Childs Play

BY : isoner
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Jackie Chan Adventures: Child’s Play
By isoner

“This is so LAME, Paco!” Jade declared. “We should be out there, helping Jackie and El Toro.”

“And Uncle and Torou,” Paco added in a manner that Jade thought was much less than helpful.

“The point is we should be there with them, instead of with stuck here in your home,” Jade declaired.

“Its not MY fault you didn’t make it over the wall on your first try and we lost them!” Paco replied, plopping down on his bed.

“So what are we gonna do?” Jade asked, squatting in front of the tiny TV. She saw he had a game system, but all of the video games he had for it were wrestling games. Everything from WWF, to a few she had never even heard of.

“Well…” Paco said, as if he were building up to something he had been wanting to do for ages, but had not yet had the courage to ask. “We could wrestle!”

“Aw… Come on… we have lots of time to kill. We wont even use masks… we can do it American style in our underwear!”

Jades eyes widened. “No way Paco… If I EVER let you see me in my underwear, then I would need to wear a mask for the rest of my life.”

“Well… you brought a bathing suit didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I thought I might go swimming, but then Uncle started saying ‘Don’t drink the water… One more thing, don’t drink with local ice…’ And he just wouldn’t listen when I told him ‘Duh… its pool water, you don’t drink it.’ But then he did that thing with his two fingers that hurts a lot.”

“You can wear that then, Jade. Is it a two piece?”

“HA, you wish Paco.” Jade said, and fished her one piece swim suit out of her duffel bag, and walked to the bathroom to change. She kept uttering, “I can’t believe I'm doing this. I ain’t telling nobody about this one at school.”

As soon as Jade had shut the door to the bathroom, Paco jumped up and ran to the door to peek through its old fashioned key hole. He watched as Jade stripped off her shirt and pants and panties. No wonder she had not wanted to wrestle in her underwear, she wasn’t wearing even a training bra.

He felt himself getting a hard on at the sight of her muscular back and tiny buttox. Not helping but to take a secret delight in noting each of her tan lines.

After stripping, it only took Jade a few quick seconds to step into the swim suites leg holes and pull it up, giving Paco barely enough time to scramble back to his room without being discovered.

Jade returned to Paco bedroom, her head down, looking a bit embarrassed at being on display in front of her friend. She couldn’t help feeling naked in front of him, especially the way he seemed to study her curves. True, she didn’t actually have many curves yet, but that certainly didn’t make her feel any better.

Any such stares were more in Jade’s own eyes, as Paco was already busy pulling his shirt and oversized shorts off. He stood there before her, with an eager grin on his face, wearing only his equally oversized white briefs, oversized in that if not for the worn elastic they would fall off on their own. A sizeable gap existed around his legs.

Paco jumped up on the bed, and stood at its head. “Come on up, Jade. If I pin you or you fall off the bed, then I win!”

Finally Jade grinned widely, at the outrageousness of her friend. Not just his goofy appearance in his ill fitting underwear, but his assumption that he could come close to besting her!

“You mean when I pin you,” Jade said, jumping up on the foot of the bed.

“Ready?” Paco said, “On three. One… Two… Two and a half… Three!”

Jade and Paco each charged at the other, meeting in the center of the bed. Each testing the strength of the other, feeling the heat off of the other’s tanned bodies. Feeling each others muscles rippling under the others skin, their chests pressing together briefly. Their feet and legs jockeyed for position on the ever shifting mattress, their thigh’s occasionally coming into contact with the other, adding a sensation of more warmth.

Jade grabbed at Paco’s arm and twisted around, intending to throw him, but instead her gripped slipped, and he wrapped his arms firmly around her. His hands settled on her tiny breasts, and she could feel his tiny stiff prick pressing and rubbing against the crack of her butt.

He used his grip to throw her down on the mattress, but she took full advantage of her own agility and springyness of the mattress to bounce back up on her feet.

She Smiled extra large, matching the grin on his own face, each showing the unexpected delight in the challenge that they found in besting the other.

They charged each other once more, and again met in their embrace.

Jade giggled as she had an evil idea, and ticked Packo under his arms.

Paco laughed, and flailed his arms, unexpectedly pushing Jade back.

Jade teetered on the edge of the mattress, and made one last grab for Paco, not in any form of attack, but in a desperate attempt to stay upright. Her fingers fell down, stroking down the length of Paco’s chest, not finding any purchase to grab hold of. But her hand found and latched onto his underwear band, and the already overused briefs tore loose in her hand as Jade fell to the floor.

Jade stared up a Paco, in shock both from her fall and from the thought that she had just lost. Then she stared at the white torn piece of cloth in her hand, and finally back at Paco.

His normally very tanned skin was shockingly white where the briefs had once been, and his penis stood at full attention, one or two dark hairs that looked very out of place above it.

Paco’s breathing was deep from the exertions and fun he had just had, and he stared down at Jade triumphantly. “HA! I won Jade!”

Jade continued to look up at him, and did her best to keep a straight face, but slowly her grin grew across her face, and she was consumed by giggles and finally laughter.

Then it was Paco’s turn to feel, quite literally, naked. He shouted some uncharacteristic expletives as he snatched up his clothes and ran into the bathroom to put them back on.


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