Let's Play a Game

BY : Phantom StarWolf
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Let's Play a Game
by PhantomChajo and Stef

It had been one of those nights, a rare occasion when all of them were off duty at the same time. Ae ofe of truth and dare had started, and all four were lounging in the living area, laughing.

Zan was sitting on the floor her head laid back in Will's lap as he ran a hand through her hair. "Alright, who's turn is it again?"

"Jon's". Emily chuckled, as she laid back against his chest. He gave her a playful punch on the arm.

"Thanks" he commented sarcastically. He'd become more relaxed over time as he healed and opened up, "Will, Truth or Dare".

Will shrugged. "Truth." He said with a grin.

"You might regret that." Zan commented with a chuckle.

"Stay out of this until it's your turn." Jon just gave her a look then glanced at Will. "Have you ever slept with another man?"

"Uh, no. Can't say that I have." Will seemed slightly surprised at the question.

"Told you sooo." Zan said in a sing-song voice then laughed as Will reached down to poke her in the side.

"Alright My turn I guess....." he looked between the three. Anyway he looked at it it was going to be crazy. "Truth or dare sis."

Emily cocked her head at her brother. For once, she couldn't read what he had up his sleeve. "Dare.". What the heck, why not? It had been a while since someone had chosen a dare.

Before Zan could even say a word he put his hand over her mouth. in response she huffed and then had a look in her eye that Em knew well. Will pulled his hand away and rubbed it on his pants leg. "Behave you." He commented to Zan as she just raspberried him. It gave him an idea though. "Dare it is..... Kiss Zan, full on the lips, tongue included."

Emily grinned, and uncurled herself from Jon's lap. Zan had stood at the same time, so Emily walked over to her, and took Zan's face in her hands. Zan parted her mouth slightly, with a small smile, and Emily closed her mouth over Zan's, letting her tongue slip into Zan's mouth. She tasted of the coffee they had right after dinner. Zan's arms wrapped around her waist as Emily fully explored her mouth, and she soon returned tongue flicks of her own. They kissed for a moment more, then Emily broke it off, looking at her brother, amused by the slack expression on his face. She could hardly hear him mutter to himself. "No damned wonder things get interesting when you two are together." Emily just grinned at him.

Zan was snickering as she curled up in Will's lap this time, grinning at him. "You asked." She glanced at Jon out of the corner of her eye. He just had this shocked/amused look. He knew that Em and Zan had slept together many a time. Though seeing it was something completely different. And he silently admitted to himself, something of a turn on.

"So how about you, Zan? Truth or dare?" Emily asked with a lazy grin, as she stretched out on the floor.

"Dare, the truth gets boring after a while." Zan said. As she turned slightly and propped her feet up in Jon's lap, sticking her tongue out at him.

Emily asked a silent question of her second lover, then her smile widened. "Pass that kiss on to Jon."

Chuckling at the Jon's slightly bemused expression and the look Will was giving her. "Don't worry. I'll always come back to you." She told him before getting up and moving in front of Jon. But before he could stand she sat down in his lap facing him. "Don't worry, I don't bite. Just nibble some." She then leaned in darting her tongue out to lick across Jon's lips before sealing hers to his, her tongue slipping between his slightly parted ones. He had avoided coffee since that day, drinking tea instead. He tasted of honey and lemons. When the kiss finally ended she sucked on his lower lip a moment then stood up and moved back to Will.

Emily's lips had parted slightly to mask her rapidly increasing breath. She swallowed, then said, "Your turn, Zan."

"What's wrong? Getting you hot under the collar Em?" Zan just grinned in a mischievous manner. "Hmmmm..... Who to choose...... Who to choose....."

Emily mock glared at her lover, then turned over on her stomach, curling her legs over her back.

After several moments of thought she looked between Will and Jon and Em. "Jon.. Truth or Dare."

"Truth," he said. He wasn't sure he was up to a dare. Not with the mood the ladies were in.

"Alright?. Just how long have you had a thing for Emily?"

Jon's head snapped up. He grinned sheepishly. "The day at breakfast when she and Will came in after she had a.. um.. trim." He grinned. "My crush on her was sealed when we got into that huge fight the day after we arrived here, and she threw me into the wall."

"Woo Hoo!" Zan crowed in laughter. "and if I remember correctly she had a trim in more the one place."

"ZAN!!!" Emily was blushing furiously as Jon looked at her quizzically. Will was bent over in gales of laughter.

"Bet you itched for weeks after that. Hell I know I did." Jabbing an elbow into Will's midriff.

Jon chuckled. "Was that why you were in such an awful mood those weeks?" his eye had a wicked gleam. Emily glared at them both, sitting up and crossing her arms over her chest.

Zan was chuckling as she got up and moved behind Em. Kneeling down behind her she rested her chin on her shoulder, hands sliding down her arms. "Awww.. Don't be mad." Entwining her fingers with Em's as she tilted her head to the side and gently kissed her on the neck. "you weren't the only one that lost that night." She said in a whisper in Em's ear.

Emily turned her face to her lovers' as their fingers intertwined. "I know. But all three of you are picking on me." She mock glared again at all three, but the effect was spoiled by her grin. "That's not fair for all of you to be picking on me."

"Not our fault you're the center of this web." Leaning forward to place another kiss, this time on the lips. Nibbling slightly on her lower one. Emily sighed as she leaned into Zan's kiss, slipping her tongue once again between her lover's teeth. She opened her mind to all, and she felt the men draw closer to them.

"You know, I think we're turning them on." Zan murmured into the kiss. Pulling Em back against her so that she was leaning back some, Zan threw a wink in Jon's direction.

Jon kneeled in front of Emily. "I think you're right." She whispered back, then gasped as Jon's hands began to dance dher her front.

Zan glanced in Will's Direction arching an eyebrow slightly at his expression. While he could not deny he was being turned on, there was another emotion in his eyes. Unease. It was his sister that was in-between the two. He could not deny that she was beautiful but still, she was his sister. Zan motioned with her head for him to join them, tossing a look over her shoulder as if to say 'why not start out behind me to get use to things.'

He took a deep breath, and knelt behind Zan. He nuzzled along her neckline, feeling the other's emotions. He saw himself and his sister the way the others viewed them, and he began to relax

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