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By Spug


“ Don’t touch me. “

The first thing he ever said to me. You can’t really call that a proper greeting. What about, hello, hi, salutations or even something as crud as the ignorant slang of ‘ S’up?”

I had only been in college for three weeks now. I had to admit most people were snippy. I couldn’t stand the preps, the jocks, and the frats. I had been lucky enough to get my own dorm, a solitude place between classes. Nerds like me like our solitude; all we really need is our computers, or plans for world domination, and an occasional trip to the library. A sweet silent place, with little encounters, but on occasion. You had one.

Our hands had brushed reaching for the same book. “ Genetical Cloning: Facts, Fiction and Sci-Fi. “ To be precise. His had retreated with that cut saying.

I had snatched the book off the shelve and had turned to face my rude fellow genetics fan. “ You could have said excuse me, It’s not like I meant to have physical contact with your inferior hand. “

That was when I had taking my first good look at him. The first thing I had noticed was those round brown eyes. Larger then a normal persons, One pupil slightly bigger then the other. Tannish skin, a rail thin body. Short, maybe about 5‘3. An orange corduroy sweater, kaki pants...slippers. Brown spiky hair that stuck this way and that. Under one arm he’d had a pile of book. ‘ Backyard Ballistics,‘ ‘ The Theory of Space, Time and Relativity,’ And three.. no.... Four Star Wars Novels.

“ Inferior? How dare you! You have no idea whom I am. I could be a Jedi Master from the future. “ His voice had squeaked much like mine does. Jedi Master? I remember one of my brows jutting upward and my patton chortling laugh rippling out. I resisted backhanding the geek right there.

“ Are you serious, or just plan crazy? “ I had shaking the book he’d wanted in his face. Those brown ehad had followed it like it was money. One of my hands had flipped up to adjust the thick black rimmed glasses on my face. I had a few inches and about twenty pounds on him. If it had been a crazy I was dealwithwith, despite my distaste of psychical fighting, I was sure I could have taken him.

“ Oh, I’m sorry, I must be talking to a .. Star Trek Fan? That’s right, isn’t it? You like Star Trek don’t you, Jerk? “ And he had shaking a Star Wars novel at me. “ I can always tell your kind. “

.“ Star Trek is fine, but it’s not my life, and neither is Star Wars. Geek. “ Thumbing through the book I had gotten to first. Smirking that typical evil genius kind of smirk. “ And this conversation is over, I have so much better things to do that stand here and fight with a geek like you. “

Maybe he’d thought it a challenge, one of those skinny tan arms with their rail thin wrist snapped outward and pointed to my nose. “ You think one defeats me so egotistical as you are? A minor victory in the base form of a book and you feel you’ve won? I’m afraid, four eyes, that this is only a minor set back, ten seconds on our lovely world wide web, and I’ll have the book downloaded, and you can continued to have your name scanned into their pathetic computer day in and day out. “

“ What are you going to do? Shoot lasers out that stick of a finger you have? “ What a dweeb. This had come to my brain? A nerd such as myself was finding someone even dweebier? “ So what, Leeward. Anyone can download text files on to their computer, but only with a real book can you curl up on your bed and enjoy it. Oh.. I suppose you could, but you’d have to spend an hour printing it out. “ I had reached out and flattened my palm against his and shoved his hand back to his chest.


‘ Don’t touch me! “ He’d sidestepped and given me a frown, before an unusually smirk took hold of his tan little face. “ You obviously think your better then me, perhaps you’re getting ultraviolet rays through those satellites you’re wearing over your eyes. Who cares about comfort while absorbing knowledge, it’s best conceived on a giant screen surrounded by uncountable watts of generated electricity in the form a SUPER COMPUTER! “ He had nearly been shouting by then, and someone leaned around the bookshelf and hushed at him.

I had managed another smirk. ‘ A super computer eh? I doubt it’s even remotely standard to the one I have, I beat my computer could reconfigure yours in a flash and still download hundreds of MP3’s at the same time. ‘ A push to my glasses. Now that was a challenge, the first of many I would issue to him.

“ You wish! Fear now, Unbeliever, I will show you just how inferior you’re pathetic CPU is, FOLLOW ME! To the GIMP Layer! “ Shoving all those book in his hand onto the nearest table, he’d begun one of the most amusing strut/wiggle trots toward the door.

A final smirk on my features then. How similar that situation seemed. It reminded me of my childhood. Of another geek I had known, and always strived to defeat.

That was the first time I had ever met Justin “Gimpy” Taylan. That was the first time I had tried to prove myself superior to him.

It had been the start of a most unusually relationship.

I hate Star Wars.




Our mouths toyed together feuded passion. He tasted like peanut butter and warm root beer. His thinner form pulled up into my lap. Skinny legs hanging off the sides of his computer chair. My glasses were getting foggy from his heated breath. I sucked his tongue into my mouth deeper, pulling him closer with fingers gripping tight to his cotton covered ass.

This is hot. Teasing. I bump my groin against him. He pulls back and gasps deeply before his eyelids lowered coyly over those large brown eyes.

“ Another game of Quack, Mandark? “ His fingers toyed on my slender chest. Laying little paths of a geek’s handiwork, like trailing lightly over a NRFB collector’s edition of Chewbacca, first series. “ I’ll even play with cheap joystick so you’ll have a chance at beating me this time. “

“ I don’t want to play that game anymore, Gimpy. “ I pried a hand from his ass to lift my shirt and wipe at my fogged up glasses. I couldn’t beat him at Quack, it actually annoyed me quite a bit, but the video games were one thing, along with everything else he’d proved himself more superior at. It didn’t matter now. I used that hand I had free to cup it around his chin and toy with the scratchy pathetic display of hair he called a goatee. “ But I have a different joystick you can play with, extra points. “

He giggled, slipping those rail thin arms around my neck and itched his fingers into the short black hair against my scalp, messing up the gelled down perfection. He wiggled his frame against me again. Making the ache in my shorts throb. “ But that Joystick is sticky. “ He whispered against my mouth, teasing for another kiss.

I smile, wickedly. I gave him his kiss. Deep, pulling him again hard against the obvious hardness between us. Silly Geek. “ You’re loosing points, you’ll never be a Jedi Master at this rate. “ I hiss into his mouth.

“ I don’t remember this being in the patawan training manual. “ He hissed back as he pulled away, smiling giddily, but began slipping off my lap. I heard the light thud of his bony little knees hit the ground. My pale fingers reach down and slip into those unkempt brown strands.

The gentle trace of his fingers along the nap of my shorts, the tug of fabric, and then the warm sweet teasing of his tongue. My fingers tightened. “ Good Patawan! “ I hiss at him, shoving my shoulders against his chair.

I couldn’t beat him at video games, programming, RPG’s or trivia, but when it came to this, I was master. I was more superior. It’s almost funny. Ironic if you may.

We’d hated each other. Maybe we still do. From the first time I had laid eyes on him, I would have never imaged the things we would be doing. When I first stepped into his room, and he proved his computer skills better then me, to the constant video game wars, the late night Dungeon and Dragons campaigns with his even nerdier group of followers, to that one night of heated discussion of Star Wars Vs. Star Trek. I had strived to find a way to beat him. A month and a half of techno geek / techno geek bitch slapping, until something had just snapped. Right in the middle of a spit fight of who would win in a laser battle, James T. Kirk or Hon Solo...

..I’d found myself pinning him to his O-so superior computer, our mouths locked in a heated display of lust. Hands groping, Fingers roaming. Clothing muffled. Pressed hard against the desk. Grinding. We’d never even bothered to strip. Just panting moaning, almost feverous display of dry fucking till we both had creamed ourselves.

From that night on, we had a new battle. Tho I found it easy to over power him, and make him submit in this manner, he still found ways to weasel out of my control. I .. HAD to control him. Any means necessary. I wanted him sedate and giving, anytime. I wanted him acting much like that fat little twerp he had skittering around him all the time.

I wanted him to be mine, and I wanted him to admit it.

I wanted to be the master. I had a control fetish. And it egged at me that I couldn’t control him.

I insulted him. I pounced on him in unexpected moments, I teased him. I treated him like a viable bitch. But he still wouldn’t admit it.

During one of our more feverous session, I’d even reached over and switched on his Wav Maker, and recorded ever moan, squeaking beg he made while I was fucking him. Afterwards I had saved it and told him if he ever really thought I didn’t own him, just listen to that.

The next morning, I found a box by my dorm door containing a recorded CD-R, a box of tissues, a Web Cam picture of Gimp licking one of his joysticks, and a hand written note that stated. ‘ You don’t own me. You need me. You want me. Dare you deny it?

Bastard Geek. Tease. I had to find a way to show him.

A twinge of pleasure brought me back to reality. Smirking I looked down at him. What true person bent on world domination wouldn’t like this sight? The one you found your current foe, on his knees, your manhood in his mouth, your own hands pressing his smug little face harder into it. This was where he belongs. He just needed to be aware of it.

His mouth was a good place to be. Snuggled warm, suckling wet swirled around his tongue. Thin keyboard trained fingers gripping the base, working lightly. He made little noises that vibrated along my length. He has no real strength. Every thing he does is gentle. It’s almost pathetic. I’ve seen him attempt to pick up a thick textbook and drop it with a little squeak. I relaxed more in that chair, allowing him to continue to pleasure me, letting the aspect of the situation heighten my lust for a few more moments.

After another minute I lace my fingers tighter into his unruly head of brown hair and tug upward, pulling his face from my lap. “ Ow.. Hey.. Mandark.. Ow.. “ He winces, scowling at my. A thin line of spit still connecting us. I grin cruelly.

“ Level One completed. “ I smirk, continuing to pull him upward, till our mouths met again. I grounded my mouth against his hard, tasting the salt of my own perspiration on his lips. He wiggles, He doesn’t like the pain my fingers in his hair are causing, but I never really hurt him. He’s so breakable, and no one wants a broken toy.

“ Ready.. for Level Two.. “ He whispers into my mouth, his fingers still lightly toying with my cock. I release the hold I have on his hair, and push him forward a bit as I stand out of his chair. Arms lacing around his skinny waist. He squeaks and giggles as I move my head and nibble on his neck. Squirming little geek, he presses himself closer to me, running a leg against my own. I get an image of him with someone larger then me. Like his psycho blonde friend, Cal, or that asshole jock, Rocko. How funny that would have looked. I’m only a little bigger, a little taller, and a little stronger. That gives me the edge. Someone else could have snapped him in half.

No. I can still do that.

With a growl, I swung us around and pushed him down into his chair. He lands in a flop, splayed out in the chair. He gives me a glare with those odd brown eyes of his, scowling. Thin hands gripping the arm rests. “ Don’t push me around. “

“ Shut up.. We’re skipping Level two.. going all the way to the bonus round today, Gimp. “ I smirk evilly, reaching forward and latching my hands to his shorts, giving them a hard tug, stripping those bony hips of them and his underwear, exposing the hardening flesh hidden away from me till now.

He immediately goes red. He always does when his clothes come off. Like he’s embarrassed to be looked at. I revel in the power. The garments are dropped to the floor, and I do the same with the Star Wars shirt he’s wearing. Yanking it up over his mussed up head and tossing it to the floor. I’ll do the same with him soon.

He shivers as I bend down over him. My arms start to wonder along his thin short frame. I can feel everything on his body. The sharp curve of his hips, the bumps of his rips, the long stressed line of his backbone. So damn skinny. Anatomically pathetic. He giggles and tries to push my fingers away from sensitive areas. “ Hey..stop, I can’t stand that. “ His legs come up and lock ankles around my lower back, pulling me closer to his naked form. His thin arms grip to the shirt I still wore.

“ No.. I won’t stop, unless you say it. “ I hiss at him. Say it? Say what? Oh he knows. We go over this every single time. Those big round eyes squinted and he stuck his tongue out at me.

“ Never. “

I catch that tongue with my teeth, as one of my hands dropped my own shorts to the ground, I kicked out of them. He squirms slightly as I draw it back into my mouth. Sucking hard. His hands roam under my shirt now, rubbing warm against the thin chest, and then downward, ticking trailing to my naval and then against the throbbing hardness against my stomach.

I let out a predatory moan, pulling back to shed that shirt from my back. It’s tossed, and I pounce back on him, pressing him into the chair. One knee on the leather fabric. Deep kisses, panting breathing against his mouth. I nip hard at his lip and he scolds me again.

He still won’t say what I want him to say. I will make him say it. I will make him admit to it. This time. I will not fail.

He wants it. He blushes deep when I teasingly run the tip of my cock against his ass, a soft moan. He pulls a hand from my chest and begins fumbling on the side of the chair. My eyes widened, I know what he’s after. He’s never let us copulate without one before.

Well.. this time, He was going to let me.

I snag that wrist as it came back up and shook the condom out of his hand. “ No.. Not this time. We’re going to do it naturally. “

He struggled against me. Glaring as he pulled his face back. Trying to get his hand free to grab another wrapper. “ Oh no we’re not, It’s not safe. No way. I don’t want to get sick. “

My grip on his wrist tightened, making him wince. “ Stop being so damn anal, Gimpy.” I hiss at him. “ I assure you I don’t have any deceases or germs that are going to make you sick. “

He shakes his head furiously. “ No. “ He’s so afraid of germs, before we’d met, he’d never even had physical contact with another person. He couldn’t stand it. I changed that.

“ I won’t go any further if I have to wear one of those itchy latex condoms. “ I pull his wrist hard when he tries to move for one again. “ You can’t tell me you want me to stop because I won’t wear it. “

“ I don’t want it then! “ He squares his knee against my chest. What a liar. I let out a laugh. My other hand reached down and wrapped around his own cock, giving it a squeeze. He let out a hard gasp.

“ Oh yes you do. You can’t tell me you don’t want. Huh, Gimpy? You really don’t want it? “ My fingers stroke faster, I even dip my thumb against the puckered ring of his anus. He shivers hard, fighting me for a moment more, and then he quit struggling.

“ Good Gimpy. “ I lick his cheek, and release his hand. He gives me a little snorting growl and presses his mouth to mine with a sigh. I ravage him with a few more kisses while toying with his fast hardening manhood. He’s so ready.

I pull back from the kisses and pull that playing hand up, and wiggled the thin fingers in front of his face. With out the lubrication of the condom, we were going to have to use something a little bit more primitive. He grimaced at first, one of his eyes squinting and he attempted to turn his face away, but I quickly thumbed his cheek, and slipped my fingers into his mouth.

“ Ewwwwww mpphhhhhhh. “ It began a muffled complain. I growled a command to suck, and after rolling his eyes at me, He did. Slicking those fingers nice and wet, dampening them till his saliva began to drip down my hand. Satisfied I pulled them back out of his warm little mouth and slid them downwards, trailing warm wet spit across his length, and lower. Circling a moment, before slipping two of them into that tighrclercle of heat.

He jerked against me. Fingers clutching into my shoulders. “ Oh.. God. “ Eyes closed. I smirked again, loving the way he shivered and twitch as I slipped those fingers in deeper. A slow thrusting motion was given, He squirmed harder, and short little nails digging into the pale flesh he was gripping.

“ You like that, don’t you? “ I chuckle at him, my breath was starting to quicken. Nothing I would like more then to fuck him right now. But I have to hear him beg.

“ Oh yesssssss. “ He purred, and then made a wookie noise at me, I rolled my eyes as he wiggling hard against my fingers. His back arching against the chair. “

“ What do you want me to do? “

“ You knooowwww. “

“ I’m afraid you’re suggestion is coming up incomplete. I know..what? “

“ What.. I .. waaaaant. “

I growl, and inserted another finger into him. He gasped hard, and I doubled the force of my exploring. Tight heat clutched at my fingers. “ Tell Me! “ I hiss. “ Tell me or I’ll never do it. “

“ Yes you will. “ He wiggled at me, pressing back against my hand. I let out another growl. He was right. And I knew it. I couldn't’ hold out forever. I pulled my fingers out and raised my hand to my face, spitting into my palm.

“ I’ll get you to admit it. So help me, I’ll get you to say it, you little geek bitch, or Einstein was an idiot. “ I laced that hand against my own cock, lathering it up, slackening it up. He wouldn’t say it. I needed those words. I was going to get them out of him, one way or the other. I grabbed his bony hips in my hands and pulled his ass to the edge of the chair. He lets out a eager giggle, wiggling for me. He can’t wait, but neither can I.

With another growl, I began pushing myself inside him. It takes a little work. He never loosens up, I have to shove, but the feeling of raw tight heat on my bare skin is incredible. He’s making sweet little moans and gasps to every moment. Hands trembling on my shoulders. I don’t stop shoving till I’m buried to the hilt.

I pause and take a breath, looking up at his face. Joyous! What a site. It makes my cold heart thump. His mouth is parted in a moan, lips trembling, sweat forming on his brow, Trembling in the chair. I let out a snorting laugh.

“ Feel’s pretty good, eh? Ala naturala? Huh Gimp? You like it don’t you? “ I give one thrust, hard into him.

He squeaks, clutching around me. “ ..yes! God, Mandark, Do it! “

I don’t move. Perking a brow above my now fogging glasses. “ Do what? “

He pouts. “ I’m not going to say it. Just do it. “

“ No. “ I grip his hips tighter, digging my nails into the skin. He whimpers. “ Tell me, those little insignificant words I want to hear. “

“ You jerk. “ He tightens around me brutally, It’s all I can stand not to start moving. Harder I dig my nails. He shivers. “ Stop.. I can’t stand that.. Please.. “

He’s breaking. I smirk darkly, and treated him to another thrust, slowly. “ Please what? “

“ Please.. “ There’s a tear forming in the corner of his left eye, how sweet. I bend over and lick it away. “ Please.. “

“ Please what, Gimpy?


I can see the tension snap in his head, he bite his lip and stutters out. “ P-please F-fuck m-me. “

I give him a kiss on his forehead, hands gripping his hips more firmly now. “ Good Gimpy, now.. Please Fuck me, what? “ Come one.. Say it.

He bites my lip lightly. “ You’re pushing it, jerk. Now, just.. please .. god fuck me, I want it. “

I let out a huff, but that’s good enough for now. I’d oblige him. “ You asked for it, baby. “ And now I did move, treating my little fellow nerd to slow, calculated, sweet deep thrust, making the chair rock lightly with each movement.

“ Yesyesyesyesyesyessss! “ His arms wrap around my neck, his legs around my hips as I slowly grind myself into him., building up a faster pace. He’s tight, hot, clenching around me. Pushing himself back with the meager strength he has. This is wickedly wonderful. Bareback. No itchy layer of latex between us. Flesh to flesh. I felt a bit more like a conqueror.

With the growing pace, our thin bodies became slickened, I shushed his ever-growing cries with deep kisses, my tongue matching the precise rhythm of my cock below. Sliding in feverously now. Building to orgasm rather quickly, I could feel him slipping beneath me. This probably wasn’t going to last much longer.

But, I’m a evil genius, he might have been able to beat me at everything else. But this was my game. I was master here. And I had an ace up my sleeve.

I smirked my secret, enjoying his whimpers as I gave a few more hard thrusts, bringing him to the tottering edge, I can tell he was all most there. The way his eyes were wide open, the way his begging had become a swirling bubbling of incoherence.

I almost immediately regretted it, being so close myself, but I yanked myself out, and hand to catch myself from orgasming right there.

Gimpy let out a protesting obscenity. Why had I stop? Still grinning widely. I yanked him off that chair and shoved him face first onto the dorm floor, admist the wires, soda cans and other junk beneath his chair. The seat was kicked away toward the bed, and I grabbed both if his wrist in my hands and twisted them up over his back.

He was too surprised to fight at first. Still swimming on that high he hadn't completed. The pain from his bents tos took a minute. He lashed at me with his tongue, Moving his face to the side, his cheek pressed to the floor. I posed over his back, My groin pressed to his ass, my cock laying so teasing against that thin crack.

“ You jerk! You asshole! Finish what you started! What are you doing? “

I just grinned at him, that evil smirk curving my pale face. Oh he looked nice like this, my fogged glasses had slipped down my nose, even if my vision was blurry, and my narrow black eyes took in the curve of his back. Forced to his knees, bent over before me. He couldn’t move. He didn’t have enough strength to stop me.

“ Silly Gimpy, I’ll finish it up. “ I cooed at him. “ I know you want me too, You can’t stand this. But you know what I want from you. “

‘ Never! “ He fights so much. If only he would admit. There was no shame in it. Look at him now. I rubbed myself against his abused ass. He squirmed and twitched before me.

“ Never..NEVERNEVERNEVERNEVER!! I’ll Never give in to you like that. “ Aww. His eyes were watering again. The strain in his sex, his mouth was cursing me, but his eyes were all pleading.

“ Never? You sure. Think of the perks my little friend, I’m going to be the most powerful man on earth one day, and you’ll be on my arm, But I won’t take anyone that won’t swear. “ I pulled back and shoved myself back into him. He let out a deep moan, shivering before me. This position was painful. He was going to crack. He would crack.


I didn’t move once I had secured myself deep inside him again. ‘ What do you think? “

“ No.. “ He whimpered, and then yelped as I tugged his wrist. He didn’t like the pain, but it was making him drip on the floor. I couldn’t beat him in all his little games and he’s computer skill. But I had what he lacked in becoming a complete master of things.

The will to dominate.

I had to make everything, including him, mine and then I would feel so powerful.

“ Tell me, it’s not so bad. Don’t you want me to grind you into the floor. “ I ran my thumbs against those thin wrists. He shuttered so hard.

“ Yes.. “

Oh, one word again. “ Yes what? What am I? Tell me Gimpy, Tell me. Just like a little patawan would say. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. “ I could feel my heart raciThisThis overpowering of another was making me so excitied, lustful. So fucking hard.

I treated him to a hard thrust.


YES WHAT? “ I growled, twisting his wrists.

“ yesss.. M-m “

“ Yes, WHAT you little bitch? “


I wish I had a whip at this moment. Come on.. only two syllables. I gave another hard deep thrust inside of him, as deep as I could go. I wanted to break something.

And I did.

MASTER! “ He yelped out.

His will.

Yessssssssssss! “ I growled. The sound of the word was driving me wild. My glasses clicked to the ground as I let his arms go and gripped his hips hard enough to bruise. “ AGAIN!

YES MASTER! “ Oh that was sweet. He didn’t even stutter that time. I rewarded his submission with fevered thrusts, digging myself deep and hard intm. Sm. Sweat pouring from my body. “ AGAIN!

“ ..Yesmasteryesmasteryesmasterpleasemasterfuckmter.ter. ... “

It became a chat from his sweet lips. One that drove me wild with power. Yes! I had beaten him. This was the one game I would always win, and it was the only game that mattered. Grinding hard thrusts pressing him hard into the floor. His hands were digging into what ever he could grab, skinny form jerked back and forth in my reverence. Submissions bubbling from him, making me swell with pride.

And orgasm as well. I went wild, bringing this little sadist drama to an end with a few more hard digging thrusts. I let go of his hip with one hand and dragged it around that skinny frame as I reached my end. I stroked him viciously till he spasmied against me, my hand becoming sticky as I shuttered myself, coming harder then I had ever in my life, shooting my dominance into him in short hot spurts.

Moments of panting, sticky together, spend I finally pulled my self from him. Gasping for air, I grabbed the leg of his chair and pulled it toward us. Groaning I wrapped my arms around his waist and tugged him into the chair, sliding his damp thin form into my lap and held him to me.

He rested the back of his head on my shoulder, panting for air, limp in my lap. His face was wet from tears and sweat and he was still muttered that little word that all this had lead up too.

When I could finally speak, I gave a chuckle and licked at his neck. “ Now that wasn’t so bad.. was it Gimpy? Don’t you want me to give it to you like that all time? “

“ Yes.. “ A pause... “ ..Master.. “

I grinned and as he rolled his brown eyes at me. So cute. I patted his messy brown locks.

“ Good Gimpy. “



It’s a good relationship.

Tho he’s not always so quick to jump to my commands. I can see things going far with us. We have good arguments and great sex. This world will crumble before me, and I’ll have his extraordinary mind at my back and call.

Gimpy willing calls me that deserving title now.

He says it sounds less dorky then ‘Mandark’ anyway.

Sometimes I wonder if I really mastered him after all.



The End.

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