The Many Cravings of Kim Possible

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Things weren’t any different for those among Kim’s neighborhood with each person outside or inside of their homes going about their daily lives. The sun shines down on all with a handful of clouds moving about the blue sky. Many of the local birds soar among the sky with the wind helping to them to fly further along. The sounds of barking could be heard from some parts of the area with the sounds of cheerful children following.

Kim was still slumbering on her front underneath her usual sheets. Completely naked to the air, she sleeps peacefully, oblivious to the outside world. A small smile was on her face during her sleep with her breathing light. Nothing seems to stir her as she rest. She stirs a little from the sound of her cell phone ringing on her nightstand towards her right. At first, she didn’t move, but the ringing continues which fully wake her.

Carefully, she extends her right arm out to her phone, grasp it among the sides and flip it over to its front. A quick press of the call button and she pull the phone to her head. “Hello?” She asks in a drowsy manner, not fully aware of the situation.

“Hey Kim. Sorry if I woke you up.” Ron replies happily with the sounds of the outdoors following behind his words.

Her smile widens a bit more from his voice which Kim opens her eyes slowly to her pillows before her. “Hey Ron…good morning.” She adds while slowly sitting up from the sheets. As they fall from her person, her naked body was reveal to her surroundings though her focus remains on her current conversation with Ron on the other end.

“Just wanted to make sure you were coming to class today and maybe wouldn’t mind going out with me tonight? I mean it’s been awhile and I thought that maybe we could catch up again.” Ron expresses with a bit of hesitation in his voice though to Kim it please her.

She shut her eyes, run her left hand through her long hair and answers, “Sure…you know that I don’t mind being around you Ron. We have our rules after all.”

“Yeah…still a bit new to this and it’s a little tough knowing that we can do all of this…but if it makes you happy and we can work with it I’m all for it.” Ron professes with a bit more person in his tone.

Kim nod with a light “Mmhmm” following her nod as she blinks her eyes again, fully gaining focus in her eyes. “Look Ron, can we talk about this in class later? I want to get ready.” Kim replies still sounding sleepy.

“Oh. OH! Sure! Sorry Kim, you’re still getting together and I’m just going on and on now.” He expresses then laughs heavily.

Kim laugh lightly with him then pull the phone in front of her, staring at it wantingly. “See you soon Ron…” She pulls the phone to her lips and lightly kisses it.

Ron didn’t respond until he let out an uncertain wanting, “See you soon Kim…”

The two hang up at the same time as Kim place her phone down and shut her eyes. A small sigh left her lips follow by her smiling happily and wanting. “Ron…it’s been so long since you and I were together…and we made those rules for each other. I hope you’re not still upset with me being so selfish…I know you said you’re fine with it, but…I’m still worried about you.” She laments while shifting herself out of her bed onto her carpeted floor.

She stretches her arms over her head, shutting her eyes again from the feel of her muscles among various parts of her body. Her shapely, average C cup breasts were on full display with her nipples having a darker skin tone compared to her natural skin. Her ass was tight though had a bubble butt appeal to it which many would adore if they could see her. Her feminine, slender, athletic body reflects her abilities along with the beauty present in her face and her long red hair.

She steps forward, opening her eyes to her surroundings with some calmness in her green eyes. She stops just before two doors in front of her, but push open the one before her rather than the one towards her right. The welcoming atmosphere of her bathroom surrounds her being as she takes in everything she could see. From the private tub, glass shower and sink to the way the room was colored by dark blue green, Kim admire it greatly. There was a window present opposite of her person, but it remained closed and covered from anyone’s view.

A smile forms again on Kim’s face as she approach the shower towards her right. A simple pull of the glass door to her left and she step inside of it. The prep for the shower was simple and in seconds, she was basking in the heat of water hitting her body. She rubs on herself from top to bottom in enjoyment of the water. While outwardly, she was cleaning herself and waking herself up from her slumber, the depths of her mind race with numerous thoughts.

A good number of men were pleasuring her body with her moaning out greatly from them. The feel of feminine hands, tongues and breasts against her made her shudder both in her thoughts and among her flesh. The moans escape her mouth steadily as she clenches her shut eyelids tightly. The many sexual thoughts in her mind pick up as she notices a woman of unknown form stepping before her. She places her hands on her hips and smirk eagerly at Kim. What was most noticeable for her was the thick black strap-on the woman was wearing.

Before anymore of her thoughts could play out, Kim open her eyes to the floor of her shower, noticing her knees turned inward. She giggles at herself from what she thought of and how her body change from the desires and pleasure swirling within her. “I might not be able to wait on you Ron…sorry…” She laments to herself in a low volume as she move her left hand between her thighs.

A light moan left her lips when feeling against her crotch with just her fingertips. Quickly, she pulls her fingers up to her face, stare at them and smirk knowingly. Still the same… She thought at the sight of her lightly sticky fingers. Rather than try again, Kim push herself forward into the flowing water and moan when it hit more of her person.

A good fifteen minutes after venturing into her bathroom, Kim step out from it with a large amount of steam following behind her. “Kim? If you’re awake you should come downstairs. Breakfast is ready.” Ann calls to her loudly which Kim looks at the other door within her room.

“Alright!” Kim shouts while rubbing a towel against the top of her hair.

The bulk of her body was mostly dry, but her hair seems to hold the main problem. As she continues to dry it, she approaches a large brown dresser between her bed and the door she exited out of. Stopping before it, she crouches down to the bottom of it focusing her attention on the bottom most drawer. She grasps the single metal handle among the middle and pulls it out, her delight building with each second that pass.

She stare into the drawer greatly as the wooden material host numerous amounts of sex toys were placed in a precise manner. There were all kinds of items present as Kim skim through each of them. From vibrators large and small, plugs of various designs, uniquely shaped dildos, and even harnesses and wands to use, Kim had many types of toys to pleasure herself and others. She even hosts a small assortment of cockrings for any man she wish to use them on.

Now which one to take today…I have a full day and I have to make sure I meet up with Ron when it’s over… She thought still surveying her many toys. “I’ll just take one of each and see how it goes.” She state to herself while narrowing her eyes and smirking happily at her assortment of sex toys. As fast as she could, she rise up and rush towards the foot her bed. Her towel fall from her hair a bit as she pick up a large blueberry colored duffel back.

After another ten minutes of picking out her toys and getting dressed, Kim steps out from her bedroom with a bit more awareness in her person. She wore her usual lime green top that exposed some of her stomach, her Club Banana cargo pants of slight loose appeal, and her regular shoes of blue and white on her feet. Her hair was neatly brushed and she host an appeal of confidence, her awareness and confidence in her being as she had her normal bookbag on her back and her duffel bag over her left shoulder.

She steps forward to her left, but pause when looking back at a shut door across from her. She smile at the sight of it, shut her eyes and thought, Hope you two are enjoying that high class school…you can cause all the havoc you want there and make their lives a living nightmare…I’ll miss your conversations though… Kim made her way along the carpeted floor towards the end where a banister of wooden form rest.

She moves down the stairs once at the end and stare down at the sight of her parents calmly tending to their own actions without noticing Kim. Ann was wearing her white lap coat on her person tightly as she move back and forth between the counter space and the table that James was sitting under. He was in his normal attire consisting of one of his light brown collar shirts, his blue slacks and a pair of brown loafers on his feet. He was busy sipping from his coffee mug in his left hand and holding the daily newspaper in his right.

“Morning you two.” Kim calls out with James shifting his attention towards his daughter’s decent into the open space that was the large kitchen.

“Morning Kimmy…did you sleep well?” James asks with his focus completely on his daughter as he lowers his cup from his mouth.

“Of course daddy. You know I get a good night sleep easily.” She replies childishly playful as she moves her arms behind her back.

James closely examines her curiously with a wider smile; shifting his eyes between her body and her smiling, childish expression. “So why so much? You doing something today with the cheerleaders?” He asks curiously.

Kim giggles from this and stand up right replying, “Just getting some stuff just in case something might happen.” Kim move towards the table though she pause when Ann place down a plate of assorted foods opposite of James’ person.

“Sorry you two, I have to get going. There’s an emergency and it can’t wait.” Ann exclaims as Kim and James watch her closely. They notice her already in a pair of violet heels despite how fast she was moving in them. Both follow her closely until Ann approach Kim and kiss her left cheek. “I love you.” She proclaims then moves towards James and kisses his lips hard. “I love you. Both of you have a good day!” She shouts then rushes towards the front of the house with Kim and James watching her closely.

The door slam shut from Ann’s departure which James and Kim turn to one another. James smirk knowingly as he place the items in his hands down on top of the table. Kim smirks back at him at the same time while dropping everything on her person to the floor. “So Daddy…mind if I play with you for a bit…? Since Mommy can’t do it this time?” Kim asks as she moves her hands to the bottom of her top.

“You know I never mind playing with you honey. I would be a bad father if I did neglect you…” James replies while shifting in his wooden chair before Kim’s person.

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