In the Mist of Gorilla Fist

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In the Mist with Gorilla Fist

Chapter 1

“Why do we even have a cat door? We don’t even own a cat.” An anguished Ron Stoppable cried out as he completed the task of locking and bolting the front door shut on his parent’s house. His father was highly allergic to animal fur, hence the fact that no cat lived within the Stoppable residence. There was however a strange little pink creature that went by the name of Rufus who at that moment pushed his way through the small opening greeting his human pet with a courteous how do you do.

Not content with the usual degree of paranoia Ron took his phobia up a notch, sliding a large cabinet in front of the portal there by blocking the way for all sundry persons who wished to enter.

It had started out as a normal day, well at least normal from his point of view. High school classes during the day fallowed by a rare brake in the lunch division where the cafeteria menu had one of his favourite dishes, cheese pizza, albeit on cardboard but cheese was after all cheese. Finishing his second helping Ron excused himself from the table he had been sharing with his best friend Kim Possible and another close associate Monique. Unfortunately what greeted him was disappointment for not only was there no more pizza but behind the counter was what could only be classified as a disembodied spirit marking his name on the wall in mystery meat gravy. It hadn’t been a pretty sight.

Now safely locked away in his own residence, hands on his hips Ron looked at his handy work. No one was getting through that door. Unfortunately for our young hero there is always more than one entrance into any house.

A shadowy figure effortlessly slide through one of the other entrances, mingling with the gloom the form made its way all the way through the house, into the main area. Creeping up slowly behind the unsuspecting Mr. Stoppable the figure made ready to pounce.

Slowly turning about Ron’s hair stood on end, giving a high pitched screech as he finally noticed the form behind him.

“I am sorry if I startled you Stoppable-san.” The shape apologized and the hood quickly removed.

“Yori?” Ron was pleased to once more cast eyes upon his female friend from the Ninja collage he had attended almost a year ago. “No…no…no that was just my…um…screams of courage.” He quickly lied, trying to avoid looking like a scaredy cat.

Yori bowed slightly from the waist “Your bravery is needed once more. Sensei is missing and this was found in his quarters.” Pulling from deep inside a hidden pocket the young ninja girl produced a thin piece of paper folded neatly in quarters. When the outer crease was opened a piece of dark fluff was held in the very center.

The tiny naked mole rat clambered up to the vantage point perched his pets shoulder, there he let out a gasp of shock exclaiming monkey.

Looking grimly down at the fur Ron stated rather grimly “I’m going out on a limb here and say Monkey Fist.”

Just as the words emerged from his mouth a strange form materialized from out of nothingness. Its greenish blue colours swirled about in random patterns mixing in with the background walls. The pounding in Ron’s chest grew more pronounced as his ghost began to materialized once more before is eyes. Then suddenly the image became clear together and there in an almost ethereal form sat sensei, hovering at least several inches about the coffee table.

“Stoppable…” the figure cried out feebly before tumbling over and vanishing from sight.

“It is sensei trying to contact you!” cried Yore pointing to where the now misplaced likeness had once been.

“Ya why not terrify when you can just pick up a phone.” Ron retorted sarcastically.

Ignoring the snide comment Yore continued “Once again Ron Stoppable I call upon your bravery in our time of need.”

“Ok we’ll have to talk to Wade.” A somewhat dejected Ron answered.

Quickly Yori interjected “Have you forgotten your solemn vow never to mention the school.”

“But without Kim or Wade how will we..?” His voice trailed off not knowing how he could help this poor girl.

“Do not worry Stoppable-san the schools past graduates are here to help.”

Ron scratched the back of his neck wondering just how they could accomplish
that. His single week at the educational facility had not prepared him for the complex world of ninjas, nor did it explain how Yori’s fellow ninjas were going to allow this pair of teens to get where ever they needed to go.

“Now Stoppable-san we must prepare for our adventure tomorrow. Where is your bedroom? We…ah…must get packed for all eventualities.


Looking with more than just a little bit of satisfaction at the very large pile of neatly packed equipment that just might be needed for the upcoming rescue mission, Ron with his hands stabbing into his hips was ready for action. He would worry about getting it down the stairs and out the door tomorrow.

“Good work Stoppable-san we have everything ready for our search to locate Monkey Fist.” Yori stating the obvious, she just wondered why the young man needed all this equipment. “But I have made one slight error in my packing.” Pointing to a rather insignificant pack

Turning Ron glanced over at her; it was so un-ninja like to forget a important piece of equipment. “What did you forget?”

“I seem to have neglected to pack my sleeping attire.”

She had a nervous smile and her cheeks showed a slight tinge of red but she didn’t seem sorry in the slightest. “You do not mind if I borrow these…just for a short while?”

“Those are the tops of my pyjamas. What am I gonna wear?”

“It will be my honour to share the tops while you wear the lower section.” Bowing from the waist the exotic ninja girl disappeared out the door and down the hall to the bathroom.

He seemed to be sighing quite a lot tonight. With his shoulders sagging under more than a little weight Ron watched the lovely young woman leave the room carrying his pyjama shirt. Slowly he began to undress, struggling he began pulling both the red sports jersey and the long sleeved black t-shirt underneath. Doubled over with his arms caught just as securely as his oval head Ron stumbled about the room crashing into bits of furniture. “Rufus!” he cried in desperation.

The little naked mole rat rolled his eyes in annoyance continuing to go about the business of getting himself ready for bed.

The problem was finally solved with Ron stomping both feet firmly upon the ends of the fabric and hauling his thick skull out. That was the problem of having larger ears they tended to get stuck easily. After rubbing the offending bit to help get the blood flowing once again he returned to the more important task. Kicking the shoes from his feet, while once again neglecting to untie the laces, next the battered old socks got pull wrenched off from the toe elongating the fabric even more. Ron’s pants had never been a problem, at least not in the removal category. With the simple flip of a button they pooled about his knees, these along with the rest were dumped, almost, into a laundry hamper. The remainder of his clothing, a pair blue with white pock-a-dot boxers slides down his muscular legs and over his big feet, it, like the rest almost made it into the basket.

Casually scratching himself Ron leaned over grasping hold of his remaining article of night clothing. Lifting one leg he slid it into the appropriate hole, and then he proceeded to do the same with the other. The elastic was not what it once had been so the top of the bottoms sagged on one side, hanging down just enough to expose part of his buttocks.

A slight creak echoed from behind, quickly turning he noticed Yori leaning against the door jam smiling. “Sorry Stoppable-san I was just admiring the view.” She stated in a rather coy tone of voice.

Turning Ron looked out the window, he didn’t see anything but the black night, there was no view to see. Oh wait she meant him. Turning a shade of scarlet he giggled in a very American style of embracement.

Her smile was radiant and her dark eyes sparked, obviously she had enjoyed the show. Gone was the ruby red sash that kept the bangs from covering her eyes. The jet black hair rippled to just over her shoulders. His dark blue tops covered only so much leaving her lovely well muscled legs jutting out from the hem line. Cuffs of the shirt were too long leaving only the tips of her dainty little fingers poking out from under the fabric. Ron sighed she was so incredibly sexy dressed the way she was. Several buttons remained unbuttoned at the top exposing the curve of her wondrous round breasts. Other fastenings were open at the base and if one looked closely enough, which Ron did, the observer could see just a hint of her dark curly black hair exposed.

The corner of his lip twitched several times as he drank in the enchanted vision standing before him. “Where…ah….where…are you going to sleep?” he stammered, if he had a collar he would have been pulling at it.

One pencil thin eyebrow rose ever so slightly but she refrained from saying the obvious. Another nervous smile as his cheeks turned crimson. Placing his sweating palms together he bowed deeply from the waist “It would be my honour to share my humble bed with a girl as beautiful as yourself.”

Returning the bow she smiled “I am humbly pleased to be allowed into your bed chamber. Now we have a busy day tomorrow so we must get some rest.”
That wasn’t quite what Ron had wished to hear.

With a heady sigh Ron pulled down the covers of his bed and climbed inside. Still with a pleasant grin Yori climbed upon the very foot of his bed and then proceeded to crawl the length of the matrices in a similar fashion to a very sexy kitten winding its way about its enclosure. It was a beautiful view, not only did her eyes smoulder like embers in a flame but the loose fitting garment hung down revealing the wonderful roundness that was her breasts. They swayed in beautiful harmony with her every exaggerated movement. Ron didn’t bother looking he knew that his penis was in full erection mode and nothing was going to get it to loosen up.

He never got to see but the lovely young ninja slide under the covers next to him, the fabric of his nigh shirt rose up revealing a lovely firm backside as well as the juicy treat that made its home on the other side of her pelvis. There she snuggled in beside, her head resting upon his shoulder, hands rubbing against his barren chest. For him one arm gracefully draped around her waist cupping the flesh of her bottom.

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