The Wolf Within

BY : sheepyboy
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The Irish morning was high and blue, graced by forests green and by the smooth contours of lower meadows still asleep under dawn's mantle.

Bill Goodfellowe was not the man he once was.
The silence was deep, broken only by the distant sound of children's laughter. Robyn and Mebh were off playing in the woods. The wind was still abed, and nothing moved across that vast panorama except for a bird of prey - which Bill guessed was Robyn's pet hawk, Merlin.
In such a short space of time, his life had changed beyond his wildest imagination. He and Robyn's old life in England was, but a distant memory. They were Wolfwalkers now - and the more he mused over this amazing turn of events, the more he began to realise that this was his true destiny. Moll had liberated him, saved him - in every way that a man could be saved. Like a slave being freed from shackles, his spirit had been freed. And now his heart too, was shedding its armour.
His thoughts were interrupted when he felt Moll's warm arms embracing him.

"Penny for yer thoughts," she whispered.

"Oh...I was just..." he paused. Typical repressed, stiff-upper-lipped Englishman, he couldn't muster up the courage to say what his heart was screaming right now.

Moll playfully ran her finger through his hair.

"Maybe this will help?" Without hesitation, she planted a kiss on his lips.

Bill's heart soared.

"Moll...would you permit me to kiss you back?" he stammered.

"Thought you'd never ask!" came her reply. "Please do, with all haste!"

Bill took her face into his hands and pulled her close. Looking into her vivid green eyes, he pressed his lips against hers. It started off light and sweet, and as the taste of his lips filled her mind, Moll wanted more of it. They pulled away for air, but she liked the feeling of light-headedness he had given her. She couldn't help but chuckle at his embarrassment. Bill had gone without intimacy for so long, he'd locked all his emotions up in an iron cage. It made her think how the two of them had both been caged - when they'd been under the yoke of the Lord Protector.
She planted more kisses on his lips. "Ahh," the noise seemed to escape Bill's mouth, and he bit his lip to keep any further groans back.

"No...I want you to feel good," she whispered into his ear.

"It was when you saved Robyn," she said, unbuttoning his shirt.

"When what?" he replied.

"When I fell in love with you.

"Oh Moll..."

"Touch me Bill," Moll breathed heavily.

He let his fingers wander over every inch of her. Moaning into their kiss, Moll couldn't believe how the touch of Bill's skin on hers could make her feel. She felt so wonderfully alive; her senses heightened.
When they were nearly undressed, they glanced at each other. Their eyes locked.
Still, they didn’t speak. They didn’t need to. He took her in his arms, and they kissed lightly at first, tenderly.
Moll clutched him, pulled him closer, her fingertips pressing the muscles of his back. She pushed her mouth hard against his, scraped his lip with her teeth, thrust her tongue deep, and abruptly their kisses grew hot, demanding.
Something seemed to snap in him, and in her, too, for their desire was suddenly marked by animal urgency. They awakened the wolf within. They responded to each other in a hungry fashion, hastily casting off the last of their clothes, pawing at each other, squeezing, stroking. She nipped his shoulder with her teeth. The soft whimpers that escaped from her expressed her eagerness and need.

They thrust and thrashed and flexed and tensed in perfect harmony; every vestige of civilization slipped from them, and for a long while the only noises they made were lupine sounds: panting; groaning; throaty grunts of pleasure; short, sharp cries of excitement.
“Yes.” And again, arching her slender, graceful body, tossing her head from side to side on the pillow: “Yes, yes!” It was not merely an orgasm to which she was saying yes, for she’d already had a couple of those and had announced them with only ragged breathing and soft mewling. She was saying yes to life, yes to the fact that she and her kind still existed, had learned to trust again - had escaped from enslavement...had found love again. Their unrestrained, fiercely passionate coupling was a slap in the Lord Protector's face. He had chosen death. Moll and Bill had chosen life.

The Wolfwalkers would live again.

That night, they assumed lupine form and raced over the fields and hills in the moonlight, raced and roamed. Free, so free in moonlight and fog, in rain and wind. And maybe the day would come when there would be more of their kind in the world.

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