The Many Cravings of Kim Possible

BY : lilo1013
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“Mmmm…Mmmm….” Kim let out through her slow, steady movement of her head between her father’s legs. Her mouth was fully enveloped along his cock, taking him in every time she move her head down on him. As she moves herself up along his length, she would let out more moans and savor his taste as she kept her tongue against the underside of his cock.

She moves back down on him, again tasting him and letting out more of her moans. James didn’t show a change in his demeanor. His focus remains on his child as he watches her sucking eagerly on his cock with his slacks down to his ankles. The pleasure coursing through him pick up with each motion she offer though he only smile towards his child.

“Kim…don’t forget the food your mother made for you. It’ll get cold if you leave it unattended for too long.” James reminds which stop Kim among the middle of his cock. A quick open of her eyes from his words halt her completely as she pull off him in one go.

“I forgot about that. Sorry!” She exclaims in a panic as she rise up in place as fast as she could.

James lightly laughs at this, watching her closely without moving from his spot. His eyes follow Kim’s movements quickly as he takes in her figure again. The sight of her body continue to arouse him including seeing her bare asscheeks and the amount of fluid flowing down among the upper parts of her inner thighs. As he look at her further, he notice the bags she left behind as well as the pants, panties, shoes and socks Kim wore previously.

She was busy reaching across the table towards the plate left behind for her. Some silverware was present among the tabletop though there wasn’t more among the area. Kim didn’t pay it any mind as she pulls the plate over to her with her right hand while gripping the fork and knife in her left. She places them both in front of her, releasing the plate and placing the knife in her right hand.

“Mom really out did herself this time. I don’t know why she made so much.” Kim comments while slicing cleanly through some pancakes before her. She stab them with her fork once cut with minor strength then lift them up to her lips. A quick open of her mouth and the pancakes fill her senses. “Mmmm…” She let out happily from the taste though the lingering taste of her father in her mouth remains.

As Kim continues to dine on her food, James did his best to shift around behind her without making a sound. Once behind her fully, he reaches up towards her asscheeks; grasping them firmly once close. Kim jump in place from the touch of her father, but relax soon after when feeling him spreading her cheeks apart. She did nothing to stop him as the feel of air hitting her holes catches her full attention.

Knowing what her father crave, Kim step back towards him, sticking out her ass a bit more from him. However, to her surprise, James forces her down onto his lap, nearly entering her as her ass pres up against his cock. Another moan left from her though she didn’t let go of her silverware. The sight of the food in front of her interest her, however, wanting her father’s cock again grasp her as well.

“Daddy…” She pleads in need without turning towards him. Slowly, she grinds her ass up and down against the underside of his length, feeling his throbbing member pressing up against her asscrack.

“Don’t worry sweetie. I’m not going to tease you.” James assures though the way her pull on her asscheeks give Kim a different opinion of her situation.

James sinks more of his fingers into her asscheeks, slowly helping her rise up from his cock slowly. Once at the head, he moves his right hand to the base and pulls it away from her asscheek. Kim smile knowingly and as she feel her father take command, she work on more of the pancakes in front of her. James stares down at her asscheeks and his own cock slowly moving it under Kim more towards the hole he desire.

The feel of her familiar hole made his cock throb knowingly. Not only could he feel his child’s warmth picking up, but the amount of wetness among her flesh grasp his interest more. Over and over he slides his cockhead against what he could tell was her pussy with her entrance at times throbbing for his cock. Though Kim’s body respond to James’ touch, Kim herself remain focus on eating.

She did her best to chew on the pancake she place in her mouth now after swallowing the previous amount. She feels her father continuing to stroke his cockhead against her, mostly near her entrance and the space between her pussy and asshole. The movements went on until she feels the cockhead of his cock pushing inside of her. A wanting moans left Kim’s lips as James push more of himself inside of her.

Rather than continue to push in himself, James move his free hand back to Kim’s asscheek and force her down completely onto his cock. Kim did her best not to open her mouth from the feel of her father spreading her insides. It grows harder for her when feeling James bucking under her in a light, quick manner. His hands still gripping her asscheeks, his cock hitting her favorite spots and the way James pleasure her made it harder for Kim to enjoy her food.

She swallows what she had without choking then pushes her plate away from her. She couldn’t eat anymore. The pleasure of her father’s cock inside of her made her weaker. “Aren’t you…going to eat your mother’s…food Kimmy?” James asks playfully through some grunts of his own. Kim didn’t offer an answer. She was too taken by his actions to think about eating anymore.

Shallow moans left from her lips lace with minor crumbs as she licks them up quickly. She rests her arms on top of the table, release her silverware and flatten her hands against the material. “More…daddy…I can always…reheat it…in a minute…” She begs through the moans leaving her mouth. She shut her eyes to better enjoy her connection with James who continues to thrust inside of her.

The thrusting from James went on. Every one giving Kim what she crave as her insides tighten around James’ every moving cock. Despite it, he easily continues to pleasure her. His legs still spread apart despite her sitting on top of his lap. It was if they were the married couple and not James and Ann. Neither one thought about anything other than each other with Kim further savoring the feel of her father inside of her.

“More daddy…more…” Kim begs in delight of his thrusting. A small orgasm hit her, but it wasn’t enough to make her stop craving him. James feels minor differences inside of his child, but his thrusting continues. His pace never change, his grip on her ass stay firm and his enjoyment of Kim’s insides went on. He stops for a moment and let out a sigh with Kim opening her eyes a little.

From the lack of movement inside of her, Kim pulls her arms towards herself and tucks her head against them. James in response slowly rises up from the chair with Kim spreading her legs in turn. The change in position made her moan as she remains in place. Once on his feet with Kim spreading her legs, James slides his hands along her skin until he grasps her sides firmly in his palms.

Another moan left from Kim’s lips until they turn into muffle screams of passion. James resume his thrusting into his child however he provide much more power and speed compare to his earlier actions. Each time he pump against Kim, he made sure to collide himself with her asscheeks while allowing some of his cock to escape from within her.

The need to fuck her builds with Kim’s need to take her father surge as well. He stare down at the back of her person, enjoying the view of her person. “Tell me Kimmy…how do you want me to cum for you? Inside? Outside? On your food this time?” He asks through several moans and again gains no answer from Kim. She sits up just a bit though more of her moans left her mouth.

“All…three…please…” She begs then drops her head against the table. James picks his pace with her, grunting out with Kim yelling out in need. The way his cockhead smash against her womb sent waves of pleasure through her that she desire. Every second made it more enjoyable for her with her fluids coating his cock. James feels this, giving him more incentive to fuck her more.

There wasn’t any sign of letting up from James who shut his eyes and remains quiet. The pleasure rush through him however Kim still was gaining more from their connection. Each time he thrust inside of her, his cockhead hitting her womb she would feel a powerful need inside of her. When he pull out quickly only to put himself back inside of her, Kim feel a mix feeling of neediness and satisfaction building up inside of her.

Kim trembles in place with a loud moan leaving from her mouth. Again, she let loose an orgasm that builds up inside of her. James didn’t stop however. His persistence thrust continues which aid in giving Kim more pleasure than before. “Yes daddy! Yes daddy!” She screams out in deep pleasure from his continue thrusting and the orgasm surging inside of her.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” She demands loudly each time she feel her father bucking inside of her. Her pussy walls tighten around his length to keep him from pulling out though it wasn’t a challenge for James to do so. He open his eyes, look down at her asscheeks and watch his cock moving in and out of Kim at faster rate than before. He slowly smirk proudly from his actions, but didn’t let up on them from his enjoyment with his child.

The thrusting seem endless for Kim who drop her head again, but push herself up with all of her strength. He balances herself with her hands, accepting more of her father inside of her with his thrust maintaining their power. She screams again. Another orgasm hit her hard with James’ thrusting giving her more pleasure once more. “DADDY!” Kim howls out in a primal feminine way; struggling to keep herself balance from everything coursing through her.

James’ thrusting ends as he let out a light moan in the process. He leak out some of his cum, but use a great deal of strength to prevent anymore from leaving him. Kim feel the cum seeping into her womb though it crave more. She feels her insides trying to milk him to gain the rest as well as James resisting the urge to cum any more than he already did.

The willpower James demonstrates show how much he wishes to fulfill his daughter’s request. Heavy pants left from his mouth as he slowly pull himself out from within his child’s pussy. She moans from this, but coo when feeling him resting his cock against the top of her asscrack. Without touching himself, James sprays out two large amounts of cum against Kim’s flesh much to her delight.

“Daddy…” She coos out in a savoring manner. She blinks and looks towards her right from the lack of her father’s cock against her ass. He move around towards the table quickly and without a word, move her hands back towards the plate. She kneels down on the floor in front of her father, presenting him with her plate of food remaining. James grasps his cock with his right hand and moan in doing so.

In response, Kim opens her mouth, stick out her tongue and shut her eyes in preparation of what will happen. James strokes his cock more as his cum fly out faster. Some of it did land on the plate with some falling to the floor and a bit splashing against Kim’s open mouth and face. She remains still, purposely moving her tongue from side to side to further tempt her father.

“Daddy’s so wonderful…he’s giving me milk with my breakfast…” Kim professes despite her tongue still sticking out from her mouth. James stroke out a bit more of his cum from her words as he steps closer to her person. The leaking of his cum falls onto her food with another powerful spray of cum flying out from his cockhead. He pants heavily from his release with Kim opening her eyes to the mess that he made.

Though his cock was getting slightly limp, the sight of him gripping himself among the base turns her on again. The leaking cum leaving his cockhead interests her, but she didn’t do anything to gain what she craves. Her eyes drift down towards the plate she held in her hands. The sight of the food items stained by his cum continues to build on her arousal as she leaks out some of her natural smells.

The lingering flavor and texture of his cum in her mouth, on her lips and on her tongue help to cement Kim’s need for more. She pulls her tongue back into her mouth along with sucking her lips in quickly. The cum among her flesh quickly flow into her throat which she savor the cum her father give her. She opens her mouth, stick out her tongue and pant out happily heavily before him now opening her eyes towards him.

“Make sure you clean yourself up Kimmy. No need to go to your classes smelling like me.” James instruct kindly and fatherly. He looks down at his feet noticing that he somehow got out of his slacks, but not his shoes. He laughs at this and moves past Kim from her right. She follows his movements for a moment then look down at her food on her plate.

Slowly, she licks her lips from left to right and again pull her tongue back into her mouth. She swallows the remainder she had then slowly risen up in place from the floor. She move to the table still holding the plate in her grasp than place it down while James to her left was busy getting his slacks back on. “Of course daddy…I’ll make sure clean up proper before I leave. But I want to finish my meal first.” Kim replies though late to her father’s words.

He nods in agreement, watching her grasp her silverware away that she placed down previously. Calmly, she work on cutting up her soaked pancakes as she also stare at the other items among her plate. Her horniness returns to her as she shifts her ass back and forth playfully. The sight of her wiggling her asscheeks made James smirk, but he did nothing.

His focus remains on fixing himself up while taking in the sight of Kim wiggling her ass from side to side.


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