Regarding Dave

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Regarding Dave
Part I
Alvin and the Chipmunks Fanfic
Brenna "Snakelady" Dawkins

Rating: PG-13 violence
Disclaimer: Alvin and the Chipmunks and related characters were created and owned by Ross Bagdasarian.

Summary: Dave gets shot and things will never be the same again. Warning, violence!

~Dave: whimpering (and rightly so!) "This is another fic about me, isn't it?"
Snakelady: innocent look "So? You should be happy. I give you more airtime then anyone else in Chipmunk fandom!"
Dave: "You always torture me! I thought I was your favorite character! And besides, It's Alvin and the Chipmunks, not Dave and the Chipmunks!"
Snakelady: pats poor Dave on the back "Relax. You did manage to get lucky in one of my fics, remember?"
Dave: "I wont do anymore of your fics! If this is how you treat the characters you love, then I don't want any part of it!"
Snakelady: "Refuse, and I'll have to do something drastic."
Dave: look of disbelief "More drastic then what you have in mind for this fic? I've seen Regarding Henry!"
Snakelady: "You want to be paired up in one of my yaoi fics then? I can always do that!"
Dave: pales "Okay, I'll do this fic! Just no yaoi! Please!" (yaoi, for you uninitiated is M/M relationships!)
Snakelady: "It's okay, Dave. Just wait until you see what I have in mind for the sequel to Father's Day!"
Dave: groans and curls into a fetal position.
Snakelady: "Sorry ya'll had to see that. Okay, enough jabber! On with the story."~

Dave was coming home late. It was a miserable evening. He had a rotten day at the studio. He was tired and irritated. Plus he still had some shopping he had to finish up for the boy's party tomorrow. Just a few things, so he didn't have to mess with the huge lines at the supermarket. He'd just stop into one of those mom and pop deli places that had a little bit of everything. So he battled the horrible traffic in the rain, his mood getting fouler by the hour. It seemed as if the freeways were always under some sort of construction along this route and he endured what seemed to be hours of bottlenecked congestion.

The gas tank began to flash empty so he had to pull off the freeway sooner then he anticipated and took the first station he saw. It had a minimart, which was helpful. Dave gassed up the old convertible and went to see if the place had the few items he needed. It so happened that they did and so Dave sighed in relief that he could just go straight home after this. He wanted a nap but knew he wouldn't ever see one. He had to start fixing dinner right away and help the boys with homework and clean up the house before he got to see anytime for himself. So he lugged his purchases to the cashier and paid the man behind the counter. He and the employee were the only people there, so Dave glanced up curious at the sound of the bells hitting the door when it opened up admitting a young, white male. Dave received his change and the youth walked past, roughly brushing past Dave on his way to where the cold beer was stored. Dave regained his composure and glared silently at the youth and began to put his change into his wallet when he felt something small and solid sticking into his back.

"Don't bother putting that wallet in your pocket, dude." The youth was behind him and the tone was belligerently confident.

Dave heard and felt the click of something he assumed was the hammer to the pistol that he knew was shoved at his back just being cocked. Automatically, Dave raised his hands over his head, his wallet still held loosely in his fingers.

"Take it. It's all yours." He managed to say though his heart was now pounding like a sledgehammer against his chest.

The young man reached up and grabbed it from Dave's hands. Then he shoved Dave aside and pointed the gun at the cashier. "You should know the drill. Don't be a hero. I know you guys probably all have that don't give chase policy." He gestured with the gun at the register. "So give it up!"

The cashier did as he was told. Dave stood back, not moving, hoping to be forgotten with the burglars greed. He watched the robbery and his heart never seemed to leave his throat. His gut was twisting as he thought about the boys. Just take the money and go, he willed at the young man. He repeated that thought over and over again as his adrenaline pumped through his system in a heady rush. Finally the register was emptied. It was late and the burglar seemed to know better than to try the safe, which would be on time lock anyway.

Dave nearly jumped a mile as the gun went off with a deafening bang. The smell of gun smoke filled his nostrils and his ears rung. He stared in disbelief. The thug shot the employee! Right in front of him! All his time living in L.A. and he'd never seen anyone shoot anyone else until now. His heart was hurting his chest now because of its frantic pace. He froze like a rabbit in car headlights as he watched the gun point directly at him.

Dave stared down the gun barrel at the youth. "Why? You got what you wanted!"

The boy shrugged and laughed, "Nothing personal, dude. It's all part of my gang initiation. Gotta rob a store and ice everyone in it. Bad timing on your part, dude."

Dave didn't even have time to plead for his boy's sakes before everything went dark.

The Chipette's were over at the Chipmunks house studying their homework at Jeanette's insistence because she reasoned that there would be no time for homework tomorrow because of the party. So the group reluctantly agreed, with the exception of Simon who was always eager to try to cram just a little more information into his already jam -packed brain.

The doorbell rang and it was Alvin who jumped up to answer. He was surprised to see a pair of cops at the door. He tried to think if there was anything to feel guilty about--- recently, and decided he had nothing to worry about.

"Can I help you?" He asked, glad for the homework interruption and not quite sensing the significance of them being at his house in the first place.

"Are you one of the Seville's?" One of the cops asked.

"Yeah." Alvin quipped.

"Is there another adult in the house?"

Alvin frowned. "I've seen all those movies, you want to show me your badges?"

The cops complied. Alvin was satisfied. "Only one adult lives in this house. He should be here anytime now."

The cop didn't look like he wanted to speak. The other came to his partners aide, "We're sorry to have to report to you that we have Mr. Seville suffering from a severe gunshot wound to the head over at Cedars Sinai Hospital."

Alvin stared at him blankly, in utter shock. "What?"

"Mr. Seville is in serious condition." The cop said unhappily. He always hated this part of the job.

"Co-co-could you take us there? To the hospital? We don't have a way to get there." Alvin's face had turned ashen.

"Us?" The cop asked.

"My two brothers." Alvin's voice cracked with the strain to keep from crying.

The cop nodded. "Sure. We can do that for you."

"Th-thanks. They wont believe me when I tell them. It may take a while for me to convince them. Will you wait?" He asked.

"We'll be right here." The cop told him.

When Alvin finally got them to believe what they wanted to think was the impossible, he led a shaken group of Chipmunks and Chipette's to the door where the cops stood waiting.

"Are you sure it's Dave? Are you absolutely sure?" Simon asked feeling his stomach turn to ice.

One of the cops assured him, "His I.D. and wallet were missing but we found some old recites with his name in his pockets." He wasn't sure how much to divulge of the situation to the boy so he didn't go into it.

"All of you coming to the hospital?" The cop eyeballed the six stunned children.

Simon shook his head, "The girls will be going home."

Jeanette placed a comforting hand on Simon's arm, "We'll tell Miss Miller and then we'll meet you boys at the Hospital, okay?"

Simon nodded and the boys bade the girls goodbye. They followed the cops to the patrol car and slid into the back. Alvin didn't even have a snide or sarcastic remark handy about riding around in the back of a cop car. For a change he was too aware of how inappropriate at the moment that would be.

They pulled out of the drive and drove to the hospital. Alvin had to wonder what would happen now. The cop said Dave was shot in the head. It was severe. He had a feeling the survival rate of headshot wounds was rather low and his stomach did a loop at the thought that they might never see Dave alive again. He didn't want to think of such a dreadful thing, but what if they lost him? What would they do? What would happen to them?

He looked over at his brothers who looked just as horrified as he knew he did. They were both probably contemplating the worst-case scenario as he was. It was morbid, yes, but everyone seemed to do just that just so they could be prepared if the worst did happen or be pleasantly surprised when it didn't.

The hospital loomed ahead of them and they pulled into the emergency entrance. The cops escorted them into the hospital. It wasn't as busy as Alvin thought it would be. Good, that must mean Dave would be a priority, he hoped. They were shown to the emergency check in station where they found out from the nurse that Dave was still in surgery. It would be a few hours until they could tell them anything. He was still alive, but on life-support. So they went to the waiting room where they waited. The cops had left and it wasn't long before Miss Miller arrived breathless with the Chipette's.

She engulfed the boys with a near bone-breaking hug and asked about Dave's condition.

"I don't believe it! I just don't believe it! I'm so sorry, boys! The Chipette's told me only Dave's been shot!" Miss Miller yammered.

Alvin nodded but didn't seem to have the means to talk. Brittany gave him a gentle, silent hug, she herself was still reeling from the shock.

Eleanor sat down with Theodore who looked like his world had come to an end. "I'm sure it'll be alright, Theodore!" She tried to comfort her friend. She couldn't imagine what it must feel like. She felt horrible about it. Dave was almost a part of her family too. But he was closer to the boys and they were to him. "He's strong, he'll pull through this!" She had to believe it and she would do anything to make him believe it too.

Simon was left to tell Miss Miller and Jeanette what he knew. Which was very little. "All we know is he was shot in the head and is in critical condition. They wont tell us anything else." Simon said in frustration.

Miss Miller patted Simon's shoulder. "I'll find out. They might not want to tell you because you're children. But they might tell me." She left to find anyone who could tell her anything more.

Simon stared after her blankly. When she had finally returned, it was a long time later and all the kids were huddled in the seating area looking and feeling wretched. They looked up as she loomed over them.

"Well, children, from what I managed to gather, Dave got caught up in a robbery at a gas station. The clerk is dead and an employee who was just coming to work found him on the floor unconscious. They are pretty sure he never felt a thing. He's stable now and that means the worst of the danger has passed." She said, trying to lift everyone's mood with that bit of news.

"He's going to make it?" Theodore's voice was hollow but hopeful.

Miss Miller gave him a helpless look. "These things are never very certain, Theodore. I wont lie to you. He could never wake up. If he does, he could be in a vegetable state for the rest of his life. It's horrible to say, boys, but that's what the doctors told me. The bullet went through the frontal lobe. That's where memory and bodily functions are stored. I just don't know. I'm sorry." She finished sorrowfully. "In the meantime, you boys are welcome to stay with us."

Theodore's eyes were wide and frightened as he heard what Miss Miller told them. It couldn't be true! He was going to make it! He was going to be just fine! Dave loved them and they loved Dave! He would NEVER leave them alone! He started to weep and Eleanor hugged him tightly and felt a wave of tears of her own threaten.

"Thanks, Miss Miller." Simon said chokingly.

Alvin just remained silent, staring dully at the floor, swaying his feet over the side absently. Simon didn't know if his brother had heard or not. In the sinking pit that was his stomach, he had to wonder if he had to take charge of his brothers now. Alvin didn't seem to be in any shape to cope with reality and Theodore, well, Theodore was never very inclined to take charge of any situation. But Simon held back. Not yet. He had time yet to still be a kid. Dave could pull through. So he didn't say or do anything but wait with the others--- and wait--- and wait.

Hours later, a doctor finally came to see them. He was in full scrubs and they were splotched with blood. Simon inwardly cringed. That was Dave's blood. But at least it didn't look like a whole bunch.

The doctor took off his mask and everyone hurried up to him.

"You're here for Seville, right?" When everyone nodded, he continued, "Well, we got the bullet out and got him stable. He's sewn back up and there doesn't seem to be that much swelling. Clots are still possible, but we'll keep an eye on that problem. He's out of the red, for the moment. Would you like to see him?"

Everyone prepared to bolt but the doctor held up his hand, "Are ALL of you family?"

"We're his sons, but they're our friends." Simon pointed to the girls.

The doctor shook his head. "I'm afraid all of you can't see him at once. You three boys can see him. When he's recovered more, then the rest of you may go see, but I'm sorry, I can't risk the lot of you jostling him ad. d. Any aggravated movement could cause a clot or a hemorrhage and that could leave him in a worse state then he's in already."

The girls reluctantly held back and the boys went to see Dave with trepidation. They slowly approached the room the doctor said he was in and stood outside the closed door.

"Room 312. Here we are." Simon said blandly.

"Here we are." Theodore echoed.

Alvin remained silent.

"Guess we'd better go in." Simon said.

"Guess so." Theodore replied.

They stood there, staring at the doorknob as if it would bite them. No one wanted to open it, but they were all dying to see Dave too. They stood as if they were bound in place. Simon finally steeled himself and reached for the knob.

To Be Continued…

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