The Bonnie Rockwaller House Party Blow Out

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“Why am I coming along?”

The question Ron Stoppable asked was legitimate. Here he was, on a Friday night, heading to a house party attended not just by anyone – it was for the elite of the junior class at Middleton High. Ron Stoppable, eternal independent thinker and social outcast, had no reason to be there.

Kim Possible, head cheerleader and frequent savior of the world, however, was invited. Miss Possible had reservations about the party, though.

“It’s going to be a little wild, Ron. I think I need a friend to make sure I don’t do something stupid.” Kim bit her lower lip as she walked side by side with her childhood friend. They were making their towards the house of one Bonnie Rockwaller, Kim’s school rival. The two were dressed for an active evening, casual but trendy (in Kim’s case) clothes all around.

“Uh, KP, last I checked, you’re the responsible one.” Run licked his hand and ran it over his hair, trying to stop the dreaded cow-lick from ruining his chances with the ladies.

“No parents, Ron. Gone until Sunday.” Kim stopped in her march towards the Rockwaller house. “Bonnie has free reign and the key to the liquor cabinet. I can get caught up in the moment with social situations. You usually...”

“Lose my pants?”

“Act yourself.” Kim smiled. “Usually. Just be there for me, kay?”

“You know I got your back, but, why do you have to go? I don’t think this has been established.”

“If I don’t go it means I’m snubbing Bonnie. If I’m snubbing Bonnie at quite possibly the greatest social event of the year, that goes down the food chain and suddenly I’m a no fun b-“

“Party pooper?” Ron offered. “That’s what you were going to say, right?”

“Sure Ron.” Kim smiled again. “Either way, it’s a bunch of cheerleader politics that you’re not interested in.”

Ron put one hand on Kim’s shoulder and said, “And I thank you each day you don’t try and include me. However, have you considered the fact that I’m technically party crashing? The Ron man doesn’t crash, at least not sans Rufus.” Ron wiped away a small tear. His pet naked mole rat was suffering from a rare African flu. He’d be well in a few days.

“The invite said ‘and guest.’ She wants this to be an adult party, somewhat, but considering all the sports teams are going to be there, it’s going to be a little wild.”

“’And guest’?” Ron furrowed his eyebrows, but then smiled. “Oh, so I’m your date!”

“This isn’t a date, Ron.”

“Of course not. Not a ‘date’ date, but still... I’m your technical date. I’m ‘and guest.’”

“Whatever, Ron. So not the drama. Let’s just make an appearance and get this over with.”

Kim and Ron headed up the walkway to Bonnie’s house. A loud beat resonated from inside. The party was supposed to start only five minutes ago, but some guests must have arrived early, as evidenced but the cars lining the street. The door was halfway open, so the two friends took a pair of deep breaths and walked in.


“What is that loser doing here?!”

Bonnie’s eyes furrowed as she saw Kim Possible, all around bitch, walk in with Ron Stoppable. This was her big night, the bash that would establish her once and for all as the alpha woman at Middleton High. She didn’t need some scrubby nobody showing up and ruining everything.

“It looks like he’s Kim’s date,” Tara said from over Bonnie’s shoulder.

“More like escort. They so aren’t dating.” Hope added her opinion from over Bonnie’s other shoulder.

“You two are so helpful. Thanks” Bonnie rolled her eyes at her already tipsy friends and stormed off from the couch where she had been sitting. Kim Possible was about to get and earful.

“Hey, the Mad Dog!” Bonnie’s boyfriend, Brick, yelled. She watched in shock as he made his way over to Ron Stoppable and patted him on the back. “Guys, the Mad Dog’s here! Now the fun can really start!”

A crowd of football players suddenly surrounded Ron, cutting him off from Kim. The redhead backed away as Ron was crushed under over 1000 pounds of testosterone. Bonnie took this opportunity to side up next to her.

“So, the loser has a few friends. They’ll probably give him some treats to do a few tricks.”

Kim immediately responded. “Sounds like all your boyfriends. Didn’t know Ron was your type.”

“As if! I don’t do reject. So not my color.”

“You’re right Bonnie. Moron is the new black!”

Bonnie and Kim smiled at each other and then turned their attention back to the mob around Ron. They were leading him over to a table with a plethora of food, from pizza to nacos. In a way, Bonnie was right. The football team had made Ron an honorary member for an eating contest against the basketball team.

“Just so you know, K, when an invite reads ‘and guest,’ that doesn’t include pets.”

“Did you invite me here to enjoy your social triumph or just to insult me, B?”

“A little of both. Just keep the dog on a leash.” Bonnie began sauntering away, but stopped and looked over her shoulder. “And he better be house trained.”
Bonnie smiled as she made her way back to her girls. The night seemed like it could only get better.


More guests arrived as the party kicked into full gear. Kegs of beer were being dragged in with each group and were being emptied just as fast. Ron had finished first in the eating contest, but had to clean up his stomach in the bathroom. He thankfully avoided all attempts by the football team to get him to do a “keg stand.” Ron Stoppable was instead looking for his best friend, Kim. He was supposed to be there for her.

He had one place left to look – the deck. Where else was it better to avoid the dangers of youth? As he began squeezing happily between two grinding cheerleaders he slammed face first into a stumbling Bonnie Rockwaller.

“Watch it!” Bonnie clutched a cup of beer in her hand, causing some of it to splash out onto Ron’s t-shirt. “Oh, itsh you.” Bonnie’s eyes suddenly focused on Ron, rather than the beer that had just fallen on her white blouse.

“Sorry, BonBon, just looking for Kim.” Ron tried to make a getaway, but Bonnie moved (stumbled) in his way.

“Sorry? Sorry! Thas it? I let you stay, here, at my hose. My. Hose. A place you shouldn... shouldn... aren’t allowed at. You should be on yo knees, gravlin!” Bonnie starting walked into Ron’s face, poking him in the chest with her free hand, right before she let out a small hiccup.

Ron took a moment to take a quick peek at the black bra suddenly outlined on her blouse before making contact with her shifting eyes. “Sorry, groveling’s not my thing. How about another quick ‘sorry for running into you’ and I go?”

Bonnie stared at Ron for a few seconds. She was trying to register two things at once – what he had said and what he had been looking at. Her addled thoughts landed on one thing.

“I know you look,” Bonnie said, walking into Ron and making him take a small step back. “You always look. Every time I fight wid Kim, every time I walk by. I don blame you. They’re better thn Kimmie Cub’s, right?” Bonnie reached up to the top of her blouse and began to pull it down, revealing a little skin. Ron’s eyes were drawn in immediately.

“B, Bonnie? What are you...?”

“Well, ya can’t have them!” Bonnie pushed Ron away and threw what was left of her beer on him. At any other party, people might have noticed. This, however, was the big blowout of the year. Only a few spectators looked over to laugh.

“Aw, man!” Ron said. “I have been marked with the stench of sin and debauchery.”

“Stop thinking you good enuf for any of us!” Bonnie pointed her finger at him one more time for emphases. “Not even Possible wood touch you.”

Ron watched Bonnie walk away, her hand flailing in the air as she failed at trying to flip her hair. She made her way over to the quite possibly even more gone Brick and was soon out of sight.

“Off the scale on the weird-o meter.” Ron smelled his shirt and reared his head back in disgust. Beer had never interested him.

Ron finally opened the door to the deck, and sure enough, Kim was there, leaning on the railing, trying to ignore a drunken soccer player who was obviously trying to score with the head cheerleader. She looked behind herself and gave a large smile.

“Oh, Ron! Boy who I came with!” Kim ran over to Ron and snaked and arm between his and led him to the other side of the deck, past a couple making out. For his part, the soccer player stumbled back into the house.

“Sorry I’m late, KP.”

“No, big. Besides, you showed up when it mattered, like you always do.” She gave her sidekick a small kiss on the cheek. Lucky for Ron, she was looking away when he blushed.

“I do what I can.”

“What happened to the threads?”

“Bonnie is a mean drunk. I couldn’t understand a thing she was saying.”

“Sounds normal to me.

“Too true.” Ron then saw a small frown on Kim’s face. “What’s wrong?”

“I hate being such a stick in the mud,” Kim said, returning to the position Ron had found her in. “I’ve never been life of the party material, but come on, beer? Sex? Other things I don’t like to think about? I just always liked, you know...”

“Hanging out?”

“Exactly. I like group parties, no lie, but this? Just annoying. Guess that makes me pretty boring, huh?”

“KP, some people cant be themselves, or really have fun, unless they let themselves go. We all can’t be comfortable with who we are. We’re just lucky we don’t have to get totally smashed to have fun. I’ve got my Ron-ness, you got your Kimness, we’re solid.”

“My ‘Kimness?’” Kim turned and smirked. “What, pray tell, does that entail?”

“You know, your Kimness! What makes you, you! You’re not as relaxed as the old Ron Man, but you know who and what you are.”

“And who am I?”

“Someone so used to following the straight and narrow, you won’t enjoy a party like this until the magical age of 21.”

Kim smirked. “Yeah, probably.”

“So, until we are forced to grow up, what you say we get out of here, hit the late night drive through at Bueno, and puke out at horror movies?”

“Sounds wonderful,” Kim said. “You get the coats upstairs, I’ll meet you at the door?”

“Upstairs?” Ron asked, looking back at the crowds surrounding the steps. “Man!”

“Job of the sidekick, my friend. Plus, your clothes already reek of beer.”

“Fine, but you cover the grande size at Bueno Nacho!”


The two friends parted ways, Kim towards the door, and Ron, to one of the most interesting nights of his life.


“Come on, how many rooms can there be in this place?!” Ron opened the door to the fourth room he had looked at. No coats, but jackpot: Bonnie Rockwaller’s bedroom.

“Know thy enemy,” he said, taking his first steps through the doorway.

Ron noticed the room was dim and he couldn’t find the light switch. The lone, lit lamp sat in the corner with a red cloth over it. Next to the lamp was an active incense burner.

“Mm, vanilla,” Ron said. He shrugged and began creeping into the room, trying to make out more, when his foot got caught in a discarded cheerleader uniform on the floor. With a cry of fear, Ron flew through the air and fell onto the large bed in the center of the room.

“I think I’ll take a quick break right now.” Ron shook his head as he sat on the bed’s edge.

“There you are!”

Ron jerked up at the words as a figure made their way into the doorway. He squinted his eyes and barely made out the face of Bonnie, her eyes unfocused, but with a large smirk on her face. The smell of one too many beers hung around her.

“Srry hun, got lost lookin for you.” Boonie stumbled in and slammed the door shut, making the dim red of the lamp the only source of light.

“Hey, Bon Bon, I think you...”

“Hey, I said no Bon Bon!” Bonnie interrupted. “Bon Bon, Bon Bon. Only my mom. And the looser.”

“About that, Bonnie...”

“Shhh! No talkie. The looser was lookin at me. He wants me. Like you. Jellin much?”

“I’m not...”

“Ys you are!” In the dim light, it became obvious to Ron that Bonnie was struggling to take her shirt off. Ron tried to stand up quick, but with surprising strength Bonnie pushed him back on the bed. “Bad boy! When Bonnie drinks, she gets horny.”

Ron gulped. He’d never been in a situation like this. It wasn’t that he didn’t find Bonnie attractive - far from it. He’d had many a nightly session involving her, and just about every other girl on the cheerleading squad. This just wasn’t right, this just wasn’t fair to her, this... is that Bonnie Rockwaller standing in front of him in her bra?

“B...Bonnie...” Ron’s baggy pants began to feel very confining as Bonnie dropped to her knees in front of him. Her hands reached for the zipper on his pants. Ron jumped again.

“No!” Bonnie tugged at his pants legs and forced him back on the bed once more. “Don’t care if yer tired. Your Bonnie wants yer cock...” She slowly pulled at his zipper, releasing his increasingly hardening dick.

“Oh, dear God.” Ron had given up. This was wrong – so wrong – but what did he care? His only interactions with women were those chasing him when he had his Naco money (including Bonnie), a short-lived relationship with Zita, a never-was with Yori, and a kiss from a mind controlled Kim. Ron Stoppable’s time was due!

Bonnie’s hand reached into Ron’s pants and fished out his cock. After some struggle to get it through the small hole in his boxers, it slapped Bonnie right in the face.

“Ugh! What the hell?” Bonnie said. She rubbed her cheek and then slowly reached out and touched Ron’ cock.

“What’s wrong?” Ron asked.

“Yer not Brick,” Bonnie said. She began stroking his shaft, feeling it getting larger in her hand, watching her fingers slide up and down the shaft. “Yer way too big.”

Ron had always been embarrassed by his large tool. Ever since puberty kicked in when in seventh grade, he’d been awkward about it. He walked weird at times because of it, and only recently had he begun growing into it. It wasn’t an impossible monster (a still shocking 11 inches, he’d checked), but it made it impossible to find a good pair of boxer shorts at times. If he hadn’t been so clueless towards sex, he might have realized what a great selling point it would have been with the ladies.

“I’m sorry, I...” Ron began.

“Bonnie likes!” Bonnie licked the underside of his shaft, from the bottom all the way to the tip, eliciting a gasp from Ron. Bonnie giggled when it grew even more and twitched. She experimented with a few more licks before kissing the head of his cock.

“Don’t care who you are,” she said.

Suddenly Bonnie’s mouth engulfed the top of Ron’s cock. He was surprised she was going to try this, considering his size. Well, actually he was surprised at how good this felt, how wonderful it was, how he had been missing out, and also hoping Bonnie would get plastered more often, but that one thought was somewhere in the back of his mind.

“Ohdeargodinheaven, booyah...” Ron mumbled. His hands instinctively reached out and ran their fingers through Bonnie’s hair. He heard her chuckle as she sucked a little more.

She began a steady and rhythmic process. She spat on and licked his shaft, then engulfed it with her mouth, sucking for a few seconds, pulling off and licking some more, and then wrapping her lips around the top yet again, each time adding more and more of his cock down her throat. Bonnie Rockwaller was a cocksucking goddess, a blowjob queen, a throat angel, a cock-worshiping devil, and her lips were wrapped around Ron Stoppable’s cock. Life was good for the boy she called “loser.” So good that he was already coming.

“Oh God, Bonnie, Bonnnie...” Bonnie batted his hands away as he tried to pull out of her mouth. Instead, she shoved what had to be the sixth inch of his dick down her throat, and then began stroking his balls.

Ron Stoppable’s cock twitched and erupted in orgasm, pouring load after load of come down Bonnie Rockwaller’s throat. She gulped each and every load, no complaints, no gagging. Ron’s first sexual experience was with a pro.

After a few more spurts, Bonnie finally pulled her lips off of Ron’s shaft, followed with a slick “pop!” sound. Ron was panting and lying back on her bed. He didn’t even struggle when Bonnie began to remove his shoes, followed soon after by his pants. After all, they normally fell off anyway. Hell, why not his boxers too, who needed them? He also barely noticed the sound of a skit being removed. Or a bra being unhooked. Not until said bra had been thrown on his chest, followed by a pair of black panties on his face soon after.

“Time fer round too!” Bonnie giggled and then hiccupped. She reached down between her legs and began rubbing her pussy. “So wet fer yoo.”

With wide eyes, Ron began to backpedal on the bed. Taking advantage of her for a blow job was one thing, but sex? With no condom? This was rape, pure and simple and...

“Stop struggling!” Bonnie’s naked body crawled up Ron’s as she straddled him, rubbing her pussy over his cock. She leaned down and nibbled and one of his ears and then looked him square in the face. Her expression suddenly hardened and her eyes focused.

Snap, he was screwed... and not in the way Bonnie had been planning. She would realize she was about to deflower the loser, scream, kick him out, and then Ron would be naked in a house filled with all the cool kids from school, as well as KP. What had started as the greatest thing to ever happen to him would become the worst thing, just as soon as she screamed.

What he heard instead, though, was a small laugh. Afraid, Ron tried one last time to push her off, when suddenly her hand tightened around his shaft.

“Nuh uh!” she said, “It’ll be fun.” She might not have recognized him, but in that moment of fear, he had one last surge of clarity.

“I, I don’t have a condom,” Ron said, against his better judgment.

“Don’t care. On the pill.”

“That, that isn’t foolproof and...” Ron struggled, “Your boyfriend.”

“Don’t care. Yoo want Bon Bon. Yoo do.” Bonnie laughed again as she dragged her pussy up the shaft one more time, holding it close with her hand.

“Yoo got hard for Bon Bon so fast.” Another rub up and down the cock, another laugh.

“Bon Bon knows yoo want her,” she said yet again, poising Ron’s cock under her pussy. “So have her.”

Bonnie slid her slick, wet pussy down Ron’s shaft in one swift movement, stopping halfway down. She moaned in unison with the virgin beneath her.

“So big,” she mumbled, giggling, “Course it is.” She slowly inched her way down. It took minutes, her pussy walls adjusting to his girth, his length. Ron enjoyed every single glorious moment of it, his hands roaming her legs, her ass, the porcelain smoothness of her stomach, all in an appreciative grope.

“Bonnie, oh Bonnie!” Ron moaned.

“So good...” Bonnie had at least eight of his 11 inches in and was getting impatient. She wanted all of it. Biting her lower lip, she forced the last three inches into her pussy, squealing with pain.

“Ohmanohmanohmanohman!” Ron rambled, his hands suddenly holding her waist in place. Ron felt complete, becoming truly whole, his body flushed and alive. He had completely lost his virginity to Bonnie Rockwaller. He couldn’t believe it.

Bonnie took a few deep breaths, glowing in the fullness she felt. It was so much more than she had ever felt with Brick or her few flings. This was the greatest feeling she’d ever had. She could only hope she’d remember it. Slowly, after at least five minutes of gyrating and adjusting, she pulled herself up a few inches, and then slammed down again.

Up and down, up and down, Bonnie’s waist raised higher and higher, the pace of their fucking increasing, the tempo speeding up to a furious, passionate cadence. Bonnie grunted with every bounce as she tore Ron’s hands off of her hips and placed them on her bouncing breasts, helping him squeeze them. It took him a few sueconed of discovery, but soon he was massaging her nibbled, making her moan.

With his hands touching the greatest prize they had every held, Ron’s hips began moving at a mad, quickened pace. He was out of control, feeling more pleasure then he’d ever felt in his life. This was the greatest party he’d ever been to! He could only hope it would never end.

Thanks to the blowjob, Ron held out going on ten minutes. The new feeling finally adjusted, and Bonnie was close, so close. She knew just what would send them both screaming over the edge.

“I’ma slut,” she said between grunts. “Cll me a slut.”

“Wh... what?” Ron asked as he raised his hips to meet hers.

“I’m a kinky lil slut. Yer slut.”


“Say it!”

“You’re a slut.” Ron felt a sudden surge in his cock. He had just called Bonnie Rockwaller a slut! At her request!

“Who’s slut?”

“My slut!”

“What am I?”

“My, uh, my bad little slut. My bad, bad, uh, naughty slut.”

“Bon Bon needa spank.”

“You what?”

“Needa spank. Bon Bon needs a spank!”


“Do it!”

“You ARE a slut!” Ron said, smacking her ass lightly.

“Again!” Another smack, followed by another. “Harder!” Ron obliged.

Ron was enjoying this, being egged on by the girl, who’d been insulting him since middle school, to spank her. Now, he was punishing the little slut. It was so hard not to go over the edge.

“Bonnie, I...”

“Want to come in yer slut? Yer nawty slut?”


“Come side me! Please! Oh... oh...”

Bonnie shuddered in release, her juices soaking Ron’s shaft, pushing him over the edge as well. Bonnie felt a warmth rush through her as Ron’s come poured into her body. Her body shook with pleasure as she mewed with bliss. Ron grunted with each spurt of come, his body overcome with ecstasy.

After a few moments of their forms staying in an orgasmic, frozen reverie, Bonnie fell forward on Ron’s chest. She weakly kissed him on the cheek as she let out what could only be called a contented purr. For his part, Ron mumbled a “booya.”

“Looser.” Bonnie snorted as she rolled off of Ron’s body and passed out, tired and drunk.

Ron might have wondered why she called him that, considering she shouldn’t have known it was him, but he couldn’t, having fallen asleep after the most amazing night of his life. When he awoke, he would have to thank the man who invented alcohol.



Thanks for reading! I have more to come – the fallout and what have you – if there’s an interest. I’m going to be returning to my other story and can double duty. – Ice13/zatanaslover

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