More than meets the eye

BY : slayer-of-evil
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Disclaimer: First off I DON'T make any money off anything I write here. I don't own He-Man at all or, anyone else from the show or, the show it self.

Adam: Why do you ALWAYS compare me with He-Man!?
Teela: Because being what you are you should be fighting with him.
Adam: Someday maybe.

~only if you knew, if you really knew~ adam thought.

Mean while... In the Study

The King: I think that Teela would be good for Adam.
Man at arms: I don't know about that they can be Very different from each other.
The King: This I know that but, when it comes right down to it they are at very least friends & with this hopefully they'll begin to fall for each other.
Man at arms: I see your point, Your highness.
The King: So, it's oranged then.
Man at arms: It's going to surpize them that's for sure.
The King: I'm sure it will.

They raise their glasses & toast to the future.

Mean while...

Well, there's things about me you don't know. Adam replied.
Well, Everyone does.
So, quit bugging me to change.
That won't happen.
Look even you should know that by now not everyone is the fighting type. Adam tells her.
How dumb do I look I KNOW that! Believe me I know that to well.!  she begins to yell.

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