Reviews for Mr. Fix It

BY : Obstinatural

  • From Kagehiisa on December 23, 2021

    Please continue this story. Been waiting almost 2 weeks to see some progress, and I especially loved Ch.6 with Lincoln and Luan.

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  • From ConanEdogawa on December 04, 2021

    I really love where this is going and I bet Lincoln will take Lucy's virginity 

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  • From DebbieCync on December 04, 2021

    Great story, hot, crazy, and funny. I think my favorite part was the scene with Lucy where they were being over dramatic but were also aware of that fact and were happily playing into it.

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  • From Blu-nut on December 03, 2021

    Like the story so far, hope to see more soon! 

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  • From ConanEdogawa on December 02, 2021

    Lucy wants Lincoln I can't wait to see what she talks about 

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