Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

BY : Comickook
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Disclaimer: I do not own Darkwing Duck, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Note: This takes place five years from the time frame of the "Darkwing Duck" series. Because all the characters mentioned here are copyrighted by Disney, this is being written purely for entertainment purposes. Warning: this does contain some rather strong sexual situations so, if that's not your cup of tea, don't read this story. Anyway..**************************************************************************

Outside a hotel in Transylvania, Darkwing Duck, his cape fully wrapped around his body, made his way to a set of large bushes, where he pulled out his gas gun and fired a grappling hook aimed at the hotel roof. Reeling himself to the top floor, the masked crime-fighter walked along the ledge carefully until he got to the room he wanted. Quietly prying the window open, Darkwing then tossed in one of his smoke bombs.

"I AM THE TERROR THAT FLAPS IN THE NIGHT! I AM THE AVIAN LOVE ARROW THAT HAS PIERCED YOUR HEART!" the caped canard said as he stepped into the middle of the blue smoke.

"I AM...." he was about to finish when a familar female voice interrupted him.

"Darkwing Duck?!" the voice called out as the smoke cleared.

To his extreme pleasure, Darkwing turned around to see Morgana McCawber. The sorceress was garbed in a black dress quite similiar to the red one she normally wore, but cut in a manner that hinted at a little more than usual. Aside from that, she was also wearing a solid gold ring with three good-sized diamonds on it, which seemed to get an even bigger smile of Darkwing's beak for a few seconds.

"Hello there, Mrs. Mallard. I was just on my way home from a case in this area and I couldn't resist dropping by and wishing you well. Drake truly IS a lucky man." Darkwing said as he remove his hat and made a courtly bow.

"Don't give me that, Dark. I've known you for over five years. I know you're here for more than that." Morgana said in mock scolding, folding her arms together and shaking her head to complete the act.

"Awww, I never WAS good at lying to you, Morg." Darkwing replied in a frustrated sigh.

"I know you were bitter about how things went between us, but I would have at least thought you decent enough to come to the wedding." Morgana said, still in mock disappointment.

"What can I say, a two-way battle between Negaduck and Doctor Slug kept me from attending." Darkwing said in play-acted apology.

"Don't give me that. Negaduck is still in prison, where he HAS been for the last five weeks. As for Doctor Slug, he hasn't been seen in Saint CanOR DOR Duckbirg since you and Gizmoduck lured him into that space rocket and blasted him off for that SHUSH orbitting monster prison." Morgana retorted in play-acting.

"Awww, all right. You caught me again, Morg. The truth is the thought of you in the arms of another man was just too much for me to endure." Darkwing said, sighing mockingly.

That exchange was truly an Oscar worthy performance on both ends. Both parties were able to maintain straight faces throughout that entire excahnge even though it was very difficult. It had been a difficult relationship to work out but both Drake (Darkwing Duck) Mallard and Morgana McCawber-Mallard were infinitely grateful that it HAD worked out. Over the past five years, their romance had survived countless fights, two break-ups, a vast assortment of super-powered nutjobs they've had to save each other from and every other obstacle that the multiverse could throw at them. Through it all, their love had not only endured, but had actually grown stronger over those years. Still, out of all those surprised by the fact Drake and Morgana made it through together, the newlyweds themselves were the most (pleasantly) surprised of all.

As Darkwing and Morgana looked lovingly at each other, they both thought back to a little over eight months prior to this story's setting.

Drake was celebrating the fifth anniversary of the day he adopted Gosalyn, just one week following his last battle with Taurus Bulba. Aside from Launchpad and Gosalyn herself, the Muddlefoots and Morgana were both in attenda As As they greeted each other, Drake gently kissed Morgana on the right hand and escorted her to a spot where they thought they could have a little privacy.

"Morg, first off, I would like to thank you very much for being this patient with me. You are living proof that reincarnation DOES exist. After all, to deserve YOU, I must have done far too much good to squeeze into one, two, three or even FOUR lifetimes. I love you, Morg. I love you with all of my heart and then some as I will continue to even beyond my dying day. You are, not only the only woman I HAVE eer really loved, but also the only woman I WILL ever really love." Drake said in a loving and sincere manner as he slowly got down on one knew and reached into the inside pocket of the sport jacket he was wearing that day.

"With that in mind, honeywumpus, there is a question I've been spending the last five weeks trying to work up the nerve to ask." Drake added as he pulled out a small black box and slowly opened it to reveal a gorgeous golden ring with a large diamond on it. Drake gazed lovingly at her as he gently took a hold of her right hand from underneath and asked

"Morgana McCawber, will you marry me?"

After between clearing the tears of joy from her almost hypnotic blue-green eyes and clearing her throat enough to speak normal, the sorceress responded with a deep smile on her face. "Yes, Drake. Yes, I WILL marry you."

As Drake gently slid the engagement ring onto Morgana's finger and slowly got up, they shared an extra-passionate embrace and kiss, oblivious to everything except each other (even Gosalyn [who had discreetly followed the couple when they snuck off and carefully listened to her foster father's entire proposal speech], who couldn't resist shedding a few tears of her own from hearing this long-winded, but heart-felt speech.

It wasn't long before they agreed on their wedding day; Halloween. After all, it was a favorite holiday of the both of them, it was the only time Morg's more mortally challenged relatives could attend the ceremony and it would make it incredibly difficult for Drake to ever forget their anniversary.

The wedding itself, held in a church covered in candlelight and cobwebs with a supernaturally powerful storm brewing outside, would have been truly magical in itself, even without the mystic storm brewing outside. Just the all-too-obvious fact that the bride and groom shared a love strong enough to overcome any conceivable obstacle and then some provided some pretty strong magic on its own.

After spending a couple of hours at the post-wedding reception, Drake and Morgana then hopped the nearest long range portal to Transylvania, where it was agreed in the eight months they spent planning the wedding that they would spend their honeymoon.

Before too long, the amorous longing got to be too much for both newlyweds and Morgana started slowly levitating Darkwing. As he was lowered gently onto the bed, Morgana replied "Well, Dark, considering you did go to the trouble of coming all this way, the least I can do is offer you a chance to rest before you return to Saint Canard." a sly grin curled on her beak.

Darkwing would have felt guilty about leaving Saint Canard unprotected for a week except for two details: 1. the seductive gaze and smile of his new wife and 2. the fact he WASN'T leaving Saint Canard unprotected. ALSO during the eight months they spent planning the wedding, it was agreed that they could trust Launchpad and Gosalyn (aka the Quiverwing Quack) to handle watching the city on their own for a week since most of the super-villains were in prison and Drake knew full well that his now-14-year-old adopted daughter was a more than a match for any NON-super-criminal as well as any of the few super ones that were still at large. Besides, Launchpad was quite the experienced adventurer himself. Between the two of them....

"Well, enough of that sidetrack". Darkwing silently thought to himself as he brought his attention back to Morgana. As Morgana slowly levitated his entire costume, except for his mask, off of him, Darkwing replied, a little more smoothly than he intended, "I'm extremely flattered, Morg, but I was under the impression that this would constitute as adultery.".

"Oh, I know Drake won't mind as long as I'm discreet about it and I know I can discreet about it if YOU can." Morgana retorted as she levitated a pair of titanium handcuffs from Darkwing's jacket while still keeping Darkwing magically pinned to the bed. Gone were the days when Morgana would magically lash out at Darkwing over an accidental offensive remark on his part. Over time both together and apart, the two had developed a sickeningly strong mutual understanding and acceptance.

As the first clamp went down around Darkwing's right wrist, Darkwing smiled slyly for a few nds nds before his arms are magically moved to the middle headrest railing of the bed. As the other clamp went down, Darkwing sighed mockingly "Very well, Morg. You win. I never could say "'no'" to you for long anyway." thinking back to how similar this situation was to one she had him in five years earlier, back when she was still a criminal. Of course then, because they were technically on opposite sides, he was duty bound to try his hardest to escape even though part of him did not want to.

Darkwing succeeded in escaping then, but now that Morgana was long-reformed and finally his wife, he could get away with just PLAY-struggling and would do so just enough to make this more enjoyable for her.

Morgana chuckled slightly as she saunteoverover to her handcuffed husband, slowly and sensuously removing her dress to reveal nothing more than a black lace bra and matching panties underneath.

The pain Darkwing felt came from when the cup he wore in-between the outer and inner layers of his pouch caught the hard-on that hit him hard when he saw his new wife in these ultra-revealing undergarments. Sensing this, Morgana levitated the cup out of Darkwing's pouch and exposed a fully errect ten-incher.

Seeing the size of the masked duck's "little friend", the sultry sorceress quipped "No wonder you're so egotistical." as she pulled down her panties and pushed her exposed rear slowly down onto the ten-inch target. Meanwhile, she leaned down and kissed Darkwing fully on the beak, magically elongating her tongue so that it could go deeper and deeper until it was literally halfway down his throat. With supreme effort, the witch was able to take her husband's full length into her rear before she started sliding up and down while still maintaining the deep, French kiss. The lace in the bra was see-through enough so that Darkwing could see how the nipples on her ample bossum were hardening by the millisecond.

Finally breaking off the kiss upon seeing how Darkwing was staring at her front end, the sorceress quipped, between moans and screams of esctasy "so...ohhh.... you .... yes, yes, .... like ..... ohhh my .... what .... goodness yes! .... you ..... ooohhh yeah. .... see .... ohhh this s sos so good ..... eh, .... ohhh yes yes.... Dark?" as she removed her bra and moved her front end right in front of his beak.

Within milliseconds, Darkwing was licking and nibbling at those nipples (though he did lick and nibble slowly). For added pleasure, the sorceress then started pitch extra-low-levels; just enough to make sure the maked duck stayed fully arroused without being enough to hurt him.

After an extended period, but long before either Darkwing or Morgana wanted it to end, the masked duck let out an erruption of heated fluid that completely soaked the inside of his wife's rear. It was soon after that the sorceress cummed too and through it all, they were both wondering how they managed to find the willpower to wait until marriage.

After letting Darkwing out of those cuffs, Morgana lied down across the bed, spread her legs apart and placed her hands close to the middle railing of the bed. "Now, Dark, it's YOUR turn. Place the cuffs on ME and, as you would say, "'let's get dangerous'"."

Not needing to be asked twice, Darkwing immediately complied; putting the cuff clamps around Morg's wrists gently enough to not cause any discomfort, but still secure enough to ensure she couldn't slip loose. Immediately following that, he starting to lick out her vagina. The inside of the sorceress's vagina tasted better than any ice cream ever could to the masked crime fighter and her moans and screams of intense pleasure was the music of the sirens to his... well, where the ears WOULD be for a duck. It only took seconds for Darkwing's erection to regain full strength and when that happened he climbed up onto the bed and started pressing it into that vagina. It was a tough struggle but, thanks to Morg sensuously wrapping her legs around the hero, he succeeded. In and out went the large member as both Darkwing and Morgana were moaning and screaming in intense pleasure. It didn't take more than a few seconds before the sorceress's nipples started to harden again. Despite the arm restraints the sorceress still found the strength to shift her chest to a postion where Darkwing could get another taste of her breasts but could still continue to work his unit in her vagina. Immediately getting the invitation, Darkwing was just as quick to answer it. Eventually, the intensity of the love-making became too much again and both newlyweds discharged at close to the same time; once more after an extended period, but well before either one wanted it to end.

After Darkwing walked over to his jacket and got the keys to his handcuffs, he walked back over to the bed and unlocked the cuffs from the sorceress's wrists. Immediately following that, though, Morgana levitated Darkwing back onto the bed and replied "Oh, no, no, no, Dark. I'm not done with you yet.". True to her word, she wasted no time in giving the masked duck a mystic rub job while simultaneous giving him arrousal shocks and maneuvering her bottom half so that Darkwing could get a taste of both her rear and her vagina. Wasting not even a millisecond in accepting this invitation, Darkwing started licking out both those holes, being very careful to give them both equal attention (using his tongue for the vagina and his left hand for the rear) while his wife sucked gently but firmly on his hard-on. As Morgana's 69-postion blow job was gradually picking up intensity, Darkwing then, with a Herculean effort, managed to reach her breasts with his right hand while still pleasuring Morgana in rea rear and vagina. As Darkwing gave Morgana's bossums a firm but gentle rub-job, they both started once more moaning and screaming in intense pleasure. Eventually, after another highly extended period which still, somehow, felt too short, both Darkwing and Morgana let out seeming geysers' worth of heated fluid, Morgana greedily lapping up every drop of Darkwing's discharge and Darkwing doing the same for Morg's.

Finally checking the time, Darkwing said "Wow. That's how long we'een een at it? Eight hours? I could have sworn it only felt like fifteen minutes." very pleasantly surprised that he lasted that long on his first time, especially when his firime ime was with a powerful sorceress.

"I know. Makes it even harder to believe we were ever able to find the willpower to waive ive years, Drake." Morgana admitted.

"Well, Morg, they DO say that good things come to those who wait. After tonight, I'm a VERY firm believer in that saying too." Darkwing said as he removed his mask and put on his civilian bed attire.

"No arguement there, honeywumpus. And to think, Drake, that was just our first night. We've still got another six days and nightft oft on our honeymoon." Morgana said, smiling wistfully as she drifted off pleasantly to dreamland.

After hiding his Darkwing costume, Drake joined Morgana on the bed and said, in a gentle and loving tone "Happy Halloween, Mrs. Mallard" just before he, too, drifted off blissfully to dreamland.

The End.

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