increased in volume and tempo, Claire started at her belly button, placing a soft kiss on the skin just beneath it, her lips parted and her tongue just barely making contact. She placed another just below that, and another and another, leaving a trail of teasing little kisses all the way down until she was running her tongue back and forth along the cotton border of her daughter's panties.

A mewling little moan of need escaped Mandy's lips, and she ran the fingers of one hand through her mother's hair. The other came up to stroke over one of her nipples, still wet and slick with Claire's saliva. "Do it, Mom," Mandy ordered in a shuddering whisper.

"Of course, sweetheart," breathed Claire. Mandy could feel how her mother's hands were shaking as she began removing her panties. Mandy gasped a little as she felt the cool air of the room strike her exposed sex. Her plump, hairless pussy lips were pink and puffy, glistening with the tell-tale sign of her desire. The small girl's hands began shaking as well as her mother tossed the panties aside and placed her face level with her daughter's labia once again, the warm air of her breath caressing the most sensitive flesh.

Claire began almost daintily. She extended the pink tip of her tongue and brushed it all along the edges of Mandy's pussy, lapping up her sweet honey. But as that taste hit her tongue, Mandy could see her mom's eyes widen and roll back as a moan of ecstasy rattled in the back of her throat.

"Perfect...perfect...I love you so much..." Claire whimpered, tears actually standing in her eyes. She pushed forward, letting Mandy's legs rest on her shoulders as she used her body to spread them further. She opened her mouth wide, her tongue extending fully as she buried her face in her daughters sex, plunging her tongue in as far as she could and darting it in and out. Mandy pulled back and bucked forward, her eyes shut tight as she arched her entire body in time with the movements of her mother's tongue.

Claire slid her hands up and down Mandy's pale thighs as she continued fucking her daughter with her tongue. Mandy tightened her hand on her mother's hair, pulling slightly and urging her deeper and faster. "Don't stop Mom," Mandy groaned harshly. "Don't fucking stop!" A muffled, desperate moan was her only reply.

Mandy suddenly put her hands on the mattress and pushed herself up until she was almost sitting, every muscle in her body going tense and tight, her legs squeezing against her mother's head. She cried out briefly, a loud, nearly angry-sounding exclamation. The muscles of her pussy clenched tightly around Claire's invading tongue and Mandy bucked forward hard, sending a small flood of salty-sweet girl cum into her mother's mouth right before she fell backward, her hips still working up and down against Claire's mouth.

Her mother licked her clean, every stroke of her tongue making her daughter twitch involuntarily. Once she was finished she wriggled up until her head was laying against Mandy's heaving chest. After a moment's hesitation, Mandy draped her hands around Claire's head, the closest the evil little girl had ever come to a gesture of genuine affection. Claire smiled in satisfied bliss, her face still gleaming with her daughter's juices.

"Did you like that, baby?" she whispered lovingly.

"Yeah, I did," Mandy replied in a quiet tone. "It felt really...good."

"What's going on here?" The shocked exclamation caused both female's eyes to turn to the bedroom door, where Phil was standing, briefcase in hand as he took in the scene with wide, shocked eyes.

"Oh, hi Phil," Claire said lazily, tossing her husband a languid wave. "Sorry, but I'm leaving you for Mandy." In punctuation her tongue slid out to brush against Mandy's small, puffy nipple.

"Hmm." Phil left the doorway, and the sound of him opening a hallway closet floated into the bedroom. A few moments later he reappeared, carrying two small suitcases. "Well, I figured this would happen someday. Mandy, sweetie, Daddy's going to a remote desert island. Do you think you could leave me out of whatever you're going to do, for old time's sake?"

Mandy shrugged slightly. "Eh, I'm feeling generous. Just stay out of sight."

"Great! Have a nice life, you two!" He vanished from sight again, and shortly after they heard him leave the house and drive away.

"What now sweetie?" Claire asked as she traced her fingertips in a slow circle around her daughter's immature breasts.

"Another experiment," Mandy replied, her usual hard, cold tone seeping back into her voice. "Tomorrow I'm going to see what this thing does at school."

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