A Night To Remember

BY : Skymouth
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A Night To Remember
Alvin and the Chipmunks Fanfic
Brenna "Snakelady" Dawkins

Rating: R adult situations, sex
Disclaimer: Alvin and the Chipmunks and related characters were created and owned by Ross Bagdasarian.

Summary: It's Prom night for the Chipmunks and Chipette's and things don't turn out quite the way everyone expected or planned. Sequel to Torn Away.

~AN: I've never been one for conventional couples in any of my fics. This is a sequel several years after Torn Away, so don't be surprised by my pairing. You can be pissed, but not surprised! Warning, Alvin/Brittany shippers, let's all keep an open mind now! GOD, I love messing with people's heads! Let the torture begin! ~

Brittany scrutinized herself in her new, form-fitting gown. It was white, sequined, and strapless. Her new female curves filled it out in all the right places very nicely. She knew she would have the power to make any man worth his salt and her effort drool. Jeanette and Eleanor were impatiently waiting for their sister downstairs. Eleanor had slimmed down somewhat throughout high school and was dressed in a red satin dress that had a slit up the side. Jeanette wore black sueded silk with a black lace stole thrown around her shoulders. They waited on Brittany who was designated driver of a silver Bentley they had rented just for the evening. They had to pick up the boys in less then ten minutes.

Jeanette was tapping the toe of her slipper impatiently, "Come ON, Brittany! We have dinner reservations at five thirty! If we're late, they'll give our table away! Let's GO!"

"One moment!" Brittany shouted back downstairs at her annoyed sister. She had narrowed the earring choices down to three. Should she go for the long danglers, the chunky gold ones, or her only diamond pair? She held each of them up in turn again for the tenth time. Oh the conundrum!

"Wear the diamond ones!" She heard Jeanette yell back at her and she smiled. Her sisters knew her so well!

When she finally strolled down the stairs, Jeanette noted her sister was indeed wearing the diamond studs. She looked really stunning, she had to admit but they would be late if they didn't leave right then!

Miss Miller, however, wouldn't let them leave without taking several pictures. "And tell Dave to take lots of pictures of you with the boys and I want copies!"

"Okay, okay! We will! We just need to go now or we'll miss our reservations!" Brittany hurried the girls out of the door.

"We wouldn't be late if you hadn't taken such a long time to decide on what to wear!" Eleanor harrumphed as she stepped inside the luxurious confines of the Bentley.

Brittany was the only one of them who had a driver's license at the moment; Jeanette and Eleanor only had driver's permits. So Brittany very eagerly turned on the massive engine and rolled them out of their driveway and drove over to the Chipmunks house. Brittany couldn't wait to see the reactions on the faces of all the males at that household to her dress. She hadn't been to their house much their senior year, what with all her time spent at the theater and her vocal lessons and her studies. Alvin had to come to her house in order to see her at all out of school. She knew that there was a good possibility that she could be chosen as Prom Queen and Alvin the Prom King. She would not be surprised at all if they won. She'd only one archrival but Brittany did not consider Elsa Kane to be a serious threat. The girl was such a fake and they'd all heard rumors of how she had made it with nearly every member of the football team with the exception of Alvin. That made Brittany feel supremely superior. Through all her high school years, the rivalry between her and Elsa had been legendary. It was a tie as to just who was the most popular girl at school.

Brittany was not worried. She had worked hard on making sure she would get the most votes weeks before even considering on which dress she would buy, after all, SHE was class president, who cared if Elsa was valedictorian? She was the good girl. She was the respectable one. She deserved the title of Prom Queen. She would not sleep around to win votes. Actually, she'd never slept with anyone yet. She had wanted to wait for her senior Prom. Alvin had no idea how lucky he was, she mused to herself. Then she had to wonder if the Chipmunk had saved himself as well. It didn't seem fair, she thought, that the girl was expected to be the chaste one and the guy was allowed to frolic as he wished without tarnishing his image. What a double standard! She had been sick of having to adhere to it all throughout high school. She must admit there beenbeen several times where she had been tempted to throw caution to the wind go through with it with a few guys she knew at school, but she held herself back. It had been difficult and she felt like she was ready to burst. But she had made up her mind, tonight was the night she would lose her virginity!

They pulled into the Seville's driveway and hurried to the door. Brittany fussed over her hair that had been done up in ringlets and pinned up in a pile on her head. They rung the doorbell and waited a moment. The door swung open and Dave greeted them at the door.

It had been months since Brittany had seen Dave last. She smiled shyly up at him and was secretly pleased to see the amazed look on the man's face. She had a feeling he hadn't expected her to look so good. Jeanette and Eleanor had been better at paying Dave and the Chipmunks regular visits. And to be truthful, Brittany still harbored strong feelings for Dave. She had made it easier on herself to just stop coming over. Now, seeing him looking so good and so handsome right in front of her after such a long hiatus brought her old, childhood feelings back full force.

"Hello, girls. You all look very stunning! Please, come on in." He gestured for them to enter.

The girls thanked him and walked in. The boys were waiting for them in the front room; each had a corsage.

"Hang on! I need to get my camera!" Dave hurried over to a side table where his camera waited.

"You look great!" Alvin's jaw almost dropped at the vision that was Brittany.

Brittany smiled her most coquettish smile at him. "Thanks. So do you."

"Wow!" Was all Theodore could manage as he took in his date.

Eleanor laughed happily and accepted the one word praise graciously.

"I've never seen you look so beautiful." Simon said to Jeanette nearly breathless. Jeanette smiled back broadly. She had chosen to go with her contacts tonight. She didn't like them, but she thought the change would only enhance her outfit. She still needed her glasses for driving.

Dave snapped through a roll of film as they pinned corsages to their dates and posed paired with each of their dates and as a whole group. He'd given the boys more then enough money to see them and their dates through the night. They had no curfew to adhere to. Dave had grudgingly conceded that they were capable of ng tng their own decisions and didn't expect them home that night. He only made the boys promise to act responsibly and to use protection. He saw the group to the door and watched as they got into the Bentley and pulled out of the driveway.

They pulled into a very popular French restaurant near Rodeo Drive where they had made their reservations. The place was jam-packed. It turned out they were late after all and their table was now gone. It would be a two hour wait for anr. r. An upset trio of Chipette's and an annoyed trio of Chipmunk's now stood outside in the parking lot next to the car and were arguing on where they could go eat now.

"It's Prom night, every hip place is going to be packed!" Brittany huffed angrily.

"We wouldn't have this problem if you had been on time." Jeanette countered.

"Where can we go? I'm starved!" Eleanor asked disappointedly.

"Let's drive around until we find a place." Alvin suggested.

So they did. They drove for an hour. Brittany was right. Every classy place was impossible to get into.

"This isasteaste of gas and our time, by the time we find a place to eat, they'll be voting for King and Queen." Brittany whined.

Theodore's stomach growled. "I'm hungry!"

So they ended up going to a burger joint. Brittany refused to go in such a place on their Prom night so they went through the drihrouhrough. They were as careful as they could be as they ate in the car.

"We'd better get to the Prom." Jeanette looked at her stylish watch and sighed, "Just like you, Brittany, making us fashionably late."

The six of them drove off to the Prom expecting this to be the most wonderful night of their lives.

Brittany was upset. How dare Alvin? With Elsa? After all they had been through? She drove blindly down the streets of Hollywood. She turned the engine off before she realized she was sitting in the Seville's driveway. What was she doing here? She knew she was crying. She needed a shoulder to cry on. She didn't want to go home. So there she was, at Dave's doorstep. Would he be welcoming of her?

She knocked on the door nervously and waited. Dave answered. He was surprised to see her there so early in the evening and by herself. Then upon a closer inspection of her, he saw that she was crying. Oh, God, he thought.

"Brittany, come in." He gently pulled her inside. He tried to ignore how her young beauty struck him. He guided her to the couch and they sat. "Did Alvin do something? Is everything alright?"

His concern for her touched her deeply. God help her, but she still loved him! She wiped her eyes angrily, "Alvin! It's what he DIDN'T do!"

Dave sighed and wondered how to broach a subject he wasn't sure he wanted to learn about, "Can I get you something to drink or a tissue?"

She nodded, "Tissue, please." She sniffed and Dave handed her the box of Kleenex. "He never told me that he--- he--- and Elsa--- had been together!"

Dave frowned as he understood what she meant by that. "What happened?"

Brittany blew her nose and hunched over. "I had gone to the bathroom at the dance, when I came out, I saw Alvin leave with Elsa. Elsa who had won my title of Prom Queen took Alvin from me just because he was Prom King! I heard rumors--- that this was not--- not the first time--- they were---" She couldn't even finish the sentence, it was too horrible. She felt herself being scooped up in Dave's warm embrace and felt a little bit of the wretchedness disappear and be replaced with a warm, tingling thrill at the closeness.

Brittany grabbed onto his arms and pulled them in tighter as she cried. Dave felt torn. He was angry at Alvin for treating Brittany like that. But Alvin was his son. But Alvin wasn't here, Brittany was, so he put all his effort towards consoling her. He would deal with Alvin tomorrow. He was also very aware of how close she was to him now. He was reminded of that moment in time that seemed just like it was yesterday when she had revealed her feelings towards him. No! He would not take advantage of her like that! No matter how enticing she was.

Her sobs slowed somewhat, much to Dave's relief.

"What's wrong with me?" She asked. He didn't know if she was talking to him or was just making a rhetorical comment. "Am I not good enough for Alvin? Am I not pretty enough?"

"You're pretty enough to turn an old man like me on." What made him say a thing like THAT out loud???

Brittany turned around halfway so she could look into the flustered face of Dave. "You're not that old." She placed her hand on his cheek and the two of them stared at each other in breathless shock. "So you DO think I'm pretty?"

Dave floundered. What happens now? What should he do? She was looking at him intensely, her hand still caressing his face. She was eighteen now. Had it been so long ago that their first sharing had happened? "Brit---"

She put her finger to his lips to shush him, "I know you gave the boys the go ahead to have sex, I'm just as old as Alvin. In fact, I'm a few months older. If I'm old enough to sleep with Alvin, then why am I not old enough to sleep with you?"

Dave was speechless. His stomach was in the midst of a series of flip-flops. She still had yet to release hold of his face or his eyes. He tried to think of all the reasons in the world but looking at her like that and knowing how badly she seemed to want it did wonders for canceling out all his arguments against.

She saw the conflict going on behind his beautiful eyes. She hoped that was a good sign. Did it mean he was actually considering? Maybe she should give him more fuel for his fire.

"I was saving myself for Alvin, I thought. But now I know that Alvin doesn't deserve my virginity. I trust you, Dave. I want to give it to you." She said quietly.

Was it getting hot in there? He felt his pits and palms heat up and especially felt his groin ignite at her words.

"Britt---" He couldn't force himself to finish the sentence. He realized he wanted her as much as she did him. Had for a long time, which was why it had been so difficult to say no that first time. He leaned in closer to Brittany's face, feeling his heart race wildly. "--- are you sure you want this? Are you absolutely sure?" He wanted to know beyond a reasonable doubt. Sure it was most likely still a mistake, but he didn't have the heart to tell her no again.

"All my life I've been living the way people think I should live. I'm tired of being the good girl. No one has to know except us, Dave." She drew closer as well until she could feel his warm breath against her lips. His lips were quivering as well as hers. "I trust you, Dave."

"I--- don't know if I can trust myself. I don't want to hurt you." He said quietly and swallowed hard.

"Sh-h-h-h-h." She covered the last few millimeters and they kissed. It was warm, mutual, and sent shivers of joy throughout her body.

Dave felt like he was in a daze. There he was, in his own living room, sharing a deepening kiss with Brittany, of all people! What was the matter with him? Had he lost all sense of things? But his scolding inner voice seemed to be drowned out by the euphoric buzz he experienced as he sat there snuggled with Brittany and kissing her as if she was a woman. Then the thought hit him. She WAS a woman! He had just never been able to get past seeing her as the little girl who had looked up to him. Now she had her tongue in his mouth and he didn't protest. He closed his eyes and inhaled her. She smelt like he'd always remembered. Even with the perfume he knew her well enough that he knew her smell over the added scent. And now he was wrapped up in it and experiencing it to it's fullest, headiest moment.

She forced him to lay down on the couch and he stared up at her. That little inner voice ranted on and on in his head that this was wrong. But when he saw her looking at him that way--- how could something so wrong feel so wonderful? She leaned over him and kissed his throat. Dave's breath came shorter and shorter. He still couldn't believe it was happening.

Brittany was feeling a little light-headed. She had always dreamed of this day but had always assumed that's all it would ever be. But here she was, making out with Dave! He was letting her! She was shoving him around and he let her. She stuck her tongue in his mouth and he let her. Maybe he was letting her call the shots because he really was afraid he'd hurt her someway. Sweet, sweet Dave!

"Don't be afraid you'll hurt me." She whispered at him as she continued to kiss his throat and ran her hands under his shirt and touched his burning flesh.

She put so much trust and faith in him, he wondered what he had done to deserve it. He put his arms around her tiny waist and took delight in feeling her hands roam his chest. He smiled at her broadly. "You are amazing, you know that?"

She laughed, "I know! I'm just surprised that it took you so long to realize it!"

His face sobered, "I knew it a long time ago, Brit."

Her grin turned into a smirk, "I know, the last thing you needed back then was jailbait. Now I'm legal. I think eighteen was legalized just for Prom. Now I have what I really want out of a Prom date." She kissed him on the lips again.

"I hope I can live up to your expectations of me." Dave managed through the kisses.

"You know, I've ALWAYS wondered what your bed felt like." She drove on fearlessly as she did in thi things.

Dave's heart skipped a beat then resumed at a much faster pace. Making out was one thing--- could he really go through with it? He DID have a box of condoms stored in his underwear drawer. He sat up slowly and took her hands in his. "I'll go as far as you want. When you get scared, tell me to stop and I will. But if I don't hear you say stop, I'll--- keep on going."

She grinned, "Sounds good to me, Dave."

So they went upstairs, Dave holding onto one of her hands nervously. He couldn't believe what he was getting ready to do with her. He was nuts, that was it! He was crazy! Brittany was Alvin's girlfriend. Then he backpedaled a bit. Alvin was with Elsa at the moment. It angered him that Alvin would be so heartless to do something like that. Brittany was a beautiful and wonderful girl and deserved to be treated better then that! That's right, she's a girl! No, she's a woman; he corrected himself. She had the body of one, that's for sure.

He woke the next morning, all the events of the previous night came flooding back to him. His eyes flew open. Dave felt movement beside him. He rolled over, his heart back in his throat. Brittany was scooting out of bed, her bare, furry back to him.

"Brittany?" Dave was concerned that she was leaving him. He'd screwed up badly, he knew! "God, Brittany, are you alright?"

Brittany turned back to him and smiled reassuringly at him. "Dave, nothing's wrong. I have no regrets whatsoever about last night. But it's morning now. It wouldn't be too cool for the boys to find me up here with you like this when they come home."

Dave sat up and leaned towards her, "No, you're right. I'm sorry."

She reached out and touched his face, "Dave, last night was wonderful, I'll always remember it! You didn't do anything wrong. I want you to get that worry out of your head because I know you're thinking it. And you know why you're thinking it? It's because you're a very sweet and sensitive man, the very reason why I've been attracted to you for so long. You didn't--- do anything--- wrong!" She put the pauses in that last sentence to emphasis it for Dave.

He covered the hand she had on his face with his own and smiled, his eyes showing it too, though the worry would never completely go away, "I should have said 'yes' to you that last time. I'm sorry I hurt you."

She leaned in and kissed him, "Dave. Don't." She pulled away reluctantly, "I have to go now."

Dave sighed and let her go. She got dressed and tried to straighten her hair somewhat. She turned to face him when she was about to leave and gave him a beaming smile that melted his insides all over again. He smiled back and hated to see her leave because he doubted any show of physical affection between them would ever happen again.

Simon and Theodore had come home after dropping the girls off at daybreak. They'd taken a cab. Theodore had gone straight to bed while Simon had gone to the bathroom. He was coming out of the bathroom when he noticed Dave's door opening. Maybe Dave had heard them come in? he wondered. His eyes widened at the sight of Brittany scuttling out of Dave's room. He darted back into the bathroom so she wouldn't see him. Brittany coming out of Dave's room at daybreak could only mean one thing--- he stared at the floor too dumbfounded to move. So that's where she had run off to when Alvin had left with Elsa. He'd known that Brittany had a thing for Dave, but he never thought Dave would have done anything about it.

He argued with himself on whether or not to confront Dave about it. He had to, he decided, Brittany was his friend. Alvin was his brother. Dave was his dad. He cared about all of them too much to just let this sit and fester.

So he waited until he heard the front door close before he went into Dave's room. He found his guardian sitting up in his bed, staring across at the wall.

"Dave? Theodore and I are home." He paused.

Dave, startled, turned his head and saw Simon standing there. "Simon! Is--- Alvin with you two?"

"No. Dave. I wanted to let you know, I saw Brittany come out of your room. She didn't see me. And I know about what happened between you and her when we were at the Henderson's because Jeanette told me." He saw Dave lean over and rest his head in the palms of his hands, "Dave, I really don't know what to say or think about this. Part of me thinks its none of my business, but the other part loves you three too much to not try to set things right."

"God, Simon. I have no real excuse for what I've done that could satisfy you. It just happened. And I let it." Dave admitted, hating himself. "You must be disgusted with me now. I understand."

"I just have to know, was it a mutual thing?" Simon asked tiredly.

Dave winced. "At the time, it most definitely was. She assured me she had no regrets before she left."

"I wont say anything to Alvin. I'll leave that up to you and Brittany." Simon decided.

Dave nodded. His son was right. Alvin had the right to know. God! Simon left him alone to stew in his distressed thoughts.

By the time Alvin had come home, Dave was up and dressed and agonizing over how to tell his son the truth, and angry as well, for none of this would have happened if Alvin had treated Brittany better.

Alvin looked tired and his attire and hair were in disarray as he strolled in nonchalantly.

"Morning, Dave. You--- weren't waiting up for me, were you?" Alvin asked.

"No." Dave slowly admitted, "I'd gotten up early."

"Theodore and Simon home yet?"


Alvin momentarily looked uncomfortable, "Did they tell you what happened last night?"

"No, they didn't." Dave said and Alvin seemed to regain his flippant composure but it was short lived, "Brittany did."

Alvin's face fell. So, that's where Brittany had run off to last night. "It wasn't my fault. The Prom King is supposed to leave with the Prom Queen. I thought Brittany was a sure-win. But it seems Elsa had made preparations early on---" Alvin knew just what kind of preparations Elsa had worked so hard on. Her bad reputation is what attracted him to her in the first place.

"You hurt her, Alvin. So when you hurt her, she ran to me." Dave began.

"You? Why not Miss Miller?"

Dave shook his head hopelessly, "Alvin, I have to tell you something that wont be easy for you to hear and isn't easy for me to say to you."

"Is Brittany all right?" Alvin asked, suddenly worried.

"She's fine, Alvin." Dave took a deep breath and put his hands on Alvin's shoulders. "Alvin--- my, God this is so difficult for me to say!"

Alvin was starting to feel worried. He knew Brittany hated Elsa with all her being and knew she would have taken exception to him leaving with her archrival. But he really had no say in the matter. Elsa could be very persuasive and was used to getting what she wanted--- just like Brittany.

"Dave? What are you trying to tell me?"

Dave agonized over his next words. Alvin had no idea about what had happened between Brittany and himself so long ago. "Alvin, Brittany is in love with me. She told me this when you boys had been taken away from me. But I wouldn't let anything happen between us because she was just a kid. Well--- she's not a kid any more."

Alvin blinked as he stared at Dave, disbelieving. "Wha-a-a-a-at?" He nearly whispered.

"She came to me for comfort, she asked for it, I gave it to her." There, it was out now.

Alvin felt the world fall from beneath his feet. He thought he understood correctly what Dave was telling him. "You slept--- with Brittany."

Dave nodded and tried to read the look on his sons face. "God, Alvin. I'm sorry!"

But what he was getting ready to say next was cut off as he reeled back with shock from the roundhouse punch Alvin had given him in the face.

"Alvin!" Those years in football at school had made Alvin surprisingly strong. But he didn't get to finish his sentence as Alvin charged him, shoving his shoulder hard into Dave's breadbasket. Dave gasped and staggered back.

"No!" Dave heard Brittany's scream. Was he hearing things? He'd thought she had gone home. He was on the floor and looked up to see an angry Brittany wrestling Alvin to a standstill, keeping him off of Dave. She was hitting him and pulling on his clothes as she struggled with him.

This was getting way out of hand, Dave got back up to his feet and lurched over to the fighting Chipmunks. He tried to wedge himself between Alvin and Brittany and finally succeeded in separating the two without getting too beat up in the process.

"Stop it! Stop it now!" He ordered.

They did. But Brittany looked ready to spit fire at Alvin and Alvin looked like he wanted to chew Dave up and spit him out.

"How DARE YOU!" Brittany screamed at Alvin, her fists were balled and tears flowed through clenched eyelids.

"ME? What about you?" Alvin growled at her angrily.

"No yelling!" Dave commanded. He hoped Simon would keep Theodore from coming downstairs. He was going to direct them to the couch but the couch held memories too fresh in his mind with Brittany and he knew better then to tempt fate. So he ordered everyone involved into the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen, they stood in a loose circle. "Look, we need to work this out, somehow." Dave began tiredly.

"We wouldn't have to work out anything if you kept your paws off that slut Elsa!" Brittany said stormily.

"Well, if you weren't such a sore looser and had better control over yourself, I wouldn't be fighting with Dave!" He turned an angry expression at his dad, "And speaking of controlling ones self!"

"Alvin!" Dave was incensed, "You will not take that tone with me! I'm still your father! I'm also human and just as prone to making mistakes as the next person."

Brittany hurt to hear his words. She refused to think of what happened between her and Dave had been a mistake. "Well, I don't think of it as a mistake!" She said that just to see Alvin's reaction. She was pleased to see how that had gotten him.

"Brittany." Dave warned. He knew what she was doing and it wasn't helping matters. "We aren't going to make this any better between us if we keep pointing fingers and pushing buttons."

Alvin and Brittany glared daggers at each other.

"So, how will we make this better?" Brittany asked sadly. She didn't like being angry at Alvin. They'd been together for so long. If it hadn't had been for Elsa, she would have been with Alvin. She told Alvin so. "Why didn't you just brush her off? You know how she is. She did it probably to spite me."

Alvin's face softened, "I know her. I know her well. Real well, but I guess you found that out already."

"I'd heard. So I ran. I couldn't stand it. Before I knew what I was doing, I was over here." Brittany mumbled.

Dave listened to them talking rationally for once and didn't interrupt. As long as they were talking civilly to each other, who knows?

"I wasn't there for you. I should have been." Alvin admitted achingly.

"Alvin, Dave didn't take advantage of me. It was all me. I instigated it all. Dave was just doing me a favor." Brittany sighed.

"A favor? That's some favor." Alvin glanced up at Dave with hooded eyes.

"Alvin, I'm so sorry! I can't say that enough. I don't blame you for being angry at me. I only hope you don't hate me and you can eventually forgive me." Dave said.

Alvin sighed now. "I'm sorry, Brittany. This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't acted irresponsibly. And I don't hate you Dave." The Chipmunk conceded at last. "I'm just upset."

Dave was very glad to hear him say that. "We all acted irresponsibly last night."

Brittany didn't want to hear it. She didn't want to believe that what she and Dave had last night had been wrong. Love couldn't be wrong, no matter what anyone else said.

"What do we do now?" Alvin asked.

"What we're doing now. Keep the lines of communication open." Dave told them. "And we have to be honest with each other."

Alvin nodded. "It's a start."

Brittany yawned. She hadn't gotten much sleep last night and she felt sore down there but in a good way.

"It isn't over." Dave said. "But we can sleep on it and talk about it some more."

Everyone agreed and went their separate ways to their bedrooms. Sleep for all was long in coming but richly deserved. No, it was far from over, but at least they made a start of it. They could get through this and though things would never be the same, at least things would be better.


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