Kim Possible and The Dimension of Opposites

BY : WotanAnubis
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TITLE: Kim Possible and The Dimension of Opposites
AUTHOR: WotanAnubis
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters and am not making a profit.

* * * * *

Part 1

Today had been a really weird day. Granted, it wasn't over yet, but Kim Possible was pretty sure it was turning out to be the weirdest day ever. This morning she'd woken up, dressed, ate her breakfast, gone to school, gone back home and she was now working on her homework. The world wasn't in any kind of danger at all. It was bizarre. Nice, of course, because Kim didn't want the world to be in danger, but it was pretty darn weird all the same.

Oh well, at least now she had more enough time to finish her homework. Not that she actually needed that time, since the trials and tribulations of her normal life had made her very good at making homework in a hurry, but it was nice to have so much time for once. She even had enough time to doodle in her notebook, which was a first.

There was a knock.

"Come in," Kim said without looking up from her desk.

Nothing happened for a while. Then there was another knock.

"I said, come in," Kim said, looking up.

She jumped from her chair when she realised the knocking wasn't on her door, but was instead coming from the upside down face outside the window. A face with red hair and green eyes, waving at her. Kim ducked into a fighting stance.

"So, someone cloned me again, huh? And here I was thinking today was going to be weird."

The upside down Kim Possible outside the window rolled her eyes. "Could you let me in, please?"

"No way," said Kim, wondering why the clone hadn't burst through the window and attacked her yet. "Who made you, why are you here?"

"Well, in order: mom and dad when they had sex on their wedding night and, technically because Dr. Drakken brought me here."

"What?" said Kim.

"Look, this would be so much easier if all my blood wasn't rushing to my head right now. Could you please let me in?"

"So... you're not here to fight me?" said Kim.

"No, I'm not," the other Kim responded. She grinned. "Of course, I could be a clone sent to fight you, but created with enough brains to trick you into thinking I'm not."

"Why did you have to go and say that?" said Kim.

"Because I kinda like to jerk people around like that. Now let me in please?"

"Fine," said Kim, walking towards the window. "But I promise you, I'm more than able to throw you out if I have to."

"Oh, I have no doubt," Kim responded.

A few moments later, Kim was sitting in her chair, while Kim stood in the middle of the room, looking around.

"Huh, almost exactly like my own room," said Kim. "Just missing a few features."

"Like what?" Kim said.

Kim looked at her and gave her a smile that made her shiver, although with what she couldn't tell. "I'm not sure I should tell you that. Not just yet."

"Fine," Kim shrugged. "So you said Drakken brought you here?"

"Yep," said Kim. "There I was, minding my own business, when that blue guy suddenly pulls me into this dimension of total opposites."

Kim jumped up. "So you're here to fight me," she said.

"Would you calm down?" said Kim. "Good and evil aren't the only opposites in existence, you know."

"Oh," said Kim. "So... Drakken didn't get my evil opposite from another dimension."

"No," said Kim.

"Then in what way are you opposite from me?"

"Well, I think I'm way more relaxed than you are," said Kim.

"What? I can relax. Just not when I'm suddenly faced with someone who could be my evil clone."

"Who turned out to be a good dimensional opposite, by the way," said Kim.

"Well, I don't know about you, but I save the world a lot so I have to be careful," Kim said.

"Oh, well, I guess we differ in that then," said Kim. "I don't save the world myself. I just send out my girls."

"Your... girls?" said Kim.

"Yeah, my harem."


"Well, it's not really a harem, I guess," said Kim. "I'm just their complete and absolute Mistress and they obey my every sexual whim."

"Mistress!?" Kim shrieked.

"You don't seem to be taking this very well," said Kim, sitting down on Kim's bed.


"Well, I guess that's how we're opposites. I'm normal and you're a prude."

"No, I'm normal and you're... I have no idea what you are."

"I'm totally normal for my dimension," said Kim. "All dominants have a few submissives where I live. It's no big deal."

"You know, people can treat each other equally," said Kim.

"True," said Kim. "And those people have their own little private clubs. I don't know what goes on in there, and I don't want to, but at least they can no longer get jailed for being who they are."

"Well, in this dimension people like you are the minority with their own little private clubs."

"Huh," said Kim. "Guess we found out how we differ."

"Guess so," said Kim, sitting down again. "This is just too weird."

"Tell me about it," said Kim.

"Anyway, I guess we better start working on a way to get you home."

"Probably a good idea," said Kim. "I take it you gotta contact Ron for that?"

"No, Wade," said Kim. "You do know Wade, right?"

"Yeah, I do," said Kim slowly. "But he's not the guy I go to when I need info."

"Wade isn't a smart guy where you're from?" Kim said.

"Oh, he has brains," said Kim. "But he only uses them when Ron tells him to."

Kim blinked. "I really didn't need to hear that."

"Sorry," said Kim. "So Wade's a dominant here," she added thoughtfully.

"Not dominant," Kim said. "Independent."

"Same thing," said Kim. "I guess that explains Shego."

"What?" said Kim.

"Yeah, I met her when Drakken pulled me into your dimension. She's a pretty angry, aggressive girl, isn't she? My Shego is my most obedient slave."

"Shego is your slave?"

"Yep, most submissive girl I've ever met," said Kim. "There's nothing she won't do, nothing she won't enjoy. I sometimes use her to reward my other girls when they've been exceptionally good."

Kim listened in disbelief. The words the other Kim said were difficult enough to believe, but the tone of her voice...

"You really love her, don't you?" said Kim.

Kim looked at her. "Of course I do," she said reproachfully. "I love all my girls. I wouldn't be a very good Mistress if I didn't."

"Wow," Kim breathed. She shook her head. "Well, anyway, I'd better contact Wade."

"Wait," said Kim.

Kim froze, still half reaching for her Kimmunicator.

"It's late and I can wait 'till morning," said Kim. "There's no need to bother Wade now."

"I... guess not," said Kim. "I mean, you could sleep in my room if you had to."

"Thank you for offering," said Kim with a smile that made Kim shiver again. "Tell me, do you know Monique and Bonnie?"

"Yeah, I know them. Why?"

"What are they like?" Kim said.

"Monique's pretty much my best friend," said Kim. "Bonnie's a bitch."

"But you'd say they have strong personalities, wouldn't you?" said Kim.

"Yeah, I guess," said Kim. "Wait, don't tell me they're your girls too."

"Yep," said Kim. "Shego, Monique and Bonnie together form my willing harem. And since they all have strong wills in this dimension..."

Kim grinned. Kim wasn't sure she liked that grin.

"Wait, you're not saying..." Kim said with a little nervous laugh.

"It's the obvious conclusion," Kim said. "You're a submissive."

"No way," said Kim. "You clearly don't know me."

"Maybe not," said Kim. "But you're my opposite. You can't be truly dominant. There must be some part of you that yearns to belong to someone."

Kim slowly started walking closer to Kim's chair. Kim wasn't sure if that terrified her or... or made her feel something else.

"Look," said Kim. "It doesn't work that way here. I don't have to be with someone."

Grinning, Kim stradled Kim and put her arms around her shoulders. Kim swallowed hard.

"Ah yes, everybody is equal in this dimension, aren't they? So everybody must do everything on their own and nobody is allowed to depend on someone else. Everybody must be their own person, so submissiveness is looked down upon. And someone like you must be working hard to fit right in."

"You don't know what you're talking about," said Kim.

"No?" said Kim. "Let me make a prediction and tell me if I'm right. You try to excell at everything you do and you try to do everything. You make a big show of being strong, capable and independent, all to prove that you're more equal than everybody else. Yet, deep down inside, you feel it's all a bit meaningless if you don't have someone who can call you theirs. You're desperate for a girlfriend, aren't you?"

"Boyfriend," Kim croaked. "And... and... all that other stuff isn't true either."

Kim smiled tenderly and stroked Kim's cheek. "You don't have to pretend. I understand. I'm probably the only one who understands. You can trust me."

Kim looked at that smiling, knowing face and into those deep, gentle green eyes and felt the need to just give in. Just this once. But part of her... most of her... she... fought back.

"That's... not true," Kim said. "I'm not... what you say I am."

Kim just smiled. "Kiss me."

Kim instantly leaned forward until her lips met those of her extradimensional opposite. Her lips were soft and gentle, her tender kiss made her heart sing.

Then realisation sank in and Kim pulled away, eyes wide with shock.

"That... I didn't."

"Yes, you did. You obeyed me and you didn't even have to. How do you feel?"

She wanted to say that she was disgusted or that she'd kissed Kim to prove that it was she who would take the initiative and not her supposedly dominant opposite. But the words didn't come and they didn't really match her feelings anway. In fact, she didn't know how she felt. Except confused. She was pretty sure she was confused.

Kim got off Kim's lap and walked back to the bed. Kim resisted a whine, but nevertheless felt strangely sad that the other Kim's warm body wasn't so close any more.

"OK," said Kim as she sat down on the bed. "You're confused and probably a bit scared. You did just obey me and you kissed a girl, which I guess you've never done before. If you want you can call your Wade right now, arrange for me to get sent back and you can forget this ever happened, which I think you probably will. Or..."

"Or...?" Kim said.

"Or you can come here and kneel before me and you'll get to experience what it's like to be truly you for once."

Kim sat frozen in her chair. Part of her thought that this was all stupid, that she should just call Wade and get this ranting maniac out of here as quickly as possible. But another part of her remember what it was like to kiss Kim. How safe she'd felt, how loved even. How she could trust her with everything, not just her life, but with her soul as well. She wanted to feel like that again.

And... well... it would be just this once, right? She could go back to normal in the morning.

Kim got up, walked towards the bed and kneeled before Kim, her eyes cast downwards.

"Good girl," said Kim.

Kim smiled as she felt her heart swelling and her body fill with heat. It was strange but... it felt good.

"In my dimension there are some formalities to go through before a dominant can accept a submissive as her own," said Kim. "But since you don't know them, I'll quickly fill you in. Beg me."

Kim frowned. Beg her? Beg her for what?


"Please, I beg of you to take me as your slave," Kim said.

"Well done. For someone from your dimension. Where I come from someone wanting to be a slave would kiss their future Mistress' feet or debase hers..."

Kim leaned down and kissed Kim's sneakers.

"Forgive me, Mistress, I didn't know," Kim said.

"My, my," said Kim. "You're really going for it, aren't you?"

"If I do something, I like to do it perfectly, Mistress," said Kim.

"As you should," said Kim.

Kim blushed at hearing the approval in Kim's voice. For some reason it felt... good. She wanted to hear it again. Part of her suspected that she would do anything to hear it again.

Kim got up from the bed and stood in front of Kim, with her back turned to her.

"Undress me."

Kim got off her knees and started taking off her new Mistress' clothes. It didn't take very long. Apparently, her Mistress had the same taste in clothes as she did. Once all her Mistress' clothes were lying on the floor, Kim wondered what to do next. Did she have to kneel down again or did she have to remain standing until told to kneel down again?

Kim turned around and their eyes met for a moment before Kim hurriedly cast hers downwards again. Apparently, Kim decided not to make too much of an issue out of it. For now.


Kim eagerly did so. So eagerly that she banged her knees on the floor. She bit down the need to say 'ow' and remained quiet. She wondered why. She wondered why all this seemed to come so naturally to her.

She knew why.

She'd given in and it felt... it felt... God help her, it felt right. Horribly, wonderfully right. She'd complained so many times to Monique about her total lack of boyfriend and Monique had told her just as many times that a girl like her needn't be so hung up on that. She wanted a boyfriend, wanted to belong to someone.

And now she belonged to herself.

She'd laugh about that if she weren't in the presence of her Mistress.

Kim stood in front her, her feet planted firmly on the ground a bit apart from each other. Even though she had her eyes still on the floor, Kim could somehow feel her Mistress' pussy right in front of her. Kim felt herself becoming aroused... more aroused, her own pussy becoming wet. But she remained patient.

"You may kiss me."

Kim looked up at her Mistress' pussy. It was glistening and beautiful and, even though it was hard to tell from this angle, it was also totally identical to her own. Kim raised herself enough to kiss her Mistress once, her lips brushing her Mistress' wet slit, before kneeling back down again.

"Why did you not eat my pussy?" Kim asked.

"My Mistress told me to kiss her and nothing more," Kim said.

"Good," Kim said and her pleased tone was enough to drench Kim's panties. "Some slaves confuse their eagerness for sex with their duty to their Mistress. I am glad to see you're not one of them."

"Thank you, Mistress," said Kim.

"Hmm," said Kim.

Kim reached down and gently stroked Kim's hair. Kim resisted the urge to purr like a content kitten, but was certain some pleased noises managed to escape her throat all the same. She hoped her Mistress didn't mind.

Suddenly, Kim hair was grabbed roughly and she found her face pressed against Her Mistress' pussy.

"Now eat me."

Kim was glad for the order, because she didn't think she would've been able to stop herself if she was told to do nothing. The smell and heat from her Mistress' pussy close to her awakened feelings of lust inside her she never knew she had. She kissed every little bit of her Mistress' slit, letting her lips brush her clit, letting her tongue circle it. Her Mistress stood silently, giving no signs of pleasure. But her juices flowed freely and Kim drank eagerly from her. By now, Kim knew most if not all the places that really made her come and she tried to remember what they were so she could focus on them for her Mistress. But the smell and taste of her Mistress filled her completely, leaving no room for thought, only the desire to worship her Mistress with her tongue.

Kim let her tongue dance on top of her Mistress' clit, delighting the sharp hisses that escaped her Mistress' lips. Then she leaned in as far as she could to French kiss her Mistress, her lips on her slit, her tongue slipping into her. Kim's Mistress moaned with pleasure just once, but it was almost enough to make Kim come. She never knew she could become this aroused by pleasuring another, but it seemed obvious to her now. After all, she couldn't be happy if people around her weren't happy as well, so why shouldn't it be the same with lust?

Now she had entered her Mistress, Kim was basically in unfamiliar territory, but she didn't let that slow her down. Her tongue turned and twisted, licking, lapping and even though her Mistress displayed few outward signs of pleasure, Kim knew that what she was doing gave her pleasure and drove her to the orgasm she yearned for her Mistress to have.

Kim's Mistress groaned, her pussy clamping down on Kim's tongue, filling her mouth with her juices, her body shuddering. As her Mistress came, Kim felt a minor orgasm coursing through her own body as well, but she tried to supress. Her Mistress had not given her permission to have an orgasm, after all, and anyway this was about her Mistress' pleasure, not her own.

Kim let go of Kim's hair and Kim went back into a kneeling position, eyes cast downward, half her face covered in her Mistress' juices.

"You are quite good at eating pussy," Kim said.

"You give me too much praise, Mistress," Kim said. "I merely know what I like and since our bodies are identical, I assumed you would like the same, my Mistress."

"And you were right," said Kim. "So, you're not so prudish that you don't know how to touch yourself. Good. Lie down and show me."

Kim lay down on her back and spread her legs. Her Mistress loomed above her, naked, her pussy still dripping. Kim herself was still fully clothed, yet she still felt that of the two of them she was the more exposed. She felt that her Mistress could read her entire soul with just one glance.

She wasn't very surprised to find that she liked that feeling.

Closing her eyes, Kim's hand wandered into her pants and into her panties. They really were drenched. She'd never been this wet, this aroused. She gasped and moaned as she explored herself, played with herself. She moved her hand over her soaking slit, took her clit between her fingers. She moaned and sweated, her body writhing with lust at her Mistress' feet. She could feel her orgasm building again and tried to postpone it, to show her lust to her Mistress for as long as she could, but as her fingers kept playing, she...

Kim blinked when she felt Kim grab her arm and pull her hand out of her pants. She whined with pitiful disappointment, her whole body still screaming. She wanted to protest, beg her Mistress to allow her an orgasm, but she wasn't sure if she was allowed to talk right now.

"No, you may not come," said Kim coldly. "Even though this is your first time for everything and you performed really well, you did look me in the eyes and you need to be punished for that. Do you understand."

Kim wanted to scream that this wasn't fair. That she needed that orgasm.

"Yes, Mistress," she whispered.

"Good," said Kim, letting go of her arm. "Stand up and take off your clothes."

Kim did so, quickly and silently. By the time she was finished, her Mistress had taken place on her bed again.

"Place yourself on my lap."

Kim obeyed without saying a word. She was pretty sure she knew what was going to happen and that scared her a bit. But what scared her more was that she felt herself becoming more aroused at the prospect.

"I'm going to spank you for looking me in the eyes," Kim announced. "However, since this is your first time and you weren't raised naturally, I'm going to be lenient. I will spank you ten times, five for each cheek. You will count and you will thank me for it, understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good," said Kim. "Now, in the totally unlikely event that the pain becomes too much for you, all you need to do is say 'Pandaroo' and I will stop. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"What do you need to say?"

"Pandaroo, Mistress."

"Good. Count."

"One," Kim grunted. "Thank you Mistress."

Kim's hand landed on Kim's ass again.

"Two. Thank you Mistress."

And again.

"Three. Thank you Mistress."

It was strange. It did hurt. Kim knew how to spank her and leave red marks with her hand, but...

"Four. Thank you Mistress."

The pain burned and danced with the lust in her body, adding to it. Every time her Mistress' hand landed on her ass, her pussy became wetter.

"Five. Thank you Mistress."

"And now the other one. Continue counting."

One of Kim's cheeks now red and glowing, the other one looked pale and a bit sickly in comparison. But Kim would soon remedy that.

"Six. Thank you Mistress."

Kim realised she wasn't grunting with pain any more every time her Mistress spanked her. She also realised her thanks were becoming more and more heartfelt.

"Seven. Thank you Mistress."

Kim slapped Kim's ass again. This time, the redhead moaned with pleasure.

"Eight. Thank you Mistress."

And again Kim moaned, louder this time.

"N-nine. Thank you Mistress."

Kim's hand landed on her one more time and this time Kim came. Lust and pain filling her body, spiced with a bit of humiliation, she came, shuddering and moaning. Orgasm claimed her, but someone else still held a stronger grip on her.

"T-t-ten. Tha-ank you Mistresssssss."

Lying in her Mistress' lap, Kim surrendered to the pain and the pleasure and rode the orgasm. Kim didn't stir, but only held Kim enough for the redhead not fall off her in the throes of her passion. When she calmed down, Kim pulled her up so that Kim was sitting in her lip and held her tight.

"Forgive me, Mistress," Kim whispered.

"What for?"

"I came. I was meant to be punished and I came instead. Please forgive, Mistress."

Kim stroked Kim's hair. "There's nothing to forgive, my pet. You are inexperienced and untrained. It was only natural for the pain to send you over the edge."

"Then I'll get more experience, Mistress. I'll train so that this won't happen again."

"That's the answer I wanted to hear, my pet," Kim whispered.

"Thank you, Mistress."

"But there is one thing you forgot," said Kim. "And that is that I'm going back to my own dimension tomorrow. And when that happens you'll no longer be mine."

"But..." Kim started.

Kim put a finger on Kim's lips. "Tonight I am your Mistress. But it was only to show you your submissiveness and the joy you can find in it. And so you did."

"And so I did," Kim whispered.

"Don't be sad," said Kim. "I'm sure you'll find some loving boyfriend or understanding girlfriend that will allow you to serve them. I'm pretty sure they must exist in this world. But for now, sleep."

"Yes Mistress," said Kim, slowly moving off Kim's lap.

"Ah-ah," said Kim. "You're still my slave tonight. And my slaves may only sleep in my bed if I grant them the privilege or if I wear them out. You, however, are not granted either of those things. So you'll sleep at the foot of my bed where you belong. Naked."

Kim smiled. "Yes Mistress," she said. "Thank you Mistress."

And, to her total lack of surprise, she meant it too.


"Well, that went quickly."

Kim stepped over some debris to where Team Possible was standing victorious.

"Shego got away, though," said Kim.

"Yeah, she is a feisty one, isn't she?" said Kim. "I'd love to tame her, but considering how she is in my dimension it'd probably be futile."

"Huh?" said Ron.

Kim shook her head. "Never you mind Ron. They do things differently in her dimension."

"Although some things stay the same," said Kim.

"Well, here's the dimensional portal switch," said Kim.

Kim flipped it and the air distorted, as if becoming a blue, clear liquid.

"Are you sure this will take me back to my dimension?" Kim said.

"Wade's certain," said Kim. "And I trust him."

"So do I," said Kim. "But, before I go..."

Kim walked over to Kim and hugged her tight. Kim smiled and put her arms around her as well. They stood still for a few intense, intimate moments.

"Come with me," said Kim, after they'd let go.

"What?" said Kim.

"I want you to come with me," said Kim. "There's so much I have to offer you and I'm sure my girls will all love you."

Kim blushed, painfully aware that Ron was still present. "Why didn't you ask me this last night?"

"Because you would've said 'yes' without thinking," said Kim. "And I want you to think about this decision. Will you come with me?"

"I want to," said Kim. "I really do. But I can't. This is my world and it still needs a lot of saving."

"I figured you would say that," said Kim. "But I had to try. Well, goodbye Kim. I hope to see you again."

"Goodbye," said Kim.

Kim smiled at her, nodded at Ron, walked to the portal and was gone. The portal closed and Kim suddenly felt very alone.

"Uhm... what was that all about?" said Ron.

"Nothing," said Kim. "Hey, do you think Wade could build a portable portal generator or something? Aimed at her dimension, I mean?"

"I'm pretty sure he could," said Ron. "Why? You interested in visiting?"

"Yeah," said Kim, starting to walk away across the rubble and the debris. "You know, when the world isn't in need of saving, I think... I'd like to go there."

"Really?" said Ron, following her. "So, that totally opposite dimension is also a nice place just like here?"

"It's not just like here, Ron," said Kim. "In fact, I think, for me, it could be Heaven."

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