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A girl about Melodey's age is reading a book on ships though the past.

(Why do I read these things? I get why some people say their boring cause most times their the same nut, I don't see it that way. )thought Cassy.

*Her mom worked to what seemed to Cassy all the time.
She worked at a office.*

Mean while... Melodey is at a friends place having fun.
But there's always something on her mind lately. else where in the sea... A plan was being formed by someone people thought wouldn't be able to cause trouble anymore. He hadn't shown up in the past sevral years but, he knew his sisters were now gone & unable to help him.*

So, what's going on in the world now days? he thinks to himself.

He looks though a magic bubble. (like in the first movie)
He sees what happened to his sisters & who did it.

Hmmmm. plans are forming in his head.

He started the spell he need to do his first part of the plan.

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