Reviews for What's wrong with me?

BY : ItwasMerlin

  • From ANON - People on May 02, 2018

    Hey, I know this is out of nowhere but would you take on a request? Could you make a smuty pseudo crossover between Httyd and God of War? For some time I have wanted to "see" a shy and quirky Hiccup (more or less the same as the first movie) fucking Persephone and Aphrodite (here is the pseudo part. The personalities in canon wouldn't work here so they need to be changed.)

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  • From unclefester84 on March 15, 2018

    I'm guessing this story is dead then, What a shame :(

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  • From unclefester84 on August 04, 2017

    You know in this last chapter would have been even better if the choice was to suck Mildew in the village under the power of the stone, in wich case she could at least say she was controlled, or voluntarily suck the 'stranger' without any command, so she'd know she's doing it herself. Actually it could become quite the game, do something that could get her discovered, but under the stone's influence, or do something voluntarily in the privacy of the cove. Also i have quite a funny idea: why not order her to strip completely naked before coming to the cove every morning, and she cannot cover herself until she's back home after her training, some forced nudity coupled with the thrill of *unwanted* exhibitionism would do wonders for her attitude.

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  • From ANON - wanon2015 on August 01, 2017

    Hey i really enjoyed this chapter. r u going to hve mildew and astrid meet each other next chapter or sooner?

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  • From Lunarsilver on July 29, 2017

    I think Astrid should keep herself trimmed or at the request of mildew wax it so it stays bald.

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  • From SailorNemesis on July 29, 2017

    It was good, glad to see more.  Definitely too long since last update.  Keep up the sex and domination.  Try to give Astrid as much pit and pubic hair as possible, she should be a natural gal.  Looking forward to more. She needs regular deep-throat training.

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  • From Lunarsilver on July 28, 2017

    Loved it, maybe the next day when Astrid wakes up the next morning she feels disgusted with herself because at the same time while knowing she has full control of her movements her body seemed to ache to feel the same rough treatment he gave her while demeaning her with words that slowly wring true every session they have or hiccup was the one that called Astrid a cold cunt which disguise mildew called Astrid but doesn't believe him until while on the other island she accidentally overhears what hiccup called her, Astrid heart broken and the only one who could make her feel better was the mysterious masked man, when she see's him again Astrid tells him at this point she'll be what he wants her to be and do anything he wants without question and/or hesitation like live with him forever because all Astrid wants right now is to feel nothing but the pleasure he gives her body and call her those sweet demeaning words that now make her body ache to be used like one which is now who she is and says she wouldn't care even if all this time it was mildew and Astrid would make herself disappear leaving no trace of her ever existing except leaving her dragon alive. (Even mildew is not that cruel to force her to kill it) Astrid just wants to feel so much pleasure that she forgets her past and everyone including her dragon except for mildew so she can begin her new life in eternal pleasure with mildew as his slutty whore of a wife. Do you think you could combined both ideas, of course all this'll be further down the road but it would make great reading only if this works with what you have in mind for the story?

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  • From unclefester84 on July 28, 2017

    Not bad, wish new chapters would come (haha) more often

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  • From ANON - Just a fan on May 27, 2017

    The Mildew/Astrid pairing is so strange it works . Much like your odd pairings this one is also great .

    My hopes for the story ? Astrid becomes the old man's sex slave willingly and loved every minute of it . Clearly she likes the humiliation even if it's thoughts she doesn't understand . 

    Obviously you've just updated your castle one , love it by the way , but please update this soon aswell .

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  • From unclefester84 on April 16, 2017

    well here's a real twisted thing: instead of seeing the masked man even when Mildew wears no mask, make her see one of her friends everytime she looks at him

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  • From Lunarsilver on April 15, 2017

    Great work, the slow burn will definitely be worth it when mildew gets Astrid to give up her free will willingly to her new life with her new master mildew so I'm looking forward to Astrid's humiliation and is Astrid's heated disappointed about mildew dening Astrid her next climax while she was on the edge?

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  • From ANON - wanon on April 13, 2017

    I enjoy this work.

    Hope to see more chapters soon.

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  • From ANON - on April 12, 2017

    Well ive just read through this and i have to admit i am dying for more. Please update soon , i can only imagine what will happen when Astrid finally find's out it's been ugly old Mildew all this time.

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  • From SailorNemesis on April 06, 2017

    Good job with chap4, keep em coming.  It might be good to mention at some point that this training has continued for a week or two, just because repetition reinforces habits.  If he can change her perceptions, he could tell her to love the taste of his cum.  He could also order her not to masturbate so she will want his release even more. As far as humiliation, maybe have her perform sex acts with her own or another's dragon.

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  • From Lunarsilver on April 05, 2017

    Maybe while before astrid goes to see mildew tomorrow she attempts to masterbate while thinking of hiccup but his image was replaced by disguise mildew even though she humiliatingly climaxed thinking of him it wasn't enough she needed the real thing, so astrid went of her own free will then mildew explained he didn't order her to show up today just the day after, for a reward he punishes her for being a whore like mildew sits on a chair and astrid is laying across his lap getting spanked and mildew got astrid to trick/admit of her own free will she's a whore. Mildew could command her to answer the opposite of what she wanted to say like "admit it you're a whore" *spank* astrid moans out yes but wanted to say no this happens twice in a row then the next is a question not a command "Are you a whore" *spank* she actually surprised herself and mildew when she moaned yes then follows with, "please spank you're whore more", or she could say "Please don't stop even if I pass out from the pleasure of cumming so hard so many times of being spanked, then leave your mark by tossing me on the ground and pee on me like the whore I am", her climax face can be eye's roll up mouth open and tongue out. If you think the peeing part is to much then take the part out, when astrid realized what she said was of her own free will that will tunnel her further down the rabbit hole.

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