Runaway Love

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Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar: the Last Airbender it belongs to its creators and Nickelodeon and any other companies that I cannot think of at the moment. There are probably more.

Title: Runaway Love

Summary: The Century War is done, Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai and with it the balance between the Four Nations is back. Unfortunately, all the wounds have not healed; especially the wounds that exist between the Fire Nation and the Water Tribes. To heal these wounds and form an alliance, Fire Lord Iroh devises a plan; a marriage between the two nations.

Timeline: Let’s say it’s a year after the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai, which puts all, but Aang around the marrying age.

Warning(s): Angst, slash, het, abuse (emotional and physical), Non-con, masturbation, mpreg, bondage. There's more to come. If this offends anyone, please don't read it.

A/N: Since, we the viewers do not know much about the Fire Nation (as of yet), I’ve decided to have my own twist on it. Things are going to be rather AU. I’m going to make Zuko younger and Sokka older. I just want to switch things around a bit. I don’t know why, but it feels right to have Sokka older.

Zuko = 16, Katara= 16, Aang = 14, Sokka = 18, and Toph = 14

The Fire Nation / The Imperial Palace

Fire Lord Iroh paced the length of his nephew, Zuko’s private sitting rooms. An hour had passed since the royal family’s physician had been called to cheek on Zuko. Iroh already had so much to worry about; the escalating tensions between his nation and the Water Tribes.

The bedroom doors opened and their physician, Mazu stepped out. Right away Iroh noticed the concerned look on his face.

“Fire Lord Iroh.” Mazu said; bowing his head briefly before continuing on. “Prince Zuko is in his sixteenth year, which means that he is beginning his fertile period.” Mazu stopped again; when he noticed the confused and shocked look on the Fire Lord’s face.

“Are you saying that my nephew has the rare ability to produce children?” Iroh asked; he was shocked.

Male-child-bearers were a rare breed in the Fire Nation; a male-child-bearer had not occurred for over two centuries, but his Zuko was one. No wonder, he had never shown any sexual interest in females or even males. A male-child-bearer’s sexual drive did not start until he was fertile.

“Fire Lord Iroh, I would suggest keeping Prince Zuko confided to the family wing; until you find a suitable mate for him. I would suggest a male.” Mazu said; bowing one more time.

“Why must Prince Zuko be confided to the family wing?” Iroh asked.

Mazu stopped in his tracks and turned back to face the Fire Lord.

“Prince Zuko must be confided to the family wing because he will be producing pheromones that will attract all the males in the palace. I do not think you want your nephew being taken without his consent.” Mazu said; “Usually, male-child-bearers are married by their sixteenth year; to prevent un-consenting sex. It is of the utmost importance that a mate is found for Prince Zuko soon. Otherwise, he will form a sexual bond with the male or female that is the closet to him emotionally.”

“How is Prince Zuko dealing with the…changes?” Iroh asked.

“The prince informed me, that he and his parents knew about his condition, since his seventh year.” Mazu said; he saw that the Fire Lord wanted more. “Prince Zuko is fine; just incredibly sexually frustrated. I suggest you hurry and find a mate for him or one night you will find him in your room; Fire Lord Iroh.”

“You may go and thank you. I do have many tasks to accomplish.” Iroh said.

The physician gave another respectful bow. “Fire Lord Iroh, there is one more thing. It is of the utmost importance that Prince Zuko has no sexual release until he has a mate or he will become infertile. I also left more instructions on the prince’s dresser. As of right now, he is in heat, it will at least last for another day or two.” Mazu said; and with that he left.

Iroh watched as the physician left. Mazu had left the door open and now that he was not distracted, he could hear his nephew. There were soft pants emanating from the room. Iroh stepped in and stopped short.

Zuko’s hands and feet had been chained to the bedpost with heavy silver manacles. Zuko was sleeping; though he still continued to writhe on the bed, searching for any contact that might grant him release.

Yes, he certainly had a lot to do. A sudden smile crept along his face. Yes, he knew what to do; he could ease some of the tensions between them and the Water Tribes and he could have a suitable mate for his nephew.

Near the South Pole / Ursa, the Fire Lord’s Ship

Unlocking the door to his nephew’s hidden chambers, Iroh stepped inside; giving Zuko a bright and loving smile. Zuko glared at him, wrapping the blankets more securely around himself.

“We are a half-a-day away from the South Pole. Are you excited Zuko? You will be married.” Iroh said; ignoring the glares that were sent his way.

“You may be forcing marriage upon me, but I will not let anyone touch me.” Zuko snapped.

Iroh sighed, every since word had gotten out about Zuko being a male-child-bearer, he had suddenly become extremely shy and touchy and fearful about the matters of sex. Zuko had always been a bit shy and a bit hesitant about sex. This sudden fearfulness though, that was a bit odd.

“I will not be used as some breeding mare. I will not let my indented touch me. I’ll have to be chained or knocked out before I let it happen.” Zuko snapped.

Iroh sighed before seating himself on a large floor cushion. While, Zuko may not want his presence, he would not leave his nephew’s side.

The South Pole / The Royal Palace

Katara wearily watched, as Sokka paced the length of his room; she could almost feel the anger coming off him. Their father, Hakoda had just informed them that the Fire Lord’s personal ship had been spotted a half-a-day’s journey from the South Pole.

“Sokka, try to be understanding,” Katara said; her brother merely glared at her; “Father is doing what he thinks best is for the Water Tribes. The tension between our and the Fire Nation cannot go on. A marriage between the royal family of the Fire Nation and the royal family of the Southern Water Tribe will begin to break the tension.”

“I do not want to marry anyone from the Fire Nation; let alone its spoiled prince.” Sokka snapped; “And why do I have to leave my home. Angry-boy should be the one leaving his home.”

Glaring at her brother, Katara moved from her position at the window. “Did you forget what Zuko and Iroh did for us? Iroh helped Aang learn firebending; helped him defeat the Fire Lord. Zuko saved me from his crazy sister.” Katara snapped; moving closer to her stubborn brother. “They helped bring about this tenuous balance and peace we have now. Show them the respect they deserve.”

“Katara…” but Sokka was cut off.

“The reason you’re living in the Fire Nation because Zuko is the only heir. Remember that Aang, Toph and I are traveling with you to the Fire Nation. I’m not needed at here for awhile. Aang’s coming because he wants to help rebuild the Fire Nation and be with us; and Toph does not want to go back to the Earth Kingdom.”

“I just don’t want to be forced into a loveless and political marriage. Katara, can’t you understand that?” Sokka said.

Katara gave her brother a watery smile. “Of course I do, but it does not have to be a loveless marriage. All you have to do is get to know Zuko; he’s not that bad.” the waterbender said; “You have a betrothal necklace to make.”

The silence that reigned over the table was strained. The betrothed had gotten into a fight the moment they begin to speak. Zuko and Sokka were still refusing to speak with each other. Although, Sokka kept stealing glances at the young Fire Nation prince; as did every male at the table, except for Iroh.

“I believe, Prince Zuko and Sokka should speak with each other privately. To see, if they can settle the misunderstanding.” Hakoda said; the tone of his voice left no room for argument.

Fire Lord Iroh nodded in agreement; before leaving he stopped to whisper something to his nephew. He was the last one to leave.

Zuko was the first one to break the uncomfortable and strained silence. “I do not want you. I will not let you use me as a breeding mare. I will never submit to you.” Zuko snapped.

“I don’t want you either. But you will be a breeding mare; give me many sons. And you will always submit to me.” Sokka snapped; he was not about to let this spoiled prince dictate their relationship. He would be the dominant one; no matter what it took.

The Southern Water Tribe warrior stood from his seat and went to stand behind the spoiled Fire Nation prince.

“This is a traditional betrothal necklace of my tribe. You will always wear it. It shows that you are taken. It shows that you are mine.” Sokka said; dangling the piece of jewelry in front of Zuko’s face.

Without permission, Sokka shoved Zuko’s high collar out of the way and clasped the betrothal necklace around the Fire Nation prince’s throat.

Unlike the other betrothal necklaces, Sokka’s had more than just a piece of ribbon holding it in place. Underneath the ribbon, he had placed three chains of silver; each with its own clasp. Zuko would not be able to get the betrothal necklace off without his help.

“Your uncle told me about male-child-bears. You’ll go through heat once a month and at that time you’ll be at your most fertile. You’re also driven to copulate too, but your uncle told me not until were married. I can handle that.” Sokka said. “A month after we return to the Fire Nation, we’ll be married. I don’t want you. I’ll never love you, but we have to do this. So, get used to it.”

Zuko paced the length of his room. In the outer-room, Zuko could hear the Fire Nation soldiers that had been ordered to guard him. He and his Uncle Iroh had been at the South Pole for two weeks.

Iroh and Chief Hakoda were ironing out the marriage contract; as well as trade and land contracts. His uncle had charged him with getting to know his soon-to-be husband.

Things were still horribly strained between him and the Water Tribe boy. Zuko would not admit it, but he could feel a bond beginning to form between them. Against his will, his own senses had begun to notice the other boy’s scent. His body had also begun to only respond to the Water Tribe boy.

He had developed a need to be around the Water Tribe boy. Unfortunately, he did not want to be around Zuko. His soon-to-be husband had become more withdrawn and harsher towards him.

Zuko sighed, pulling the comforter tighter around his shoulders. He could not wait to leave the South Pole; tomorrow morning they would leave for the Fire Nation.

The Ocean / Ursa, the Fire Lord’s Ship

Staring blindly up at the low metal ceiling, Zuko bore the indignity of letting his physician, Mazu look over his body.

The kindly old man, gently felt the young prince’s abdomen; he could feel that a womb had already finished growing; ready and waiting to shelter a baby. Mazu stepped away from the prince, who looked at him.

“Yes, you may get dressed. Your uncle wished to tell you, that we will reach Souza in a day.” Mazu said; with a bow.

Zuko ignored him; in favor of quickly pulling on his clothes. “Thank you. You are dismissed.” Zuko said.

The young Fire Nation Prince still had not looked at the old physician. Mazu nodded and left the room.

Zuko absently tugged at the high necked collar of his robe. The time was approaching, he could feel it. Fire danced along his’ nerves. A call that he did not think he could ignore any longer.

The young Fire Nation prince let his hand trail down the smooth and slick silken robes. The need for release was over whelming. Zuko gently took hold of himself and squeezed.

A soft moan escaped his mouth and his hips bucked forward. Zuko bit his bottom lip. His uncle was in the apartment on the other side of a hidden door.

Zuko could feel his cheeks burning. In all his sixteen years, he had never pleasured himself or been pleasure by others. It had always felt to dirty to him.

It did not matter now. Zuko needed release and he would have it. He did not care if he became infertile.

Opening his robes and dropping his loincloth to the floor, Zuko set a rhythm of squeezing and stroking. He braced a hand against a wall when his hips began to buck at the own accord.

He was so lost in his self-pleasure that he did not hear the hidden door to his apartment open.

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