Black Fang

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Hello! This is my first stab at Avatar slash, so be kind. Just to clarify the concept, here is an a brief summation of the prologue. All life can be traced back to a time when only spirits roamed the earth. Two spirits, fell in love, and sparked a tragic romance that left its mark on time itself. Now, Tentou, is a spirit of fire, reborn as Zuko. Byakuya is a more celestial spirit, reborn as Sokka...well, as this is a prologue, hope it hooks ya!


Since the conception of the immortal spirits, and later the birth of mortal man, destiny has always held a treasured place in philosophy. The allure of the future shines for all beings, as the want of security has been bred in us from infancy. All creatures fear the unknown, for what is not understood cannot be planned or controlled, it is unpredictable. What has never been acknowledged, however, is that the future has not yet been set in stone. The flow of time is neither stemmed nor altered by events foreordained, and as such, destiny is shaped by our pasts. Our past choices, our past lives, our past selves.


Tentou stretched his wings skyward as he soared above the frozen tundra beneath him. In spite of the roaring flames marking his heavenward trail, the sight of the ice-adorned landscape pebbled his olive skin with the illusion of cold. Yet, he found it only heightened his sense of exhilarating freedom. It was not often that he was able to escape his duties monitoring the Ways of Heaven. Bound to the palace of the First Spirit, Amaterasu, he was incarcerated by duty and responsibility. Despite his numerous attempts at sovereignty, to finally stand by his own strength, he remained Tentou: First Prince by the Sun Spirit Amaterasu, the Second Sun of the Summer Sky, Guardian of the Ways of Heaven, the Imperial Flame of Judgment, the Spirit of Divine Justice.

Shaking his head at the mere remembrance of the weight those gaudy titles carried, Tentou refocused on the path he burned through the sky. Gongen had always been nothing but a cage. Where it was born in his heart to soar, to fly, in search of something or someone-whatever it was to fulfill the desire burning away inside of him, fate had woven him a fine tapestry of confinement. Mother said his restless spirit was simply the manifestation of his youth, something that would fade in time. He may only be a few centuries past his sixteenth cycle of the planets (1), but that did not give her the right to decide what he was feeling, as if he was born less then a millennia ago! Maybe it was destiny, or he was simply anxious to find his own self. Maybe he was not yet complete. Besides, he didn’t want that feeling to go away, he wanted it to be satisfied. Whatever it was that made him fly wherever his white wings could carry him, he wanted to find it. He would find it, and he would make it his, and he would be content.

Noticing the angle of Mother’s light, Tentou was made urgently aware of the lost daylight. He was aware, yet at the same time, glad he was out in a forbidden domain. Nobility such as he did not journey to the Territories, as was the mark of crass and inane spirits. Yet here he was, soaring over hostile lands in the waning light of his mother’s power. His own fire would be weaker now, for all fire came from the Mother Sun, and he was in an unfamiliar province. Using his energy to forge a fire-path through the sky was imprudent, nevertheless, he was hesitant to land in a place clearly ill befitted to his stature. Still, in a blossom of flames, Tentou was soon standing on a patch of freezing earth. The icy ground was cool to his slippered feet, and the loose red silk tunic he wore wasn’t fit for travel by foot. Summoning his inner fire, he turned to the sky, marking his place against the stars, and turned toward Gongen, praying that he could find an oasis within this blizzard scoured tundra. Amber eyes taking in the savage glory of his surroundings, Tentou took a deep breath and began his journey.

It truly was a breathtaking sight-towering ice figures caught the last rays of the fading sunset, coating the horizon in a scintillating necklace of crystalline water. This was not how he had imagined it, nor how it had been described to him. The Elder Spirit of Storms had spoken of the Territories as wild and filled with vengeful, savage spirits with little to no control of their environment, devolved to the point of simply flinging their elements about instead of taking its essence within themselves. At one point, he had said, all the immortal spirits pledged their loyalties to Gongen, but hierarchies were raised and tempers enflamed. Soon the Great Schism War scattered the spirits to the ends of the planes. After countless years of neither side progressing, a truce was declared and the majority of the spirits resettled within the gates of Gongen. Others would not revoke their convictions and carried their titles out of the realm, claiming the Territories as their own. That may have been the case, but it was long before his time.

Tentou didn’t sense the shadow of a vengeful spirit, or even a hint of malice within miles. The Territories were wild, but it was a wild, untamed, beauty-not an inherently cannibalistic or uncivilized place. Beautiful it may be, but its charms were deadly to a spirit such as he. Focus and control only went so far when winds carried piercing cold and the night stole the warmth from your very breath. Light seemed to emanate from the land itself, but there was no spirit to guide his way. In time, he was utterly and truly lost. With his path hidden from him, Tentou very well may have reached the end of his journey.

His bare arms wrapped around him, his wings sheltering him from the storm, and still he collapsed onto the snow.


Byakuya leaned against the wall of his humble dwelling. The simple furnishings that could be acquired were sparsely scattered about the frozen bungalow. Carved straight into the ground, the harsh winds and icy blasts tore at the roof, but could not penetrate the protected shelter. He didn’t really now what he should do with the spirit now taking over his bed. In fact, he didn’t even now why he had bothered to bring him here anyway. As he was heading home after checking the boundaries of his realm, right in the center of his path, was this being collapsed on the ground. There was really no way he could miss the man, his red coverings in stark contrast with the white snow swirling in eddies around him. Byakuya had simply felt compelled to bring the distressed spirit home, which left him with his current dilemma-no place to sleep and not enough meat for two.

Fingers fisted in the soft, long hair fur that was draped across his body. A huge wolfhead with obsidian teeth clasped the single piece garment at the right shoulder, while the rest of the fur cascaded down the length of his body, a black leather belt securing it to his waist. The silver robe had been given to him by a clan of wolves indigenous to the Territories, as a sign of peace between the spirit and the animals. Wolves were an odd species, with a strange link to the world that they lived in. It was as if they themselves were also spirits, and not just beings of the present like others of their kind. Byakuya had forged an odd sort of bond with the creatures that occupied these lonely lands. As such, he had adopted the wolf as his totem.

A soft groan brought his attention to the bed, the light from the snow casting a blue light throughout the room revealing the restless form lying beneath thick polar bearskin blankets. Pitch-black hair shone with a healthy luster-just a shade darker than his own-but for some reason; it seemed the darkest, deepest shade he had ever seen. Byakuya had the ridiculous notion that, if he let his fingers run through that mysterious hair, he might never see his hand again. Smooth, fair skin stretched unbroken over the expanse of the body. In all his years, he had never come across that color of skin before. It was not the white of those ostracized from the outdoors, nor the sun-darkened tan that he sported. It was…intriguing. The spirit seemed to be of an age with himself, if not a bit older, and Byakuya could feel the emotions roiling off the almost still form. Passion, and power, anxiety and pride-all these things thrumming through the individual restrained only by a warm blanket. Nothing showed on his face, and Byakuya had the feeling that if the unknown spirit were awake, he still wouldn’t be able to see it. Somehow, though, he could feel it. Somehow, he felt that he could…calm it.

Tentou started out of bed, breathing hard and fast. He had no recollection of where he was, or how he got there. All he remembered was collapsing in the snow, at the mercy of the wilderness. Here he was, though. In an unfamiliar…ice cave…with slightly rough animal furs as coverings. Instantly, he knew that wherever he was, it was still outside of Gongen; no respected spirit would allow furnishing of temporal beings in their homes. Someone must have taken him in after the storm stole his consciousness. Spying a figure lounging against an ice wall, he spun around-clutching his head as his world spun in time.

“Where am I?”

“Well, obviously, you’re in my home. I highly doubt that the snow just up and built itself around you.” The words were dripping with sarcasm, and Tentou could just imagine the form making some rude posturing. “I’m Byakuya, by the way.”

“Who?” What was this person saying? Why did he have to be so…shrill?

Really? Byakuya was clueless as to why the spirit had asked that question. He wasn’t supposed to know who he was! They just met! As in, right now! What a prissy lordling! “Oh, I’m soooo sorry. I forgot, your utmost and bloated highness! I misspoke. Without realizing it, I haven’t given you my full and engorged name. Of course! That must be why you don’t know me! Well, in that case, I am Byakuya, Herald of the Summer Sun, Guardian of the Arctic Wolf, Lord of the Arctic Nights, Keeper of the Black Fang, Scion of the Star Spirits, and Spirit of the Midnight Sun. At least, that was what my father told me.”

Taking the insouciant, obnoxious, tone to heart, Tentou was full and ready to give this boy a piece of his mind. Raising his head with a glare, a retort on his tongue, he stopped with his mouth open. A stately figure stood before him, luxurious sable hair cascading down fine shoulders. Piercingly blue eyes held intelligence and wit, as well as an indomitable personality. Dressed in a robe of silver fur, a giant beast’s head at the shoulder, the spirit seemed to be sparsely clad for the environment. An entire half of his sun-darkened chest was exposed, one whole limb unprotected. Belted at the waist, the robe didn’t stay properly closed. A long part revealed a scandalous amount of the stranger’s bare legs, advertising the smooth, golden-brown skin of his host. This boy was simply, breathtaking.

Byakuya was less than pleased. This spoiled brat, no matter how good he looked, was pissing him off. Granted, it had a rough and tumble mating vibe-not that he had mated-but he was a living male. All males can identify a mating vibe. He had gone through the trouble of identifying himself, and all he got was a dumb look! “Well! Who’re you? You kinda owe me a name, titles and all. I gave you that, and my bed!”

Shaking his head out of his stupor, trying to ignore the tremulous feeling of ‘home’ growing in his chest, he gave his name. “I am Tentou: First Prince by the Sun Spirit Amaterasu, the Second Sun of the Summer Sky, Guardian of the Ways of Heaven, the Imperial Flame of Judgment, the Spirit of Divine Justice.”

Now we were getting somewhere. If only he would speak in that soft, intense, gravely voice…everything would be great. Though…anything was better than this awkward silence.

Tentou stared into the semi-darkness, wrestling with his impulsiveness.

“Here are your clothes. They were wet, and it looked like you were dying. So, I just, sorta stripped you.”

Snorting before he could catch himself, “Sorta stripped me? It certainly feels like you went all the way.” Looking Byakuya in the eye, thoroughly enjoying the blush dancing across his cheeks, Tentou felt something come together inside of him. He felt something fit into his soul, he finally felt…whole. Mentally steeling himself for what he was about to do, he took a breath and began. “Would you mind bringing them closer? I don’t think that I could reach them from here.”

Byakuya stepped forward, a little wary of his houseguest. He really had no idea what was going to happen…but his clairvoyance tickled at the edge of his mind. He had long since learned to trust that nagging at the back of his head, but, Byakuya forced it aside and brought the garments to the side of his bed.

As soon as Byakuya was close enough, Tentou let loose a powerful blast of pure spirit, forcing his power onto the other. Dazed and off balance, Byakuya stumbled but quickly regained his balance, battling back with his own essence. There was no danger in this fight, but everything was on the line. Pure spirit was rarely used, and highly straining. It was only used in assessing another’s ability…and mating bonds.

The two spirits battled fiercely, neither gaining an inch on the other. All too soon, it was apparent that neither could win this fight…and neither knew where it would lead. Sweat beaded on Byakuya’s brow, and heat flushed the pallor of Tentou’s face. In a moment, their eyes met. Despite the titanic clashing of their two wills, everything about them seemed to calm. One had become two. In that moment, in that small eternity, neither one submitted, or was beaten. Byakuya simply accepted, pleased with the matching of their kindred souls. Tentou blushed hesitantly, as he realized that it was on his shoulders to finish what was started; yet he slowly gripped his partner’s shoulders, lowering them to the bed.

Emboldened by his good fortune, impulsiveness took him and he threw his clothes out of the way, nearly desperate to figure out Byakuya’s curious garment. Steady fingers lifted his chin, bringing him face to face with a mischievously grinning Byakuya. Long, elegant fingers clasped his own, leading his arm between a gap underneath belt, reaching up to untie a lacing above his left nipple. Feeling the sudden give in the long robe, Tentou slid the soft, silver fur off of his prize.

Feeling the longing of the other against his own, Byakuya shuddered as his spirit still waged with Tentou’s. His talents may not linger in the realms of direct violence, but his deftness in the world of inference and cunning, coupled with his clairvoyant nature, gave him heightened awareness in spite of the overwhelming passion. He felt a thickness grope between his legs, silently asking ascension. Without a word, Byakuya drew his mate closer with his bared legs.

Grunting against the intrusion, his eyes rolled back into his head, filled with the heat of his body and the thrumming of their spirits. Wave upon wave of pleasure crashed through his body, each one building upon its predecessor. Dangling by a thread, his body hung over an abyss, hot flames broiling his skin, until it suddenly snapped. And he was engulfed in burning ecstasy. Ropes of his essence spurted from his jumping member, liquid flame pooling in his belly. Even as he lay in the bright afterglow, he felt his partner follow, his body clamped tight around Tentou’s thick shaft. Concentrated fire blazed inside of him, Tentou’s seed buried deep within his body. Tentou collapsed on top of him, their bodies twitching spasmodically, ignoring the gravity of the moment.

Both spirits gasped as their breath was stolen from them, their spirits twisting and writhing against one another. The two wills wrapped around them pulsing in counterpoint with the other. Lingering pleasure ignited once more as their mating was sealed, evidencing itself in a secondary round of shuddering moans.


Soon, it was found that Byakuya had been chosen to bear a child. Word reached Amaterasu, who, enraged by her son's constant disappearances, erupted in anger. Stars were thrown from the heavens by the mere force of her wrath. The two were brought to her, and thrown at her feet. Blinded by rage, she hurled a fireball at Byakuya. Tentou lept in front of his lover, the flames burning his left eye. A scar lingered, a scar for his love, only to be healed by his love. Relentless in her fury, Amaterasu took the child from Byakuya's belly, and hurled both Tentou and himself into the Fountain of Ages.

Crafted by an unknown being, the Fountain of Ages has stood since time beyond reckoning, filled with the flowing waters of time itself. Contained as it was, the world stood unchanged since its creation. With Byakuya imprisoned in its waters, and Tentou who tried to save him, their spirits overwhelmed the ancient vessel, and time itself burst through its dam.

Grief striking her heart, Amaterasu did what she could to save her world, using her great power to sever the spirits from the temporal world, creating the spirit world and the mortal world. Denaosu, the son taken by Amaterasu, was never reunited with his parents, but fathered the spirits of the Moon, Ocean, Earth, and Wind. Byakuya and Tentou lived out their live together, in the fleeting span of mortality. It was a true love, though tainted by violence; a story time does not allow one to appreciate. It was a true love, one to be played out through the ages, driven by the cycle of rebirth.


The two-year old Prince Zuko wobbled out onto the deck of a grand, Imperial Navy Ship, the brilliant emblem of the Fire Nation waving in the wind. "Zuko, don't worry your mother like that! Stay close to me." Ursa's soothing voice caught the toddler's ear, and the curious child slowed.

Pointing to the sky, the young prince frowned at the bright sun, shining in the depths of midnight. “No bed! Bright time!”

Chuckling faintly, Ursa gathered the rambunctious little one in her arms. “It’s nighttime, little prince. We’re at the South pole, and the sun sometimes stays up all night. Time for bed.”

Little Zuko stared as hard as he could at the burning ball of fire. Something inside, something he couldn’t recall, yearned for…something. All he knew was that sun, that midnight sun, beckoned to him.

Kalla rushed into the midwife’s hut, her daughter lying on the soft furs. Her labor had just started, as soon as the midnight sun reached its zenith. It would only remain directly over the pole for a few minutes, but that thought was soon pushed from her head as a terrific scream brought her attention back to Kaiya. Stunned at the quick birth, Kalla was still for a moment, before quickly rushing to help.

The Elder Mother knelt before Kaiya, offering her newborn son to her. “What shall you name this boy? Born at the time of the midnight sun’s power, surely he will bring great joy to our people.”

“Come now, Mother. You know as well as I that stories seldom come true anymore. With the avatar gone…the spirits have all but abandoned us.”

The old woman sniffed indignantly. “I believe in no such thing. Now, is the boy to have a name or not?”

“Sokka. That will be his name. Sokka, of the Southern Water tribe. Mama, what have you to say?”

Kalla knelt next to the Mother, prophecy on her tongue. “Strong is he born this day…”


So, for those of you who got confused toward the end, well...its a prologue. Oh, and hope you like the light lemon. And if anyone know's the real names of Sokka's mom and Gran-gran...let me know! Please Review! I need to know if its worth going forward. Ten reviews will do!

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