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by Chajo and Stef


Emily followed Johnny up to his place. He opened the door with a smile on his face. She smiled back at him as she entered, a little nervously. He went over to the coffeemaker as she gingerly settled on the couch. She watched him, as he ground the beans and made the coffee

The night had gone well so far. First was dinner at an elegahinehinese restaurant, and then dancing at an upscale club. She was surprised to discover she truly enjoyed his company. Which is why she was up here, now, in this elegantly appointed apartment. She looked around her. He really did live quite an upscale life. She firmly ignored that little part of her mind that told exactly how he came by the funds to afford all of this.

He came over then, with coffee in both hands. He handed one to her, and sat down next to her on the couch.

She looked at him over her cup of coffee. Her cheeks were slightly pink. He smiled at her

"Cheri, I will not be improper here than I was all night. You need not worry."

She blushed even more. "Am I obvious as all that?"

"Only to me, cheri, but I have been paying close attention to you all night."

They continued to talk, little details about their lives, and Emily relaxed, sleepily on the couch. The warmth in here after the chill outside, she was sure.

She was surprised to feel fingers at the back of her neck, and she stiffened.

"Shh…" he whispered, as his fingers began to massage her neck gently. She slowly relaxed into the movement of his fingers, closing her eyes.

He was one that always enjoyed using all his senses. Touch, taste, smell, feel and sight.
Threading his fingers up into her hair before drawing his hand back. The strands of her hair ran like silk over his fingers. Leaning over he gently nuzzled her neck, inhaling her scent.

She was startled out of her relaxed stated when he did that. "what are you doing?" leaning away from him to look at him.

"You smell nice Cheri." He said softly.

"…Thanks..." She was unsure of what to do.

"I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to. You say stop, I stop. You say more, I give you more" his voice dropping into a husky seductive timber.

She turned away, wrapping her arms about her shoulders, curling up some.

"Cheri? What's wrong? You want me to stop right now I will. Nothing will happen."

"It's just that…I've… I... I don't know what…" she trailed off.

"You've never done anything before?" he asked gently, his hands gently caressing her back and shoulders.

She nodded then hesitated and shook her head then stopped.

"You have but it wasn't pleasant was it? Were you forced?"

She finally nodded.

"Cheri, I promise you that I won't hurt you. Your pleasures come first." Hands kneading the tight muscles of her back and shoulders. Slowly he drew her back until she rested against his chest. He could feel her trembling, but wasn't sure if it was from desire or fear.

"Show me what it's like. Please?" she asked ever so softly. Something that she never did, ask in the first place and speak that softly.

"As you wish" he whispered into her ear. After a while he shifted some. "Here, move some, it will be more comfortable that way"

"What are you going to do?" fear and anticipation tinged her voice.

"Going to relax you some. We're going to take this step-by-step. No short cuts. Think you can handle that?" he teasingly challenges her.

"I can handle anything."

"Anything Cheri?" his voice soft in her ear as his hands slide down her sides then back up again to cup her breast through the material of her dress.

"Any…" the rest was cut off by a small gasp. She felt his desire for her as he touched her. Her empathy picking up every single emotion and feelings he had. And it intensified when skin brushed skin.

He settled his chin on her shoulder, lips brushing against her bare neck. He murmured soft, soothing words to her in his native tongue, as his hands continued to travel across the planes of her body.

She reached up, hesitantly at first, and then with more confidence, ran a hand though his hair.

"Dat's it Cheri, just let go and relax." He murmured to her in a hypnotically low voice. His accent coming out thicker than she's heard before. After about twenty or thirty minutes, his hands came to rest about her waist. "Ready for de next step?"

She slowly opened her eyes, having not been aware she even closed them and nodded.

"Good. Come on then." He gently nudged her to stand.

It took her a moment or two to get her feet under her. Her muscles didn't want to work it seems, she was relaxed that much.

He joined her, arm about her waist as he led her to the bedroom. A huge California king bed dominated the room. All the furniture was matching dark mahogany wood, even the bed, which was covered with a black velvet spread.

She absently wondered if the sheets were of black silk. She was moving towards the bed when he stopped her.

"Not yet Cheri, not yet." Instead he led her over to a low leather covered table.

"What's that?"

"A massage table. You're still tense. Need ta relax."

"If I relax anymore I won't be able to move." She points out.

"Dat's de idea" he said with a grin and a wink. "Now let's get you out of those clothes."

"...But..." she started to protest.

He laid a finger on her lips. "Ssshh..u dou don't want them messed up do you? Oils don't come out dat easily. And dry cleaning is expensive" moving his finger to gently cup her chin, a thumb caressing her cheek.

"….Oh…." she murmured as she closed her eyes. Leaning into his caress, having to drape her arms about his lean waist to keep from swaying. She felt his hands slide around her waist then up. She rested her face against his chest as he slowly unzipped her dress.

With skilled fingers he undid her bra as well then slid his warm hands along the skin of her back. He was curious about the scar ridges he felt there, but didn't ask.

She shivered as she felt his fingers trace the scars on her back. His curiosity along with his desire for her, clear enough that she didn't need her empathy to tell her.


She shook her head. "No, they're just sensitive. Didn't think they would be…" she shrugged slightly cau her her dress to slide a off her shoulders some.

"I see.." he said softly, running his hands up her back to her shoulders. He gently turned her about so that she was facing away from her. He stared to slide her dress and bra straps down, placing a small kiss on her shoulder as he did. ".. then I'll have ta take extra care of dem." He continued to slide her garments off.

She sighed at his soft gentle touch. Never had anyone attempted to touch her, much less do it so gently. She pulled her arms out of the sleeves and was unsure what to do with them. In the end she crossed them over her breast.

"Cheri, there's nothing to be ashamed of." He said slipping his hands under her arms and down, gently uncrossing them and guiding them to her sides. Slowly he finished removing the rest of her clothes.

She had closed her eyes when he removed her hands earlier. She felt him move away from her for several minutes. Heard the sound of cloth rustling, then felt him behind her again.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and rubbed them gently, turning her some as he did. "Open your eyes love."

She did as he asked. What she saw took her by surprise. A standing mirror was in front of her. In the reflection she saw herself, with Johnny behind her.

"Do you know what I see?"

She shook her head.

"I see a beautiful woman before me."

She felt as well as saw his hands slide up her sides and around to cup her breast, lifting them gently as he rested his chin on top of her head. She watched in rapt fascination as he moved his thumbs, brushing them against her nipples. Felt them harden at his touch, felt the electricity in his soft touch. Her eyes were wide; lips parted slightly as her heart sped up, breathing faster. "…please…."

"Please what?"

"… I want you to…. I want to feel…." She saw the flush creep up on her face as he continued to caress her breast. Reaching up with both hands she captured his hands. Not being able to say what she wanted so she did the next thing she could think of. She entwined her fingers with his andwly wly slid one hand down her stomach to the patch of red-gold curls between her thighs.

"You want me to touch you there?"

She nodded, her pupils dilating with desire.

"As you wish." He breathed into her ear, then nibbled on it slightly as he caressed her between her legs. Her fingers still entwined with his. "Look into my eyes love. No, don't turn your head, look into the mirror and into my eyes." He said gently, resting his chin on her shoulder looking into the mirror at her.

She did as he said, looking into eyes of the clearest emerald she'd ever seen. Almost hypnotic in their intensity. She saw desire for her, a love of life, the joys of pleasure given and received. And what frightened her was the love she saw in them. A love for her; unbridled and unrestrained.

She couldn't help but drop her eyes down to where his fingers caressed her. Slowly sliding along her folds only to slip between her nether lips. She shuddered at the feeling of pleasure that rippled though her every time his fingers brushed against her center of pleasure. Every time he withdrew his fingers she saw the gleam of dampness on them. A soft mewling whimper escaped her. How had he managed to bring her so close to the height of pleasure in so little time?

He felt her shudder with every small caress as she sagged back against him. Eyes half shut, lips parted with panting breaths. A part of him was angry that no one had ever given her this pleasure while another was highly pleased that he was the first. He kissed her neck again, letting his lips linger there while his hands stroked her soft flesh. He found himself supporting more and more of her weight as her body visibly trembled, her knees threatening to give way. A sheen of sweat forming across her body.

She let go of his hands to wrap her own about his neck to keep herself standing. Shifting her weight slightly so that her legs were parted slightly more. She had given up any coherent thoughts and gave herself over to the pleasure. "…Oh... god…. Yes...yes…" she whimpered over and over as his talented fingers worked within her.

He supported her weight entirely when she climaxed. His fingers still within her as she did, her pleasure washing over his fingers as the muscles of her walls contracted around them.

Her mind went blfromfrom the power of that orgasm. It was the first time anyone, including herself, had ever taken her to such heights before. She felt herself scooped up into strong arms and carried somewhere. To the bed most likely from the feel of the material under her.

He held her as she trembled, gently caressing her damp skin. "It will pass Love, it will pass. Just ride the waves. Don't fight it." He murmured to her. It was a long while before she even started to rouse again. He had started to get concerned.

"You ok Cheri?" Looking into her face. Caressing it with his free hand. The other was wrapped about her shoulders.

She slowly raised her hand to his face, gently careg hig his face, and then sliding her hand up into his hair. "Oh, yes," she breathed softly, bringing her face up to meet his.

"I was getting worried." He said softly, leaning in to kiss her tenderly on the lips.

She responded by leaning into his kiss. He opened his mouth under hers, and let her explore him with her tongue

He tasted of the coffee they had ear, ar, and a natural spicy flavor. His hand trailed down her face and shoulder then down to her breast. A finger lightly traced the scars there then circled her nipple.

She gasped softly as his fingers traced that delicate spot. Her own hands began to move of their own volition over his body, exploring his face, his chest, his arms. He leaned into her caresses, wordlessly encouraging her. She began to unbutton his silk shirt, sliding her hands to feel the soft smooth skin underneath.

He let her have her way. His body was lean with the taut muscles of someone that works out on a regular basis. His waist was narrower then his hips, and his limbs were long. Nothing excessive about him.

She gently pulled the shirt out from the waistband of his leather pants, and slipped it over his shoulder, pressing her chest against his as she slid his shirt off his body. His eyes were half closed, and he gave a soft sigh of pleasure at her touch. He looked into her eyes. He saw the desire there, and the uncertainty, as if she did not know what to do next.

"Don't worry, dis isn't about me, dis is about you. Do wha' ya want Cheri." He murmured into her neck as he nuzzled her. Slowly trailing kisses down to her breast. He flicked his tongue across her erect nipple then blew lightly on the damp skin. Her back arched as his mouth found her breast. She could dimly feel the contrast of the cool fabric at her back, and the heat of his mouth on her body. She ran her hands through his hair, feeling the long strands slip between her fingers. His hand trailed down her stomach to her thighs then back up the inside of her leg to once again caress her there. Fingers once again dipping in between her desire swollen folds. She slowly moved in rhythm with him He drew them out and brought them up to his lips and licked the wetness off. She could smell the strength of her desire on his fingers.

Drawing his fingers out of his mouth and licking his lips once he brought them up to her own lips. Opening them she let him trace a finger across her lips, then her tongue. It was strange to taste her own desire on his fingers, but at the same time an erotic high. As she sucked on his fingers she heard him let out a soft sigh of pleasure.

He slid off the bed with a predatory grace then finished removing his own clothes. Standing there in the soft light. Gloriously nude.

'When did the lights go down?' a tiny part of her mind asked. But that part was ignored in favor of the site before her.

Slender body with muscles that rippled subtly under warm golden skin. His dark auburn hair trailed midway down his back, a few silky strands hanging over his shoulder. As her eyes traveled down the planes of his body, they grew wider at the site before her. A thatch of downy hair, matching in color, nestled between his long well toned legs. His member was large, larger then she had ever seen before, and standing outward, though it was not fully erect.

He could see the fear that entered her eyes and he shook his head, climbing back up onto the bed. "Not yet Cheri. Not till ya ready" he murmured to her as he gathered her against him. Hands slide up and down her body, finding all the right places to touch to put her at ease.

She slid her own hands alone his warm skin, sliding down to touch him hesitantly. She could feel him let out another purring sigh as she curled her fingers around him. She could barely wrap them around it. Slowly she slid her hand up, and up, and up till she finally reached his tip, then slid it back down again.

He let her stroke him for a little bit as he continued to explore her body. When she started to move closer, shifting her legs, he placed a hand on hers to stop her.

"..Why?" she asked in a dazed voice.

"Cause I could hurt you, very badly, if you're not prepared. I don't want that Che He He replied honestly. "Lay back….dat's it…" moving down on the bo tho that his head was even with her hips.

Moving so that she lay on her back, she watched as he slid down and nuzzled her belly then ran a hand down one leg and lifted it slowly. His tongue ran down the side then up then underside of it. She gasped as he flicked his tongue across the back of her knee. It was an electric shock running though her. Never in her wildest imagination did she realize how sensitive that spot was.

Parting her legs till her inner thighs were laid bare, he watched in fascination as dewy pearls gathered and slowly slid down from between her folds. He shifted again so that he could place his head on one inner thigh, face even with her wet heat.

"What are you do…ooohh…. Ooohhhhh!" was all she got out before it turned into a moan of pleasure.

He buried his face against her damp folds, inhaling her scent. Darting his tongue out, he slide it along her outerion ion before licking the inner. His hands rested on her inner thighs to keep them parted as he concentrated on pleasing her with his mouth. Lapping at the pearls of moisture that gathered, savoring them on his tongue.

Not sure what to do with her hands she gave up and started to rub them across her stomach and up her breast, head thrown back as she panted. This was even better then the first time he brought her to her pinnacle. And he had just started.

He used a finger of each hand to part her swollen lower lips. The dark pink of her inner flesh just as beautiful as the rest of her. He admired the way her flesh quivered with every breath she took, the way she moaned and twitched when he touched her. She was truly a piece of artwork. Not one to be put up on a pedestal or away in a nitch high up, but something to see, touch, taste and enjoy. Dipping his tongue into her, tracing the contours of her inner walls before moving up to lick at her button, drawing louder moans frer ter throat as he did.

The feel of his mouth on her was driving her wild. Her world narrowed to just him and what he was doing to her. The astounding wave of orgasmic pleasure as he suckled on her clitoris, his fingers sliding into her passage, was overwhelming. Arching her back, pressing into him, her hands running down her glistening body to tangle in his hair. She was incapable of speech by this time, but her moans were enough as they gred red in strength and volume.

Scissoring his fingers open and closed, he was preparing her for when he finally does enter her. He felt her quiver under his touch, the spacing between each closing fast. Withdrawing his fingers he took a moment to lick them clean of her essence before replacing them with his tongue. Lapping and suckling, a small nip with his teeth here or there. Just enough to keep her hovering on the edge.

The world came crashing down as her orgasm hit. A scream of primal pleasure tore from her throat as her body arched off the bed, hands slipping from his hair to tangle in the spread. Clutching violently.

He held onto her bucking hips as his tongue was bathed in the sweet rewards of his work.

The scream died down to a panting whimper then to just the harsh sound of her gasping in the aftermath of the rush.

After leaving her for a moment, he rejoined her, pulling her against him, murmuring meaningless sounds into her ear, as he cradled her against him. When he felt she was aware enough to reply he spoke. "Let me know when your ready to get serious with this."

"THAT wasn't serious??" she gasped looking up at him.

"Non, dat was just de foreplay."

Her eyes are wide as saucers now....

"Before we go any further, I need ta know... are you protected?" he was very serious suddenly. "I'm not a bastard ta leave ya hanging, but I don't want ta give ya an unwanted child either."

"No, I-I'm not", she stammered, "I never thought… never intended…."

He nodded at her reply then reached over to the nightstand closest to the bed. When he pulls his hand back he holds a small package between two fingers. "I want you to put it on me. T'ink ya can do dat?"

She hesitantly nodded her head then started to reach for it.

He pulled his arm back some before she could take it. "You're gonna control the pace Cheri." Rolling over onto his back he motioned for her to sit astride his upper legs.

Hesitantly she did so that his erection was in front of her. She watched in awe and some trepidation as it moved slightly from the shift of weight on the bed under them.

"Cheri... you don't have to if ya afraid…"

She shook her head. He had brought her this far and she wanted to see it to the end. To know what it was like with someone that cared... (Cared?) about what she felt. Before she reached for the package she reached down to encircle her hands about his shaft. Placing one on top of the other, there was still room ano another hand. She estimated that he had to be a good 9-10 inches in length. Biting her lip she wasn't even sure she could take him all.

"...Cheri… you don't..." he started to say.

She shook her head again. "I want to know…." Biting her lip again, she reached for the package. It took her several moments of fumbling to get it open.

He took her trembling hands in his and guided her in placing the condom over his member. Letting her unroll it down to the base. This way she knew without a doubt that no 'accidents' could happen. That she would not hany fny fear of waiting to find out.

Once everything was in place he took her hands and guided her to lift up. He then slid down the bed till he was under her. Positioning her hands so that she could guide him into her he then places his hands on her waist, to steady her as she descended.

Feeling his tip at her entrance she closed her eyes tightly. She would have just dropped down completely, but his strong grip stopped her. "If you do that you'll do more damage than pleasure. Ease down slowly. Get use to the feel of me inside you bit by bit." His voice low and hypnotic in its intensity.

She nodded and took a deep breath then exhaled slowly, lowering herself as she did. He was large enough that she felt the momentary pain of having muscles stretch to accommodate him. She let out a mewling cry as the pain went though her. But the pleasurable feel of him filling her completely washed it away.

He grunted softly as she slid down onto him. She was tight even with the earlier stretching he did. His heart went out to her as she whimpered in pain. Running his hands up her sides he pulled her down so that she lay across his chest, arms about her back, stroking her shivering body. "Shhhh…Take your time Cheri. Dis isn't a race. It's not about who beats who to the finish line. Any time you want to slow down or stop, you can."

Her empathy seemed to decide to kick into over drive. She felt his love of her spread though her lwildwildfire. She knew he was holding nothing back either. This was so pure in it's intensity that it scared her to death. She couldn't understand how anyone could feel that way about her. Nobody had before. Tears came unbidden to her eyes and she made no move to stop them. His concern and fear that he was hurting her was a soothing balm to her soul. She shook her head wordlessly as the tears continued. Softly she heard him crooning to her as his hands continued to stroke her back. When the tears stopped she sat up, nodding that she was ready.

He nodded back and rocked his hips under her. She gasped at the waves of pleasure he gave her with his every move. She soon matched him. The two rocking in unison, bodies matched in perfect harmony.

Each time she got close to reaching her peak he'd ease back and let her sink again. She cast her mind out, reaching and grasping for something that she felt building. Strand by strand a bond was forged in their lovemaking that night.

His bright Emeralds to her majestic Blues. Icy silver to warm gold. And finally the last strands wove together, the frigid White of her self imposed isolation to his Fiery Red of unconditional acceptance.

She felt him from within and without, every move, every desire, every single nerve afire with passions untold. In return he felt the electric storm of restrained emotions, feelings that have long been held back to seethe and boil in the tempest that is her soul.

They both cried out as their spirits soared though the night skies, locked together in the raging storm of the multiple ecstatic orgasms.

She colla on on top of him, shuddering in the aftermath, his arms wrapped about her tightly as he kept murmuring over and over in her ear, "I love you… Je vous aime… I love you…"

It was early afternoon when she awoke again. Spooned against his chest, his arms about her with his face buried against her neck. Her eyes widened in shock when she realized what happened last night. She eased herself out from his embrace and got out of the bed. Wincing at the pleasant soreness that radiated from between her thighs.

'This wasn't suppose to happen… he can't love me… no one does…' the thoughts running around in an ever tightening spiral.

She managed to get dressed enough to be considered decent and left, never looking back. If she did she would have seen that he was awake and had been watching her the entire time.

As soon as the doors to the apartment closed, he threw back the covers and sat up. Running his long fingers through his hair he retrieved be abe and slipped it on. Walking quietly to the balcony doors he opened them. The cold blast of air almost made him retreat back into the warmth of the room. But he refused and stepped out. Looking down he watched as a figure clad in a red dress darted across the street and hailed a cab, fleeing from everything that had happened.

"If you love someone, you let them go. If they love you back they will return." He said softly, paraphrasing a well-known saying, "then why does it feel as if she will never return? Is she that afraid of her own emotions?" he asked himself.

With another sigh he returned to the warmth of the room. Somehow he knew she would flee everything that reminded her of this night. Including thty. ty. Ah well, it was time to move on anyways. Might as well follow her wherever she goes.

"To the end of the earth and back my Rebel Fire Rose"

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