Hot And Heavy Mink

BY : Comickook
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Disclaimer: I do not own Animaniacs, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Note: Since both Minerva Mink and Newt the Dog are copyrighted by Warner Brothers, I'm naturally writing this with absolutely no profit motive. Mind you, I wrote something very similar to this over a year ago, but now I've had more time to think it out; make it seem a bit more romantic. Since it's still NC-17, I'm still going to post a warning concerning strong sexual content.

Newt the Dog was carefully making his way toward the home of his longtime prey, Ms. Minerva Mink. Once again he was in pursuit, but this time, his motives had absolutely nothing to do with his master's wishes (especially since his newest owner was a multi-billionairess animal rights activist). As Newt approached the home, a bouquet of roses in his paws, he paused as he heard singing coming from the shower. As Minerva sang out her trademark "It's not pretty being me." song, Newt discreetly peeked in and found his heart skipping three beats before starting back up and triple the normal rate for a good 30 seconds.

With every ounce of willpower he possessed, Newt pried his eyes away from the gorgeous minks bathroom before Minerva could spot him and headed for her front door. Waiting for another five minutes for Minerva to get out of the shower and get dressed, Newt then knocked, letting his eyes take in the almost sinfully skimpy ice blue dress the mink was wearing. "Well, what do YOU want, dog?" Minerva asked in an annoyed tone.

Newt expected this so he quietly presented her with the flowers and gathered up enough nerve to speak to her in an even voice and request "Excuse me, Ms. Mink, but I happen to be curious as to if you would be interested in accompanying me to a rather nice resturant sometime this week."

"Absolutely not. I wouldn't go out with you if you were the last animal on .... errr, HOW nice a resturant?" Minerva stated.

"The best in town." Newt said with a smile.

"Very well, dog. I'll go out with you this ONE TIME, but don't expect me to make a habit of it." Minerva said in an even tone as she accepted Newt's flowers and shut the door.

"Well, this one time should be all I need." Newt silently thought to himself.

The following evening, after Newt had made the resturant reservations, he arrived at Minerva's house dressed in a nice black tuxedo jacket with matching dress pants, well-polished shoes and neck tie as well as a white dress shirt. He held another bouquet behind his back with on front paw while knock on the door with the other.

Minerva, dressed in a fine red evening gown with matching high-heeled shoes answered the door. The mink rarely wore shoes, so it was all the more impressive to Newt how she could walk so gracefully in those high-heels. Newt showed her the limousine he had arrived in (as well as the red carpet that was rolled out for both of them leading between her front door and the limousine's back door) and, suddenly, Minerva's estimation of her longtime pursuer went up a couple of notches. "Being the pet of a multi-billionairess as opposed to a fur hunter DOES have its perks." Newt quietly said with a smile as he pulled a long black box out of his inner jacket pocket. Openining it he revealed a gorgeous diamond-studded gold necklace, which he carefully slipped around the mink's neck.

As the limousine headed out, Newt pulled out two glass and a bottle of mineral water. After he very carefully poured some water into both glasses, he just as carefully handed Minerva her glass first. As she took a sip, Minerva had to silently admit that this was the best mineral water she ever tasted. "Another glass, Ms. Mink?" Newt asked politely.

Minerva thought that perhaps Newt WAS going a touch overboard on his efforts to make a good impression, but she definitely wasn't stupid enough to complain about it. A silent nod and a smile was all it took to tell Newt that she did, INDEED want another glass, which he gladly, but cautiously poured.

As the limousine pulled up to its destination, Newt opened the door for his date and let her out first. Though the head waiter did start to let out a wolf whistle when he saw Minerva, he DID manage to catch himself. After the head waiter checked Newt and Minerva's reservation, he escorted them to their table.

Newt ordered a plate of the resturant's best specially-formulated tofu and a glass of their best non-alcholic tropical fruit beverage while Minerva ordered a the resturant's largest steak flambe` (well, minks ARE carnivorous) as well as a glass of milk. When Newt excused himself to visit the rest room for a little bit, he then gently took the waiter to the side and politely asked him to add a bottle of the resturant's best non-alcholic champagne to the after-dinner order.

As the mink and dog enjoyed their dinner, the waiter arrived with the secretly requested champagne. Minerva could only grin. Newt was trying so hard to make a good impression on Minerva that he was actually SUCCEEDING. What neither Newt, Minerva nor their waiter knew, however, was that one of the other waiters; one with a bit of a pranksterish bent; slipped a slow-acting (if you call taking a half-hour to take full effect slow-acting), but still effective, aphrodisiac into all of the supposedly non-alcoholic champagne in the resturant.

After Newt and Minerva each had three glasses of the champagne and Newt paid the bill, the two animals headed back to the limousine.

On the limousine ride back to Minerva's house, the first signs of the aphrodisiac's effects started to show as the mink and dog leaned into each other for a deep, romantic kiss. The kiss lasted for a full three minutes, during which time the next signs of the aphrodisiac's effects started to show up as Minerva unzipped Newt's pants, reached into his pouch, pulled out the reinforced cup that he was wearing inside said pouch, and revealed a rock hard eight-incher. Minerva rubbed it gently as Newt carefully started giving the gorgeous blonde mink a loving back rub. As both animals moaned in pleasure, Newt took his free paw slowly up Minerva's dress and reached up to one of her breasts and started giving that a pretty good rub. SoonSoon, once the aphrodisiac had taken full effect, Minerva used her free paw to pull the front part of the bottom half of her dress partially to the side, revealing a pair of see-through panties (well, at least they were so wet as to be see through). Sensing how hard Minerva's nipples were, Newt then removed his paws from Minerva's body and slid off thosetiesties just as the super-horny mink impaled herself on Newt's eight-incher, wrapping her legs sensuously around the eqy hoy horny canine's body as she did so. Newt, meanwhile, pulled down the top half of Minerva's dress and started slowly licking and nibbling at Minerva's front end. Minerva's screams of erotic pleasure seemed to increase in number and intensity with each passing minute.

The limousine driver, oblivious to the goings on in back (darkened windows and soundproofed back), pulled up to Minerva's house. "Come on, Newt, race you to my front door." Minerva said with a seductive smile as they both felt the limousine stop.

"You're on, my dear Minerva." Newt said with a grin just before the driver opened the door to let Minerva out of the limousine. With that Newt and Minerva both scrambled for the door to Minerva's house and once they were both inside, the limousine driver heard the door specifically lock and had the sense that those two were going to be all night.

"You won the race, Minerva, but I'M going to be the one to claim the prize." Newt said as he grabbed her by her sensuous legs and pulled her down toward the nearest cushioned chair and started licking out that vigina as if it were the world's best ice cream. Minerva slowly gestured Newt to the ground so that he could continue licking her out while she gave Newt's still visible member another rub-job. Once she got it as hard as she wanted, she started sucking the dog's unit like there was no tomorrow, gently lifting Minerva up with his front paws and lifting himselfup with his legs (all while keeping themselves in the "69" position), Newt then sauntered himself and Minerva to to the mink's bedroom (moaning in ecstasy with literally each step). Making it just as both he and Minerva let out discharges), Newt finished removing his tuxedo jacket, dress shirt, shoes and tie (which were still on), finished removing his pants (they were still on; just unzipped) and lied down on the bed waitior Mor Minerva, watching in eager anticipation as the mink's long, golden blonde hair seemingly splashed all over the room and her fine white furred form sauntered seductively toward a set of upper cupboards. Reaching into the highest cupboard in the room, Minerva revealed four short, but strong-looking lengths of rope as wella pia piece of black cloth. "So, Newt, up for a little bondage action?" Minerva asked with a deep smile no sane (or even half-sane) male could possibly refuse.

"Minerva, I've been a slave of my feelings for you for many years. How could I object to you tying me up when I've been tied up in knots inwardly for so long?" Newt answered/asked honestly as he stretched out all four of his legs without even the slightest hint of protest and raised his head so that Minerva could put the blindfold on him without any problems.

Expertly, Minerva proceeded to tie up and blindfold the canine. Being tied and blindfolded to the bed of the mink he has been head-over-heels over for years with said mink being right beside Newt pushed him so far over the top that it was a pretty good bet that his hard-on would STAY hard for quite some time.

As the mink straddled the dog, she rammed her rear hard on to Newt's erection while brushing her breasts across the blindfolded dog's mouth. It was only split-second's before Newt took the bait and started licking and nibbling at those peaks like a starving baby trying to breast feed.

The intense love-making continued all throughout the night and well into the morning until Minerva finally untied Newt and removed that blindfold. By this point, the aphrodisiac had worn off, but the extreme pleasure both parties felt from from their intense eleven-hour-long love-making session didn't. Newt requested "Minerva. After we've had a few hours sleep, let's please have another go."

"You've got it, Newt and, next time, I'll let YOU tie ME up?" Minerva said with a smile as the two lovers fell asleep in each others arms.

The End (for now)

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