The Expression of the Stars

BY : SaphireMMTPX
Category: +G through L > Invader Zim > Slash - Male/Male
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Disclaimer: I do not own Invader Zim, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: “The Expression fo the Stars” is © Jennifer C Wood (me). Invader Zim and all characters © to the Creator and the company who owns them. It’s also obvious I own most of the High Skool teenagers. If you hear something from IZ, it belongs to JV not me. Anyways, read on fellow doomed ones.

Warning: It's Slash/yaoi/gay/mxm. If you do not like a guy and guy having anything past the certain extent of holding hands, then go away and never come back. If you do, keep on reading'! BOOOOYA! Plus don’t read warning 2 if your ok with this, unless you’d like too listen to me rant about idiots and flaming.

Warning2: If you people haven't read the above and this, then you go and flame me saying how nasty I am, well fuck you all and your stupidity. I placed warnings and such. And if you still don't like it, well OFMG I don't care! Plus I don’t appreciate it, nor do my fellow writers, for being criticized on our works, when the complainers only read a part of the works and not most of it, judging it before they realize what is going on. If you have complaints and are disgusted, tough luck. We don’t care, plus if you don’t like it, why bother going to all this trouble of finding the damned nasty story (which was probably very well Written like Sakata’s) and then think of excuses to ban us from the interent, you got a whole new thing coming. You’ve wasted your time and ours by complaining.

Note: Yes this is my first attempt at a IZ verse fic. This is naturally set about 7 years in the future. I may be sick and twisted but the one thing I will not find sexually appealing is little children ages 10 and under, ending up in sexual innuendos. R&R, please enjoy.

Note2: I make patterns for POVs. In the first chapter, Zim’s POV begins, and in the second Dib’s. Yes it may be confusing, but I write a lot. I still have other stories, editing jobs and artwork to make. Not to mention homework and normal work. I’m only 17, almost 18 for Christ’s sake! There and blah.

Note3: I put a dedication and a random sponsor, which obviously isn’t really sponsoring me. It’s just what I may be using/eating/poking at the time. The first chapter I was listening to the Goldfish commercial and I used that. The second chapter was popping a few Mentos. The third…I was watching the Viagra Commercial from Japan. Did you know that in the year 1999, Japan banned the making of Viagra Soft drinks because small children would buy them and unknowingly digest the hormonal drugged soft drink and then develop growths or defects in their sexual hormones later on? ^_^ Well anyways…La My Disclaimer/Warning/Notes/Crap is done!


Note 4L This was moved from to here so I could write pretty little sex scenes and be as gross as humenly possible to those slash haters! XD


(PS: please R&R with nice things to say….^^;;)

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