[ Kim Possible ] Afternoon Affair

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Disclaimer: I don't own Kim Possible, or it's characters. This is fantasy fiction parody fanficition. Don't try these ideas. This not for profit, just for fun.

Over all story, Ron Stoppable, and Ann Possible have an interesting Summer. Will contain Nudity,Sexual themes, Milf, mature,straight shota, and sex.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kim Possible, or any of the characters. This a Parody Fantasy Fan Fiction. Not for profit. Just for fun.

Chapter one,

It was summer time, and school was out. Most people would spend their time constructively during the break. Kim was away at cheerleading camp. The twins were away at summer camp. After that incident with a monkey, Ron opted out of camp. He wanted to spend his summer catching up on video games, and movies. Rufus the naked mole rat, took a trip to Africa to visit family. Mr. Possible had gone to a work/vacation seminar dealing with rocket science. Mrs. Dr. Ann Possible, stayed home, because as a brain surgeon, she was needed to be on call for the local hospital. Besides, it would be a good time to do some much needed cleaning with everyone away. No one would be underfoot to make a mess afterwards. She hoped.

A few days later. Ron needed some spare pocket money. He had spent most of his allowance on a video games, but didn't have enough to go to Bueno Nacho that night. He knew Ann would be home from the hospital at this time. So went to ask her if she had any summer job for him to do.

Ron drove up to the Possible's home on his moped seeing Ann's car in the drive. He went to the front door pushing the door bell, hearing it ring inside the house. After a few minuets of waiting, there was no response.

‘Dr. P. maybe is in the back,’ thought Ron. He knew Ann was a very active person. He seen her tending to her plants when visiting Kim at this time before. Ann would always walk around wearing tight spandex shorts, and sports bra from her morning workout. Ron’s mind flashed back at seeing hard nipples poking through the thin material.

Walking to a side patio of the stylish Possible house that extended over a cliff side. Ron seen that Ann wasn’t there either. Most visiting people would have left, but Ron had a bad feeling. He, and Kim had made enemies while saving the world. Ron walked up to the sliding glass door of the patio to look inside of the house. It was bright outside, so he had to cup his hands between his face, and the glass. Then wait a few seconds to see into the darken gloom of the living room. Nothing seemed amiss. Ron pulled on the handle of the door to see if it was locked. The door slid open easily.

“ Dr. P? Are you home?” asked Ron out loud, but not loud enough to yell. Since there was still no response. This worried him enough to see if Ann was in trouble.

Being familiar with the home helped out. Ron quickly went from room to room searching. Ready to spring into action just in case someone was hiding to ambush him, or to apologies to Ann if he ran into her.

Coming to K.P.’s room, Ron’s eyes roamed over her things. He had a desperate hard decision on whether to look inside her underwear drawer. One time he caught a glimpse of her wearing a thong. He wanted to panty raid her bedroom since.

‘ No! I am a professional. I must keep my mind focused,’ thought Ron with a stern face leaving the room. Few seconds later. He ran back inside ripping open the dresser drawer. He froze as if an archaeologist had found a lost treasure. There almost seem to be a golden light shining on his face. Grabbing a hand full of soft garments shoving them into his pants’ pocket. Ron ran out of the room to complete his mission. Hopefully, no one will ever be the wiser.

Finally, making it to K.P.’s parents room. Ron remembered the last time he, and Kim played hide inside as kids. Kim had shown Ron her dad’s stash of porno mags she found under the bed. At the time Ron didn’t think much about seeing naked girls. Yet, the images stayed in his mind for years to come.

Slowly opening the bedroom door. Ron was stunned at what he seen. There was Ann lying on her back in bed. Completely naked, and tied up. A black blindfold covered her eyes. Making Ann's red hair, and pale white face seem more fluorescent. A shiny red ball gag was between her lips. Being held in place by a brown leather strap wrapped around her head. Her arms were pulled together on either side of her chest by her handcuffed wrists. Causing the exposed large breast to be pushed upward together. Pink puffy nipples stood erect. Ann's handcuffed hands were down between her upturned legs moving. Her legs rubbed together over them, but her ankles were tied together with some yellow plastic rope. Ron could hear Ann breathing heavy with a little moans escaping around the gag. Her chest rose up, and down rapidly.


Shaking himself into action. Ron went up to Ann pulling the blindfold off her head. “ DON’T WORRY DR. P!!!! I’M HERE TO GET YOU OUT OF HERE!!!,” he exclaimed. Ron reached down pulling at the rope around her ankles. It wasn’t tied in a complete knot. So Ron was able to pull on the end, and the rope loosened.

“ WWWWHHHAAAT TTTHE PPPHHHUUUKKKK OOUURR PPPHHHUUUIIIINNNGG DDUUUNNGGG HHHHSSPHHER!!!!!!!,” was Ann response with big blue surprised eyes. Ron pulled her roughly up onto her bare feet. Something caught hs attention hitting the floor with a bounce. A red cylinder with a tapered end was making a buzzing noise between Ann's feet.

‘ OH’ MY GOD! They had boobie trapped her!,’ thought Ron. The device could explode any second. Thinking fast. Ron threw Ann down unto the bed landing on top of her. He rolled them both off the side in the opposite direction of the bomb.

Using what strength he had in his right arm. Ron pulled the top mattress of the bed over him, and Ann. Laying down flat trying to cover her body. Waiting for the explosion to come with his head on one of Ann's soft breast.

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