Middleton Anal Queens

BY : RC Williams
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Disclaimer: I don't own Kim Possible. I don't make any money from this story.

Middleton Anal Queens

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters from the show Kim Possible. I also am not making any profit from this story. I'm just writing this for fun.

Chapter One: Kim

The two best friends Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable just came back from another mission. The mission was to stop Drakken from using a ray to enslave mankind. Unbeknownst to Drakken, the ray wasn't an enslaving ray, but another type of ray, a ray that'll cause any girl to have sex with the guy that been zapped by it. After hitting the self-destruct button, Ron got accidentally zapped by it.

The auburn haired crimefighter observed her blonde haired best friend as he held his head in his hands. "Are you okay Ron?"

"Yeah KP. I'm fine. You?"

"Totally spankin' Ron." She replied as she entered the front door of the Possible home. Ron followed her in and greeted Kim's mom. "Hey, Mrs. Dr. P."

"Hey Mom. Is dinner ready?"

Dr. Anne Possible was in the kitchen dressed in a blue dress with an apron. The brain surgeon turned around and greeted her daughter and her best friend. "Hey Kim, Ron. No not yet but it will be done soon. You two just relax and I'll let you know when it's ready."

"Um Mrs. Dr. P?"

"Yes Ron?"

"Where's Mr. Dr. P and the twins."

Anne placed her hands on her hips. "James's at the Space Center working on some new project and it could take all night. The boys are at soccer practice and they're going to spend the night at a friends' house."

Ron nodded as he watched his best friend's mom returned to her cooking. He couldn't help but to notice Anne's butt and how it looked in that dress. Now I see where Kim gets her big butt from. He thought. His best friend stood at the top of the stairs and watched him. "Ron."

Ron snapped out of his daze and his gaze as he looked up at his best friend. He blushed as he knew that he was busted. Kim came down and grabbed her friend by the hand. "Come on Ron. Let's watch TV in my room." She led her best friend to her room and pushed up the door. Ron sat in a near by chair as he prepared himself to watch TV with his best friend. Unbeknowst to him, Kim has other plans for the ray had already took effect.

Kim started to undo her pants. Ron started to protest to what Kim was doing. "Kim what are you doing? I thought we're going to watch TV?" Kim took her pants off and stood in her mission shirt and panties. She pushed up her room door and turned on the TV. She went over to her bed, reached under the mattresses, and pulled out a DVD. She opened the DVD case and placed it in the DVD player. "We are Ron." The young female smirked afterwards.

The green eyed hero turned on the TV and started the movie. "But first, I want to try something." Kim walked over to a seated Ron as she smirked.

"Um.. what do you have in mind KP?"

Kim pointed at the TV. Ron looked at the TV as it showed a cheerleader who was sucking off a football player. Ron was shocked at what he's watching. "KP! This is a..."

Kim giggled as she saw her best friend's expression. "Yes Ron. It's exactly what you think it is but what she's doing now it's one of the things I want to try."

Ron's face softened as he wondered. "What else you want to try?"

Kim pointed back at the TV as the football player started to have anal sex with the cheerleader. Ron's eyes went wide. "That? But.. I don't want to hurt you KP."

The auburn haired captain went over to Ron, bent down and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips. " I know you'll be gentle as you can." Kim removed her panties before she straddled her best friend's lap. She kissed on her friend's cheek and neck to help relax him. "So, you want to do that with me?" She asked her friend as she slid her hand in the waistline of his pants. Ron stammered as he tried to get something out but he only meeked out. "Yes."

She smiled as she placed another gentle kiss on his lips. She got up off his lap and started to undo his pants. She reached in his pants and through the opening of his polka dotted boxers and pulled her best friend's member out. Kim smirked as she saw how ready he was. "Looks like you're ready. I'll still do that the thing though." She replied as she began to jerk him off.

Ron moaned as he felt the soft hands of his auburn haired best friend gently jerk him off. Kim looked at the expression on Ron's face as she continued to give the handjob. I just hope all of the practicing I've been doing pays off. She thought. She stopped the handjob and licked the tip getting a moan from her blonde haired best friend. She prepared herself to start the blowjob. Well here goes nothing.

Kim began to suck her best friend off. She took the tip of his member and sucked on it gently. Ron moaned as he felt the tip of his member in his best friend's hot mouth. So far so good. Kim thought as she began to suck on head of his member. I'll try this. She began to deep throat him and massaged his balls. Ron gave a loud moan from Kim's ministrations.

"Mmmm... that feels good KP." Ron moaned out. Kim stopped and started another handjob. "Like it so far Ron?" Ron nodded as he moaned. "Spankin'. I want to make sure that it slippery so it doesn't hurt." Ron looked at his best friend as she continued the handjob. "But would it hurt for a first timer like you KP?" Kim looked at her best friend in his eyes. "Well, I've had some practice taking it with some toys."

"You had practice? When?"

Kim giggled. "Ron, I'll let you think about that." The auburn haired cheerleader stopped the handjob and continued with the blowjob. Ron moaned as he ran his hands through Kim's waist length auburn hair. Kim started to speed up the blowjob as she jerked off the other half of his member. She stopped sucking on his member and started licking the bottom half of it to make sure its very slick.

When she got it to the slickness she desired, she stood up and helped Ron to his feet. "Okay Ron, I'm ready to do this." Ron looked at his best friend with a look of concern. "Are you sure KP?" Kim took Ron's face in her hands. "I've never been more sure. I want to do this Ron." Ron saw a determined look on Kim's face. He had no choice but to go with it. "Okay KP. I'll do it."

"Good. Now let's begin." Kim went over to her bed and bent over while she placed her hands on her bed. Ron got behind Kim and rubbed her bare butt getting a moan from the cheerleader. "I'll be gentle as I can, KP." The blonde said as he gripped his hard member. Both friends took a deep breath as Ron lined up and placed his tip to Kim's back door. Ron inserted in Kim's back door slowly getting a slight moan in pain from her.

Unbeknownst to the best friends, a pair of blue eyes watched everything that was going on. They was shocked to see what was going on but they liked it.

Ron stopped and checked on his friend. "You okay Kim?"

"Yes Ron. Just give me a minute to get use to it." Kim moaned out. After the pain went away, she gave Ron a nod to continue. Ron inserted another couple of inches until he couldn't go any further. Kim moaned from the pain. "Just give me another minute, Ron." Ron rubbed his best friend's backside as he waited for his friend to give the word. Twenty seconds later, the auburn haired cheerleader nodded. "Go ahead Ron." Ron began to pump in his best friend's backside slowly making sure that he doesn't hurt her.

Kim enjoyed the feeling of having Ron in her butt. She moaned softly from Ron's slow pace."Mmm.. this feels so good Ron. Just like that." Ron stopped for a second to widen his stance and resumed pumping. With the stance widened, Kim felt Ron penetrated her butt deeper. "Oooh.. you're in me so deep Ron. I love it." Ron continued the deep slow pace as he rubbed Kim's butt. Kim continued to moan from the slow pace as she felt Ron's hands slowly snaked up her tee shirt. Ron rubbed, kneaded, and played with Kim's perky breasts.

"Mmm.. go faster Ron." Kim begged her best friend as continued the slow pace. Ron obliged her as he began to speed up to a moderate pace. Kim moaned loudly from the moderate deep pace. "Oh.. so good Ron. Faster, faster." Kim begged. Ron smirked as he sped up again to a fast pace. The male blonde gripped Kim's hips for more leverage until minutes later. "Kim.. I can't hold it anymore." Ron gritted through his teeth. The auburn haired moaned out. "Give it to me. Do it. Let it go."

While this happened, the pair of watching blue eyes left the two teens to finish their experience.

Ron groaned and emptied his load in his best friend's ass. This caused Kim to climax herself and tensed up before both of them collapsed on the bed. After a brief moment of silence, Ron spoke first. "Now.. I see why your Mom gave you that nickname."

"What nickname Ron?" Kim asked after regaining her voice.

"Bubblebutt." Ron said as he gently swatted Kim's ass. Kim giggled after the playful swat. "Let's get cleaned up before Mom finds out." Ron pulled out of Kim's ass and stood up. Kim stood up as well, bend down and picked up her panties. She quickly slipped them on, opened her bedroom door, and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up.

Anne finished cooking and let Kim and Ron knew. "Kim. Ron, dinner's ready, kids!"

"Okay Mrs. P, Kim's in the restroom right now. I'll let her know." Ron yelled out as he turned off the TV.

"Sure thing Ron." Anne yelled back as she put the finished touches on dinner.

Kim and Ron cleaned up after their little activity, got dressed and headed down to the kitchen for dinner.

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