Jasmine and Rajah

BY : JackSkellington
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Okay, I know this situation is abit weird, and a lot of you may hate it, but I'm sure some of you will like it. Please Read and Review, constructive criticism more than welcome. Thanks, and enjoy...

The beautiful, 15 year old Princess Jasmine retiredto her luxurious bedroom and, pushing back the translucent cashmere curtains which surrounded her bed, stepped up onto her, letting the curtain fall back. She had set herself aside a little 'me' time, and was feeling particularly frisky. She had longed for the day when one of the suitors who came to ask her hand in marriage would be right for her, not because she wanted to be married, but she was literally gagging to be fucked. Having no sexual experience with a boy, Jasmine contented herself with masturbation, and now that was exactly what she planned to do.

Lying back on her huge, soft bed, Jasmine slipped her right hand down her baggy, blue pants and began to stoke her pussy lips with her index finger. She closed her eyes and sighed as she slowly began to insert her slender finger inside her tight pussy, working her way in deeper, first one finger, then two, and then three. Her fingers became wet with the moistness of her cunt, and she continued to pleasure herself with her left hand up her skimpy top that barely covered her tender, hefty breasts, delicately flicking her nipples, making them hard. She caressed her gorgeous tits as she began touching her clit, emitting soft gasps and moans as she fingered it.

Soon, Jasmine wished to be completely naked, to bare her soul to the night. She was so horny that she could not bring herself to leave her pussy for a second, so she worked off her pants by wriggling her hips and flicking her legs. Finally she managed to propel her pants and knickers off the bed with a flick of her foot, and they hit the curtains and dropped silently to the floor. Next came the top, which Jasmine managed to rip off with her left hand, scarcely being able to take her fingers out of her pussy.

Now, Jasmine was naked. Her slender, perfect body with soft dark skin, long sexy legs, a mane of gorgeous raven black hair and magnificent breasts lay like a human work of art on the bed, a picture of perfect beauty. Jasmine's body writhed across the sensual satin sheets as she worked herself into a frenzy of horny delight; the satin sending shivers of pleasure down Jasmine's spine every time it brushed her almost bald pussy. Although Jasmine's breasts were well developed, she had only a soft downy area of pubic hair, emphasising her innocence and inexperience.

As Jasmine's pleasure began to rise, both her hands made her way down to her pussy and she fingered herself with all her fingers, lifting both of her long, sexy legs wide apart in the air, opening her pussy as wide as she could in order to get deeper inside her. After almost bringing herself to orgasm like this, which she held back as she wanted to prolong the anticipation, Jasmine rolled over and kneeled up on her knees, her head resting on her pillow. As she continued to finger her cunt with one hand she sucked the index finger of her other to moisten it, and then reached around her back to her ass, where she slowly inserted the finger into her anus, stretching it enough to get two of her slender fingers into her ass. She was now frigging herself in both holes, and she moaned in delight.

As she continued to pleasure herself, Jasmine heard the soft footsteps of someone entering her room. She was not alarmed, and continued to finger-fuck herself. It was just Rajah, Jasmine's loyal pet tiger, whose enormous silhouette appeared the other side of the curtains surrounding Jasmine's bed. She was so lost in herself that she barely noticed Rajah push back the curtains with his head and step up below Jasmine at the bottom of the bed, although she realised when she felt the bed sink downwards. Without even pausing for a moment or opening her eyes, Jasmine pleaded with Rajah to leave her alone.

"Not now Raj, please, I'm busy. I'll play with you later, promise."

However, Rajah did not go away, it it wasn't long before Jasmine realised what he wanted. In her position on her hands and knees Jasmine was presenting herself quite blatantly to Rajah, and he wanted her. This was not merely a case of misunderstanding; Rajah and Jasmine shared an incredibly close bond and loved each other very much.

A million thoughts raced through Jasmine's head at once. Could she really let Rajah fuck her? She no no sexual experience from any boys, and Jasmine had longed ever since she could remember to have a cock deep inside her. Also, Rajah, despite being an animal, was Jasmine's closest friend in her lonely, sheltered life.

She knew it was wrong and disgusting, but she couldn't help herself. Jasmine was finally going to have sex.

"Go on. Raj," husked Jasmine, lustily, "I want this too."

Rajah slowly made his way towards his owner, and as he manoeuvred his body on top of Jasmine's the soft, velvety hair on his underbelly sed hed her smooth back. He positioned his powerful fore legs above Jasmine's slender shoulders to hold her down, and nuzzled up to Jasmine's neck. Rajah purred gently in her ear as he rubbed his huge semi-erect cock up and down Jasmine's tight moist pussy and played it across her cute ass, occasionally letting it linger on her tiny asshole as it hardened. Soon it was fully erect, Rajah's full rock-solid 13 inches pressing against Jasmine's cunt. His owner was about to become his lover.

"Oh god, your cock is so big." Jasmine sighed, aching for Rajah to enter her, "Put it in slowly Raj, be careful."

Rajah didn't want to hurt Jasmine, so he heeded her words and went slowly at first. The head of his cock entered her and she let out a little gasp of excitement, and her breathing began to get heavier. After he had allowed her to get used to him being inside her he worked his cock deeper, inch by inch, and soon the full length of his shaft was buried inside Jasmine.

"Fuck, Raj, that feels so good. Now fuck me, Rajah, fuck me!"

Rajah didn't need telling twice and, starting off slowly, began to thrust his cock into Jasmine. The walls of her tight pussy gripped his shaft firmly, and her cunt lips writhed up and down his dick as it moved in and out. He began to pick up the pace ever so slightly, but was still holding back,n Jan Jasmine screamed out.

"Rajah, I'm not afraid any more. I want you so bad, fuck me hard and fast, make me scream Rajah!"

Kicking his powerful back legs into motion Rajah began to thrust as hard as he could into his owner's sweet young cunt, his long tail thrashing from side to side as he rammed Jasmine from behind faster and harder, until she was screaming his name over and over again.

"Oh Rajah, Rajah… fuck yes, I love you! Make me cum, Raj…"

Rajah fucked Jasmine with all his might, growling with every thrust, his monster 13" cock pummelling Jasmine's pussy. Soon, he could feel the pressure building up inside his huge balls, and he knew he was about to cum. He tilted his head back and roared loudly as he reached an explosive orgasm and a thick fountain of cum spurted out of his cock deep inside Jasmine, tipping her over the edge. She too climaxed with a loud scream as her pussy pulsated round Rajah's throbbing cock and wave upon wave of her juices flowed out of her pussy, mixing with Rajah's sperm, which he continued to pump into Jasmine.

As their climaxes subsided they both collapsed onto Jasmine's bed, Rajah to the side of Jasmine, his huge cock still inside her. Jasmine cuddled into her pet's stomach, his warm soft fur feeling incredible against her smooth bare skin. Jasmine had finally been fucked, and she knew she had found her soul mate.

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