Paying a debt

BY : gothlover
Category: Kim Possible > Het- Male/Female
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It was just another day in Middleton, the birds were singing, childern playing and Ann Possible was getting her cunt pounded.

As she laid in her marriage bed, one would ask who was she fucking.

The answer to that question was Ron Stoppable.Now one would ask how a 18 year old male was fucking the mature red head of the Possible clan?.

It all started when Kim borrowedmoney from Ron to buy Club Banana clothes. Ron being the nice guy he was let Kim rank up a large bill. Not knowing that a fifty grand bill would be in the works.

Ron was pissed, he told her not to spend more then a few thousand dollors.

Eventhought Ron gets a royalties check from the Naco, he still would not like to have a big bill in his hands.

When he went over to Kim's house, Ron saw Mrs.DR P standing in the kitchen. Ron got a great idea.

Hi, Mrs. Dr P.

Hi Ron

Is Kim home

No, why something wrong

Just something to do with the bill. You know I let her buy some stuff from royalties right.

That's sweet of you Ron. but what is the problem.

When Ron showed her the bill she almost died.



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