The King's Concubine

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The king’s concubine

It was a regular Sunday morning, Hank was greeted by a rude awakening from his wife. “ Morning Hun. Hey get your ass up Hank Hill “ Peggy yelled whilst still in her night gown. Hank still tired told her to fuck off.

Naturally Peggy would not stand for such abuse from him and whacked him over the head with a pillow and muttered “ you lousy bastard, I gave you a nice time last night and all you can do is act like I was your high school one night stand ”

“ Peggy at first you were, and I wish it was that way again. Your tits make my grandmother’s look perky “ Hank said pulling his jeans on.

“ That’s it mister, you march on right down those stairs and have my lovely meal. And if you say one more thing about my B plus body (note B plus Hank) I will take the advice that dale’s wife gave me and find a man whosnis nis isn’t so fucking limp ” Peggy snarled stomping down to the kitchen.

Hank ignored the constant rambling and walked down the hallway heading to the stairs. On the way he noticed the door to Luanne’s room was a little open. Taking a little peek he saw Luanne getting up from her bed. Luanne for a white trashy bitch, was actually a very good looker when naked. Hank saw that she wasn’t a natural blonde, due to the view of her pussy when she spread her legs.

“ Christ on a cracker, my brother has one fuckable daughter “ Hank said to himself in his mind. Hank naturally, had once seen her naked before but only this time he strangely was thinking of sexual things with this relative.

Luanne who was rubbing her tits, got up all happily thinking what a beautiful day it was. Hank soon snapped out of his fantasy felt extremely guilty. He headed down stairs to the breakfast table, trying to forget about mentally raping her.

“ Mom, what is masturbation? “ Bobby asked whilst eating a pop tart.

“ Bobby, I can not believe you would ask something like that at the breakfast table “ Peggy said looking shocked.

“ Son, masturbation is what your daddy does when he doesn’t want to go through the agony of making love with your mother “ Hank said whilst pouring some orange juice.

“ Very funny Hank, while your at it explain what adultery is “ Peggy exchanged.

Hank sighed and headed to the garage.

A few hours later Luanne was watching her chick flick movies, it was the usual crap until a sex scene came up witch got her on the edge of the seat. She saw a woman and a man almost perform the whole Karma-Sutra, this naturally excited her but she had no clue why. Soon enough she headed to the garage to see what her uncle was up to.

The sounds of heavy breathing were coming from within the room as she saw him doing something in the corner. “ What’s wrong uncle Hank? ” she asked peering over.

“ baaaaaahhhhh! Luanne! Never enter a man’s garage without knocking. Not to mention it’s a Hill sin” Hank said fondling his penis away. Luanne was wearing a pleated skirt with a tight white top, which Hank noticed and made it difficult to fit his erection back in his pants.

“ Sorry uncle “ Luanne said staring at his shlong getting packed in to his jeans. She was still wet from the movie and couldn’t help but feel her heart beating faster when she finally understood what he was doing.

Quickly she leaped over and planted a kiss on his lips whilst wrapping her legs tightly around him. Hank was surprised as hell and again guilty that he would be doing such an immoral act. “ Luanne this is wrong.... Oh fuck it “

With that Hank popped his penis out again grabbing Luanne’s head and making out with her. Luanne had never kissed a much older man before, and this lead to more excitement going through her body. Hank soon pushed her head down on his cock “ you suck that there cock hard now like a good girl “ Hank said lustfully.

Luanne had given her ex-boyfriend head once so she had no trouble using her mouth muscles to produce such suction. Hank used his strong arms to push her head down hard, getting her to bop faster and faster. Later Luanne parted her lips away from his cock and lifted her skirt up showing her firm ass. Hank licked his fingers and begun to rub her pussy roughly.

Once it was drenching he lifted her up against his chest and slowly sat her down on his man hood shoving it straight up. She squealed pretty damn loud almost enough to let the Vietnamese neighbours hear. Quickly he placed his hand around her mouth.

“ Luanne I’m gonna bang you hard “ Hank said driving it in and out slowly.

Luanne squealing loud grinded her body against him licking her lips as she tilted her head back whilst getting fucked against the pick-up track.

Hank placed his thumb in his mouth and bent Luanne over the car. Parting her firm butt cheeks away he slowly pressed his thumb in her tight butt hole while banging harder. Luanne’s ass hurt at first but as it got wetter it begun to feel extremely good.

Deeper and deeper Hank’s penis drove in her, eventually Luanne could feel her stomach rumble. “ DANG YOUR ASS IS SOO TIGHT! ” Hank said before pulling it out and guiding her head over to it again to catch the load of cum.

“ Uncle Hank, that felt so good. Peggy will be so mad...” Luanne said while forgetting to swollow.

“ Wow, looks like the bimbo is right. Hank you have done it now! She is your dang niece” Peggy screamed frantically.

“ Oh come on now Peggy, Texas was built on inbreeding “ Hank said nervously trying to convince her.

Authors note: well there’s the first chapter, please review and I might let people see her reaction and how she avenges him. I promise more sex.

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