A New Family and a new home

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David Read, his best friend Luca Black, and David's wife Jane were sitting down at the kitchen table. Breakfast had come and gone and D.W. was playing in her room. Arthur was at Buster's. Just then, the phone rang. "Hello?" David asked picking it up. "Hi may I speak to Luca Black please?" The woman on the phone asked.

"Yes hold on." He said. "Luca it's for you." David said. Luca took the phone. "This is Luca." He said. "Are you kidding me?" He asked.

"Okay yeah, that's fine, thank you so much!" He exclaimed and hung up the phone. "Luca what happened?" David asked. "They found Tina, her social worker is going to bring her over here at about five tonight!" He exclaimed. "That's wonderful." David said. "Wait a minute what about her mother?" Jane asked. Luca got a dark look on his face.

"Why do you think I had trouble finding her, her mother was very abusive to her and didn't care for her at all, Social Services took Tina away when she was three and put her in a foster home, she's moved around many times because no one adopted her." Luca asked. "Do you think her disabilities are the cause of it?" David asked. All three adults knew that Tina was born with Cerebal Palsy.  "I think so because people don't understand it, I think her mother Anastasia was the same way." He said. I'll have Tina's room set up by the time she gets here." Jane said and went upstairs to the attic. 

A few hours later it was almost five. Luca was pacing around in front of the door. "What's the matter are you nervous?" David asked. "A little I haven't seen her since she was four." Luca said.  A few minutes later, the door bell rang.

David and Luca went to the door and opened it. "Dad!" Tina screamed jumping on Luca. Luca held her tightly trying not to cry. Jane wasn't at Tina's birth because she had Arthur the day before Tina was born and was recovering, but David was. "Do you remember your Godfather David?" Luca asked. "Sure I do hi." Tina said hugging him.

"Hello sweetie." He said. "Tina this is my wife Jane, and our daughters D.W. and Kate, Jane is your god mother." He said.  "Hello Tina." Jane said hugging her. "Hello." She said. Tina had Luca's Crystal Blue eyes but dark red hair.

"She looks so much like Anastasia." Jane said. "I know but she probably doesn't have her personality." Luca said. "No she has her own sweet and kind personality." Lisette said. Lisette is Tina's social worker. "I have something to tell both you and David." Lisette said.

"I have something to tell David as well." Jane said. "Okay let's go sit in the Den and talk." David said. Everyone sat on the couch in the Den. "Okay what I have to tell you is shocking, even though you and Anastasia never married she was not Tina's mother." Lisette said. Luca was shocked. "If Anastasia isn't Tina's mother who is and why did they give her up without telling me?" Luca asked. Lisette took Tina's Birth Certificate out and handed it to Luca. 

Birth Name: Tina Alexandria Black 

DOB: September 30th 2005 (Age 16)

Birth Father 1: David Read

Birth Father 2: Luca Black

Siblings: Sebastian Black (Twin) D.W. Read and Kate Read (Half)

David was shocked. "Luca I forgot we came out to Jane when we were fifteen, your parents made us seperate after the twins were born." He said. "I have two questions though who placed Tina  in the foster homes, and don't you have a son with Jane?" He asked. Lisette spoke up. "Your parents took both twins and placed them in seperate homes." She said.

"David that's what I wanted to talk to you about, Arthur is not your son, don't you remember I asked Luca to put a spell on Arthur to make him look like both of us?" Jane asked. "Oh yeah that's right." David said. "D.W. and Kate are still yours though." Jane said. "So what do we do about this Jane?" David asked. "David let's face it we were never in love with each other romantically, only very good friends, and I'd like to keep it that way, so I think it's time for a divorce." Jane said. 

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