Sponge's Best Friend

BY : SpermBobSoiledPants
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Disclaimer: I do not own SpongeBob SquarePants, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Sponge's Best Friend
Author: SpermBobSoiledPants
Summary: Spongebob needs some comfort in the night.
Rating: NC-17 for FILTH. Pure and Utter PWP. I should be sued, this is SO sick.
Pairing: Spongebob/Gary
Disclaimer: All the names and catch phrases you recognise are not owned by me. They are owned by the Devil - I mean Nickelodeond byd by whatever that Guy's name is that created Spongebob in the first place.
Author's Notes: You have to admit this is funny.
Dedication: To Silent Bob. Here you go, Tons of Fun. Luv ya' Big Guy.


It was a dark and stormy night in Bikini Bottom and SpongeBob huddled under his blankets as strong currents rocked his Pineapple House.
"I-I-I bet Gary's scared!" He managed to get out from between his chattering teeth. "Gary!" Spongebob called frantically into the dark.
"Come here, Gary!"

30 minutes later Spongebob awoke to the tickly sensation of something wet on his lower body. The blankets had fallen off of him, and Gary was oozing up his legs. He giggled out loud. "That tickles, Gary!" No one understood him quite like Gary did. The snail always knew just the right way to cheer up Spongebob when he was feeling blue. Gary had paused in Spongebob's lap, and now the snail rested there, his mucous oozing foot rippling rythmically in Spongebob's crotch. Gary's special massages made him feel good in a way he would never admit to anyone. Spongebob vaguely knew what those feelings in his stomach meant... but he didn't think it mattered that he was getting them from Gary. Spongebob gasped as Gary's qwesting eyestalks and tentacles pushed against his "tighty whities" and began to probe his Swimsuit Area. Spongebob groaned and closed his eyes. He always imagined it was Sandy touching him Down There. Because of Air Air Helmet she would never be able to flick her tongue in and out of his spongeholes, but she *could* lube up her paw and sliiiide her fist into his *tightest* hole - Spongebob's breath came quicker and he spread his legs to make room for Gary's body. He began to gyrate underneath the snail as the Gastropod dipped multiple apendages in and out of Spongebob's body with surprising speed.

"Oh, Gary! I'm Ready! I'm Ready!!" He sang out.

"IIIIII'MMMMM RRRREEEEEAAAAADDDDDDYYY!!!!!" He bucked wildly underneath Gary and suddenly a small white cloud of sperm drifted out of the tangle of Sponge and Snail.


"Oh, YEAH, Gary. You were great," Spongebob replied dreamily as the snail slid back down his leg. "You're the best pet in all of Bikini Bottom."


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