Nocturnal Lust

BY : Jkiatelli
Category: +G through L > Invader Zim > Slash - Male/Male
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Nocturnal Lust

It was a late night at the Membrane household, and Dib was preparing to go to bed.
He no longer slept in pajamas, nor even boxers at this preteen stage in his life.
Instead he preferred to sleep in the buff, with a nightshirt waiting on the bedpost, should
He become disturbed and have to remove himself from his bedchamber.

He quietly slid under the covers; a slight chill singing his skin with it's iciness as his slender body met with the royal blue satin sheets that enveloped him in the cold autumn night.

It wasn't long before Dib had slipped away into his nocturnal dreaming; thoughts that pierced him such as the several light tinted green tentacles that pierced his orifices, searching for hidden pleasure that would soon manifest his quivering sweaty form and eventually tear from him after he was spent, lng hng him whimpering, exhausted and sweaty on the emerald green velvety floor that carpeted every dream he had like this...

As the dream went on, Dib failed to hear the glass of his bedroom window slowly being cut by lasers, the small pane of cut glass falling away, and a pair of devious red eyes watching him as he tossed around on his bed and the slight bulge that had formed between his legs and underneath the covers in which were slightly damp in that particular area.

The figure that watched him crept into the window; now not so helpful in it's opaque
Protection. Slowly it slid across the floor like a shadow as it's metallic legs crept inside the pod upon it's back, and it looked down upon the boy's sleeping form tilting it's head in amusement until it saw the bulge within the center of the bed. It then smiled almost in a demonic satisfaction as it slid it's icy green hand under the sheets and caressed Dib's smooth member which in turn Dib emitted a soft muffled and labored moan, along with a slight shifting in position.

Dib soon awaked with a cry after he felt the intruder squeeze his shaft, and looked upon the figure before him. "ZIM!" His eyes narrowed as he knew his manhood had betrayed him for the creature he despised most, but had no time to say anything more as Zim quietly grabbed his arm in his claw and with the other, withdrew a syringe from his flowing robes which was filled with a thick, shiny metallic fluid and discreetly jabbed it into his arm, causing Dib to fall unconscious.

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