Study Date

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Study Date – Part 1: First Date

*Author's Notes: My friend aidenke wrote this story a few years ago, but never posted it anywhere. He gave me his permission to post it here (after some gentle badgering :P). Sadly, it's incomplete, but the parts that are written have plenty of fun stuff. Enjoy! Part 2 should be up within the next few days.

Kim walked down the Middleton street slowly in the mid-afternoon sun. Cheerleading practice was over with, and it was time to move on to the homework. That morning in her biology class, the year’s final project had been announced, and it was a project to be completed with a partner.

She figured that she’d just work with Ron like always, or with Monique, but the partners were assigned by the teacher and out of some twisted sense of humor, the teacher assigned the one person who made her more nervous than mad scientists and evil geniuses bent on world domination: Bonnie Rockwaller.

Kim gazed into the sky overhead and sighed. It is true that Bonnie had mellowed seriously since Brick left, and after her college acceptance came in. In fact, past weeks she had been downright pleasant. Kim figured that the other shoe would fall sometime, and she just hoped that other shoe could wait until their assignment was turned in and complete.

Coming up to Bonnie’s house, Kim rang the doorbell and put a smile on her face. A few moments later, Bonnie’s mother answered the door.

“Oh, hello Kimmie!” Mrs. Rockwaller exclaimed with a smile. “Come in! It’s so good to see you again!”

“Hi Mrs. R.,” Kim replied with a smile of her own. “It’s been a little while.”

“Too long,” Mrs. Rockwaller confirmed. “I heard that you are working with Bon-Bon on the science project?” Kim could swear that she heard Bonnie growl from somewhere else in the house.

“Yeah. We get to write a twenty page report by the end of next month for almost a third of our grade,” Kim replied.

“Mom! I told you not to call me that anymore!” Bonnie fumed, coming around the corner. Mrs. Rockwaller simply smiled and laughed to herself. “Hey Kim. You made it alright?”

“Yeah,” Kim replied. “Sorry it took so long. I had to clean up after cheer practice at the school, since I didn’t want to… offend.”

Mrs. Rockwaller interrupted, “You would have been welcome to shower here, Kimmie.”

“Mom!” Bonnie implored before taking a breath and turning back to Kim. “You want to come on up and get started?” she asked, gesturing up the stairs.

“Sure,” Kim said, following Bonnie up the stairs after removing her shoes.

“It’s just back here,” Bonnie said as they rounded a corner in a hallway filled with family pictures. She pushed open a heavy wooden door and the pair entered Bonnie’s bedroom. Inside, her bed was ruffled slightly as if she had been laying on it. There was a large sketchpad tossed to one side of it, and her desk was covered in papers and folders and all sorts of art supplies.

“Thanks for coming over Kim,” Bonnie said, flopping down on her bed. “I’m sure that you had other things you wanted to do to start a weekend.”

Kim smiled. Was Bonnie actually being nice? “No big,” she said. “To tell you the truth, I’m glad to get an early start on it.”

“Oh my God, you are so not kidding,” Bonnie agreed. “The last thing that I want to be doing at the end of May is worrying about this science project…”

“I know that feeling. The weather gets nice, and it’s impossible to concentrate,” Kim said, gazing out the window at the new leaf buds on the trees.

“But speaking of not concentrating,” Bonnie began. “How is the cheer squad coming along? The new captains…?”

“They’re doing alright,” Kim said. It was Kim’s job as captain to make sure that everything was in order for when she graduated in a few months. That meant helping the juniors get though the transition. “They’re going to be fine. Tara’s been helping out too. It’s just a matter of trying to cope with the least amount of drama possible. At least, as little drama as a high school cheer squad can have.”

Bonnie laughed, nodding. “We both know how that goes.”

“Not like we didn’t perpetrate our own fair share,” Kim said with a grin. “But what have you been up to since the rest of you gals left the squad?”

“Well,” Bonnie said, glancing over at the easel that stood in the corner of the room, leaning against the wall. “I’ve been trying to put together a portfolio of the school I’m going to in the fall.”

“Portfolio?” Kim asked. “Are you going to an art school?”

“Yeah,” Bonnie replied. “The Upperton Art Academy.”

“Wow,” Kim observed. “That’s a pretty high level school. I had no idea that you’d gotten in there. Congratulations.”

“Thanks,” Bonnie said with a faint smile.

“You don’t seem too positively thrilled about it though,” Kim said after a moment’s pause.

“I am,” Bonnie started, turning her gaze to a large black case that had a few papers sticking out of its open zipper. “But this portfolio project is kicking my butt like none other. I just can’t seem to get it finished right…” she trailed off.

“Artist’s block?” Kim asked.

“Kind of.” Bonnie answered.

“Do you mind if I see what you’ve done?” Kim asked, honestly curious. If Bonnie Rockwaller had gotten into U.A.A., she had to be pretty good.

“Go ahead and grab it,” Bonnie said. “Let me know what you think.”

Kim walked over to the portfolio and opened it, pulling out a few of the sheets stored inside. The first was an impressionistic painting of the nearby lake at sunset, with the sun’s light playing on the surrounding plant life in a somber but beautiful manner.

“Wow Bonnie,” Kim breathed. “This is really good.”

“Thanks…” Bonnie said, her cheeks turning a slight shade of red. “It’s one of the few that I like…”

Behind it were some black and white photographs that looked like they were taken at one of the high school’s football games, but after most everyone had left. It painted a haunting scene of a few players facing away from the lens; a reset scoreboard glowing in the background. In the corner was a title: Past Glory. Behind those were sketches of various scenes; people sitting, lonely road signs, a girl pulling a book off of a tall bookstore shelf. As Kim flipped through the entire stack, she gained a surprising and newfound respect for her high-school rival.

“Bonnie. No kidding. These are really good,” Kim said, putting the pile carefully back into the portfolio and setting it back down on the ground.

“Thanks, Kim,” Bonnie said with a nod. “Coming from you, that means a lot.” This time it was Kim’s turn to blush. This was a far cry from their usual conversations.

“If you can do stuff like that, I don’t see how you could possibly be stumped by something…” Kim said, perching on the back of Bonnie’s desk chair.

“Well, it’s the last two parts that I just can’t seem to get right,” Bonnie explained. “Every try comes out looking like an overturned dumpster…”

Kim laughed at the thought. “I seriously doubt that. But if there’s anything I can do to help…” she offered.

“I don’t…” Bonnie started, looking away for a moment. “Thanks, but I don’t know if you can…”

“Oh, come on Bonnie,” Kim said, fixing Bonnie with an incredulous look. “For as long as we’ve known each other? If it helps you out on the assignment, I’d be happy to help in any way I can. So what’s the sitch?”

Bonnie still shrugged, her cheeks slightly flushed. “Still… I don’t know if you want to.”

“Bonnie,” Kim said sternly.

“Well, it’s a nude study,” Bonnie explained. Kim was taken slightly aback, and her cheeks were now flushing a deep shade of pink.

“Nude study?” Kim asked a moment after collecting herself.

Bonnie nodded, her cheeks still a shade of pink. “Yeah. So classic-art-school kind of thing, I know, but it’s part of the assignment anyways.” After a second, she added, “So I can understand if you wouldn’t want to help.”

Kim thought for a moment before gritting her teeth. If Bonnie was opening up to her, she wasn’t going to turn away the olive branch quite so quickly. “Well, if I still did… What did you have in mind exactly…?” Kim said, barely above an embarrassed whisper.

Bonnie turned back to look at her, a slightly surprised look dancing in her eyes. “Really?” she asked.

“Well, I won’t say no yet…” Kim offered with a shy smile. “Depends on what you’re planning…”

Bonnie looked like she’d gained a measure of confidence, and begun to explain what she wanted to do. “I tried just free-handing something, but I could never get the shading to work at all the way I wanted to… So I tried using a mirror, but the angles never worked…”

Kim chuckled slightly. “I can imagine that was a little weird.”

“Yeah, no kidding,” Bonnie acknowledged. “Really, all you’d have to do is chill out for a little while and I could hopefully do my sketch.”

“Just without my clothes on,” Kim pointed out with a smirk.

“Well, I suppose you’ve got me there,” Bonnie replied.

“Are you sure that this isn’t just part of some grand scheme to embarrass me one more time at school?” Kim asked sarcastically.

“Kim,” Bonnie said with a noted degree of seriousness. “First, I would never, ever do that to you. That’s low, even for what were my standards…” Bonnie started to blush and paused for a moment, looking down at her hands resting in her lap. “Besides, I’m not going to put your name on it or anything, and I figured I can change a few facial features here and there… Plus, the only other person who will see it is my professor at school, Mrs. Benes…”

“Change a few facial features?” Kim asked with a smirk. “You better not go and make me look like a horse!”

Bonnie laughed, then looked back up at Kim. “Wait… Does that mean that you’re…”

Kim shrugged and gave the other girl a nod. “Why not? If I’m going to be immortalized in the nude, I’d rather it be by someone I know, and while I’m young, right?”

Bonnie simply smiled. “Thank you Kim. I’m going to owe you SO big.”

“How do you want me?” Kim asked, her cheeks slightly flushed as she slipped off her socks.

“I think I have an idea…” Bonnie said as she walked over to turn the lock on the bedroom door before picking up a few things from on the art supply cluttered desk and turning to the stool in front of her easel. Picking it up, she set it in a corner of the room illuminated by the late afternoon sun floating in through the window. “You mind sitting over here?”

Kim shook her head. “I think I can handle that,” she replied with a shy smile. She had removed her shirt and tossed it on top of her backpack and turned her attention to her pants.

Bonnie couldn’t help but watch with an irrepressible sense of wonder as Kim took off her remaining clothes. All of the adventures and saving the world combined with the cheerleading practice had obviously kept Kim’s body in fantastic shape. The curves of her body were revealed as Kim stepped out of her pants and stood in her underwear. Bonnie tore her attention away to set up her easel in front of the chair from her desk so that she could begin her sketch.

Kim had taken off her bra to reveal her breasts, and the act brought a fresh shade of red to her cheeks. “This is so totally embarrassing…” Bonnie turned back to see Kim standing in just an orange-colored pair of very plain bikini-cut panties.

“You can leave them on if you want to…” Bonnie offered, taking in the sight of Kim’s nude body barely five feet away from her.

“No…” Kim said with a laugh. “It’s just that I wasn’t exactly planning on anyone seeing these today…”

Bonnie smiled and let out a small chuckle of her own. She noticed that Kim kept herself very neatly trimmed, and it suited her body exquisitely. “Either way Kim, you look amazing.”

Kim flushed a bright shade of red. “Thanks…” she glanced over at the stool that Bonnie had set in the corner. “Just on here?”

“Yeah,” Bonnie replied. “If you can just perch on top there… Facing the window, but with your right shoulder leaning back towards me a little…”

“Like this?” Kim asked, sitting down on the stool and trying to pose how Bonnie asked.

“That’s great,” Bonnie replied. She set up, looking how the afternoon light was bathing Kim’s beautiful form. “Now can you rest your right hand in your lap and with your left, hold like you’re tucking a stand of hair behind your ear?”

Kim did as she was told, and a shy smile crossed her lips. Feeling kind of embarrassed, she looked over to Bonnie, partially hidden behind her easel. “How do I look?” she asked timidly.

“That’s it… You look beautiful,” Bonnie said, tearing her attention away from Kim to begin trying to do justice to the sight before her.

Kim smiled, studying Bonnie as she concentrated heavily on the paper before her. She could hear the sound of pencil on paper as Bonnie would steal glances at Kim, only to look back down at her easel with her tanned cheeks flushed a shade of pink.

The cool air of the room chilled her body slightly, combining with the nervousness she felt about her situation caused goosebumps to rise on her arms, legs, and chest. But the sunlight that shone in from the window kept her warm enough that the air never began to bother her. With Bonnie drawing away, it was almost 30 minutes later before Kim broke the silence. “I have to say, this is about the last thing I would have ever expected to be doing today…” Kim observed with a small laugh.

“You have no idea how thankful I am Kim,” Bonnie answered, peering out from behind the easel. “I don’t know what I was going to do about these last two assignments…”

“Speaking of which,” Kim began. “What is the other one that you have to do? You never did say…”

Bonnie then turned a bright shade of red. “I don’t know…”

“Oh, come on. You can’t just pique my curiosity and then give me nothing…” Kim protested.

“Well,” Bonnie paused, looking down for a moment. “It’s kind of embarrassing…”

Kim had to laugh. “More embarrassing than me sitting here completely naked?” she asked with a smirk.

Bonnie let out a small chuckle of her own. “Maybe…”

“Maybe?” Kim asked. “Okay, now you have to tell me.”

“It has to do with portraying ‘helplessness’…” Bonnie finally said.

“Helplessness?” Kim asked, arching an eyebrow out of curiosity.

“Yeah,” Bonnie acknowledged. “I was thinking about a photographic study, but like I said… It’s kind of embarrassing to even mention…”

“Well what was your idea?” Kim asked with what she hoped was an encouraging smile. “I mean, if it’s something that I can do, you’ve already got me naked.”

Bonnie smiled, slightly reassured. “Well, I was going to try and come up with a sequence of photographs about someone who was kidnapped and tied up…” she trailed off, her cheeks again glowing out of embarrassment.

“Well that’s not that bad,” Kim replied, thinking about the idea. “I suppose that would be about as helpless as you could get… But how were you going to accomplish that one on your own?”

“Now you know why I was having so much trouble with it…” Bonnie confessed, looking back to the easel in front of her. “It’s not like you can go out and be like, ‘hey, can I tie you up and take a bunch of pictures’?”

Kim laughed, nodding. “That is a slightly unusual question.”

“No kidding,” Bonnie said. “So don’t worry about it. I’ll figure it out. But this sketch is pretty close to being done.”

“Really?” Kim asked. “Can I see?”

“It’s not even close to being finished yet,” Bonnie explained. “I still need to do most of the shading, but I think I’ve got the main drawing done.”

“Well?” Kim asked, and excited and anticipatory smile on her face.

“See away,” Bonnie said with a shy smile.

“Yay!” Kim exclaimed, hopping off of the stool and walking quickly over to stand behind Bonnie. A shiver went down Bonnie’s spine as Kim’s beautiful nude form stood so close behind her. She could feel the warmth of the other girl as she leaned over to get a closer look.

“Wow, Bonnie. You made me look amazing!” Kim said with a smile.

“I didn’t do anything Kim…” Bonnie said shyly. “It’s all the model…”

Kim turned a shade of red and smiled at the other girl. “Thank you… And I’m serious – this is really good Bonnie.”

“Thanks, Kim. That means a lot to me…” Bonnie replied.

“Well,” Kim said, looking away for a moment to gather some courage. “If you treat me this well, I think that I wouldn’t mind helping you out with the other assignment…”

Bonnie was shocked for a moment, letting out a small surprised gasp. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Kim said, embarrassment showing in her voice. “Why not?”

“Oh my God; thank you!” Bonnie exclaimed, jumping up and wrapping Kim in a hug. She couldn’t help but feel the warmth of Kim’s body on her own exposed midriff.

“No big,” Kim replied, flushing slightly as their bodies pressed together.

“I’ll just grab the, um… supplies…” Bonnie said, letting Kim go after a long moment. While she went to open a drawer in her desk, Kim couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed by the situation.

‘What the big deal?’ Kim thought. ‘It’s not like I haven’t been tied up before. And at least this time I know that someone won’t be trying to destroy the world while I am…’ Reassuring herself slightly, Kim turned to watch Bonnie, bent over the desk drawer. ‘God, she has a fantastic body…’ Kim caught herself musing as a small smile began to dance across her lips and a warm sensation washed over her body. But before the thought went any further, Bonnie stood up holding some rope in her hands.

“Got it,” Bonnie said with a smile. “Had to keep it buried… I didn’t want my mom or sisters asking any embarrassing questions…”

“Understandable,” Kim replied with a nod. “How do you want me?”

Bonnie blushed at the comment, her thoughts drifting to certain ideas that she normally didn’t have. “Um,” she paused for a moment, trying to collect herself. “Just back on the stool, I think.” Kim walked back the stool and perched on top, and Bonnie nervously walked up behind her. ‘I can’t believe she’s letting me do this…’ Bonnie thought just as Kim gave voice to a similar thought.

“I can’t believe you’re tying me up, Bonnie! Your evil scheme will never succeed!” Kim said in a feigned scared-little-girl voice. Bonnie couldn’t help but laugh as the joke diffused some of the tension in the room.

“I’m sure you’ve been in far worse than what I could do to you,” Bonnie said as she doubled the rope over. “Can you put your wrists behind your back?”

“Well, if I’m being tied up, at least it’s someone I can trust for once,” Kim replied, balancing herself on the stool before placing her arms where Bonnie requested.

“Alright, let’s see here…” Bonnie thought out loud as she took Kim’s slender wrists in her hands and began to wrap the rope around her wrists and through the loop at the end of the rope. “I’ll try not to make it too tight,” Bonnie said, turning the remaining length of the rope.

“You wouldn’t want me to get away though, would you?” Kim said playfully, her own heart jumping a bit. ‘What am I getting myself into…?’ she thought for a moment before she found herself somehow enjoying the sensation of the rope as it tightened more and more around her wrists.

“If you say so,” Bonnie agreed, cinching the rope and trying a knot in the ends of the rope. “How’s that?”

Kim tugged at the simple binding, finding that while it didn’t hurt her wrists, it refused to give any slack, and she couldn’t reach the knot that secured her now helpless arms. “It’s good. I don’t think…” she paused for a moment, trying to free herself a little more. “…that I could get out of this without something to cut with…”

Bonnie simply smiled. “Well you won’t need to worry about that,” she said, turning her attention to Kim’s still free ankles.

While Bonnie wrapped the rope around her ankles, Kim couldn’t help but notice a very warm sensation in her groin. ‘Oh wow…’ Kim thought as a wave of pleasure rushed through her body as Bonnie finished securing her ankles. “It’s so simple, but I don’t think I could get out of this…” Kim mused aloud.

“It’s not too tight?” Bonnie asked. Kim tugged at the new bindings.

“It’s perfect,” Kim said, blushing slightly again.

Bonnie simply smiled. “Then there’s just one more thing…”

“What?” Kim asked. “You’ve already got me pretty helpless…”

“Well, it’s kind of to protect my model’s identity…” Bonnie began. “And also, to add one more level of helplessness…”

“Oh,” Kim replied, feeling just a little excited about the prospect. “Thank you, Bonnie.”

“I’m the one who should be thanking you, Kim,” Bonnie replied, turning back to the desk drawer. “If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know how I would have finished the portfolio…”

“Hey, like I said…” Kim answered. “No big.”

“Way big,” Bonnie said simply. As she turned back to face her now-bound classmate, Kim saw the new item in Bonnie’s hand.

“A handkerchief?” Kim asked.

“Yeah,” Bonnie replied. “Well, more accurately, a blindfold… As long as you don’t mind...”

Kim simply nodded. “I am just the model. I’ll leave that decision up to the artist.”

Bonnie laughed quietly. “Then close your eyes, and we’ll get started,” she said, folding the handkerchief and walking up behind Kim. Kim did as she was told, and in a moment, when she reopened her eyes as best she could, her world had gone dark.

Bonnie’s touch had left her body, and she couldn’t help but feel a little alone. “Bonnie…?” Kim asked tentatively after a moment’s silence.

“Hey Kim, I’m over here,” Bonnie replied. Her voice sounded as if it was coming from over by the desk. “I needed to grab the camera.”

“Oh,” Kim replied, feeling a little silly. Her pink blush set nicely against the tied white handkerchief that had captured her sight. “How do I look?” she asked, twisting against the ropes.

“You look amazing, Kim,” Bonnie replied, turning the camera on and snapping the first few pictures. She couldn’t help but feel more than a little turned on by the sight in front of her. The warmth in her groin only grew as she circled around the bound girl, who was shifting in the ropes, and looking a little worried. “You okay, Kim?”

“Yeah,” Kim breathed. “Just trying to play the part…” Bonnie smiled widely, resisting the urge to brush her hand on the side of the beautiful bound girl’s face as she took several more pictures.

Five minutes passed before Bonnie, pausing for a moment, pulled up the camera’s menu to look at the shots, and let out an upset sigh. “Ugh…”

“Something wrong?” Kim asked, perking up on the stool, her breasts bouncing slightly. Bonnie couldn’t help but notice how Kim’s arms being tied behind her back hadn’t done anything to harm their appearance.

“Uh, no…” Bonnie explained, snapping out of the thought. “They just aren’t turning out the way I want…”

“How do you mean?” Kim asked, her head turning to follow the sound of Bonnie’s voice.

“Well, they kind of look like amateur photos shot in a couple’s bedroom…” Bonnie elaborated.

Kim couldn’t help but entertain the thought. ‘Really, that’s exactly what they are… But it’s not like Bonnie and I are dating or anything like that…’

“I think I want to try a different position. Something a little more…” Bonnie mused. “You think that you’re up for it, Kim?”

“I can’t stop you,” Kim said, pulling her wrists from behind her back to show Bonnie as she pulled against them with a good-natured smile.

“Alright Kim,” Bonnie said, tossing the camera back down on the bed. “But I think I’m going to need to get some more rope. I’ll be right back!”

Kim heard Bonnie open and then close the bedroom door behind her. ‘What am I getting myself into..?’ Kim thought after a moment. She tried to pick at the knots, but couldn’t find the ends of the ropes. The bonds that held here were very simple, but Kim knew that she was actually trapped unless Bonnie let her free.

The blindfold that covered her eyes wasn’t helping matters either. She felt as if she had been captured by some villain who, rather than wanting to take over the world, this particularly evil villain had stripped her and wanted to keep her as some sort of sex object. As the thoughts floated through her mind, the warmth in her groin surged to new heights. ‘I can’t say I really mind, though…’

Just then, she heard the door open again, and Kim almost fell off the stool in surprise. “Bonnie?” she asked tentatively. She couldn’t imagine how embarrassed she’d be if anyone else found her like this.

“Hey Kim,” Bonnie replied, shutting the door and locking it behind her. “Sorry that took so long. You alright?”

“Yeah,” Kim replied, a little embarrassed. The thought of Bonnie seeing her like this was oddly exciting. “You found more rope?”

“Yup. You’re not quite secure enough,” Bonnie said in a fake villain’s voice. Kim chuckled in response. “But I want to get changed first; it’s a warm in here…” she said.

Kim wished that she wasn’t blindfolded now. Visions of Bonnie stripping out of her clothes flittered before her mind’s eye as she heard the unmistakable sounds of Bonnie changing clothes. Bonnie had donned her favorite lacey bra and a matching red pair of panties. Since Kim couldn’t see her, she wanted to look as sexy as the bound girl in front of her.

“Alright,” Bonnie said, walking over to Kim. “First, let’s get you off of that stool.” Kim felt Bonnie’s fingers around her ankles and a few seconds later, the ropes began to unwind.

“Aah…” Kim sighed, flexing her feet and shifting her legs around. As far as she could tell, it had been almost half an hour since she had been able to move her feet.

“You okay?” Bonnie asked, standing back up. As she did, she couldn’t help but glance down between Kim’s legs. ’Good thing I’ve got her blindfolded…’ Bonnie thought as she took in an eyeful of the still bound and nude girl.

“Yeah,” Kim said. “But I’m kinda still stuck up here…” She didn’t want to trip and fall down, as her hands will still securely bound behind her back.

“Let me help you,” Bonnie said, wrapping an arm around her friend’s shoulders and holding Kim’s bound hands with the other. Kim blushed when she felt Bonnie’s arms around her, and that warm feeling between her legs surged up again.

“T-thanks…” Kim said as she leveraged her weight onto Bonnie and stood up. Somehow she felt even more self-conscious, knowing that Bonnie could see absolutely everything, but that still only turned her on even more. “So what did you have in mind?” Kim asked, her head turning to the sounds that Bonnie made moving around the room.

“Well, first, I’m going to need you to sit down,” Bonnie said.

“Alright,” Kim replied, and she did as she was told. She sat on the ground carefully, with her legs extended out in front of her. The next thing she felt were Bonnie’s warm hands on her leg.

‘Her skin is so smooth…’ Bonnie wondered, gently rubbing her hand along Kim’s smooth thigh before catching herself. Taking hold of Kim’s ankle, Bonnie bent Kim’s leg until the heel was touching the top of Kim’s thigh.

“Aah,” Kim gasped as the sudden motion. Plus, she could feel the warmth of Bonnie’s arm between her legs.

“I’m going to tie each of your legs separately,” Bonnie explained, taking the ropes and starting to wrap one around first by Kim’s knee, and then another attaching Kim’s upper thigh to her ankle, making sure to cinch both of the bindings. “How does that feel?”

“Okay,” Kim said, trying to extend her leg, but the ropes held firm. “The way that you cinched the ropes, I don’t think that I can wiggle out of them…”

“Good,” Bonnie said with a smile. “If I am going to tie you up, I certainly don’t want to have you getting free before I let you…”

Kim simply blushed as Bonnie duplicated the bindings on Kim’s other leg. “I don’t think you have to worry about me going anywhere, Bonnie. I’m pretty helpless already…” As Bonnie finished tying the second leg, Kim couldn’t help but feel a sense of embarrassment at the way her legs were spread apart. Bound as she was, it wasn’t as easy to conceal her pussy from the other girl.

“Are they too tight?” Bonnie asked, rubbing her hands up and down Kim’s legs once. “They’re not cutting off circulation, are they?”

“No,” Kim replied. “Just keeping me captive.”

Bonnie flushed at the thought. Kim really was her captive, to do with as she pleased. She glanced down at Kim’s pussy, and noticed that Kim just might be enjoying this as much as she was. “You still okay, or do you want to stop before I re-tie your arms?” Bonnie asked, barely able to hide the excitement in her own voice at the prospect.

“I’m okay,” Kim replied with a shy smile. “Just having trouble keeping my legs closed…”

“Well that’s the point! Helpless, right?” Bonnie smiled, knowing that Kim was as willing a captive as Bonnie was to take her hostage.

“Helpless,” Kim replied, agreeing. “And a bit curious as to how you’re going to change my arms to make me more so than I am now…”

“Then let me see your arms and you’ll find out,” she said in a song-song tone, moving around behind Kim, and taking along the rest of the rope. She looked at Kim’s already bound wrists, and contemplated for a moment. She begun by wrapping the ropes around Kim’s chest, below her bared breasts, and then again around above them, securing the loops in a knot in the small of Kim’s back. Then Bonnie brought the rope up and over Kim’s shoulder, looping it under the rope beneath Kim’s breasts, and back over the other shoulder before securing it to the same knot that it had begun from.

Glancing around to Kim’s front, Bonnie saw that the ropes had achieved her desired effect. They lifted Kim’s young breasts nicely, displaying them quite prominently, and Bonnie couldn’t help but notice Kim’s nipples appeared to be getting hard at the sensation.

“How’s that?” Bonnie asked, reaching around and rubbing her hands gently over the ropes on Kim’s body, causing the other girl to gasp.

“It feels good,” Kim sighed. She could feel the tightness of the ropes every time she took a breath, she felt more bound and helpless now than she ever had before.

“Good,” Bonnie answered. “I don’t want to be hurting you…” she continued, taking Kim’s hands and gently pushing them so that her elbows bent out to her sides.

“Actually, this feels…” Kim starting, blushing a bright shade of red at the fact she was about to admit. “…kind of good.”

Bonnie couldn’t help but start beaming. She had Kim nude, bound and blindfolded, and she was actually liking it. “I’m glad. If you’re going to put up with this for me, I want it to be as… pleasant as possible.”

Kim felt Bonnie begin to wrap a rope around one of her elbows, synching it and securing her arm so that her elbow was stuck in its position for good. “No big, Bonnie,” Kim replied as she felt Bonnie secure her other arm the same way. “But I’m pretty sure that, tied up as I am, I’m going to put up with anything that you want me to.”

Bonnie smiled. She leaned Kim back against her body, and Kim gasped at the sudden loss of balance. “Thanks, Kim,” Bonnie said, wrapping her arms around the bound girl.

“As long as you think you can get your photographs,” Kim replied. She could feel Bonnie’s warmth against her own nude body, and she couldn’t help but notice that Bonnie seemed to be wearing only her underwear.

As Kim got lost in thoughts of what Bonnie would look like wearing lingerie, Bonnie balanced Kim again and tied one last rope to Kim’s wrist bindings, looping it around Kim’s stomach, and back to the wrists, rendering any movement Kim hoped to still have useless. “How’s that?” Bonnie asked, standing up and collecting the camera from her bed. “Think you can get out?”

Kim tried to pull against the ropes, and as she did, Bonnie began to take pictures of the bound and very secure girl. ‘There’s no way I can get out of this…’ Kim thought, and as she did, the warmth in her pussy throbbed to new heights once more. “Bonnie, I’m going… hnn… to have to ask you a favor…”

“Anything,” Bonnie replied, moving slightly to get a new angle.

“Don’t tell Drakken how to tie like this,” Kim said with a smile, as she continued to test her binding as best she could. “The world would be in bad shape if he could do this to me…”

Bonnie laughed as some of the tension in the room dissipated. “Don’t worry Kim. The only one who’ll ever tie you up like this is me.” As soon as she said it, both girls turned a bright shade of red; Kim behind her blindfold and Bonnie glowing against her red lingerie.

After a few moments silence, Kim finally spoke. “That’s fine by me.”

Bonnie’s embarrassment faded into warm happiness at how willing Kim was to be held captive by her former rival. “I can’t believe how good you look, Kim. These pictures are going to be great!”

Kim blushed, and let out a shy smile. “Well, if you’re looking to fulfill the ‘helpless’ part of the requirement, you’ve got it.”

For the next twenty minutes, Bonnie moved about the room, offering a few suggestions to the bound Kim, and Kim reacted to the sounds in the room that startled her, trying to play up for the camera the best that she could. Her mind kept drifting to flights of fancy where she had been kidnapped by some depraved villain and she was to be kept as a decoration and toy for their amusement, never to be untied or let free.

“I’ll admit, Bonnie… This is actually… Kind of exciting… Being bound like this.” Kim confessed after a while. She still hadn’t given up on getting out of the ropes that bound her, but was no further along than she was when she started. Bonnie had tied her up well.

“I’m glad you can enjoy it as much as I am,” Bonnie replied with a smile that Kim couldn’t see. It was all she could do to resist the urge to throw down the camera and kiss Kim’s soft, alluring lips right then and there. “You’re looking like the sexiest captive that I’ve ever seen!”

Kim blushed at the comment, and couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to be Bonnie’s captive, held as a lesbian plaything, bound for Bonnie’s amusement. As the fantasies continued Kim felt her pussy warm and begin to get wet. The situation was exciting her more than she ever thought possible, and she wasn’t the only one to notice.

Within the next ten minutes, Bonnie had nearly filled one memory card on her digital camera with pictures, and her panties were feeling as wet as Kim’s pussy was. She was trying as hard as possible not to jump Kim right then and there, and the soft moans that Kim was making as she struggled weren’t helping. ‘What if I’m wrong and Kim isn’t into that?’ she wondered. She couldn’t hold out much longer, especially with Kim’s increasingly sexy moans. With a chirp, the camera told her that the first memory card was full, and as she switched to the other one, Bonnie had an idea.

“Kim, would you mind trying out one last idea?” Bonnie asked.

“What’s that?” Kim replied, her head turning in the direct of Bonnie’s voice.

“Well, you might think it’s kind of weird,” Bonnie qualified.

“Weirder than being bound and blindfolded?” Kim retorted with a smile.

“Maybe,” Bonnie admitted.

“If you want to gag me, go ahead,” Kim guessed.

Bonnie was taken aback for a moment. “How’d you guess?” she asked.

“There’s not much else that you can do to make me more helpless than I already am, right?” Kim asked. “I trust you, so I don’t mind, as long as you let me go sometime.”

Bonnie laughed at Kim’s request. “That’s a promise.” Bonnie walked over to the desk drawer and pulled out a purple ballgag and a small padlock. Kim felt Bonnie’s presence and warmth as she walked back behind Kim and collected Kim’s long red hair. “Open up.”

As Kim did as she was told, she couldn’t help but smell Bonnie’s scent from behind her. ‘Could she be as into this as me?’ Kim wondered as she felt a round, soft ball pressed to her lips and with a gentle tug, behind her teeth. “Mmm?” Kim moaned as she adjusted her mouth around the gag and felt the straps tighten behind her head.

“You okay?” Bonnie asked. “Can you still breathe?”

“Mm hmm,” Kim answered. It was a little more difficult with the gag in her mouth, but she was still perfectly fine. She felt the straps tug at the corners of her mouth as the gag was seated quite securely in her mouth.

“Look back here,” Bonnie asked, and Kim did as best she could to look back at Bonnie behind her. “Can you push that out?” Bonnie asked.

Kim tried to push the ball out of her mouth with her tongue, but it wouldn’t budge. “Mmm mm.”

“Alright,” Bonnie said, looping the hook of the small padlock through the clasp in the gag and snapping it shut.

“Mmm?” Kim asked, not sure what the noise was.

“That was a lock,” Bonnie explained, flicking the lock that sat at the nape of Kim’s neck.

“Foo hlllp wiff faa ook of hlllpleffneff,” Kim replied as best she could around the gag. [To help with the look of helplessness.]

Bonnie smiled at Kim as she tried to speak with the gag in her mouth. “Yup.”

“Whaa kaa aff gaahg iff fiff?” [What kind of gag is this?] Kim asked. She’d had her mouth taped shut before on occasion, but never anything quite this effective.

“It’s called a ‘ballgag’,” Bonnie explained. “I found it in one of my sister’s rooms a few weeks ago, and I figured that it would be an idea for the assignment… But I didn’t think I was going to be able to use it…”

Kim smiled best she could around the gag. “Glaa foo hllp,” [Glad to help.] Kim replied.

Bonnie made sure that Kim was balanced before standing up again. “You ready for the next round?” she asked, picking up the camera once more.

“Aff ahhl emmrr be,” [As I’ll ever be.] Kim replied with a nod.

Bonnie started taking pictures again, and couldn’t help but notice how sexy Kim’s lips looked even more now as they had been parted by the gag that she had locked in Kim’s mouth. “You look fantastic,” Bonnie told Kim after about ten minutes of shooting different pictures.

“Ffannkf,” [Thanks.] Kim replied, blushing at the thought. She was bound, blind, gagged and nude. She couldn’t really imagine how she looked, but if Bonnie said it was good, then that was enough for her. On top of that, behind the blindfold, the gag in her mouth only fuelled the fantasies of captivity that had begun to drive her mad. ‘If it wasn’t for these damned ropes, I think I’d have had to get off by now…’ she thought. Doing so in front of Bonnie somehow excited her even more.

Bonnie noticed that Kim’s pussy was getting even wetter as time passed served only to reassure her that Kim would be up for more than just a few photographs. It took her another ten minutes before she gathered her courage to ask her next question. “Do you mind if I take a few pictures of you with the blindfold off?”

Kim was silent for a moment before responding, “Ohhkaa.” [Okay.]

Bonnie walked over to Kim and reached behind her head for the knot that had secured the cloth around Kim’s eyes for nearly the last hour. As the blindfold slipped away from Kim’s eyes, she blinked at the sudden brightness and saw Bonnie’s smiling face.

“Hey there,” Bonnie said with a grin. “Welcome back to the world.”

“Ffannkf,” Kim replied with the best smile she could manage gagged. Bonnie stepped back and started taking pictures again as Kim looked down, seeing for herself how she was bound for the first time. ‘Wow… She really did tie me up…’ Kim wondered. The ropes wound tightly around her body, and she saw that, much to her embarrassment, her pussy had become quite wet. ‘Oh God!’ Kim thought. ‘I can’t believe I’m losing it in front of her!’

“Kim? You okay?” Bonnie asked, peeking out from behind the camera for a moment.

“Yaahh,” [Yeah.] Kim replied with a nod, looking over at Bonnie for really the first time. Bonnie stood in an amazing red bra and panties, and she looked every bit as amazing as Kim had imagined. And with a glance down to Bonnie’s crotch, it looked like Bonnie was every bit as excited as she was.

Kim tried to go back to playing the part of a scared captive for Bonnie, and after another ten minutes, Bonnie dropped the camera to her side and proclaimed, “All set.”

“Baahn?” [Done?] Kim asked as Bonnie walked over and set the camera on the desk.

“Yup, I think so,” Bonnie replied, pulling the memory card out of the camera and collecting the already full one.

“Camm ahh fee feem?” [Can I see them?] Kim asked, curious to see what she looked like through Bonnie’s eyes.

“Sure!” Bonnie replied, picking up her laptop and bringing it over to Kim. “Considering that you’re the one in the photos, why not?”

Kim chuckled as Bonnie’s computer booted up and she loaded the pictures off of the memory cards. Once the folder was ready, Bonnie opened the first photo. “Let’s take a look.”

Kim glowed a bright shade of red as she saw a picture of herself bound and nude sitting on the stool. “Ohh Gaah, Ahh luuk foo baah…” [Oh God… I look so bad…] she sighed, hiding her face as best she could.

“I was right. These first ones do look pretty bad…” Bonnie agreed with a chuckle. She skipped forward to the ones after Kim had been bound differently, and Kim had to agree that these did look much better. In the fading light of day, Kim looked about as helpless as she’d felt. “I hope that the blindfold wasn’t awful,” Bonnie said, glancing over at Kim.

“Iff waff faan,” [It was fine.] Kim replied with what she tried to make a reassuring grin. “Ahhktuallee, iff waff waiik a holle biffrremmf worrll nn mm heah…’ [Actually, it was like a whole different world in my head…]

A few minutes later, and they were looking at the pictures that Bonnie had taken after she had gagged Kim. “Wow,” Bonnie said simply.

“Ffoh faah wahh ahh luuk liik wiff faa gaahg...” [So that’s what I look like with the gag…] Kim observed.

“I don’t care what anybody thinks,” Bonnie said. “These are the hottest pictures that I’ve ever seen…”

At Bonnie’s comment, both girls turned a bright shade of red, and Bonnie continued. “You know, I’d look hotter tied up of course, but since you look pretty fantastic, I think I can go with these…”

Kim laughed at Bonnie’s joke. “Wull fee abouuf fhaa,” [We’ll see about that.] Kim replied. “Aah maa haaf oo ffie oo uff oo ffinn aahu…” [I may have to tie you up to find out…]

Bonnie smiled back triumphantly. “Well now maybe I just won’t let you out of that then…”

Kim shot Bonnie a playful look before trying to look sad. “Whhaa? Lliffl ool mme?” [What? Little old me?]

Bonnie smiled back. “Seriously though, is that gag okay? It looks like it might be kinda bad… I can take it out if you want.”

“Iiff faahnn. Oooh bonn nee oo,” [It’s fine. You don’t need to.] Kim replied. She had come to like being tied up, and she was going to prolong the experience as long as she could. “Ffiff waae, iff oo nee oorr piikffurf, oo kaan paake ffem.” [This way, if you need more pictures, you can take them.]

“Well in that case, I may have to keep you all night,” Bonnie replied with an evil grin. “But to be sure, let’s see if these will work, okay?”

“Oohkaa,” [Okay.] Kim agreed. Bonnie helped move Kim to lean back against the bed before she brought the computer over and did the same herself. Opening a few of the pictures in photoshop, Bonnie begun to edit a few of the photos to try and achieve her desired effect.

“I think that these will work,” Bonnie said after a few minutes. Kim had watched Bonnie manipulate a few of the pictures, turning them black and white and adding a few more effects. Truth be told, she thought that the photos that Bonnie had decided on looked pretty good. Aside from her bared breasts, they allowed Kim to keep her modesty, as her pussy remained hidden in the final pictures.

“Boo oo ffink ahh coob haff kaahpeef off ffeem?” [Do you think I could have copies of them?] Kim asked, looking up from the computer to Bonnie.

“All of them?” Bonnie asked, and Kim nodded in the affirmative. Kim’s face was so close to hers, and the way that the purple ball in Kim’s mouth parted her lips, Bonnie just wanted to reach out and kiss the girl. After a moment, she gathered herself, and put all of the pictures into a zip file. “I don’t see why not, considering you’re the subject.”

Kim smiled, and rested her head on Bonnie’s shoulder. “Ffankff.” [Thanks.]

“Of... of course,” Bonnie replied, brushing a strand of hair out of Kim’s face and over her ear. “But is there anything else that I can get you? Do you want to be untied, or is there something else?”

Kim thought for a second, not willing to stop being Bonnie’s captive any sooner than she had to be. “Ahhktuallee, aah wooh kell foom ffahmm wahaa,” [Actually, I would kill for some water.]

“Sure, babe,” Bonnie replied, patting Kim on the head and standing up.

Kim waited as Bonnie darted out of the bedroom, leaving her bound, gagged and alone. She tugged again at the bonds that held her captive, if really only to remind herself that they were there, and that this was really happening. ‘I’m so hot right now… what I would really kill for is a vibrator…’ Kim thought, looking down at her bound body. ‘If it wasn’t for this gag, I’d probably be panting by now…’ Kim’s pussy was dripping wet, and she was sure that Bonnie had noticed, and a small part of her was beginning to wish that Bonnie would help her do something about it.

Just as she was getting lost in her fantasy world again, the bedroom door opened to reveal Bonnie, who had returned with a glass of water and a straw. “Got it,” Bonnie said with a smile, setting the glass down and picking up the key to the lock that kept the gag strapped in Kim’s mouth. “Let’s just get the gag out of your mouth…”

Kim tilted her head forward to give Bonnie better access to the gag’s lock, but Bonnie tried the key that she had found with the gag, and it didn’t turn. “Hmm?” Kim asked after a moment, curious.

“It’s not working,” Bonnie explained, sounding a little worried. “It won’t turn!” She looked around the room, her heart racing as a sinking feeling took hold in her stomach.

“Baahnee?” [Bonnie?] Kim asked.

“I’m so sorry Kim!” Bonnie exclaimed, throwing the key down in anger. “It’s the wrong key. I can’t take your gag out…”

Kim turned to look at Bonnie. “Iff ohhkaa. Hhoo nowff wherr ii miih be?” [It’s okay. Who knows where it might be?] Kim asked calmly.

“My sister, but she won’t be back from school until tomorrow morning!” Bonnie exclaimed. The girl had a mixed look of shame and sadness on her face. ‘Kim’s going to kill me for this…’ But despite that, she couldn’t help but be a little excited that Kim was stuck at least gagged with her for the night.

Kim tried to look as reassuring as she could, bound and gagged as she was. “Wiih be faah,” [We’ll be fine.] Kim began. “Aah couu be ftuuh wiff faah woorff caaporff.” [I could be stuck with far worse captors.]

Bonnie let out a sniffle and a weak smile. “I suppose so…” She couldn’t help but be excited at the thought of keeping Kim as a captive a little while longer.

Kim had snuggled into Bonnie’s body, in hopes of reassuring the other girl. “Nnah… Ahhbaah ffah waahtah…” [Now, about that water…]

Bonnie chuckled, having forgotten all about it. She walked over to the dresser where she had left the glass and brought it over to Kim. “Here you go,” Bonnie said as she held the straw.

“Wweff ffee haah ffiif wuukff…” [Now let’s see how this works…] Kim said, leaning forward a little to try and slip the straw in around the purple ball that was locked in her mouth. After a few tries that resulted only in Kim knocking the straw around with her gag, Bonnie was chuckling and Kim was a little embarrassed. “Aah gueff aahm a winnuh mmoh hehhpweff fhan ah ffouht… Aah wiinle hellp?” [I guess I’m a little more helpless than I thought… A little help?] Kim asked.

“Sure,” Bonnie said with a smile, taking the straw, and helping it slip between the purple ball and Kim’s teeth. “There ya go.”

“Ffanks,” [Thanks,] Kim replied. Sealing her lips around the ball as best she could, she tried to take a drink. Managing to get water through the straw proved to be fairly easy, but swallowing the water proved an entirely different beast altogether. By tilting her head back, Kim was able to swallow most of the water, but the ball that was wedged behind her teeth wasn’t going to make it easy. As she looked back down at the smiling Bonnie, the rest of the water dribbled out of her mouth and down onto her bound breasts.

“Mmmpff!” Kim exclaimed at the sensation of the cold water on her warm, nude body.

Bonnie simply laughed as Kim turned a bright shade of red. “Nice, Kim,” she said, reaching over to pick up her own discarded shirt. “I’ll get it.”

“Ffanks Baahnee,” [Thanks Bonnie,] Kim moaned from behind her gag. As Bonnie dabbed and wiped up the water that had spilled on her body, Kim couldn’t help the shivers that were climbing up and down her spine, setting off goosebumps all over her body. “Mmmnn…” she moaned, her eyes sliding closed.

Bonnie took her time drying the bound girl, enjoying every minute of being able to touch Kim’s perfect chest, albeit through the cloth of her shirt. A distant smile on her lips, she looked up to see that Kim’s eyes had closed, and she seemed to be moaning quietly behind the gag. “Kim?” Bonnie asked, as Kim tugged at the ropes that held her secure.

“Hmmm?” Kim replied dreamily.

Bonnie shifted her weight and focused on Kim’s lips, pushed out against the sides of the purple ballgag, and how kissable they looked. Kim’s eyes were still closed, and Bonnie figured that this was her chance. Leaning down over the bound and gagged girl’s face, Bonnie gave Kim a kiss on her lips, around the gag.

“Mmm?” Kim moaned, opening her eyes to see a very bright red Bonnie a few inches away from her own face.

“I’m sorry Kim,” Bonnie quickly exclaimed. “I, I didn’t mean…” she begun to stammer.

‘She kissed me?’ Kim thought, a smile forming around the gag. While Bonnie struggled with making an excuse, Kim decided that, bound as she was, it was time to make a move of her own. Leaning forward, silencing the excuses of her captor, she pressed her own gagged lips to Bonnie’s.

“Mmm…” Bonnie moaned as Kim pressed her own lips and the ball locked between them into her own. Shifting her own arms around underneath the bound girl, Bonnie wrapped Kim into a kind of embrace.

The kiss broke, and Kim, behind her back, took one of Bonnie’s hands reassuringly. “Yuu ahriih?” [You alright?] Kim asked the other girl.

Bonnie, still bright red, squeezed Kim’s hand gently. “I think so,” she replied after a moment. “You did just try and kiss me, though.”

Kim blushed, looking coy. “Maahbee…” [Maybe…] she said with as much of a smile she could muster. “Buuh nn mah befenff, yuu kiffb me firft.” [But in my defense, you kissed me first.]

Bonnie smiled warmly. “That’s very true. But first, I think the situation is a little unfair…” Kim arched an eyebrow as Bonnie slipped out of her panties, and then removed her bra to reveal her own beautiful breasts.

Kim giggled, the warmth in her pussy almost undeniable. She tugged against the ropes that bound her, knowing full well that if she wasn’t tied up, she’d be playing with herself, audience or no. “Mmmm,” Kim moaned, toying with Bonnie’s hand that she held behind her back.

“Now, what am I going to do with you Kim, all tied up and gagged?” Bonnie asked, brushing Kim’s hair back over her ear.

‘Well, why not?’ Kim thought. “Whhaavah yuu wannh…” [Whatever you want…] Bonnie smiled, kissing Kim on the cheek and running her hand along the side of Kim’s body. Kim pulled against the ropes that still held fast. “Mmmmff…”

“You alright, Kim..? With me…” Bonnie asked, wanting to make sure before she did anything that the other girl would get angry about.

“Mmmhmm…” Kim moaned, her eyes closed at Bonnie’s touch, but nodding in the affirmative. She arched her back up towards her captor as she felt Bonnie’s hand slide across her stomach and down between her legs. “Pweeffe…” [Please…]

“Please what?” Bonnie asked evilly.

All embarrassment had fled Kim by now. She had been tied up and nude in front of Bonnie for over two hours now, and she had wanted to feel Bonnie touch her for almost half of that time already. “Toohff mee daahn ferr…” [Touch me down there…]

Bonnie simply smiled at her captive, sliding her hand between Kim’s legs and feeling the warmth and wetness that she knew was between her own. “Kim, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were enjoying this…” Bonnie teased.

“Aah amm!” [I am!] Kim exclaimed as Bonnie rubbed her finger along her folds. “Aaahn!” she exclaimed as Bonnie slipped a finger inside, nearly causing Kim to cum on the spot.

Bonnie grinned, continuing to play with her bound and gagged captive before they heard a call from outside the bedroom.

“Is everything alright up there Bon-Bon? I thought I heard moaning…” Mrs. Rockwaller called from what sounded like down the hallway.

Both girls turned a bright shade of red, as Bonnie, evilly, continued to rub her finger along Kim’s pussy. “Yeah Mom, Everything is fine!” Bonnie replied as Kim got even wetter and more excited at the prospect of being caught bound, gagged and used by Bonnie. “We just started studying bodily functions…”

“Mmmmph! Nnngh Mmmm!!” Kim moaned, trying to be quiet under the ministrations of Bonnie between her legs.

“Alright, dear. Just checking up on you girls,” Mrs. Rockwaller said, retreating back down the hallway.

“Jeez, Kim,” Bonnie teased, giving Kim a kiss on the nose. “I thought that girls were supposed to be quieter when they’re gagged…”

Kim smiled unabashedly. “Fforry… Caahn hewpp iif…” [Sorry… Can’t help it…] the redhead answered as she squirmed against the ropes and Bonnie’s hand moving in side of her. “Yuu feel ffo guuhh…” [You feel so good…]

“I’m glad,” Bonnie replied with a smile. “Have to pay you back for helping me out so much today…”

“Nnnoh biiih,” [No big…] Kim replied in between moans. It was harder to keep quiet than she thought, even with the gag in her mouth. However it did muffle her words enough so that really only Bonnie could understand what she was saying, and somehow, even that was a little erotic. Grinding her pussy against Bonnie’s hand, Kim bit down on the gag as she felt herself rising closer and closer to orgasm.

“You’re so pretty, Kim…” Bonnie breathed, kissing the girl around her gag and sucking on her sensitive nipples as she doubled her efforts between Kim’s folds.

“Aaah!” Kim exclaimed. “Keeff goinnhh…” [Keep going…] Kim breathed, steeling herself against the rushing orgasm. “Aaaah!” she exclaimed as Bonnie took one of her nipples in her mouth. “Aah wannhh kahmm!” [I wanna cum!]

“You can cum,” Bonnie told the girl, plunging a second finger inside the bound girl’s pussy, setting off an intense orgasm.

“Aaaahhnn!!” Kim exclaimed, her muscles tightening around Bonnie’s intruding fingers. “Baahnee!!” [Bonnie!!] She bucked her hips and pulled against the ropes that bound her all while squeezing Bonnie’s hand that was intertwined with her own.

Bonnie put her forehead to Kim’s, kissing the captive girl tenderly. “Kim…” Kim panted around the gag, her eyes closed tightly as the waves of orgasm washed over her body. In all the times she’d pleasured herself, she’d never had an orgasm as intense as the one that she’d just had, bound and gagged as Bonnie’s captive.

It took a few minutes for Kim to come back down, and she still felt Bonnie’s fingers inside of her. Opening her eyes again, she gazed directly into Bonnie’s. “Mmmm…” she moaned with a smile, a trail of drool sliding from under the gag. Having just cum at Bonnie’s efforts, the little things had stopped mattering. “Ffank yuu.” [Thank you.]

“No worries, Kim,” Bonnie replied, kissing Kim on the forehead.

Kim looked at Bonnie, and noticed that Bonnie seemed to be just as excited as Kim was about getting off. “Baahnee, ffit beehaah me,” [Bonnie, sit behind me,] Kim told her captor, who surprisingly did as she was told. Kim leaned back into the other girl and searched out her target with her own bound fingers.

“What are you…?” Bonnie breathed, gasping at the sensation of Kim’s fingers against her stomach.

“Taahm to refurrn fah favaah,” [Time to return the favor,] Kim replied with a smile as her fingers found and plunged into Bonnie’s hot, wet pussy.

“Aaah! Kim!” Bonnie gasped, wrapping her arms around Kim’s bound body.

“Ffounff lahh ahm naa ffe onnly onn who neeff to be gaggh,” [Sounds like I’m not the only one who needs to be gagged,] Kim teased, playing with Bonnie’s pussy and searching out her captor’s clit.

“I’m… so going to… get you for this…” Bonnie moaned quietly between deep breaths, beginning to play with Kim’s bound breasts as Kim continued between her legs. One hand ventured down to revisit Kim’s folds as both girls rose towards orgasm.

“Yuur mahn Baahnee,” [You’re mine Bonnie,] Kim moaned, biting down on the gag again as she was about to come.

“Says the… girl I’ve bound and… gagged… Aahh!” Bonnie breathed, peaking at orgasm with Kim’s fingers moving deep inside of her.

“Hhhnnn!” Kim moaned, Bonnie setting off Kim’s second orgasm, sending both girls into ecstasy.

Coming back down, Bonnie wrapped Kim in a tight embrace, kissing her on the side of the neck. “Thanks, Kim…”

“Juff wefuwnn fa favahh,” [Just returning the favor,] Kim replied, cooing as Bonnie continued to kiss her sensitive neck.

Bonnie sighed happily, giving Kim one last squeeze as Kim let her fingers slide from Bonnie’s warm pussy. “Now, you can’t be very comfortable…” Bonnie said, rubbing her hand gingerly along Kim’s sides where the ropes circled the captive girl’s body on their way to tying off in the knots behind her back.

“Ahfuuy, iff kinah comforble…” [Actually, it’s kind of comfortable…] Kim replied, tugging at the ropes once more.

“Really?” Bonnie asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Rahhle,” [Really.] Kim answered with a nod. “Yuu taahd me uff taghh, bu ah kan ffill feew mah hanns ann effryfin.” [You tied me up tight, but I can still feel my hands and everything.]

“Well I’m glad that it wasn’t too tortuous for my captive…” Bonnie said, playfully drawing a finger around on Kim’s tight stomach.

“Ash lonn ash you keef playinn wiff yur cafftif, ah finnk ah kan handll iff…” [As long as you keep playing with your captive, I think I can handle it…] Kim cooed.

“Either way, let’s move you up somewhere more comfortable,” Bonnie said, standing up and gathering Kim up in her arms. “Years of cheerleading,” Bonnie explained as Kim looked at her, impressed by her strength. Kissing her on her gagged lips, Bonnie tossed Kim down on her bed, causing the bound girl to chirp out of surprise.

“Mmmph!” Kim squealed, as Bonnie flopped down on the bed next to her. “Hai.” Kim said to Bonnie, a smile wrapped around the gag.

“Hey Kim,” Bonnie replied. “Are you sure that you don’t want to be untied or anything?” Bonnie asked, looking at the ropes that she had bound her friend in several hours before.

“Wehll, kan yuu untaah mah wegsh? Fhey’rr kinnna ffiff…” [Well, can you untie my legs? They’re kind of stiff…] Kim asked, glancing down and trying to flex her leg muscles. “Aah prommiff nah to goh nnywhere.” [I promise not to go anywhere.]

“Sure,” Bonnie laughed. A few minutes later, Kim was able to stretch her legs, which she did, arching her whole body, pulling against the remaining ropes that held her.

“Aah!” Kim moaned into the purple ballgag. “Faah feewh ffo gooh…” [That feels so good…]

Bonnie rubbed her hands up and down Kim’s bare legs gently, Kim cooing behind her gag at the sensation. “You sure you’re okay, being my captive?” Bonnie asked, looking back up at Kim, unsure.

“Yeah,” Kim answered. The gag wasn’t enough to muffle that word. Bonnie broke out into a smile as Kim continued. “Aff leaff unnfill yuu geh ffha kee foo fha gaahg’ff lahk,” [At least until you get the key to the gag’s lock,] Kim said. “Ann mahbee a liffle lonngah…” [And maybe a little longer…]

Bonnie laughed, giving Kim a playful tickle on her sides. Kim flexed against the ropes, but she knew that there was no getting away. “I should be able to get the key for your ballgag from my sister when she comes home tomorrow…”

“Ohh, iff mah bahhgahg nahh?” [Oh, it’s my ballgag now?] Kim asked with a playful grin and an arched eyebrow.

“Well, you ARE little miss ‘Mmmph mmff mmm!’ today,” Bonnie responded with a smile.

“Truu,” [True,] Kim answered. “Aah donn minnh. It’ff affully kinn af seffyy… Yuu’rr fha onny wonn hho kann unnrfan mee wiff fis nn mah mouff. Beffifs… iff’s niff fo shoo onn whem yuu’rr kummnn…” [I don’t mind. It’s actually kind of sexy… You’re the only one who can understand me with this thing in my mouth. Besides, it’s nice to chew on when you’re cumming…] Kim finished, blushing a pale shade of pink.

Bonnie laughed, tweaking Kim’s exposed nipple lightly. “Is that so?”

“Mmm!” Kim squealed at the shock.

“We’ll just have to give you a few more reasons to chew on that gag then…” Bonnie said with a warm smile. The warm feelings between both girl’s legs had begun to return anew at the prospect.

“Mmm… ah look forwarhh foo ihh,” [Mmm… I look forward to it,] Kim said, arching her back to show Bonnie her still moist pussy.

“What are we going to do with you…” Bonnie sighed, rubbing a finger nonchalantly over Kim’s pussy to mess with the bound girl.

“Aah… Tewh your mahm to call mah mahm…” [Aah… Tell your Mom to call my Mom…] Kim trailed off, her mind fogging over as the waves of pleasure began to wash over her again. “Ffay we’rr haffin ah ffuhny ffeepofrr…” [Say we’re having a study sleepover…]

“That’s it!” Bonnie grinned, taking her finger away from Kim’s wet pussy and wiping it on her thigh. “I’ll be right back.”

“Heey…” Kim moaned at the loss of Bonnie’s touch. She watched Bonnie put her workout clothes back on from her perch on the bed with a faint smile tracing around her gagged lips. “Yuu’r prenny,” [You’re pretty,] Kim moaned.

“You’re prettier,” Bonnie retorted. “Especially all tied up and gagged on my bed!” she finished with a playful grin, kissing Kim once on her gagged lips, then glancing in the mirror before darting out of the room.

“Hhnnn…” Kim sighed, looking down at her bound body once more. The ropes still wound tightly across her chest, making her breasts stand out. ‘It kinda does look a little sexy…’ Kim thought. ’I bet Bonnie would look pretty good bound and gagged too, helpless to resist me...’

Kim begun to chuckle to herself at the thought of what she would do to Bonnie if she was the captor instead of the captive as Bonnie walked back in the room. “Mmm?” Kim asked.

“Your idea worked beautifully,” Bonnie replied. “You can leave whenever I let you,” Bonnie continued with a grin, stripping back out of her clothes.

Kim smiled at the thought. She was Bonnie’s until whenever Bonnie said so. “Ah lahk iih when yuu do ffha,” [I like it when you do that,] Kim said playfully.

“You better, or else I’m not untying you,” Bonnie retorted with a grin, laying back down next to Kim on the bed. “I have a few more ways to tie up my new captive before I get that key back.”

Kim blushed, nuzzling into Bonnie. “Guuh.” [Good.]

Bonnie ran her finger once over Kim’s gagged lips, and the bound girl pressed her gag back against them. “Now what were you giggling about when I came back in the room?”

“Ohh, nuffinh,” [Oh, nothing,] Kim said innocently, but the feeling of Bonnie’s fingers back in her pussy caused her to gasp in pleasure.

“Nothing?” Bonnie asked.

“Juff… cummnn uff wiff fomm ideahs to trrah onn yuu too…” [Just coming up with some ideas to try on you too…] Kim answered, giving Bonnie a playful smile.

The thought of being bound and gagged by Kim rushed through her head, and Bonnie couldn’t wait until their next study session. Bonnie sank her fingers deeper into Kim, kissing the gagged, bound and moaning girl on the forehead. “I can’t wait to try out all of your ideas, Kim… We’ve got plenty more study dates ahead of us.”

“Mmmff,” Kim moaned, thrusting her hips into Bonnie’s hand as the waves of another orgasm washed over her body. “Yuu bennrr behliff ih,” [You better believe it,] Kim replied after collecting herself, pressing her gagged lips to Bonnie’s as her captor wrapped her in an embrace.

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