The Western Front

BY : Daxx
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This story is more of an adventure/romance story than smut, but it was still too explicit for Sarge/OC.


December 17th, 1944, the Ardennes.

The night was clear, and the moon and stars were shining, but that did nothing to warm it. Each and every soldier in the forest was feeling the cold, their breaths visible as gray puffs of warm air as each of them attempted to sleep. In each Jeep's mind were the horrors of the battle they had been in earlier that day, and the even greater horror in the knowledge that there would only be more at sunrise.

The majority of the soldiers were Jeeps, huddled together in the undergrowth to keep warm. To the untrained eye they looked identical, though a closer inspection would reveal subtle differences in size, shape, and markings. One Jeep, who stood out from the rest because he was slightly smaller than most, was a few feet away from the mass of bodies, and he appeared to be asleep.

Three tanks were in the distance, about a hundred feet through the forest, guarding both the Jeeps here and those stationed on the other side, too far away to see. No one stirred at the sound of a helicopter in the distance. They all knew the sound of their comrades, and the whirring blades were unmistakably American, most likely a supply carrier or a medic.

The only one who appeared to take notice was the smallest of the Jeeps, whose eyes opened a crack, though he didn't move. He waited until the sound of the helicopter blades whirring ceased, antenna trained to take in the direction in which it had headed, due east. He waited for twenty minutes in silence, no birds or bugs active in the freezing night. A wolf or feral dog howled in the distance, but no one payed any heed to the sound of the harmless creature.

The isolated Jeep slowly rose and crept through the crisp, dead leaves and frozen saplings. One of the soldiers stirred and looked up at him. The smaller Jeep glanced back and muttered "Nature calls," and the Jeep that had looked at him in question turned over and went back to sleep.

Rather than stopping, the Jeep traveled slowly east. Here and there he would stop, wide eyed, and listen to any rusting he heard in the undergrowth or any noise in the distance. He was sure not to turn his headlights on, or else he would be sending out a clear "Here I am" signal. It was easy enough for the trained soldier to make his way through the dark, and the moon and stars offered him some illumination.

He traveled for about half an hour when he finally came to a clearing. He stopped in the tall grass just beyond the tree line and looked around cautiously, eyes and hearing trained for signs of danger, but all that he saw was the silhouette of a Sikorsky R-4 helicopter standing alone in the clearing. It appeared to have noticed him, and turned in his direction, though said nothing. It appeared to be relaxed, so the Jeep took it as a sign that there was no danger in the area. He drove from the grass and into the clearing.

"I didn't think you would come," said the helicopter.

"I was hoping you wouldn't, Rob, you're an idiot to come out here," said the Jeep.

"I wanted to see you."

"And what if the Germans had decided to take a shot at you, then what?"

"I know what I'm doing."

There was a silence in which the two only regarded each other under the moonlight, then the Jeep drove forward, pulling up next to the much larger vehicle's side and leaning on it. Robert leaned back. For a long time neither of them spoke. It would be stupid to chat and act as if the world weren't caving in on their backs, and it would be stupid to act as if they hadn't seen dozens of their comrades in arms blown to bits or slowly drained of life from wounds that couldn't be fixed fast enough. The Jeep knew Robert had seen horrors even a soldier didn't have to deal with. Medics always saw the worst. The Jeep himself had met him only after he had lost his front right wheel to a mine. Robert had saved him from bleeding to death and had replaced his wheel. They had made eye contact and that had been enough for them to both realise they had something in common.

They both knew tomorrow would be a battle bigger than either of them had yet seen. They both knew their chances of surviving were slim. Though the forests of the Western Front seemed peaceful now, they knew that only miles away the Germans were stationed, and tomorrow they would meet them head on.

They communicated all these thoughts silently, the little Jeep hooking his front tires around the single front leg of the helicopter in a loving embrace. Robert could feel him trembling. He knew William was weeping, but said nothing. It was often in moments like these, when the action had stopped and the mind could go over the atrocities done a second time, now without the manic rush of adrenaline and the mind numbing shock, that Will and the other soldiers would cry. It was best to turn a blind eye to it. Will was grateful Robert was ignoring him. When he got himself under control, he put on his best fearless voice and tried to laugh, though it was only just above a whisper so that they would not be detected.

"Might as well enjoy our last night, right?"

The helicopter chuckled.

"They're starting to suspect."

"No they're not. Not me, anyway. Even if they do suspect you, no one would sack a medic."

William bit his bottom bumper to stifle a gasp as Rob's tongue started to lap at his backside. He responded eagerly, though silently, and raised his back end for Rob's convenience. It had been nearly a month since they had last seen one another. Every second here was precious.

Despite the helicopter's huge size, he was lightweight for flight and exceedingly gentle to boot. Will trusted him completely as he mounted him, his canvas backside caving slight beneath his front wheel. Neither of them could afford to express their pleasure in anything other than whispers. Both helicopter and Jeep started to breathe heavily, creating clouds of moisture. Rob's tail curled inward slightly as he arched his backside inward to bring his streamlined shaft to the Jeep's undercarriage. Due to their blades, helicopters mated in the air, and it had taken him many tries to learn how to make love to Will. He knew better than to enter him, he was simply too large, but instead their members brushed together as he thrust against the Jeep's underside.

He worked slowly at first. He could tell by the way William squirmed and panted beneath him that he was doing his job right, and he thrilled as their excited shafts bumping together repeatedly, watching William's breath billow with fascination. Had they not been in their current situation, perhaps they would have slowed down and taken pleasure simply in the act of their love making, but each knew better. Robert started to work at a frantic pace, gently shushing William as he started to moan beneath him.

The helicopter did his best to subdue his feverish huffing as they both came together, their seed mingling and dripping to Will's undercarriage and then to the forest floor. Robert dismounted and gently flipped the still panting Jeep against a tree, who gladly submitted as he was held in place by a helicopter tire and licked clean. The two then rested on their undercarriages on the forest floor, both with their eyes on the horizon. At the first sign of light, the Jeep would have to leave and prepare for battle.

They lay together, reveling in what both suspected would be their last moment together, before William noticed the stars slowly vanishing. He rose.

"I have to go. I'll see you when this is all over."

Robert forced a smile and tilted one of his blades in a helicopter salute.

"Kill as many as you can for me, and don't you dare die. The next time I see you I hope you're a sergeant."

William smiled and rose a bit on his front tires in order to give Robert a quick kiss. Neither could bare to say goodbye. Now was not the time to feel sorrow. William vanished into the trees. Robert waited ten minutes before taking off, so no one would suspect they had been together.

William arrived back at camp just at sunrise. Only one Jeep noticed that he had been gone, and he assumed he had been getting sick with fear. No questions were asked, and William turned his mind off and gathered his weapon as it started to snow.

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