My Arch-Enemy's Wedding

BY : Jayrich
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My Arch-Enemy’s Wedding

Go City, a bastion of Justice and Truth to all who fear and despise evil. Its protectors? Team Go; a 4 (formerly 5) man team that vigilantly watches over the city from the downtown district to the Suburbs. Unfortunately, there eyes passed over the Go City Historical Museum at midnight, as a mysterious feminine figure stalked the roof, using the darkness to her advantage. She reached the pyramid-shaped skylight and stared down through the glass into the museum’s floor below. She didn’t have to search for long as her objective was right under her…an elaborate display case which held a Jade Diamond the size of a softball.

With her target in sight, she pointed her finger at the glass and fired a concentrated energy beam, cutting a perfect circle. She then grabbed the cut glass before it could shatter and set up a harness to lower herself down. Slowly she descended to the museum floor, hanging by a tensed wire. Once at eye-level with the display case, she again used her powers to cut a hole through the glass, and nabbed the priceless Jade Diamond.

“HEY, YOU!!!”

They caper didn’t go unnoticed though, as several armed guards with flashlights charged from around the corner to stop her. Spotting them, the femme burglar lifted the Diamond up to her face, and then fired an energy beam from her finger once more.


The Diamond refracted the beam tenfold, causing immense damage to everything in front of her, and effortlessly disposing of the guards. Her task finished, she ascended back to the roof of the museum, where she removed the harness and packed it up. Before she left, she took one last look at the result of her robbery. The Diamond would easily go for millions on the black market, and as she calculated the numbers in her head, she giggled fiendishly to herself, the caper complete.

“And now, for the weather…”

The flat-screen TV blared in the background as Shego sat out on the balcony, enjoying the summer breeze that came with staying in Acapulco. Wearing a lime green dress shirt with a black 2-piece bikini underneath and shades, she enjoyed a tropical punch from a coconut and took a small sip as she glanced at her left hand; specifically, the engagement ring on her ring finger. She still couldn’t believe it, in 2 days she would be married to the man she worked for, the man she plotted World Domination with, the man who stood by her side as she battled Kim Possible…


…and the man who had just rolled himself out of bed, Dr. Drakken.
“Have a nice trip?” She quipped with a grin.

Drakken didn’t answer immediately as he stood up, shaking the grogginess off. Wearing a T-shirt and boxers, he trudged out onto the balcony with her.

“Since when did you become a morning person?” He asked.

“I’m not.” Shego replied before taking another sip. “Just couldn’t sleep last night.”

“Anything I should worry about?” Drakken asked.

Shego shook her head. “No. You, however, should get your butt in gear. Practice is in 15 minutes.”

Drakken groaned. “Can’t we just put this off? I mean, I’m not exactly in the villain game anymore, why do I need self-defense?” Turning to her fiancée, Shego used her finger and lowered her shades. “Alright, alright! But don’t you have some…Bride things to take care of today!?”

Shego scoffed. “Ugh, don’t remind me. I still don’t even have a stupid Maid of Honor.”

“Well, you could always ask—!”

“NO!” Shego interrupted. “She’s not gonna be anywhere NEAR the wedding. It’s bad enough her boyfriend and my stupid brothers are attending!”

Not wanting to infuriate her further on family matters, Drakken simply turned around and headed back in the room. “At least this will give me the time to finish up my latest project!”

“Geez, not the suit again…” Shego complained.

“This suit will be my greatest creation ever!” Drakken boasted. “You just wait, Shego! It will be ‘Off the Chain’ as the kids say!”

“Yea, I’m pretty sure no kid says that anymore.” Shego replied as she joined him in the room. Putting down her drink, she went to change into more appropriate attire, when an announcement on TV caught her attention.

“And as we’ve been reporting throughout the morning, a burglary in Go Town has resulted in the theft of the Jade Diamond, which was recently put on display just two weeks ago. Security on the scene were attacked during the robbery, but were able to get the identity of the culprit, Shego.” A moment later, a mug shot of her face appeared on the screen. “A highly-skilled criminal with over a dozen prior convictions, she is said to be armed and dangerous. Authorities have started their manhunt, and—!”


Shego shut the TV off with the remote as both she and Drakken exchanged shocked glares. “Wow…you were busy last night.”

“I didn’t do that!” Shego fumed. “I mean, I COULD if I wanted, but I wouldn’t be stupid enough to steal in the city my do-gooder brothers watch like a hawk!”

“Then it is obvious you have been framed!” Drakken deduced, causing his fiancée to roll her eyes. “Don’t worry Shego, I’ll put the finishing touches on my suit and—!”

“Oh no, no, no, no, no.” Shego said, cutting him out. “I’LL handle this. I just have to make a simple call.”

Drakken didn’t like that decision. “Shego, aren’t you a bit concerned about being on the run!?”

“Oh please.” She scoffed. “What are they gonna do, send those losers from Global Justice?”


Shards of glass flew into the room as several Global Justice agents advanced from the balcony. The door to the room was then kicked in as more of GJ’s finest stormed in, surrounding the former villains.

“Then again, they might have stepped up their game.” Shego noted.

“Shego, you are hereby under arrest by the order of Dr. Director.” The lead agent announced. “Resistance will be met with force.”

Shego responded by igniting her hands. “Yea, just try it Boy Scout, and you’ll get your merit badge in pain!”

“Shego, wait!” Drakken said, halting her. “Now, I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for all of this. If we all can just—OPEN SECRET HATCH #8!!!”

The voice command registered, and the large bed lifted into the adjacent wall, revealing a high-tech chute which Drakken made a break for.

“He’s escaping!”

The formerly mad doctor was followed by several agents, but was able to shout back up to her. “DON’T WORRY SHEGO, I WILL RESCUE YOU!!!”

“Yeah, I’M gonna need the rescuing.” Shego replied, before sighing to herself. This was not the way she wanted to start her morning. Sighing, she leaned her head to the left, then the right, cracking her neck. Then, before they could blink, she flipped backwards into the air and unleashed several concussive blasts to stun them, giving her time to land and escape.


As the side wall panel slid down to reveal a hidden stairway, Shego thanked Drakken in her mind for getting reservations at the one Hotel owned by Senor Senior Sr. Though it may have cost extra, the secret exits have proven to be more than useful. She rushed up the stairway, with agents hot on her tail. Reaching the top, she bulldozed the door open and scrambled across the Hotel’s roof over to Drakken’s hovercraft, which she was also thankful for it not being in the parking lot. Spotting the agents behind her, she fired two energy blasts to slow them down, just enough for her to hop in the hovercraft and start it up. The agents launched constrictive nets to try and detain her, but it was too late as she flew high into the morning sky.

“Well THIS is just perfect!” Shego said to herself, assessing the situation. “I’ve been framed for a robbery, my fiancée’s been arrested and now I’M on the run from the Law!” She narrowed her eyes as she put the vehicle into full gear. “Whoever’s behind this…had better PRAY I don’t find them!”

It was 4pm in Go City, and the rain showered down onto the city relentlessly. Still, even with the horrible weather, the Mucho Grande Bueno Nacho located in the downtown district was packed, with more customers coming by the minute, including by Taxi.

“Here we are, lady.” The cab driver announced. “That’s $17.50.”

The lady in the backseat was Shego who, after changing wardrobe to a green trench coat and matching hat with her henchwoman attire underneath, decided to make the trip to Go City. “Yeah put it on my tab, Mr.…Rich.”

“Tab? What the—?”


The car door slammed shut as he noticed his fare was already walking towards the restaurant. Rather than get out and chase her, the driver decided to stay dry and just move on with a frustrated sigh. “…Villains.”

The taxi pulled off as Shego swung the door open and marched in. Normally she would never walk in a restaurant like this, but her growling stomach deemed it necessary. After several minutes of waiting in line, she finally approached the counter, where she saw a young teenage redhead girl behind the register.

“Welcome to Mucho Grande Bueno Nacho, where—!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever!” Shego interrupted. “Just gimme a Naco to go.”

The cashier punched it in, and a few moments later a takeout bag rose up onto the counter right between the two. “That’ll be $2.50.”

Shego scoffed, and snatched the bag before marching back out. “Yeah, like I’d ever pay for food from this place…”

“Hey! You can’t do that! You—!”

“What’s the problem, here?” The cashier turned to see her manager approaching, a large, well-built gentleman with frameless glasses and black hair.

“That lady didn’t pay for her food!” The cashier reported. The manager prepared to hop over the counter and stop her, but a closer look revealed that she looked very familiar…almost like a sibling.

“Hmmm…don’t worry about it, Kristin.” He told his employee. “You take over operations…I have to see to an affair.” And with that, the manager retreated to the back room of Bueno Nacho and shut the door behind him as a blue light began to engulf the room.

Outside of the restaurant, Shego huddled up in her trench coat and walked at a quickened pace, clutching her bag of food. Little did she know though that she was being watched; a condor hovered high above the streets of Go City, wearing a video camera which was sending a live feed to a secret location, where it was being watched by three sinister figures.

“Excellent!” A female exclaimed in a slightly high-pitched faux-accent. “Everything is going according to my plan. She can’t even show her face in public! Soon—!”

“Your Plan!?” Challenged another figure, with a high & maniacal voice. “We ALL came up with this plan! And soon, our revenge against our dreaded enemies will be COMPLETE!!!”

The third figure joined in with maniacal, yet whiny, laughter. “Yes! Shego has already been Divided from everyone she loves, and soon, she’ll be Subtracted from existence!”

“You don’t stop with the puns, do you?” The mysterious woman asked, before focusing back on the screen. “OH, she’s at the scene of the crime! Let’s watch her utterly fail!”

Indeed Shego was at the crime scene, standing on the roof that was used as an entry point. It wasn’t like she didn’t have experience with this, most of the time she’d return to crime scenes to pick-up weaponry accidentally left by Drakken, but this time it was her neck on the line.

Examining the skylight, she saw the perfect circular cut made into it. “This cut was made by energy…but not mine.” She noted to herself as she looked at her palm. “I get a hard enough time just throwing those bolts, but this was a perfect cut. Now, who do I know that can do this…and has the guts to frame me for it…?”

“Stop right there, sister!”

Upon hearing that voice, Shego dropped her head in groaned in frustration. She knew she was taking a risk coming to Go City, but she had hoped she would be spared a family reunion. Unfortunately as she turned around, she came face to face with her four brothers, reuniting Team Go.

“No, no, no, Not Now!” She responded.

Hego addressed her. “We don’t know why you’ve taken your life of crime to your hometown, but—!”

“OK, Hego? I DIDN’T DO THIS!!!” Shego barked. “I was set-up! Framed!”

“Yeah, of course you were.” Mego replied sarcastically. “Do you know what you’ve done? Do you know how badly this is gonna effect my reputation?”

Shego was quickly growing annoyed. “You know what? One more word from you, and it’s right between the eyes!”

“Wait!” One of the Wego Twins stepped forward. “What if she’s telling the truth?”

“Yeah, it’s not like we haven’t been framed before…” The other Twin added.

It was then that Shego’s anger subsided a little. She always did like her twin siblings…well, at least tolerated them. “Look, thanks for the offer, but I need to do this alone and—!”

“No, the Wego Twins are right.” Hego interrupted. “If our sister is in trouble, we must work together to do everything we can to help her.”

“Or at least lock her up so she won’t mess up—OWWW!!!!”

Mego stumbled back as Shego made good on her promise, nailing him with a blast between the eyes. She kept her fist ignited and tossed off her hat & coat, as the rest of Team Go activated their powers. “Are you sure you want to do this, sister?”

“Considering the day I had…” Shego replied. “…I can go for letting off some steam!”

After a moment of silence shared between the siblings, Hego was the first to step up. Instead of fighting though, he only tried to restrain his sister by grabbing her. Shego effortlessly dodged every grapple attempt, and had several openings for a devastating counter attack. But she too couldn’t bring herself to lethal force; instead, she separated herself from him and fired several concussive blasts at his feet. The tactic was successful as the ceiling caved, sending the Team Go leader plummeting into the museum.

Before she could catch her breath though, she found herself completely surrounded. The Wego Twins had used the distraction to multiply themselves 20-fold, and every eye was one their older sister.

Shego grinned. “You two are getting better; you even covered my blind side. But, you left one crucial flaw…”

Shego showcased that flaw by closing her eyes and bringing both of her ignited fists together, creating an energy flare that blinded every Wego that surrounded her. With their sight blinded, Shego leaped from the circle to attack her still-stunned brother Mego; but the attacked failed as he was able to shrink himself, making his sister whiff on a lunging kick. Off-balance, she stumbled right into the arms of her brother Hego, who held onto her tightly.

“Stop struggling, sister!” Hego told her. “We’re only here to help! Now, why don’t we—!”


Hego silenced himself as Team Go spotted a missile sticking right between all of them. It was only the size of a toaster, but its design struck a chord within all of them. They knew who had fired it.

“Oh my.”

“That belongs to—!”

“Wait a minute, we gotta deal with—!”

“Oh joy, there goes the wedding…”


The explosion was strong enough to knock all 5 members of Team Go off the museum roof, including Hego. The impact of his landing was nothing he hadn’t felt before, but as he picked himself up, he noticed that his sister was gone. Frantically searching the area, he spotted her in the sky, barely able to climb back in her hovercraft. The explosion did a number on her even more than her brothers. He wanted to give chase, but knew he would never be able to catch her here. Instead, he reached into his suit’s inner pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. On it, the invitation to her and Drakken’s wedding, which was in 2 days.

“Shego…” He said with concern in his voice. “If my guess is correct, we’re going to need each other now more than ever.”

Ron Stoppable needed this night.

College life can be hectic on any student, but for Ron it was the equivalent of trying to push several boulders up a mountain; something he knew he would probably do with Yori if he’d chose to study abroad. Here however, at Upperton Tech, he merely had to deal with finals in each of his classes, which resulted in the binge drinking of energy shakes, several all-night cram sessions, and one failed attempt to obtain Project FEMUS.

He survived though, and as he lay in his dorm bed wearing nothing but a pair of boxers, he patiently awaited his girlfriend, Kim Possible. Their missions together were also exhausting to say the least, but global matters have become silent, and the couple is cherishing the down time; especially Ron, who snuck a peak of the lacy white lingerie Kim was dressing into in the bathroom and was ready for a different kind of all-nighter.

Only one thing could make this paradise for him…


…and it just arrived at the door.

“Ron, was that the front door?” Kim asked from the bathroom.

Ron hopped out of bed and strolled over to answer. “Yeah, KP. Just a special order I got from Bueno Nacho. I need to get my strength up before we—WAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH! SHEGO!!!!!”

Hearing that name, Kim immediately peeked her head out of the door; and after seeing Ron in a shocked state, she flipped into the room, landing in front of him wearing her white lingerie, ready for battle.

“You’ve SO picked the wrong time for this, Shego!” She told her arch-foe. But her stance softened as she saw the state she was in. Shego was doubled over, barely able to stand as the results of the explosion from earlier were shown all over her body.

She staggered forward weakly. “And you…need…to help…me…”

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