An unforgivable night

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction! I do not know the spice girls and I do not own Kim possible, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

(AN: well im gonna try for a Kim Possible story. I got the idea while i was doing dishes the other day. So lets see how this goes. It might look a little familiar to you seeing as I am boring the scene from the Spice world movie. The part where the girls say they quit so in a fit of depression, Their manager goes to a bar to drink away his sorrows and well his co manager, finds him there and they drink and I believe they go and get it on.  I DONT OWN SPICE WORLD! So with that in mind, im gonna write and see where it goes. This site needs more Shego & Drakken stories)

Rated: M

Drakken had hit rock bottom. Not only did he save the world that He, himself wanted to take over, but he saved the life of his arch enemy, Kim Possible. When he thought he had hit the bottom hard enough, his stupid flowers had decided to come up during the televised confrence and snake around Shego, bringing her really close to him and bringing back all those strange feelings he has had for her since the Moodulator incident. Now because of that incident, Professor Dementor, would not let it go no matter how many times he denys it. So here he was, sitting at a bar, 4 blocks away from the U.N, drinking away his sorrows. As he a sip of his captain and coke, he decided to get a look at the bar. It wasnt all that great, It had a couple of pool tables on the left side, that were currently being used. On the right stood 4 tables. On the wall hung pictures of famous people, like Elizabeth Taylor, Patrick swayze, Dean Martin, President Nixion, Clint Eastwood, Tom hanks, Alan Rickman, to name a few. Just by the picture of Clint Eastwood was a stage with a karaoke machine. Drakken perked up a little bit, thinking that he could sing his woes away, but just above the machine, was a sign that says 'karaoke tuesday nights'. Sadly, it was Thursday. Drankken turned back to the bar and signaled for another tall, strong drink of Captain of Coke. The bartender, who was a cute blonde, with piercing blue eyes, nodded and went to make his drink. Drakken sighed. No one had bothered him when he first came in here. It seemed like no one really cared that the world almost came to an end. He liked it that no one bothered him. He was getting tired of signing autographs and being asked if he is gonna switch sides. He has told them all repeatedly that he didnt know, but now he wasnt sure because after the conference, Shego had dissapeared. The drink was placed infront of him and he took a huge gulp before laying his head down on the table.

"Just my luck, I ended up saving the world from being dominated, which i wanted to do, but now because I saved the world, I don't know if I want to dominate the world ever again. Man what is wrong with me?" Mumbles Drakken

"Nothings wrong with you Doc. You are just having a change of heart. Nothing a couple of Captain and cokes wont fix Doc."

Drakken looks up to find Shego staring down at him. Shego had changed since the televised confrence into a green button up t-shirt and black jeans. Drakken stared at her for a minute before turning back to his drink.

"What are you doing here Shego? I thought that since the Conference was over, you would be out looting and stealing."

"Yes, well I didn't feel like it Doc. Besides I was worried about you after the Conference. Why do you look so down?" Asks Shego

"None of your concern Shego. I am fine. Now go loot or something." Said Drakken

"Now, now Doc. Be nice. Cant i sit here and drink with you? Why cant we be civil to each other for once? By the way, how many of those had you have?" Asks Shego

"Um..I don't know-" Said Drakken

"Hes had at least 6 of those miss. Would you like one? They are on the house" Asks the perky blonde

Shego glares at the girl for calling her miss and then nods and looks at Drakken to get permission to sit down. Seeing as he didn't care, she took a seat and really looking at her boss. She has never seen him like this before and it was kind of depressing. Even when he got defeated by Kim Possible countless times, he was never like this. He would rant for hours on end and then go on to make new inventions. Shego sighs and grabs her drink right out of the girls hands and downs it in one gulp. The blonde's eyes go wide and then she rushes to make another Captain and coke for Shego. She knew who theses two were, so after talking about it with her boss in the back room, she was able to give them two some free drinks. Shego turns to Drakken and without thinking, she puts her hand on his shoulder. She knew he was gonna blow up over it, so she quickly took her hand off his shoulder. Drakken turned his head for a minute, looking at Shego before downing another captain and coke. Shego looked down and noticed another captain and coke waiting for her. So not to be outdone, she downs her drink in one gulp. Drakken watched her down it before signaling for another round. As soon as they got thier drinks, Drakken turned to Shego and held up his glass. Shego grabbed hers and they both did a silent toast before downing the drinkings and waiting for refills, which came just as quickly. They had at least 6 more drinks within 30 minutes before Drakken turned to Shego and smiles.

"Shego did I ever tell hic you that you are smoken hic hot! You could have any guy here!" Said a drunken Drakken

"Aww Doc i didn't hic know you cared! Im not hot doc. hic Guys only come and go for me. hic Once i give them what hic what they want, they slam-bam-thankyou maam hic thinking it doesnt hurt me because hic i'm a evil. But deep down hic down it really does hurt. hic" Said Shego

"I bet that hic is not true! Hell if I hic had the chance...I wouldn't use hic you like they did." Said Drakken

"Really! Hard hic to believe you would hic take an interest hic in me Doc. Im sure hic you wouldnt be able hic to handle me." Said Shego

"Well Im up for it if you are" Said Drakken as he gives her a hot, sexy look.

Shego downs her drink and looks over at Drakken. She has been thinking about it for a while now but never had a chance to try due to the fact that she had no way of bringing it up to him. She has been in love with him since the moodulator incident. After completly tearing Drakken a new one, she went into her room and thought about all her feelings about her boss. Ever since then, she has knew she was in love with Drakken. Seeing as she wouldnt have a chance like this ever again, she nodded and they both left the bar, and headed back to the hotel room for a night they hopefully wont forget...

(AN: Okay so here we go! The next chapter will be about the sex and then the 3rd chapter will be about the next day. Yes i know leaving it here is kind of cruel. But at the moment i lost my motivation to write. So please read and review!)

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