Reviews for Dreams Come True

BY : TheEvilFaery

  • From FairySlayer on January 22, 2022

    This is a terrific addition to the sexy set. Really nice to see Mabel is even more than okay with how things turned out on Christmas, and the fun keeps coming. It's sweet how Pacifica dotes on Dipper and even seems very protective, and even sweeter how Paz's concern also extends to Mabel now too.

    I can't blame the rich girl for being so suspicious and uptight. It's cool how Pacifica wanted to use her IOU to give Dipper an extra-special treat (and even better with the mention of how he used to crush on Wendy so hard), but it's also a way for Pacifica to exert sexual control over Wendy. Even more interesting is her desire to be a better person also for Dipper's sake, creating a nice bit of internal struggle, spiced up with her aforementioned concern for Mabel's feelings too. (I think I kept up with it all despite the time jumps.)

    Age regression made for a lot of fun, especially how you expressed Wendy's joy as she enjoyed being the junior one. (Wonderful callback. :) ) For me though, Mabel's sudden intrusion and the ensuing conversation kicked me out of the mood, and even though those were wonderful moments on their own, I couldn't get back into the groove as they started up again. Perhaps it's also that they were denied what should have been life-altering orgasms again put the brakes on too quickly.

    Regardless, the cute & mushy stuff was beautiful, and I loved the running gag pondering if the twins had messed around at all. The idea of them even just holding hands during powerful orgasms is adorable on its own and more adorable that Wendy and Pacifica were a bit into the idea too. I suppose their trauma at the twins going catatonic also denied them that little joy – kind of a parallel thing.

    Still, the freaky visions are quite intriguing, wherever they exist between symbolic and literal. I look forward to seeing if foreknowledge of the theme will help them avoid the worst of it or feed into the event instead.

    Thanks for another sexy and thoughtful installment of the holiday series.

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