Kim's had enough

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Kim’s had enough.


When Kim turned to face him Ron trembled. The look in her eyes told Ron in no uncertain terms that the red headed woman standing before him would be denied no longer.

For the last three months he had been playing the dumb routine with her in an attempt to convince her he wasn’t aware of the advances she had been making.

The problem was, he understood the advances all to well and his male libido was making it harder to stop himself and turn away her advances.

To put it delicately she was horny. Not only was she horny but she wanted him to not only know it but do something about it. Several times during trips back from missions she had begun to change clothes as soon as they were alone and without her normal ‘You better close your eyes Ron’ warning.

He had naturally reacted as soon as he realized what she was doing and closed his eyes and turned his back before she was able to show too much of herself to him. Her bra strap from the back was as far as things had gotten so far.

He had pretended not to notice that most times she had neglected to replace her bra and had taken to wearing tops that were a bit tighter than she had always worn before.

His pretence could only go so far though, his physical reaction when he noticed her nipples creating small protrusions in her top was not controllable even when he envoked his Monkey Powers and he was well aware that she had noticed his ensuing erection even though he tried to hide it from her.

As she approached him he saw by the look in her eyes that she had finally decided that enough was enough. She was through pretending she believed his act and was going to press the issue.

When they had gotten back home they had learned that her parents had been called away unexpectedly and had taken the twins with them. Their note had stated that it would be from several days to a week before they would return.

To Ron’s chagrin they had added that they had called his parents and actually asked if he could stay with Kim while they were gone to handle the housekeeping (which was not Kim’s strong suit) and the cooking (which, with Kim, was a downright disaster.) His parents had, unfortunately for his peace of mind, agreed.

He had seen Kim’s eyes light up when she read the note and had seen the grin grow on her face when she called her mother to see what had happened and found that, while it was nothing serious, the estimate on their return had grown closer to two weeks.

Ron swallowed his nervousness and knew that he had put off the talk he had been planning to have with Kim too long, much too long.

He saw Kim slip off her shoes and kick them to the side as her gaze drifted to his crotch where, even though his pants were as baggy as usual, his erection was prominently displayed.

When he saw her hands reach for the hem of her top he knew he better either say something right now or turn and make a run for it.

He regretted his words as soon as they left his throat when he saw Kim’s eyes scrunch up with worry. He quickly realized that “KP? We have to talk” was not what he should have said at any time let alone this particular moment.

Acting faster that anyone would have thought possible Ron quickly corrected his mistake. “KP! Kim! That came out all wrong. I just meant that there was something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about for a while but never found the right time.”

Ron watched Kim visibly relax but the look of lust had not once left her eyes and her voice, when she replied, was slightly huskier than normal. “Do we have to talk now Ron? There’s something else I’d really rather be doing right now.”

Ron screwed up his courage as he replied. “I know Kim. I’m not so stupid that I haven’t noticed what you’ve been doing for the last couple of months.”

Kim’s eyes opened in surprise. “You knew? You knew and you didn’t do anything about it?”

Ron continued to stare at her eyes even though his male libido kept demanding his eyes drift to her chest where her hardened nipples were clearly on display through her thin shirt. “Ah… that’s kind of what I need to talk to you about KP.”

Kim relaxed further but a worried look started to replace the lust in her eyes. “You don’t want to take our relationship to the next level do you Ron?”

Ron took a step forward and watched Kim take a small step back maintaining the distance between them. “That’s the problem KP. I do. More than you’ll ever know.”

This time when Ron took a step forward Kim did not retreat. “Then what is it Ron? Why haven’t you… I mean I’ve almost been throwing myself at you.”

Ron smiled. “Believe me I know KP. If you only knew how many times I’ve had to rush home just to… ah… relieve the pressure.”

Kim’s face flushed at Ron’s admission but a smile did appear on her face. “Then what’s the problem Ron. I want to and apparently you want to, so why haven’t we?”

Ron was sweating now that the time was here for him to make the admission he feared would end their relationship once and for all but knew if he didn’t explain himself now he may never get the chance again.

All of the rehearsed speeches and explanations fled from his mind so he floundered a bit when he started. “Well… ah… have you ever heard the expression ‘big feet, big hands, big… ah…”

Seeing Ron hesitate Kim helped by answering, “I know Ron, big feet, big hands, big dick. What has that got to do with any of what’s happening right now?”

Ron flushed at Kim’s use of the word ‘dick’ but pressed on. “Well, I case you haven’t noticed, I have big feet and big hands… so…”

Kim’s hands went to her hips and she looked directly into his eyes. “If you’re trying to tell me you have a big dick I already know Ron.”

Ron’s jaw dropped as he stood there in shock and bewilderment. Seeing his reaction Kim flushed a bit. “If you recall I was in your body for two days Ron.”

Ron finally regained a semblance of normality, “But KP, we agreed not to look or touch anywhere we normally wouldn’t. Does that mean you looked anyway even though we agreed not to?”

Kim couldn’t believe what Ron said. She knew for a fact that he looked, he all but told her so. “I seem to recall a phone call one morning Ron. You were having trouble putting on a bra, my bra, so don’t tell me you didn’t look. You had to if you were putting on my bra.”

Ron didn’t even hesitate. “Did it ever occur to you that I was having problems because my eyes were closed?”

Kim’s eyes opened wider as she considered Ron’s statement. “You mean you really didn’t sneak a peek? Not one?”

Ron huffed up as though insulted, “KP! I made a promise! When have I ever broken a promise to you?”

Kim reflected for only a moment trying to remember if Ron had ever, in all the time she had known him, broken a promise he made to her and couldn’t think of one single instance.

While she was reflecting Ron got a curious look on his face. “I gather that you however did take a peek huh?”

Kim was shaken from her thoughts by Ron’s statement. She had indeed taken a ‘peek’, as a matter of fact she had done more than peek, much more.

Kim flushed as she remembered the liberties she had taken while trapped In Ron’s body. She hadn’t meant to but considering the circumstances it was all but unavoidable.

She decided that Ron deserved the truth, the whole truth. It was partially his fault anyway. “We better sit down Ron. There’s something I have to tell you.”

Once seated Kim looked over at Ron and began to explain something she never once thought she’d have to speak about.

You remember that first night after we had our brains switched, the night you stayed here and I went to your house?

Seeing Ron nod Kim took a breath. “Well, I changed into your pajamas without any real problem, I’ve seen you in your boxers so many times I know all of them by heart.”

Kim saw Ron was still looking at her intently. “Well, I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d watch a movie or something. I noticed that there was already a tape in you VCR and…”

Kim saw Ron’s eyes pop open and his jaw dropped. “Oh My God… you didn’t, did you?”

He watched as Kim hesitated for a moment. “You know? I’ve been meaning to ask you about that ‘Ronnie’ where on earth did you ever get a movie like that in the first place?”

Seeing Ron all but freeze in place she smiled inwardly, what Ron didn’t know was that she had a few of those movies tucked away herself, only hers were on DVD’s.

Kim waited a heartbeat to let Ron squirm before she spoke again. “Anyway, I got comfortable and turned on the movie. Imagine my surprise when I saw what was being depicted on that screen. Really Ron, The blow-job girls of Go City?”

She watched Ron’s face flush a bright red as his eyes dropped to the floor and allowed herself a small smirk. “Well, I sat there stunned Ron, absolutely stunned. And you’ll never guess what happened next.”

Reaching out Kim poked at Ron’s crotch with her index finger. “You’re little friend here decided it was time to wake up, that’s what happened. Do you have any idea what it’s like to sit there with a ten inch erection Ron, any idea at all?”

Looking down Kim jabbed his crotch with her finger again. “Oh, yea. I guess you do don’t you”

Kim left her finger on Ron’s now bulging crotch as she continued. “Well. Sleeping was defiantly not going to be possible after that happened. Hell, I had trouble trying to stand up and walk. So guess what I had to do Ron? Go ahead and guess.”

She heard Ron’s voice drift up to her. “Ah… You took a cold shower?”

Kim now place the palm of her hand none to gently on the stiff appendage in Ron’s pants. “No Ron. I masturbated. I went in the bathroom and pulled off your pajamas and shorts and took that monster of yours for a test drive.”

She saw Ron’s head snap up and saw the embarrassment in his eyes as he stared at her. “And imagine my surprise when I had to jack that thing off three times before I was finally able to get to a point where I had any hope of sleeping.”

Ron looked into her face sheepishly. “Ah… S-sorry KP. It kinda does that sometimes.”

Kim almost had Ron where she wanted him. Almost but not quite. “Sometimes? Sometimes? The next night it was four times Ron, four.”

She saw Ron’s eyes drift back to the floor so she went in for the kill. “Is that normal Ron. I mean is once ever enough?” When Ron didn’t answer she pressed her hand against his erection a bit harder. “I want an answer to that Ron. It was not a rhetorical question.”

Ron’s soft voice drifted up to her again. “Ah… no? I mean yes? I mean…”

Then Ron stiffened and his head rose again. When he was looking at her in the eyes he spoke again. “See KP. That’s what I’ve been afraid of. Not only is it too big but it’s never satisfied with just once, or even twice.”

Ron sat up straight now and his eyes locked with hers. “Now you know KP. You know why I’ve been avoiding this. Are you satisfied now KP?”

Kim allowed a smile to grow on her face as she started rubbing her palm against the stiff appendage that she could feel pulsing beneath her hand.

She could tell her smile confused Ron so she finally stopped acting angry and allowed her voice to soften. “Not yet Ron, not yet. But once we get out of these clothes I hope I will be.”

AN: The rest I’ll leave to your imaginations.

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